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What Is the Best Internet Provider in Switzerland? Ranking 2023

best swiss mobile provider


  1. internet-ranking: The best Swiss internet provider for Customer Experience (Cx).

  2. nPerf Test: The best performance for fiber and mobile internet connections

  3. Bilanz Rating: The best Swiss internet provider according to the latest survey.

On this page, you will find updated rankings that award the best internet providers and mobile operators Switzerland. With the scores listed, you can get an idea of which provider might be the right choice if you are considering changing your subscription. Make your decision based on some quality parameters as well as the price of the selected promotion.


The rankings of the best Swiss internet providers you will find in this guide:

Internet-Ranking 2023: Evaluating Swiss Providers Based on Customer Experience (Cx)

The team at has completed the analysis of the leading telecommunications and internet providers and compiled the two Internet rankings in what is the first annual edition of this award. The award distinguishes Swiss mobile operators from internet providers to make the comparison more meaningful. In the event that a Swiss provider operates in both fields, it is included in both rankings.

Internet-Ranking: What Criteria Are Used in the Evaluation?

The evaluation of a telecommunications or internet provider is based on five pillars that represent the entire customer lifecycle:

  • CxOffering: This is the assessment of the customer experience in relation to the offerings brought to the market by the Swiss provider.

  • CxDigital: This is the metric for the digital experience that a customer may encounter when purchasing and managing their subscription.

  • CxSupport: This score refers to the different experiences a customer may encounter when they require support on an issue related to their subscription with a Swiss provider.

  • CxSatisfaction: This parameter encompasses the satisfaction expressed by customers in their overall experience with their telecommunications provider.

  • CxExit: This evaluation pertains to the kind of experiences a customer encounters when deciding to leave their telecommunications or internet provider in favor of a new one.

Best Mobile Operator Switzerland: Ratings in the First Edition of Internet-Ranking

Below, you will find the podium with the top three mobile providers available in Switzerland, all of whom have received the platinum-level certification for the mobile telephony category:

internet-ranking 2023 - mobile.jpg

According to the results of the Internet-Ranking for mobile telephony, swype is the best mobile operator available in Switzerland. Immediately following are Sunrise and yallo. Thanks to their very high scores, they have achieved the highest certification for the year 2023.


Among the providers that also stand out with excellent, albeit slightly lower scores, you will find Lebara, Digital Republic, Teleboy, iWay, TalkTalk, and Swisscom. These telecommunications providers receive the Gold certification for the mobile telephony category in 2023.


One tier below, but still awarded the Silver certification for 2023, are SAK Digital, Wingo, and Salt. Finally, mobile operators Coop Mobile, M-Budget, and VTX receive the Silver-Level certification.

The Best Internet Provider Switzerland: Updated Ranking Internet-Ranking 2023

Here, you will find the best Swiss internet providers available in 2023 who rightly receive the platinum-level certification for the home internet category:

internet-ranking 2023 - internet.jpg

According to the Internet-Ranking ranking for home internet providers, iWay is the best internet connection provider of 2023. In second place on the podium is SAK Digital, and in third place is Swisscom.


Just behind, with virtually no gap, is Teleboy, which also receives the gold certification in this category.


Other providers that have received high ratings, enough to earn them the silver-level certification, include yallo, Sunrise, Zattoo, Quickline, and Salt.


Further down, operators Wingo, VTX, and TalkTalk manage to obtain the bronze-level certification for the home internet category.


Unfortunately, for this edition of Internet-Ranking, M-Budget does not receive any certification for the home internet category.

How Does Internet-Ranking Certification Work?

Internet-Ranking is a certification awarded to the best telephone and/or internet operators in the Swiss market who stand out for their customer service in various aspects. What the team of experts from the editorial staff judges in both qualitative and quantitative terms is the all-around experience a consumer goes through before, during, and after being a customer of a particular provider. Among the aspects considered are the methods of purchase and support request management, the degree of modularity, and the price-performance ratio of the offers that an operator presents on the market, and, in general, how much a customer is placed at the center and is not considered just a number in an accounting balance.


For more information and to view the complete rankings of Internet-Ranking 2023, you can click the button below to download the PDF.

Who Has the Best Internet Connection? Let's Find Out with the nPerf Barometer.

nPerf annually publishes a report on network performance based on data collected from real users using the nPerf app or a speedtest tool based on their software, like the one available for free on our website. This measurement tool allows for thousands of test data collected directly on the mobile or home network, providing a real representation of the network performance of various providers.

The Best Swiss Mobile Network Operator

Before looking at the rankings, it's important to note that the nPerf tool is unable to distinguish a virtual mobile operator from a physical network provider. It only identifies the cell to which the testing smartphone is connected. Therefore, in this ranking, you will only find Swisscom, Sunrise, and Salt.

nperf test 2023 - mobile.jpg

According to the latest nPerf ranking, Sunrise is the mobile network operator with the best network, scoring 106,521 nPoints. Swisscom follows with 102,923 nPoints, and Salt Mobile lags behind with 86,162 nPoints.


It's worth noting that this ranking pertains to tests conducted in 2021, so it might be outdated due to the recent developments in 5G and 4G networks by all providers.


Remember that you can check 5G coverage Switzerland and other mobile networks using the network coverage map provided by You can find this map in the main menu under "For You." This is crucial for understanding the potential mobile network performance on your device with a particular mobile operator.

The Best Swiss Internet Service Provider: Who Offers the Best Fiber Connection?

