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TalkTalk Switzerland: Mobile and Internet plans comparison

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TalkTalk is a Swiss telecommunications company that provides fixed network, mobile, and internet services. TalkTalk has been successfully operating in Switzerland since 1999 when it was founded under the name N-Tel.

In 2006, TalkTalk Mobile was added to the company. Until then, TalkTalk had exclusively sold fixed-line tariff plans. With this launch, TalkTalk became the first Swiss company to offer unlimited rates for calls within its own fixed and mobile network. Meanwhile, TalkTalk has firmly established itself in the mobile telephony sector and focuses on providing affordable international rates.

Since April 2013, TalkTalk has been part of the Mobilezone AG group, a well-known marketplace for purchasing affordable mobile phones, under the name TalkTalk AG.

TalkTalk deals: discover the best plans from TalkTalk

In this section, you can find the current offers from TalkTalk, along with a description of the key features of the deals and recommendations from Below, we present the best offers from TalkTalk Switzerland:

Best TalkTalk Mobile Plan

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Best TalkTalk Mobile Internet Plan

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Best TalkTalk Internet Plan

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Best TalkTalk Prepaid Offer

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TalkTalk Mobile: TalkTalk Deals for mobile phones in Switzerland

TalkTalk was established as a low-cost provider of mobile telephony offers. They offer various types of subscriptions and mobile offers designed for different customer profiles, catering to the diverse needs of Swiss users and different family members (including specific mobile offers for young people).

The underlying network for all TalkTalk offers is provided by Sunrise, which boasts extensive Swiss mobile coverage, including an expanding 5G network.


The main features of TalkTalk mobile plans are as follows:

  • TalkTalk Network Coverage of 99% population coverage thanks to their partnership with Sunrise.

  • They offer Swiss mobile data plans that are ideal for creating an alternative home network using a WLAN modem or for inserting into a tablet for on-the-go use.

  • For all TalkTalk contracts, you can activate eSIM offers, saving time by eliminating the need to wait for a physical SIM card to be delivered.

  • They provide options for saving money while abroad since TalkTalk has valid agreements in several countries, including the EU, UK, USA, Canada, Norway, and Liechtenstein.

  • New TalkTalk customers can benefit from a referral program, inviting friends and contacts to become customers as well, resulting in both parties receiving a 20 CHF discount on future mobile expenses.

  • In addition to traditional subscriptions, TalkTalk offers prepaid options that are easily managed online through their e-shop. They also provide à la carte subscriptions, allowing for reduced monthly fees and pay-as-you-go data and call usage.

  • TalkTalk customers have the option to make free calls via Wi-Fi Calling by downloading and registering on the TalkTalk IP Call app, enabling them to make calls using Internet Protocol instead of physical cellular networks.

  • The minimum contract term for all TalkTalk Mobile phone subscriptions is 24 months.


Here are the TalkTalk Mobile deals currently available in the Swiss market:

TalkTalk À la Carte Plus

TalkTalk à la carte plus can be considered one of the most affordable subscriptions in the market, with a monthly price of 9.95 CHF and a SIM card activation cost of 19.95 CHF. The offer already includes 1 GB of internet data that can be used in Switzerland or abroad. Additionally, calls and SMS to all Swiss networks can be made at 0.10 CHF per minute and 0.10 CHF per message.

TalkTalk À la Carte

This TalkTalk mobile offer is the basic version of the previous one and includes nothing except for 100 minutes and 50 SMS exclusively to other TalkTalk numbers. The monthly price is reduced to 1.95 CHF with a SIM card activation cost of 19.95 CHF, and it has a reduced contract duration of only 6 months. Additionally, calls and SMS to all Swiss networks can be made at 0.10 CHF per minute and 0.10 CHF per message. This offer is suitable for foreigners visiting Switzerland for a limited period who require a second SIM card to register for apps that require a non-foreign number.

TalkTalk Unlimited Data

With this data-only TalkTalk deal, users can freely browse the internet at maximum speed as it includes 5G. This is the right offer for users who consume a large amount of data for streaming, studying, or remote work. The SIM card activation cost is 59.95 CHF. The monthly price is 29.95 CHF permanently discounted from 49.95 CHF per month, with a SIM card activation cost of 19.95 CHF.

TalkTalk Swiss Flat

TalkTalk Swiss Flat includes an all-inclusive package: unlimited calls, SMS, and data with 5G included. The offer provides the best value for money as it offers everything a user may need, except for roaming, at an incredible price of 19.95 CHF per month permanently discounted from 39.95 CHF, with an activation cost of 19.95 CHF.

TalkTalk Swiss Unlimited

TalkTalk Swiss Unlimited is an advanced version compared to the previous one, as it not only offers unlimited usage within Switzerland but also includes 5 GB of data to be used while roaming abroad. Currently, the monthly fee is discounted to 24.95 CHF instead of 59.95 CHF permanently, and upon subscription, you also receive a voucher worth 50 CHF to spend at Mobilezone. The activation cost is 19.95 CHF.

