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iWay: Mobile Offers and Internet and TV Subscriptions

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iWay AG is a leading Swiss provider in the Internet, Mobile, and Hosting services sector. Established in 1995, the company has gained prominence for its reliability, innovation, and high-quality technical support, offering tailored solutions to meet the needs of both private and business customers.

Best iWay Offers and Subscriptions

In this section, you can find iWay's current offers with a description of the main features of the promotions and advice on selection from Below are the best iWay subscriptions:

Best iWay Internet Subscription

iway Internet 20.jpg
iway Internet 100.jpg
iway Internet 1000.jpg

Best iWay Mobile Offer

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IWay Classic Mobile.jpg
IWay Mobile Premium.jpg

Best iWay Internet and TV Offer

iway Internet 100 + TV Classic 2.0.jpg
iway Internet 1000 + TV Classic 2.0.jpg

The Best iWay Landline Telephony Subscription

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Best iWay TV Plan

iway TV Classic 2.0.jpg

All iWay Internet, TV, and Fixed-line Subscriptions

iWay is gaining recognition for attracting new customers with affordable prices, high quality, and special promotions for new internet subscriptions. iWay always ensures a wide range of options from which to select the best home internet connection offer.


Here are the main features common to all iWay home internet offers:

  • For each type of activated line (both cable and fiber), the option of free Fritz!box router rental is granted. Alternatively, you can purchase a modem during check-out or use one you already own.

  • There are no activation costs; a new iWay internet line is always free.

  • Both fiber optic and DSL technologies are available at the same price for the same speed.

  • The network guarantees high-speed standards and is set up to reach a maximum of 10 Gbit/s in some areas where iWay provides this coverage. Customers covered by a better technology can request a free technological upgrade.

  • All offers can be combined with mobile phone subscriptions, a TV plan, and a fixed-line contract, sometimes accessing dedicated promotions.

  • The minimum contract duration is 12 months, with a one-month notice period.


A distinctive feature of iWay is that all new online subscriptions enjoy the Try & Buy service: new subscribers receive a completely free month, at the end of which they can decide to cancel the contract without penalties or renew automatically.


iWay offers 4 subscriptions that can be activated with various technologies (DSL or Fiber Optic) that mainly differ in two factors: price and maximum download speed. Here are the key characteristics:

iWay 20

iWay 20 is the most affordable offer among those provided by this operator. This subscription guarantees a maximum download and upload speed of 20 Mbit/s and costs 29.00 CHF per month.

iWay 100

iWay 100 is the lowest-cost Internet offer that ensures streaming content with good video quality. This subscription guarantees a maximum download and upload speed of 100 Mbit/s and costs 39.00 CHF per month.

iWay 1000

iWay 1000 is a subscription available only for those with Fiber Optic access; otherwise, the download speed will be limited to just 500 Mbit/s. The price of this internet plan is 49.00 CHF per month.

iWay 10000

This offer is dependent on Fiber Optic coverage, currently available only in some cities. If your home is covered, you can enjoy a maximum speed of 10 Gbit/s at a monthly price of 59.00 Swiss francs.

iWay TV: Digital TV Subscriptions for the Whole Family

iWay has tailored its own platform to offer an excellent IPTV subscription designed for both its internet customers and those seeking a TV plan separate from their network providers. Transmission takes place via Internet Protocol, so an internet connection is always required to enjoy the content offered, although it doesn't necessarily have to be an iWay connection. The recommended speed for using iWay TV is at least 50 Mbit/s.


Every iWay TV subscription includes the following features:

  • TV Channels: 185+ live channels with over 140 of them in HD.

  • Replay Functionality: Up to 7 days of replay and the ability to pause a live program.

  • Web and Mobile App: The ability to watch favorite programs on smartphones, computers, and tablets simultaneously for up to 5 users.

  • Free TV Box: A digital TV box worth 135 CHF is provided for free throughout the subscription period.

  • Contractual Obligation: iWay TV subscriptions have a 12-month commitment with a 30-day notice period for termination.

