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About Us - about us is a new independent online comparison service in Switzerland. Our goal is to assist our users in making well-informed decisions while saving time and money simultaneously. On, you can easily compare offers and rates for home internet, Streaming TV, prepaid SIM cards, and mobile telephony.


We were founded in 2023, and despite being young, we aspire to impact hundreds of thousands of choices each year by providing the necessary information to stay up-to-date.

Our values - value 1

Impartiality and Transparency neither receives incentives from the government nor from businesses, ensuring independence in comparing the best offers. - value 2

Ease and


At, we do everything possible to aid our users by simplifying choices and providing useful tools to support them. - value 3

Speed and


To save time and money, we provide information simply and swiftly while maintaining the highest standards of security.

How we work

We research the best offers in the market to deliver them in a straightforward and speedy manner to our users. We are committed to providing the broadest and most cost-effective selection, guiding the user in their journey to find the right provider.

Our prohibitions

From our inception, we disavow any sale of our users' data for monetization purposes and treat it with the utmost care, as indicated in our privacy policy.


Furthermore, we avoid any form of bias that favors one offer over another. Our results are navigable independently by users based on their needs.


Additionally, we refrain from inserting native advertising on the site to enhance navigation and prevent interruptions from annoying paid ads.

What People Say About Us: Online Reviews

Below, you can find reviews shared by our users on some of the world's most renowned review sites:

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provenexpert internet-offer profile


Company Name: MJL srls

Registered Office: Via Cacciatori delle Alpi, 1a - 22070 Capiago Intimiano (CO)

VAT Number and Fiscal Code: 04098990130

PEC (certified email address):


If necessary, you can contact us at the following email address:

Our Team

Lapo Zarina currently serves as the head of external communication, press relations, and editorial content for the website. An expert in new technologies, he has recently focused on the Swiss and international telecommunications ecosystem. His role is to simplify complex concepts and provide continuous updates on market developments.

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