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Mobile Phone Offers: Compare Mobile Subscriptions in Switzerland

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Mobile Subscriptions and Phone Offers: Comparison 2024 compares the best mobile subscriptions in Switzerland available on the market and allows you to find the tariffs that best suit your needs, helping you save without sacrificing minutes, SMS, and GB every month.


The offers are updated weekly by a team of experts. The comparison of phone subscriptions is done impartially and independently. The comparison is easy and intuitive: simply select, among the different types of subscriptions, the desired services to view the cheapest SIM cards of the moment. The comparison also takes into account activation costs, contractual constraints, ongoing promotions, and additional services offered by individual operators for a comprehensive overview of the convenience of each mobile subscription.


On the online comparison of Mobile Subscriptions on, you can use one of the following filters to identify the best subscription for your needs:

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Affordable Mobile Phone Offers in May 2024

If you're still unsure which subscription to choose for your mobile phone, offers you a selection of the most affordable mobile phone deals for those looking for a mobile plan for their smartphone with minutes to call their contacts and internet data to browse the web in Switzerland.

Best Mobile Phone Offers in Switzerland

Below, you'll find the most affordable mobile phone deals on the market, presented by the major Swiss operators:

  • Salt Start Max: 9.95 CHF/month. Calls: unlimited. GB included (CH): 5. Activation: Free. Contractual obligation: 24 months. Mobile network: Salt.

  • Coop Mobile Classic: 13.95 CHF/month. Calls: unlimited. GB included (CH): 3.5. Activation: 49.00 CHF. Contractual obligation: absent. Mobile network: Swisscom.

  • yallo regular: CHF 14.90/month. Calls: unilimited. GB included (CH): 5. Activation: CHF 59.00. Contractual obligation: absent. Mobile network: Sunrise.

  • TalkTalk Mobile L: CHF 16.00/month. Calls: unlimited. GB included (CH): 5. EU roaming: 5 GB. Activation: CHF 39.95. Contract term: 24 months, Mobile network: Sunrise.

  • Lebara Next M: CHF 16.95/month. Calls: 100 minutes. GB included (CH): unlimited. EU roaming: 2 GB. Activation: CHF 59.00. Contractual obligation: absent. Mobile network: Sunrise.

  • Digital Republic flat 10 + voice option: CHF 18.00/month. Calls: unlimited. GB included (CH): unlimited. EU roaming: 2 GB. Free activation. Contractual obligation: absent. Mobile network: Sunrise.

  • iWay Mobile Basic: CHF 19.00/month. Calls: unlimited. GB included (CH): 30. Activation: CHF 40.00. Contract term: 12 months. Mobile network: Salt.

  • SAK mobile S: CHF 19.00/month. Calls: unlimited. GB included (CH): 30. Activation: 40.00 CHF. Contract term: 12 months. Mobile network: Sunrise.

  • M-Budget MINI: CHF 19.00/month. Calls: unlimited. GB included (CH): 2. Activation: 49.00 CHF. Contractual obligation: absent. Mobile network: Swisscom.

  • swype Swiss: CHF 19.95/month. Calls: unlimited. GB included (CH): unlimited. Activation: Free. Contractual obligation: absent. Mobile network: Sunrise.

  • Wingo Swiss Plus: CHF 24.95/month. Calls: unlimited. GB included (CH): unlimited. EU roaming: 2 GB. Activation: CHF 49.00. Contractual obligation: absent. Mobile network: Swisscom.

  • Sunrise up Mobile M: CHF 30.95/month. Calls: unlimited. GB included (CH): unlimited. Activation: Free. Contractual obligation: 24 months. Mobile network: Sunrise.

  • Swisscom blue mobile S: CHF 69.90/month. Calls: unlimited. GB included (CH): unlimited. Activation: CHF 59.90. Contractual obligation: 24 months. Mobile network: Swisscom.


If you want to explore all the available mobile subscriptions on our website, request a quote now, choose the offer that suits you best, and activate it immediately.

Mobile Phone Plans: Explore all the offers

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Information and Tips for Mobile Subscription Comparison: What to Choose

When searching for a mobile subscription, whether for new activation or tariff change, it's essential to compare the various mobile plans offered on the market to activate the most convenient subscription for your needs.


The main features of mobile subscriptions to analyze are as follows:

  • Monthly Fee: Price is the main characteristic of every mobile subscription to assess affordability. In this case, comparing your current fee with that of the evaluated subscription can help calculate potential monthly savings.