This ranking includes the performance of internet connections recorded by devices (smartphones, tablets, or PCs) through a Swiss fiber FTTH connection. This report excludes providers who do not have their own fiber coverage and those for which not enough tests were recorded in the given year.

nperf test 2023 - internet.jpg

Regarding the fixed Swiss network, Salt offers the best internet connection in 2022. With their fiber network, they score 192,289 nPoints. In second and third place are Swisscom with 158,931 nPoints and Sunrise with 157,806 nPoints. The list ends with net+, which reaches 154,203 nPoints.

How Does the nPerf Barometer Work?

nPerf reports rely on data voluntarily collected by users of the official app and the available plug-ins on their website and on websites of some partners like The processing of this data allows for the determination of the following metrics, which are then summarized in the overall score calculated in nPoints:

  • Average download speed of the provider calculated in Mb/s.

  • Average upload speed of the provider calculated in Mb/s.

  • Average connection latency calculated in ms.

  • Only in the mobile connection ranking will you find three percentages indicating the suitability of the connection for browsing, streaming, and the success ratio.


We thank nPerf for providing this data free of charge. To view rankings of providers in other European countries and worldwide and to download updated reports, visit the official nPerf Awards page.

Bilanz Rating 2023: The Ranking of the Best Telecommunications Providers by the German Magazine

The German magazine's periodical publishes an updated ranking of the best telecommunications operators in the Swiss market every year. The Bilanz rating is based on thousands of responses collected in a structured survey that aggregates information related to 5 criteria of judgment (quality, innovation, price, flexibility, and support) for each type of service offered by each operator.


In particular, Bilanz distinguishes between services offered to SME customers in a B2B perspective or to end consumer customers in a B2C model. Further distinctions are made among mobile phone operators, internet access providers, fixed-line telephone operators, TV service providers, and cloud service providers. For the business segment, data center services are evaluated instead of TV services.


Here is a summary of the best Swiss operators in each category for the private customer segment.

Bilanz Rating Mobile Phone Operators

The best mobile phone operator of 2023 is Digital Republic, with Teleboy taking the second place, making its first appearance in this category's ranking. Net+, the previous champion, has slipped to sixth place and is out of the podium.

What emerges from this ranking is that the top 10 positions do not include any physical network operators. Instead, the operators who can offer mobile phone plans with relatively low costs, including default 5G, and with no or at most 12-month contracts are rewarded

Bilanz Rating Internet Access Providers

The best Swiss internet provider of 2023 has retained its position for the second year in a row - Init7. Init7 has recently launched a partnership with Zattoo to combine its excellent fiber optic connectivity services with the Zattoo TV platform. On the other steps of the podium, iWay and Digital Republic are present, although in the latter case, it should be noted that they will offer a mobile internet subscription that will not be based on fiber optics or any other cable technology.


What can be deduced from the 2023 rating is that the absence of constraints and the quality of customer support and the connection are increasingly rewarded. The type of connection, be it fiber, Wi-Fi, or DSL, does not matter as much as the flexibility to change to a better offer. From a price perspective, a Swiss internet plan is more convincing when its price does not change; the choice to guarantee a discounted price for a period by Swisscom and Sunrise is not rewarded if the price is very high in the second year of the contract.

Bilanz Rating Fixed Telephone Operators

The best operator for a Swiss fixed telephone subscription is Phonestar. Among the operators who are not purely specialized in providing fixed phone lines but also offer internet access, iWay ranks second (the same as in 2022), and Quickline ranks fourth (gaining three positions compared to 2023).

Bilanz Rating TV Providers

For those looking for a Swiss TV plan in 2023, the best Swiss IPTV provider is iWay, followed by Salt and Teleboy. Among the streaming platforms, only Netflix is found at the bottom of the ranking, losing two positions and ranking fifteenth.

Bilanz Rating Swiss Universal Operators

In Switzerland, the entire internet network is managed by just three operators: Swisscom, Sunrise, and Salt. In addition to these three, there are some secondary operators that offer mobile and home internet services with very competitive offers.


The 2023 ranking of universal operators is as follows: Salt takes first place with a score of 84.2, Swisscom is in second place with 82.9, and Sunrise is third with 82.3.


What emerges from Bilanz's survey is that the best Swiss operator for different types of services is not necessarily one of these three major providers. Of course, it should be noted that Swisscom, Salt, and Sunrise can offer greater reliability as they directly manage their own network and do not depend on others, but this is not necessarily considered an advantage by subscribers.

Best Swiss Operators 2023 According to Bilanz

Here is a summary list of the best Swiss operators in 2023 for different categories:

  • Best Mobile Telephony Operator: Digital Republic

  • Best Internet Access Provider: Init7

  • Best Fixed-Line Telephony Operator: Phonestar

  • Best TV Provider: iWay

  • Best Universal Operator: Salt

How the Data for the 2023 Ratings Was Collected

Bilanz conducted a survey to which exactly 10,145 private customers and 1,061 business customers responded. Afterward, the responses were aggregated, and the indices of the 5 metrics were calculated, and by adding the individual votes, the final rating for each category was obtained.


The information on this page is a reworking of publicly available data found at this link and inside the attached PDF on the same page.

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Find the Best Swiss Operator According to Your Needs

As you've read above, there's no single criterion to definitively determine the best telecommunications provider operating in Switzerland. Much depends on what a user is looking for: if you pay more attention to the customer experience, you can use the internet-ranking from as a criterion for choosing your new subscription. If you're seeking better network performance, then it's better to use data shared by nPerf.


In general, our advice is always to research the various features of an offer by using a comparison tool and reading more details about the offer on the operator's website before proceeding. As always, offers you a free and independent service through which you can explore the world of offers and subscriptions in Switzerland. If you want, you can try selecting the product of your interest directly from the homepage of our website.

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