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How to Correctly Cancel Salt, Sunrise, Swisscom, and Other Providers Subscriptions


Canceling your mobile or internet subscription is a fairly straightforward process if done correctly. By following the guide from, you can properly terminate your contract with your current provider and switch to another to save on your subscription. 

If your current subscription is too expensive and you're looking to cancel it correctly, take a look at the offers on our comparator, compare all proposals, and find the one that suits you best. Give it a try; it's free!

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Canceling Swisscom: How to Correctly Terminate Your Swisscom Subscription

Cancel Swisscom Subscription

To cancel a Swisscom subscription, it's essential to pay attention and follow a few simple rules to avoid incurring high penalties. Below, we outline the most important procedures during a Swisscom termination.

Minimum Contract Duration and Notice Period with Swisscom

The minimum contract duration with Swisscom is generally 12 or 24 months. This means that from the subscription of the new plan, the commitment to stay with Swisscom is more than two years. The minimum notice period with Swisscom is 2 months: from the moment you send the cancellation notice to Swisscom, 60 days must elapse before you can terminate the contract without additional costs.


If you're a Swisscom customer, we recommend setting a reminder when there are 2 months left until the end of the commitment. This way, you can evaluate market offers and proceed with the cancellation without waiting until the last day of the Swisscom contractual obligation.

Swisscom Mobile Termination Procedures

To cancel a Swisscom mobile subscription, there are three possibilities:

  • Call customer service at the dedicated number for cancellations: 0800 40 50 60 (call cost is free).

  • Request an immediate or scheduled callback on the Swisscom website.

  • Send a written communication to customer service at the address provided by Swisscom SA, Contact Center, 3050 Bern.

Can I terminate my Swisscom contract immediately?

Canceling a Swisscom subscription before the end of the minimum contract period or notice period is possible but not recommended. In the case of early termination with Swisscom, you'll have to pay the remaining monthly fees of the subscription, and, if applicable, additional discounts obtained for the purchase of a mobile phone.


An alternative proposed by Swisscom is the option to temporarily suspend the contract for up to 12 months. This way, even if you go abroad for work, you can avoid the costs of early termination and freeze your tariff until your return to Switzerland.

Number Portability with Swisscom

If you're thinking of switching from Swisscom to a new provider, Swisscom offers the option to assist you in verifying the cancellation of all active services to avoid unpleasant surprises such as costs or delays.

Cancellation of Swisscom Internet Subscription

To cancel a Swisscom Internet subscription, you can follow the same procedures mentioned above. Once in contact with Swisscom's specialized staff, they will explain the methods for returning any internet router received on loan.

Sunrise Cancellation: How to Properly Cancel Your Sunrise Subscription

Cancel Sunrise Subscription

Customers of Sunrise who wish to cancel a mobile or internet subscription must follow a fairly straightforward procedure to avoid additional costs or delays. Below are some useful pieces of information to consider when deciding to cancel a Sunrise subscription.

Minimum Contract Duration and Notice Period with Sunrise

The minimum contract duration with Sunrise varies depending on the activated subscription. Generally, premium subscriptions that offer a discounted price for the first few months come with a 24-month commitment, while other subscription types may have no minimum duration. In general, the notice period with Sunrise is 60 days, counted from the end of the month in which the cancellation is communicated. In practice, if you submit the cancellation on the 2nd day of the month, your notice period will be almost 90 days. 


Our advice is to consider any plan changes to switch from Sunrise to another provider in the second half of the month to avoid the aforementioned scenario.

The procedures for canceling the Sunrise mobile subscription

To cancel the Sunrise mobile subscription, you can proceed in the following ways:

  • by contacting customer support at the number 0800 100 600 (free for calls from Switzerland)

  • by requesting an immediate call back in German on the website

  • by starting the Sunrise live chat directly on the website in the "support" section.


After canceling, the subscription is marked as terminated in My Sunrise, and you will receive a receipt via SMS or, upon request, via email or post.


Please note: For the past few years, Sunrise cancellations can only be made in the manner mentioned above. Cancellations received in paper form via traditional mail will not be valid.