  • Activation Costs: Swiss mobile telephony usually entails a SIM activation fee covering identity verification, number portability, and SIM shipping to your address. Some online mobile telephony offers include free activation, as the operator's practice management costs are much lower than in-store.

  • Calls and SMS: Mobile phones are primarily used for calling and messaging loved ones. Most current mobile subscriptions offer unlimited minutes and SMS, but some budget subscriptions still have limitations that are worth knowing to avoid extra costs.

  • Internet Data: Having many or few gigabytes is crucial to understand how much you can use your mobile phone to browse the internet even outside your home. When the mobile plan includes unlimited internet data, it's referred to as a Flatrate subscription.

  • Usage Abroad: Since Switzerland is not part of the European Union, mobile subscriptions may not be usable abroad free of charge. The presence of Roaming services in the subscription allows for usage without surcharges or additional costs.

  • Network Support: Coverage network is a crucial factor as it may impact the quality of services you activate. Another determining factor is the activation of the 5G network, the most modern, which is not always included free of charge in all packages.

  • Contractual Obligations: A characteristic of Swiss mobile subscriptions is the contractual obligation, which may or may not be present and, if present, can be for 12 or 24 months.

  • Discounts and Promotions: Another factor to consider is the possibility of activating the mobile subscription with some discount to save even more. Mobile subscription promotions in Switzerland are frequent and change weekly, so it's always good to check on a comparison site for current offers.


If you're ready to compare and find your mobile subscription, proceed to the mobile telephony offers where you can find all the information to make your choice and save.


How Many Minutes and Gigabytes Do I Need with My Subscription?

The answer depends on each individual's mobile phone usage. Depending on each scenario,


Some people only use the mobile phone to stay reachable and might be fine with 100 minutes and SMS since incoming calls are not charged to their phone bill.


Others want to spend less and have the option to occasionally browse the internet without consuming large amounts of internet data: in this case, it might be worth activating a mobile subscription with unlimited calls and messages and 5 GB of internet data.


Others seek the possibility of using their smartphone unlimitedly and thus look for a mobile subscription with everything unlimited. This type of subscription is rapidly spreading as it offers users the possibility to use their plan for calling, sending SMS and MMS, and browsing the internet without limits. In these cases, it's referred to as a flatrate mobile subscription.


The main feature of a flat-rate mobile subscription is that you always pay the same monthly price regardless of how much you use the phone. For this reason, it's particularly convenient for those who make many calls and frequently browse the internet on their phone, consuming many gigabytes.


A mobile telephony subscription with unlimited internet is undoubtedly the best solution nowadays to not have to pay attention to how much internet data remains on your plan. However, attention must be paid to network coverage and maximum connection speed. Some low-cost unlimited offers have low network performance, so it's always necessary to check the mobile signal coverage before signing the contract.

Find the right mobile subscription for you

Mobile Subscriptions with Unlimited Gigabytes or Data-Only Subscriptions?

Users also have access to so-called data-only SIMs, solutions designed for those who need extra gigabytes to browse on the go without needing to use minutes and SMS. Sometimes, paying a small extra fee of about 5 CHF on the monthly fee allows you to receive a second mobile SIM with which you can consume the gigabytes included in your monthly subscription.


Attention: The practice to avoid is thinking of using the SIM from your mobile subscription as a hotspot to replace your home internet subscription because it would violate the contractual conditions signed with your provider. The latter, after verifying the incident, could suspend the phone plan and demand compensation in the form of a penalty applied directly to the invoice.


If you're looking for a mobile SIM to use exclusively for consuming internet data, you can simply click the button below and go to the comparison of this type of offer. Try it, it's free!

Which Network Should I Choose for My Mobile Subscription?

In Switzerland, the mobile network is operated by three operators: Swisscom, Salt, and Sunrise. Each of them owns its infrastructure and manages antennas throughout Swiss territory. All three are also implementing the 5G network, which ensures even faster mobile navigation.


In addition to the three main operators, there are dozens of virtual operators offering cheaper mobile subscriptions by renting the mobile network. Since they do not have to pay for the management and maintenance costs of the mobile network, they can maintain lower prices for their mobile subscriptions. Evaluating a mobile subscription from a virtual operator is therefore an excellent way to save money while maintaining the same signal quality.


What needs to be considered when activating a new mobile subscription is the Swiss mobile network coverage near your home and in areas where you will use your phone most frequently, such as on the commute from home to work. Since mobile coverage is continuously evolving, it's essential to compare the three mobile networks before proceeding with the subscription.

5G SUBSCRIPTION: Ultrafast Browsing!