TalkTalk EU & US Unlimited

This subscription is the most comprehensive version that TalkTalk can offer: TalkTalk EU & US Unlimited ncludes unlimited usage in Switzerland, 5 GB of data for roaming abroad, and unlimited calls to and from overseas. Currently, the monthly fee is permanently discounted to 34.95 CHF instead of 89.95 CHF, and upon subscription, you also receive a voucher worth 150 CHF to spend at Mobilezone. The activation cost is a one-time fee of 19.95 CHF.

TalkTalk Young

This TalkTalk mobile subscription is dedicated to young teenagers who are under 18 years old. The offer is excellent and meets all the needs of minors, as it offers unlimited calls, SMS, and data within Switzerland, as well as 3 GB to be used abroad for vacations and weekends outside Swiss borders. The monthly price is 19.95 CHF, with a one-time activation cost of 19.95 CHF.

TalkTalk Junior

This TalkTalk offer is dedicated to anyone who has not yet turned 18. The offer includes 100 minutes and 50 SMS within the TalkTalk network, and 2 GB of data, with the rest being paid based on usage. The subscription is ideal if the teenager's parents are also TalkTalk subscribers and is designed to provide the child with their first smartphone. The monthly price is very low, currently at 9.95 CHF, with a one-time activation cost of 19.95 CHF.

TalkTalk Prepaid GO

TalkTalk Prepaid Go is TalkTalk's basic prepaid mobile telephony offer. By purchasing the SIM card without any obligations for 19.95 CHF, you immediately receive a 20 CHF credit on your phone account. After that, you only pay for what you consume. The prices are as follows:

  • National calls cost 0.35 CHF per minute.

  • Mobile data in Switzerland can be purchased at 0.20 CHF for every 10 MB.

  • SMS within Switzerland are charged individually at 0.10 CHF, and for international SMS, the cost is 0.15 CHF.

  • MMS always cost 0.50 CHF.

TalkTalk Prepaid Season

This prepaid sim card offer differs from the previous one as it requires upfront payment for 1, 3, or 6 months, but in return, you get the opportunity to consume unlimited data, SMS, and MMS in Switzerland for the entire purchased period. The 1-month Season offer is sold for 29.95 CHF, the 3-month option can be activated at a cost of 79.95 CHF, and the 6-month option is available for a payment of 149.95 CHF.

TalkTalk Internet: TalkTalk plans for Home Internet, TV, and Landline

TalkTalk provides home internet services through fixed-line connections, including fiber optic and DSL. There are also TalkTalk offers for home internet connection provided through FWA 5G technology or utilizing 4G frequencies.

The TalkTalk internet subscriptions are divided into Surf and Home lines. TalkTalk Home subscriptions include a 4G or 5G router depending on the activated offer, while TalkTalk Surf subscriptions are traditional internet plans utilizing the Sunrise network and including a WLAN modem. In both cases, the contractual commitment is 24 months.


For all TalkTalk Surf packages, you can also add options for landline telephony and TV. However, these offers are subject to coverage, which can be checked on the internet check page.

TalkTalk Surf 1000

This internet subscription is TalkTalk fiber optic plan. It provides a maximum speed of 1 Gbit/s, and you receive a free WLAN modem. The monthly price is 79.95 CHF per month permanently, while the one-time fiber optic connection cost is 99 CHF.

TalkTalk Surf 25

This cable internet subscription from TalkTalk offers a maximum speed of 25 Mbit/s. The monthly price is 49.95 CHF per month permanently, while the one-time network connection cost is 49 CHF.

TalkTalk Surf 50

This TalkTalk internet subscription offers a maximum speed of 50 Mbit/s. The monthly price is 59.95 CHF per month permanently, while the activation cost is 49 CHF.

TalkTalk Surf 100

This TalkTalk plan is a cable internet subscription which offers a maximum speed of 100 Mbit/s. The monthly price is 69.95 CHF per month permanently, while the activation cost is 49 CHF.

TalkTalk Voice: Fixed telephony subscriptions from TalkTalk

TalkTalk Voice is the TalkTalk offering dedicated to customers who want to keep their landline number active and functional. The offer is based on an IP-based phone connection, which can be used through a virtual connection using an application (iOS or Android), and it is available in 3 versions:


  • TalkTalk Voice Basic: The offer costs 5 CHF per month, but it is already included for free with any activated Surf offer. It includes 1000 minutes of outgoing calls on the TalkTalk network, unlimited incoming calls, and no contractual obligations. Other calls are charged per minute starting from 0.05 CHF.

  • TalkTalk Voice Smart: The offer has a monthly cost of 29.95 CHF and in addition to the features of the basic plan, it includes 1000 minutes to all networks within Switzerland. The remaining calls are still charged.

  • TalkTalk Voice Plus: The subscription is priced at 34.95 CHF per month and differs because it includes 500 minutes to the national network and 500 minutes to international destinations.