Can I terminate my Sunrise contract immediately?

Terminating the Sunrise subscription immediately is possible but additional costs need to be considered. If you are outside the contract obligations, you can terminate the contract with Sunrise immediately by paying a fee of 100 CHF in addition to the monthly amount of your subscription multiplied by the two months of notice not respected.

Canceling Sunrise Internet Subscription

To cancel a Sunrise Internet subscription, you'll need to communicate your choice by calling the customer service number 0800 707 017 or using the live chat available on the website. The operator will provide instructions for returning the Connect Box to avoid sanctions or penalties.

Canceling a Sunrise Subscription with a Smartphone

Sunrise offers the option to finance the purchase of a mobile phone at affordable prices for its customers. In this case, it's important to remember that there will always be a minimum contract term of 24 months, and if you decide to make an early termination, you will need to pay the remaining installments of the device in a single invoice.

Salt Mobile Cancellation: How to Properly Cancel Your Salt Subscription

Cancel Salt Subscription

In the case of Salt Mobile similar guidelines to those of other mobile operators must be followed to properly cancel the subscription. Below are the most important points to keep in mind for a Salt cancellation.

Minimum Contract Duration and Notice Period with Salt

When subscribing to a Salt plan, there is usually no contractual obligation, but you should always consider a minimum notice period of 60 days from the cancellation notification.

Procedure to Cancel Salt Mobile Subscription

All Salt Mobile cancellations must be made by phone at the toll-free number 0800 700 500. Other methods are currently not available. Once the cancellation is communicated, you must respect the minimum notice period with Salt before transferring your number to a new mobile subscription.

Can I terminate my Salt contract immediately?

Salt Mobile is known for offering great flexibility to its customers, and this characteristic is also respected in the case of customers who want to leave the operator after canceling. The cost of Salt early termination varies depending on the length of time within the contract. 


Here are the costs applied by Salt:

  • If the contract is terminated during the first month, the penalty is 198 CHF.

  • If the Salt contract is canceled after the first month, the cost decreases by 6 CHF per month.

  • After 33 months, no cancellation costs apply.


In the case of death, no cancellation costs will ever be applied with Salt Mobile.

Salt Home Cancellation

Canceling Salt Home subscription will receive the same treatment as described for mobile subscriptions. However, if some optional TV subscriptions were activated, caution is needed. All activated packages will be automatically canceled, but for CANAL+ offers, customers need to proceed independently. 

Regarding the equipment received with the Salt Home subscription, it is the outgoing customer's responsibility to return the Salt Fiber Box. At the end of the contract, all materials (including the original packaging) must be returned undamaged within 30 days by hand to a Salt Store or sent by post at the customer's expense to Salt Mobile SA Meierhofstrasse 5 6032 Emmen. Failure to return or damage to the router will result in a penalty of 199 CHF.

Cancellation of Mobile Subscriptions with Other Swiss Providers

Cancel yallo, UPC, Wingo, Lebara, M-Budget and iWaySubscription

In the Swiss mobile telecommunication market, numerous providers, including yallo, Wingo, Lebara, UPC, TalkTalk, Coop Mobile, and M-Budget Mobile, operate. Understanding the cancellation conditions is crucial for properly terminating your mobile contract when subscribing to a new offer. Below, we report the main cancellation procedures for the mentioned operators. If you seek information on canceling subscriptions with other Swiss operators not covered in this guide, click on the "Providers" menu item for detailed profiles of all compared operators on

Cancellation of yallo: Complete Procedure and Notice Period for yallo

lyallo is known for its flexible and digital management of subscriptions, earning the highest score in the 2023 internet-ranking. This digital approach extends to the cancellation process, where written cancellation notices are not considered valid. To terminate a yallo contract, simply contact specialized operators via phone or live chat to communicate the cancellation of a yallo mobile subscription. The yallo notice period is 60 days from the end of the month in which the decision is communicated.


For canceling yallo internet subscriptions, you need to consider the minimum contractual commitment, usually 12 or 24 months depending on the activated promotion. If a TV Box was delivered with the yallo internet subscription, you can decide to return it via Päckli Punkt (Kiosk, avec, or P&B) following the return instructions on the label or keep it for free to use other streaming apps.