  • On-Demand Movies and Series: No on-demand content can be rented for free or for payment within any subscription.

  • Free Trial: New customers enjoy a 1-month trial period during which they pay nothing and can decide to renew the subscription or cancel it without obligations.

  • Activation Costs: The cost to activate a new subscription is 55 CHF, but this is waived if an internet subscription is activated simultaneously.

iWay TV Classic 2.0

This subscription is the basic version offered by iWay, including access to over 185 channels, free TV Box rental, access to the Mobile APP for iOS or Android, and Web TV. The price is 15.00 CHF per month.

iWay TV Premium 2.0

In addition to the features included in the Classic 2.0 subscription, this plan allows recording up to 500 broadcasts on your drive and access to the Replay function for 7 days with advertisements. The price is 20.00 CHF per month.

iWay TV TOP 2.0

This subscription is the best and most expensive version among those offered by iWay. In addition to the features mentioned above, it allows you to skip advertisements (Skip-Ad). The price is 24.50 CHF per month.

Additional iWay TV Packages: Pay-TV and Foreign Language Content

For each iWay TV subscription, it's possible to add extra channels of interest by paying a supplementary fee. The packages are divided into language packages and exclusive Pay TV channels (e.g. for sports).

These are the additional packages that iWay subscribers can purchase:

  • MySports: With 14 sports channels, exclusive transmission of over 150 matches from the national Hockey championship and NHL, exclusive interviews and insights. Ideal for sports enthusiasts, it's sold at the discounted price of 25 CHF per month instead of 29.90 CHF.

  • Family HD: For family entertainment, you can watch 27 additional channels at the price of 15.50 CHF per month.

  • Bosnian TV: 2 local Bosnian TV channels for only 10.90 CHF per month.

  • Croatian TV: 3 additional channels broadcast in Croatian for only 2.60 CHF per month.

  • Polish TV: 3 additional Polish channels for 9.90 CHF per month.

  • Russian TV: 3 additional Russian channels for 18.00 CHF per month.

  • Serbian TV: 8 extra Serbian TV channels available for 25.00 CHF per month.

  • Turkish TV: 7 additional Turkish channels for 10.90 CHF per month.

iWay Home: Fixed-line Subscriptions

iWay offers highly advantageous fixed-line home subscriptions as it leverages VoIP technology which is more cost-effective than traditional wired networks. iWay's subscriptions stand out from those of other providers because they don't necessarily require an active iWay internet line; they are compatible with lines from other telephone operators as well.

During the purchase of a new subscription, you can select certain features to customize your number, such as the phone prefix, the option of having dual numbering for only 8 CHF per month, or the free porting of your current number. Additionally, during the purchase, you can also order a compatible telephone terminal at a discounted price.


iWay's fixed-line subscriptions include the following:

  • iWay Home Basic: This pay-as-you-go telephone offer charges for individual calls per minute and has a fixed monthly price of 8 CHF.

  • iWay Home Flat: This offer allows unlimited calls to Swiss landlines and charges for mobile network calls in addition to the 12 CHF per month fee.

  • iWay Home Flat Plus: This package includes unlimited calls to all at the affordable price of 20 CHF per month.


Currently, no offer allows the possibility of making calls abroad.

iWay Mobile Subscriptions: Tailored for Your Connectivity Needs

iWay has expanded its offerings for residential customers by creating compelling mobile packages that make the price-quality ratio one of the most appreciated reasons for choosing their services. The underlying network is provided by Salt, from which iWay rents the 4G and 5G infrastructure, ensuring maximum connection speed for its customers.


The features of iWay's mobile plans offerings include:

  • 5G Included: If your device is 5G compatible and you're in a covered area, you can enjoy maximum speed at no extra cost.

  • 1 Month Free: New customers receive a discount on the first month's subscription fee.

  • eSIM: During the subscription process, you can choose between a traditional SIM or a new-generation eSIM.

  • Activation Cost: The one-time activation cost is 40.00 CHF, but it's waived for new online customers.