TalkTalk Home Ultra 5G

TalkTalk Home Ultra 5G includes unlimited data (CH) for users who want to set up a stable WLAN network in their apartment or second home in the mountains, where fiber installation is not available, by installing the SIM in an LTE router. The maximum download speed depends on the individual reception, but in this case, it relies on the Sunrise 5G network. The monthly cost is permanently discounted to 39 CHF from 69 CHF, and there is a one-time SIM activation cost of 19.95 CHF.

TalkTalk Home Fast 4G

This TalkTalk offer includes unlimited data for use at home through a 4G router. It is also subject to mobile network coverage. The monthly cost is 29 CHF permanently instead of 49 CHF, and there is a one-time SIM activation cost of 19.95 CHF.

TalkTalk TV: TalkTalk Surf subscriptions with TV

The TV subscription can be added to the TalkTalk Surf 50 and Surf 100 offers to ensure proper viewing of favorite shows. The connection cost increases from 49 CHF to 52.50 CHF, and the monthly costs increase by 20 CHF each month, bringing the respective fees to 79.95 CHF and 89.95 CHF.


The TalkTalk TV plans have the following key features:

  • Free inclusion of Voice Basic, valued at 5 CHF per month.

  • Free TV box included and the option to request additional boxes at a monthly price of 5 CHF.

  • 230 channels available, with over 140 in high definition (HD).

  • TV app available for both Android and iOS, with the ability to have 5 simultaneous connected users. It is also available in WebTV mode.

  • Video recording up to 1000 hours.

  • 7-day replay function from the broadcast date, Watch from Start function to restart from the beginning at any time, and Pause Live-TV function to pause the live program.

TalkTalk Reviews: TalkTalk network experience

Most TalkTalk customers are satisfied and leave good reviews about TalkTalk on various online portals. One of TalkTalk's strengths is its excellent value for money and the option to activate a free eSIM during the purchase. Sometimes, low speed is complained about, but in such cases, we always recommend running a TalkTalk speedtest to understand the root of the problem.

Which network does TalkTalk use?

TalkTalk uses the mobile coverage of the Sunrise network, allowing it to provide its telephone services to over 99.8% of the Swiss population. The TalkTalk network is, therefore, equivalent to that of Sunrise, and you have access to both 4G and 5G connections, ensuring excellent browsing speeds. Please note that although TalkTalk is part of the Mobilezone group, Mobilezone does not directly offer network services.

If you're unsure if the TalkTalk network is right for you, visit our Swiss mobile phone comparison or Swiss Home internet comparison to see offers from all available providers in Switzerland and choose the one that best suits your needs.

TalkTalk Customer Service and Other Useful Information

If you have questions about your TalkTalk subscription, you can contact TalkTalk customer service for free through various channels. To receive support from TalkTalk, you have several options: the toll-free number, WhatsApp, and the contact form. Additionally, you can always check the FAQ section on the website.

[0800 300 250] TalkTalk hotline: TalkTalk toll-free number for support

You can reach customer support by calling the toll-free TalkTalk hotline at 0800 300 250. This customer support channel is available from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM, and on Saturdays from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM. If you are abroad, you can call TalkTalk support at +41 41 560 69 02. In this case, you will incur the costs of a standard international call.

myTalkTalk: The personal area for TalkTalk customers

myTalkTalk is the personal area for all TalkTalk customers where you can resolve most issues related to your subscription. To access myTalkTalk, visit the website and register with your personal email and password (or create an account if this is your first access). In myTalkTalk, you can check and pay bills, manage your SIM card settings, or activate the TalkTalk IP Call app.

One thing you can't do is check the remaining data balance of your TalkTalk mobile subscription. To check your data balance until the end of the month, you have two options: send an SMS with the text BALANCE to the number 361 or dial *143#.

TalkTalk App: The TalkTalk app available in Switzerland

TalkTalk Switzerland does not have an app that replaces your personal area, but it has developed an app for managing Wi-Fi Calling, call forwarding, and the TalkTalk Inbox voicemail service. When downloading from Android and iOS stores, make sure not to confuse the TalkTalk app of the Swiss operator with the mobile application My TalkTalk, which is related to the British provider of the same name.

Canceling the TalkTalk Subscription

You can proceed with TalkTalk cancellation in writing every month with a period of notice to the end of the following month. Even if you call our customer service and cancel verbally, you still have to confirm your cancellation in writing, i.e. by letter or email.

If you have any questions, please contact TalkTalk customer service: via chat, by email at or by telephone on 0800 300 250 (free of charge in Switzerland).

Compare TalkTalk with Other Providers

TalkTalk offers a wide variety of mobile phone and home internet offers that you can view in our dedicated sections. Remember that TalkTalk and all other Swiss internet providers can easily be compared on to choose the perfect offer for your specific needs and save hundreds of Swiss Francs per year.

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compare the offers

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