Can I Use My Mobile Subscription Abroad?

For some years now, the Roaming Like at Home initiative has been in effect in Europe, allowing you to use your mobile subscription in other countries without additional costs. Unfortunately, this does not apply to mobile subscriptions in Switzerland.

To compare mobile subscriptions effectively, it's essential to consider how much time you will spend abroad to identify the most economical tariff. In fact, you can choose either a cheap mobile subscription for Switzerland with optional roaming packages or purchase a mobile subscription that already includes roaming services in the proposed monthly fee. An optional roaming package of 1 GB can cost more than 20 CHF, while there are mobile subscriptions that already include 1 GB to use abroad with monthly fees of less than 20 CHF.


Is a Mobile Subscription Better or a Prepaid Plan?

Nowadays, more and more people decide not to commit contractually for too long and are looking for a mobile subscription without constraints. The advantage of these mobile offers is that they offer complete flexibility for a future plan change without incurring penalties. A mobile telephony subscription without constraints is perfect for those who want to remain flexible and save money in the future by subscribing to a more advantageous telephone offer in the future.


A constraint-free mobile offer can be of two types: either a subscription without minimum duration or a prepaid SIM. In the first case, you will get a subscription mobile tariff that can be terminated with a usually 60-day notice, while in the second case, you will purchase a telephone plan that involves the advance payment of the monthly fee and the need, as a customer, to make monthly credit top-up.


Before subscribing to a subscription mobile without minimum duration, it's essential to consider how many minutes of calls and mobile data you consume each month. Once you find the answer, it will be easier to assess whether this type of mobile subscription is right for your needs or if it would be better to opt for a mobile subscription with roaming or unlimited everything that may, however, have a contractual constraint of 12 or 24 months.

Activate a Subscription Mobile without Constraints

What Discounts Can You Get on a New Mobile Subscription?

In Switzerland, there are dozens of different offers and promotions available for activating a mobile subscription with a discounted rate. It's always worth using a mobile subscription comparison to identify all the current offers without having to visit dozens of websites.


Discounted mobile subscriptions can be found on various occasions or for various reasons, here are the main ones:

  • Time-limited offers: Almost every month, all mobile operators update the prices of their mobile subscriptions to attract different customers to change their tariff.

  • Exclusive online offers: Some operators decide to offer certain exclusive mobile subscription deals to partner sites. You can also find discounted subscriptions on marked with "Secret Deal" or other wording with a lower price than the official site.

  • Black Friday and other holidays: Just like for other products, there are special periods in Switzerland where it's easier to find discounts on mobile subscriptions. Among these holidays are Black Friday, Valentine's Day, Easter, Christmas, and Singles' Day.

  • Mobile subscriptions for youth: It's not uncommon to find mobile subscriptions that can only be activated within a certain age limit. These subscriptions are reserved for children or young people and are designed to provide all essential mobile telephony services at a moderate price.


What are the mobile offers for changing operators?

All telecommunications operators offer deals for changing operators, which can sometimes be very convenient. These solutions involve activating a SIM with a monthly package of minutes, SMS, and GB and a predefined fee. Activating a new phone contract involves porting the mobile number, which will transfer seamlessly from the previous provider to the new operator without service interruptions. The important thing is to indicate the request to keep your phone number when subscribing to the contract. The completion of the porting process takes a few working days and there should be no constraints or penalties from the previous contract. Some operators offer this support service for free, while in other cases you may need to request contract cancellation with your old provider.


To change operators while keeping the mobile number, it's necessary to request number portability through the MNP (Mobile Number Portability) procedure. This procedure can be carried out directly online. For the transfer of the mobile number from one operator to another, the user will need to provide the ICCID serial code of their SIM card.


You can change operators to save money, because the network coverage is not optimal at your address, or due to service issues caused by the customer support of the current company. Depending on the situation, the best mobile subscription to meet your needs may vary.


If you already have an operator in mind that suits you and want to know more about the mobile subscriptions offered, you can take a look at the operator profiles and their best subscriptions at the moment:


Alternatively, compare all Swiss mobile plans and find the most cost-effective tariff for you.


Get Your New Mobile Phone Subscription in 3 Steps

With, you can find the best mobile phone subscription for free and in just a few clicks:

  1. Discover Mobile Subscriptions: Compare all available mobile subscriptions in Switzerland using the comparison tool. Find out which ones include 5G and roaming services, how many minutes and gigabytes are included, and the initial and monthly costs of the subscription.