  • Multi Device SIM: You can request up to 2 additional SIM cards to use the data included in your mobile plan on other devices like tablets and smartwatches.

  • Contract Duration: All subscriptions have a contractual duration of 12 months.


Currently, iWay does not offer prepaid SIM card plans or mobile subscriptions that include smartphones.


Below are the current iWay Mobile offerings available in the Swiss market for calls and data usage both in Switzerland and for data roaming:

iWay Mobile Basic

This subscription is the most affordable among the three offered by iWay. For a monthly price of 19.00 CHF, you get unlimited calls and messages in Switzerland, as well as 30 GB of monthly data.

iWay Mobile Classic

This is iWay's mobile subscription with unlimited data at the lowest price. For only 29 CHF per month, you can have unlimited data, SMS, and minutes in Switzerland, as well as 5GB of roaming data in Europe (Zone 1).

iWay Mobile Premium

If you're looking for a mobile subscription that includes unlimited services in Switzerland and at least 30 GB of data in Europe and the UK, this offer is for you. You can purchase it for a monthly price of 39.00 CHF.

iWay Data Subscriptions: Mobile Offers for Connectivity on the Go

iWay has designed these offers with the needs of those who have a second home where they spend their vacations and don't want to activate a fixed internet subscription or for those who work on the go and need a stable connection on their PC and tablet when moving for client meetings. Internet access is guaranteed on the Swisscom network, which provides extensive coverage nationwide. These Data SIMs stand out for:

  • No Bandwidth Limitation for Excessive Data Consumption

  • Possibility to Purchase Additional GB at 5.40 CHF/GB once your plan's data is exhausted

  • One-time Activation Cost of 20 CHF


iWay offers three data packages in sizes of 5 GB, 50 GB, and 100 GB. The package prices are respectively 9.00 CHF/month, 19.00 CHF/month, and 29.00 CHF/month.


If you're looking for the right mobile data offer for you, head to the comparison section now and save.

iWay Network
iWay Customer Service

iWay Network: Mobile and Fiber Infrastructure

iWay offers extensive and reliable network coverage throughout Switzerland. With a robust network infrastructure, iWay ensures its customers a stable and high-quality Internet connection, both in urban and rural areas. For its mobile network coverage, iWay relies on the Salt Mobile infrastructure, while fiber and broadband services are provided through agreements with local operators of the Swiss optical fiber. Only data subscriptions provide access to Swisscom's LTE network.


Today, you can activate iWay services for your home line in the following cities: Zurich, Winterthur, Bern, Lucerne, St. Gallen, Basel, and five other cities. Elsewhere, you can still check the availability of an iWay connection directly on their website.

iWay Customer Support

iWay offers dedicated customer support for assistance and help. You can contact iWay's customer service via phone at 043 500 11 12 or by sending an email to The customer service team is available to answer questions and provide personalized solutions.

[043 500 11 12] iWay Hotline for Customer Support

You can receive support for your iWay subscription by calling the phone number 043 500 11 12. You can also request a callback directly through the appropriate function on the website. The customer service can also use TeamViewer for specific screen-sharing support. Customer support opening hours are from Monday to Friday, from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM continuously, and on Saturday from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM and from 1:00 PM to 5:30 PM.

iWay Mobile App: Self-Service Solution to Manage Your Subscription

Thanks to iWay's new smartphone app, every customer can monitor their mobile subscription usage without having to speak to any company operators. Additionally, you can also autonomously request the activation of additional packages for international roaming.

Cancellation of iWay Subscription

iWay cancellation can be done by contacting customer service or sending a written communication. It is advisable to consult the contract's terms and conditions for any penalties or costs associated with early termination. In case of need, we recommend sending a written communication to the email address mentioned above in the contact section.


Note: iWay offers a 30-day completely free trial period for all new internet subscriptions activated online, during which you can cancel the purchased services without incurring any penalties.

Compare iWay with Other Market Operators

iWay offers a variety of packages and promotions for Internet, Mobile, and hosting services. To discover the best offer for you, compare subscriptions immediately using the comparator with those of others and save.

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compare the offers

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