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Swiss Internet Providers Comparison

Swiss Internet Providers

Not sure which Swiss provider to choose for your new home internet connection? You’re in the right place to find all the information you need to identify the best internet provider for your needs. On this comparison page, you can identify the best internet provider in Switzerland and decide if you want to activate your new connection directly online.

Major Swiss Internet Providers Compared

In Switzerland, the internet subscription market is quite concentrated, with 4 internet providers holding almost 85% of the total market share. The main internet providers by market share are:

  • Swisscom (48%)

  • Sunrise (28 %)

  • Salt (4.4%)

  • Quickline (4.3%)

The remaining market share is divided among smaller internet providers that use cable connections (9%) and those that use fiber optic or hybrid fiber-copper connections (7%).


Now let's compare the offerings of the major Swiss internet providers and the lesser-known providers who are trying to capture market share with competitive and affordable deals.

Swisscom Internet

Swisscom is the undisputed leader in the internet subscription market. Thanks to the expansion of its fiber optic network, reaching every corner of the country, it can provide comprehensive service to its customers with unrivaled signal quality. Swisscom's subscriptions are slightly more expensive than the market average, and it's possible to subscribe online, in Swisscom stores, or by phone. The main connection used by Swisscom is fiber optic, but satellite or FWA connections are also available if an address is not covered by the fixed network.

Sunrise Internet Services

Following the merger with UPC in 2021, Sunrise has managed to come closer to Swisscom in terms of the number of active internet subscriptions. Most subscribers are still on cable technology, but the customer base connected via fiber optic is currently expanding thanks to quite affordable time-limited promotions offered directly by Sunrise to new or existing customers.

Salt and Ultra-Fast Home Internet

Since mid-2018, Salt has entered the internet market, launching a very competitive home internet offer: the package includes a high-speed internet subscription (up to 10 Gbps) combined with TV and unlimited landline telephony in Switzerland at a fixed price forever. Additionally, Salt Mobile subscriptions benefit from a CHF 10 discount every month on the home connection.

Wingo: The No-Commitment Internet Provider

To counter the advance of new, more affordable internet operators, Swisscom has decided to offer no-commitment internet subscriptions at lower prices through its second brand, Wingo. These subscriptions benefit from the same Swisscom network but allow greater flexibility for customers since there is no minimum contract period, and consequently, no early termination penalties.

yallo: Internet Connection with No Hidden Costs

Following the merger with UPC, Sunrise decided to discontinue the brand and focus on acquiring new internet subscribers through the Sunrise brand for fiber optic connections and the yallo brand for cable connections. The yallo internet provider also offers fiber optic and FWA subscriptions but is mainly known for the affordability of its cable subscriptions at various speeds. Additionally, this provider is known for its clear conditions and no hidden costs.

Other Affordable Providers in Switzerland

As described above, the Swiss internet market is evolving with new internet providers who can offer fiber optic subscriptions through direct agreements with the owners of the physical network (Swisscom itself and some metropolitan networks). These internet providers offer subscriptions whose fees are tied to the maximum download speed. Additionally, they often offer IPTV and VoIP subscriptions separately.

Among the affordable providers in Switzerland, it is worth mentioning iWay, SAK Digital, Teleboy and Teleking. Other internet providers include: Init7, VTX, BliBlaBlo, Zattoo, Ticinocom, GGA Maur, NET+, M-Budget, Green, TalkTalk and Quickline.

Want to Compare Multiple Internet Providers in One Place? Head over to the internet comparison section!

Swiss Internet Services Overview

In Switzerland, as in most OECD countries, the fixed internet network is currently expanding with the aim of making it faster and more energy-efficient. The characteristics of internet services offered by Swiss providers can be compared based on three main features:

  • Connection Type: The internet provider may use different fixed or Wi-Fi network connections depending on the activation address.

  • Internet Speed: The price applied by the internet provider is usually tied to the maximum download speed performance available on the subscription.

  • Subscription Type: Some internet providers offer combined internet subscriptions with Wi-Fi, TV, and/or landline telephone, while others offer internet-only subscriptions.