An alternative to canceling a yallo subscription is to suspend it; you can choose to pause your yallo subscription for up to 12 months, during which monthly charges will not be incurred.


Here are the contacts to proceed with the yallo cancellation:

  • Phone: 0840 00 33 77

  • Live chat available on the website

Cancellation of UPC: How to Cancel an Existing Contract with UPC Cablecom

Since the completion of the merger between UPC and Sunrise a few years ago, customers with an active old UPC contract need to follow a slightly different procedure to cancel the subscription. Like other operators, UPC offers an alternative of suspending the subscription, which can be requested directly in My UPC, allowing the pause of Internet, TV, and Fixed Network subscriptions for 2 to 5 months per year.


Contacts for UPC cancellation:

  • Toll-free phone: 0800 900 210

  • Web Chat accessible in the My UPC personal area or on the official website

TalkTalk Cancellation: How to Cancel a TalkTalk Subscription in Switzerland

To cancel a TalkTalk subscription, it is necessary to send a written communication via traditional mail or email; it's not sufficient to communicate it verbally. Even when calling customer service, it is necessary to confirm the request in writing.


The notice period for TalkTalk is 30 days from the end of the month in which the subscription cancellation is communicated. Typically, TalkTalk mobile subscriptions have a contractual commitment of 24 months, so planning a potential operator change in advance is necessary.


Here are the contacts to proceed with the TalkTalk cancellation:

  • Live Chat available on

  • Email:

  • Phone: 0800 300 250 (free in Switzerland)

Cancellation of Wingo: What to Consider When Canceling a Wingo Contract

To properly cancel a Wingo subscription, it is essential to keep a few considerations in mind to avoid unnecessary penalties. For mobile subscriptions, there is usually no minimum contractual commitment, so respecting the 60-day notice period will not incur any penalty. The Wingo notice period starts at the end of the month in which the cancellation request is sent.


To cancel a Wingo Internet subscription, you need to return the modem after sending the cancellation notice by post. In the case of internet, TV, or Fix subscriptions, pay attention to the minimum duration of the Wingo contract, which could be without constraints or with a 12-month commitment.


Here are the contacts to proceed with the Wingo cancellation:

  • Phone: 0900 94 93 92 (1.50 CHF per call)

  • Contact form available on the official website

  • Live chat via WhatsApp accessible through the official website

  • Traditional mail to Wingo, Contact Center, 3050 Bern

Lebara Cancellation: How to Cancel a Lebara Subscription in Switzerland

Lebara usually offers mobile subscriptions without commitments, so it's enough to respect the minimum notice of 60 days to proceed with the subscription cancellation. In cases where the contract has a minimum duration, the cancellation can only be done after the binding period. In these cases, you can still proceed with an early termination of the contract, but you will have to pay the remaining installments of the monthly fee, in addition to any other cancellation fees.


Here are the contacts to proceed with the Lebara cancellation:

  • Toll-free phone: 0800 480 111

  • Chat on


Note that cancellations received via traditional mail or email will not be valid.

Coop Mobile Cancellation: All Information to Cancel a Coop Mobile Subscription

Coop Mobile subscriptions are usually free of contractual constraints. To cancel a Coop Mobile subscription, you must respect the 60-day notice period.


Contacts for Coop Mobile cancellation:

  • Phone, calling toll-free: 0800 746 746

  • Traditional mail to Coop Mobile, Contact Center, CH-3050 Bern

  • Contact form available on the Coop Mobile CH website

Cancellation of M-Budget Mobile: How to Cancel an M-Budget Subscription

M-Budget Mobile offers only one option for canceling your contract: sending a letter via traditional mail. For M-Budget mobile subscriptions, you can proceed with the cancellation, respecting the 60 days' notice. For internet contracts, you can only cancel at the end of the minimum contract duration, usually 24 months, by providing a 60-day notice from the start of the following month after the cancellation communication. In both cases, the post office's stamp on the sent letter determines the cancellation communication date.