  2. Choose Your New Operator: Once you've identified the best mobile subscription, click on the green button and proceed to the operator's website to read further details about the mobile tariff. Carefully read the terms of use and the SIM card shipping and identity recognition procedures.

  3. Activate Your Subscription Online: After verifying the convenience of the selected mobile subscription, you can proceed to sign your new mobile contract directly on the operator's website. Once you've purchased the mobile subscription, wait for your new SIM card to be shipped via mail in a few days and activate your new tariff.

How Does the Mobile Subscription Comparison Tool on Work?

The online comparison of mobile subscriptions through allows you to quickly identify the best mobile rates to activate. The comparison is completely free of charge.


In many cases, the mobile subscription available on is exclusively available for online activation. This type of offer usually offers more advantageous economic conditions than a mobile subscription that can be activated in-store or through other channels, reducing the initial activation costs and offering other welcome bonuses or exclusive discounts.


In the comparison, you will find mobile subscriptions from operators that collaborate directly or indirectly with the portal, as well as telephone tariffs from providers that do not collaborate with The offers included in the comparison are categorized based on some characteristics of the phone subscription and are sorted by increasing price, showing the cheapest mobile subscriptions of that category at the top. If some offers are sponsored by providers or third parties, they are clearly marked as "Premium."


Click here for more information on our independent service and to learn more about how the comparator works.

We Compare, You Choose, and You Save

TransparentWe compare more than 100 mobile subscriptions without pushing customers to activate one company or another. Additionally, will not sell any data to third parties and will not bother you with commercial calls to propose other products.

FastWith, you can quickly compare mobile phone subscriptions from the major Swiss telecommunications companies and receive assistance for all your needs.

FreeWe do not charge commissions to customers, and the prices of the mobile subscriptions we display on our portal are equal to or more affordable than those obtained by requesting a quote on the operators' websites.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mobile Subscriptions

What is a mobile phone subscription?

A mobile phone subscription is a contract that guarantees a tariff to use with your mobile phone for calling, messaging, and internet browsing in exchange for a fixed monthly fee.

How much does a mobile phone subscription cost in Switzerland?

The cost of a mobile phone subscription in Switzerland varies greatly. The cheapest mobile subscriptions cost between 10 and 20 CHF per month. Premium mobile subscriptions with unlimited usage in Switzerland and abroad can cost up to 130 CHF per month.

Which is the best Swiss mobile phone operator?

According to the latest rating from the German magazine Bilanz, the best mobile phone operator is Digital Republic. Among the universal mobile operators (those that also own their mobile network), Salt Mobile ranked first with 84.2 points.

What is the best mobile phone subscription in Switzerland?

The best mobile phone subscription in Switzerland depends on the usage you're looking for. To identify the best mobile subscriptions, you need to use a comparison tool and select your consumption profile.

Which mobile networks are used by mobile subscriptions in Switzerland?

The mobile network in Switzerland is managed only by 3 operators: Swisscom, Salt, and Sunrise. Any mobile subscription activated in Switzerland will use the antennas of one of these three networks, which together cover more than 99.9% of the population.

Which mobile subscriptions use the Swisscom network?

The Swisscom mobile network is used by mobile subscriptions from: Swisscom, Wingo, Coop Mobile, M-Budget Mobile, and Mucho Mobile. The only mobile subscriptions that use the Swisscom 5G network are those from Wingo in addition to those from Swisscom.

Is yallo or Wingo better?

Both Wingo and yallo are budget operators that offer mobile subscriptions at more advantageous prices than traditional operators. Wingo is better for those who want to use the Swisscom network, while yallo is better for those who want to save a few more francs by using the Sunrise network.

Is Salt or Swisscom better?

The 2023 Bilanz ranking places Salt in first place with a score of 84.2, Swisscom in second place with 82.9, and Sunrise in third place with 82.3.

Is Swisscom or Sunrise better?

Both the Swisscom and Sunrise mobile networks received excellent ratings in the 2023 Connect test; however, Swisscom scored 981 points while Sunrise stopped at 968 out of a total of 1000 points.

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Further insights on Swiss Mobile Plans

For more information on mobile subscriptions, read our in-depth articles on the most searched topics in the Swiss mobile phone sector.
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*Amount related to the cheapest bid proposed by one of our Partners as of 14-05-2024. Offer may be subject to credit check, time limits and other conditions stated on the Partner's website. The comparison service is performed on the basis of the monthly fee amount only. For additional economic conditions applied by each Partner, please refer to their respective contractual disclosures. For more information, click on the button of the specific mobile tariff and check the conditions applied by the phone provider.

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