Internet Connections in Switzerland

In Switzerland, there are various internet connection technologies, although their distribution currently varies. Below are the main internet technologies currently offered by major internet operators:

  • Fiber Optic (FTTH): By 2025, it is expected to cover 57% of Swiss households (about 3.1 million out of a total of 5.5 million). At the end of 2022, fiber connections accounted for 24.7% of the total.

  • TV Cable (CATV): TV cable connections can achieve higher speeds than DSL, but the disadvantage is data flow sharing, which could slow down the connection if shared by multiple users. These connections represented less than 24% of the total.

  • Copper (DSL): This connection is based on signal transmission via copper cables. By 2023, this technology will be completely replaced by fiber optics, saving about 100 GWh per year. Despite this, DSL was the most widespread connection at the end of 2022, with 46.9% of connections.

  • Mobile Network (FWA): Where fixed network connections are not installed, the alternative solution is to use the 4G or 5G mobile network via a router that generates a Mobile Hotspot. This service has the advantage of installation anywhere and the disadvantage of performance instability due to weather conditions and cell saturation.


In addition to these, satellite connections cover the most remote mountainous areas in Switzerland.

Different Internet Speeds in Switzerland

Swiss home internet providers are among the fastest in the world, also thanks to the extension of fiber optics, which allows for very high speeds through metropolitan Point-to-Point networks. Depending on the maximum subscribed speed, the price of the internet subscription can vary significantly linearly. Affordable internet providers offer their service starting from 20 Mbps, while the fastest providers can enable fiber optic connections of up to 10 Gbps. There is also a 25 Gbps offer proposed by Init7 in some metropolitan cities.

Different Internet Subscriptions Offered by Operators

Internet providers can be divided into universal internet providers and simple internet operators. The latter usually allow their subscribers to subscribe to an internet connection service and then optionally add landline telephone service and a TV subscription with another operator. Universal internet operators, on the other hand, offer complete packages to their subscribers, offering the possibility of obtaining discounts by subscribing to a combined internet subscription.


Now that you know better how Swiss internet providers operate, you can proceed to compare subscriptions by clicking the following button, or scroll down to learn more about the main providers and discover which ones are the best in each category.

Price Comparison of Internet Providers in Switzerland

The goal of is to help people save on their subscription by simplifying the comparison between different market operators. Below is the comparison of internet providers ranked by their base monthly fee.

The Most Affordable Provider with Base Rate

Here is the comparison between the most affordable internet providers:

  1. Teleboy: from CHF 27.90 per month and 10 Mbps

  2. TeleKing: from CHF 28.00 per month and 20 Mbps

  3. iWay: from CHF 29.00 per month and 20 Mbps

  4. SAK: from CHF 33.00 per month and 20 Mbps

  5. M-Budget: from CHF 38.80 per month and 80 Mbps

Top 10 Ultra-Fast Fiber Optic Providers

Here is the comparison between internet operators with a maximum speed of 10 Gbps:

  1. Salt: CHF 49.95 per month

  2. iWay: CHF 59.00 per month

  3. SAK: CHF 66.00 per month

  4. Teleboy: CHF 69.00 per month

  5. Wingo: CHF 79.00 per month

  6. Quickline: CHF 79.00 per month

  7. Green: CHF 79.90 per month

  8. yallo: CHF 80.00 per month

  9. Sunrise: CHF 89.90 per month

  10. Swisscom: CHF 89.90 per month


The comparison of internet operators above is based only on the standard monthly price, but we remind you that every month new promotions and exclusive discounts may be proposed. This comparison does not consider the type of connection, additional services, activation cost, or contractual binding. For a complete comparison, we invite you to visit the internet comparison page by clicking the following button.

Which is the Best Internet Provider in Switzerland?

Every year, the editorial staff of compiles the internet-ranking: an impartial certification that evaluates Swiss operators based on the customer digital experience offered during purchase, choice, assistance, and termination. In 2023, the best internet provider was iWay, followed by SAK Digital and Swisscom completing the podium.

Other Useful Resources to Choose the Internet Provider

If you want to delve into some topics before identifying an internet provider suitable for your needs, we recommend browsing the guides on Here you can find useful resources to solve all your doubts. Alternatively, we recommend choosing one of the following products and comparing the available subscriptions:

Author: Lapo Zarina

Publication: June 2024

Sources: Cited operator websites, COMCOM annual activity report, COMCOM market share | Images: Stock wix and proprietary

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