Here is the postal address to write to proceed with M-Budget Mobile cancellation:

  • Traditional mail to M-Budget Mobile, Contact Center, CH-3050 Bern

How to Keep Your Mobile Number After Canceling the Contract

When canceling your subscription to switch to a new Swiss mobile operator, you might wonder whether it makes sense to keep your current number or get a new one. This decision should be based on whether your contacts, friends, and family have already saved your current number. If the answer is affirmative, it might be useful to initiate number portability.

To perform number portability, you need to inform both the new and old operators to ensure a smooth process. The procedure is usually free when done concurrently with the activation of a new subscription. In many cases, when requesting number portability, the old operator initiates the cancellation process, taking care of the transfer of the phone number.

Attention: If you forget to request number portability during the cancellation process, the old provider has the right to assign the number to a new customer. This typically happens no sooner than 120 days after the cancellation date for subscriptions or no sooner than 180 days after the last use for prepaid SIM cards.

What to pay attention to in case of early termination of the contract: costs and potential issues

As described earlier, the majority of operators allow for early termination of a mobile phone contract, but this practice incurs costs that will be charged in the final bill and could lead to an unpleasant surprise. Among the charged costs, we find the monthly fees for the remaining dates of the contractual obligation. This termination cost will be higher, the more remaining installments of the obligation. Our advice is to carefully consider whether it is really necessary to give early termination or if it is preferable to wait until the end of the contract before switching to a new tariff.

Another cost that might be charged for early termination is the so-called "administrative penalty." This fee varies depending on the provider and is applied as a disincentive for the switch. More details on the amount are available in the contract or on the operator's website.

Finally, other costs that might be requested are the promotional discounts received for the purchase of the mobile phone. In this case, you could end up paying almost half the initial value of the device received with your mobile subscription.

Cancellation of Swiss TV Subscription: How to Cancel IPTV or Streaming Subscription

If you want to cancel only an option within an internet subscription, such as IPTV or streaming service, you can usually manage everything independently from your personal subscription management area or by calling your operator's customer support. In most situations, there are no minimum contractual commitments, and TV Plan cancellations can be made with approximately 30 days' notice.


For canceling streaming services, which are usually paid in advance, the cancellation is effective immediately, but you will retain access to view the content on the platform until the end of the ongoing billing cycle.

FAQs: Cancellation of Subscription in Switzerland

What are the cancellation methods for subscriptions in Switzerland?

Usually, you can cancel a subscription through one of the following methods:

  • Visiting a point of sale when the operator has physical stores or at an affiliated point

  • Accessing the personal area and using the "Manage Subscription" option

  • Calling the dedicated customer support number for cancellation

  • Sending a letter to the address of the contact center of your operator


Is subscription cancellation automatic in Switzerland?

Subscription cancellation with Swiss operators is automatic if number portability is requested. However, in the case of a new phone number or when canceling an internet subscription, you need to manage communication with the previous provider to avoid paying two fees simultaneously or incurring unexpected penalties.

How do I check if my subscription has a minimum duration?

To check if your subscription has a minimum contract duration and whether you are still within the binding period, search for this information in the contract signed during the subscription. Alternatively, you can directly ask your provider by calling customer support or starting an online chat.


What to do in case of a dispute with the old operator during a cancellation request?

If, during the cancellation process, you find yourself having to pay a higher amount than expected for the last bill from the old operator, despite respecting the notice period and cancellation procedures, it is advisable to verify directly with the old operator the reason for the extra charge. If a resolution cannot be found, legal action may need to be pursued.

When to Cancel a Subscription to Save Even More

Cancellation of a subscription usually makes sense for two reasons: either you are spending too much, or your current plan's performance is unsatisfactory. In both cases, it might be useful to compare the subscriptions offered on the market to understand if there is a more cost-effective or better alternative for your needs. In this case, it makes sense to determine whether the cancellation of the subscription can be handled by the identified new operator or if you need to manage it yourself.


If you are ready to explore new alternatives, proceed to compare plans now and find the best one for you!

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Author: Lapo Zarina

Published: December 2023 | Last updated: January 2024

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