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TV Providers in Switzerland

Documentario sulla fauna selvatica

Are you looking for a TV subscription in Switzerland but unsure which provider to choose? Are you undecided about purchasing an internet + TV package from a single provider or a separate optional subscription?

On this page, you will find all the information about the TV providers currently available in the Swiss market and other useful information to help you decide which TV provider to choose and activate your subscription right away.

Compare the main TV subscriptions and evaluate the features of the various packages!

Main TV Providers in Switzerland

Below are the main features of the TV operators available in Switzerland. Click on the logo if you want more information or directly view the current offers of the selected operator and activate online.

sunrise logo.jpg
  • TV Plans: Sunrise UP TV M/L

  • HD Channels: 165

  • Monthly Price: from 20.00 CHF per month

wingo logo.jpg
  • TV Plans: Wingo TV

  • HD Channels: 150

  • Monthly Price: from 15.00 CHF per month

yallo logo.jpg
  • TV Plans: yallo TV

  • HD Channels: 175

  • Monthly Price: from 20.00 CHF per month

sak logo.jpg
  • TV Plans: SAK TV S/M/L

  • HD Channels: 150

  • Monthly Price: from 17.00 CHF per month

salt logo.jpg
  • TV Plans: Salt TV

  • HD Channels: 190

  • Monthly Price: Free with SALT Home

zattoo logo.jpg
  • TV Plans: Zattoo Premium and Ultimate

  • HD Channels: 200

  • Monthly Price: from 12.00 CHF per month

swisscom logo.jpg
  • TV Plans: Swisscom blue TV S/M/L

  • HD Channels: from 159 to 280

  • Monthly Price: from 14.90 CHF per month

m-budget logo.jpg
  • TV Plans: M-Budget TV

  • HD Channels: 100

  • Monthly Price: from 15.00 CHF per month

  • TV Plans: KingTV Silver/Gold/Platinum

  • HD Channels: 100

  • Monthly Price: from 14.00 CHF per month

iway logo.jpg
  • TV Plans: iWay TV Premium /Top / Classic

  • HD Channels: 140

  • Monthly Price: from 15.00 CHF per month

teleboy logo.jpg
  • TV Plans: Teleboy TV

  • HD Channels: 180

  • Monthly Price: from 14.90 CHF per month

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TV Provider Comparison

To correctly compare TV providers, it's important to analyze the following selection criteria:

  • Monthly TV Price: TV providers offer a television catalog of programs that can satisfy the tastes of the whole family. The more channels included in the TV plan, the higher the chances of meeting everyone’s preferences.

  • Number of TV Channels and HD Channels: I fornitori TV sono quelli che offrono un catalogo televisivo di programmi che riescano a soddisfare i gusti di tutta la famiglia e più canali sono presenti nel piano TV, maggiori sono le probabilità.

  • Replay TV and Skip-AD: Additional features offered by the TV operator, such as the ability to watch past programs and skip ads, are important for anyone who does not want to waste time.

  • TV BOX: A TV decoder may or may not be included. If available, it can be free or paid. Having a free TV Box ensures you can use the TV subscription on your television, even if it is not a Smart TV.

  • Recordings and Parallel Users: Being able to record your favorite programs is essential for those who cannot watch live TV. Additionally, the ability to use the app on multiple devices simultaneously can be a significant advantage.

Which is the Cheapest TV Provider?

Below are the most economical TV providers:

  1. Salt TV: 0.00 CHF/month when combined with Salt Fiber

  2. Sunrise TV: starting from 10.00 CHF/month when combined with Sunrise Home

  3. Zattoo TV: starting from 12.00 CHF/month

  4. KingTV: starting from 14.00 CHF when combined with KingDSL or KingFiber

  5. yallo TV: starting from 14.90 CHF/month

  6. Blue TV: starting from 14.90 CHF/month

  7. iWay TV 2.0: starting from 15 CHF/month

  8. Wingo TV: 15.00 CHF/month when combined with Wingo Internet

  9. M-Budget TV: 15.00 CHF/month when combined with M-Budget Internet

  10. SAK TV: starting from 17.00 CHF/month

Want to compare all the TV subscriptions available in Switzerland?

Which TV Providers in Switzerland Offer Contract-Free Subscriptions?

In Switzerland, most TV providers limit the ability to subscribe to a TV package only to customers who also activate an internet subscription. However, there are some TV providers that offer a standalone TV subscription that can be used with any internet connection. This can be advantageous as it allows you to purchase the cheapest internet subscription available and activate a contract-free TV service.


Below are the TV operators that offer a contract-free subscription in Switzerland:

  • Swisscom blue TV Air

  • Zattoo TV

  • Teleboy TV

  • Mondial TV 

  • yallo TV

Want even more TV channels, sports, and programs to watch? Activate a streaming platform as well!

Author: Lapo Zarina

Publication: June 2024

Disclaimer: Information and logos from the cited operators' websites | Proprietary or stock images WIX

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