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Swiss Data Subscription: Comparing the Best Mobile Internet Data SIM in Switzerland

Discover the best data-only internet plans to get plenty of gigabytes even when you're on the go. Compare data subscriptions that can be used in Switzerland with smartphones, tablets, mobile hotspots, GPS devices, or smartwatches and save with rates starting at 4.00* CHF per month.

Swiss Mobile Data plans

Compare the Best Data Subscriptions

Looking for a home internet subscription? Quickly compare offers with the dedicated comparison tool.

Operators Offering Data Subscriptions in Switzerland

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The comparison of available data subscriptions in Switzerland includes multiple operators who have enriched their offerings by allowing the purchase of an additional data SIM card, independent of other subscriptions.

Swiss Data Subscription: What's the Most Cost-Effective Offer on the Market?

Below, you'll find the cheapest Swiss data subscriptions available on the market:

  • Digital Republic Flat 0.4: 4.00 CHF per month, unlimited data at a maximum speed of 0.4 Mbit/s. No contract required, and activation is free.

  • Sunrise We Connect Track: 4.00 CHF per month, unlimited data in Switzerland, 100 MB in roaming, and a maximum speed of 0.5 Mbit/s. Activation is free, and there are no contractual obligations.

  • Salt Surf: 4.95 CHF/month instead of 9.95 CHF/month. Unlimited high-speed mobile Internet with 5G included. Free activation and 24-month bond.

  • SAK mobile internet S: 9.00 CHF per month, unlimited data at a maximum speed of 1 Gbit/s. Requires a 12-month contract and an activation fee of CHF 40.

  • swype Surf: 14.95 CHF per month, unlimited 5G data with a maximum speed of 2 Gbit/s. Activation is free, and there are no contractual obligations.

The TOP 3 data-only SIM cards in Switzerland

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Salt Surf 5 GB.jpg

If you want to explore all available Swiss data subscriptions on our website, jump straight to the comparison, choose the offer that suits you best, and activate it right away.

Data-Only SIM Cards: Who Can Benefit from Them?

Data subscriptions differ from traditional phone plans as they don't include voice calls and can't be used for calling. However, these data-only plans are becoming increasingly popular for various needs. Below, you'll find the uses you can make of a Swiss data subscription.

Data Subscription for Trackers and IoT Devices

With the rise of home automation and the growth of internet-connected devices (IoT), the need for a data subscription that can enable internet connectivity has grown in parallel. Data subscriptions suitable for smart trackers or intelligent alarm systems do not require high connection speeds since they exchange minimal data with the network. However, it's useful to choose a subscription that relies on a mobile network with good coverage to avoid signal loss.


The best data subscriptions for sensors or trackers currently available are the Digital Republic Flat 0.4 package and the Sunrise We Connect Track subscription. Both cost 4 CHF per month and come with no contractual obligations.


To compare them effectively, you can head straight to the offers section by clicking on the following button.

Data Subscription for Smartwatches in Switzerland

Another type of device that has become increasingly popular in recent years is smartwatches and other wearable devices (Smart Wearables). These connected objects require a slightly higher connection speed, though not excessively high compared to smart trackers. However, they certainly require a higher data volume. Typically, these data subscriptions are purchased by parents for their children to stay in touch while they are away from home.

One thing to pay attention to is the possibility of purchasing a data subscription with an eSIM, as most smartwatches do not offer the option of inserting a physical SIM card.


The best data subscription for smartwatches that we can recommend is undoubtedly the We Connect Watch by Sunrise, which costs 7.50 CHF per month and comes with no contractual obligations or activation fees. It offers unlimited data in Switzerland and a data roaming package for when you are abroad.


Other data subscriptions may also be suitable for your needs, so we recommend comparing them immediately to find the one that best suits your requirements.

Mobile Internet Subscription: Data SIM card for On-the-Go or as an Alternative to Home Connections

It's not a new concept, but with the expansion of the Swiss 5G network, the speed achievable with a mobile internet connection is practically equivalent to what can be achieved with home Wi-Fi. For this reason, today we can consider some mobile internet data subscriptions as a valid alternative to a home internet plan.

By purchasing a Swiss data subscription, you will receive a SIM card that can be inserted directly into your tablet or laptop to stay connected wherever you are. Alternatively, you can insert it into a 5G or 4G router and use the hotspot signal on multiple devices, much like a fiber or DSL internet connection.


If this is your connectivity need, it's essential to pay attention to the terms and conditions applied by each internet service provider to avoid receiving penalties on your bill for improper use of your data subscription.


If you want to find the best data subscription in Switzerland, compare the offers and find the one that suits you on the comparison platform. Alternatively, if you're looking for a stable and cost-effective home connection, you can check out the offers in this category in the dedicated section.

Which Data Subscription Suits My Browsing Profile?

If you're looking for a data subscription for an IoT device, it's best to search for a data subscription that offers a high volume of included GB, and you don't need to focus on the maximum connection speed. However, if you're seeking a mobile data-only offer, the reasoning is slightly different and depends on the type of usage.

Below, you'll find some data usage profiles and our recommendations for the appropriate data subscription:

  • 1 GB per month: Suitable for those who will use their new data connection to read news online, check Facebook occasionally, and send a few text messages on WhatsApp.

  • 5 GB per month: Suitable for those who occasionally use YouTube, Spotify, Instagram, and TikTok and make a moderate number of WhatsApp calls.

  • 20 GB per month: Suitable for those who use HD video streaming applications in moderation and make video calls and share photos and videos on WhatsApp.

  • Unlimited data: Suitable for those who extensively use video streaming applications like Netflix, Disney, or Amazon Prime Video and all other apps on their smartphones.

How to Choose a Mobile Data-Only Internet Plan

With, you can easily find the best free data-only internet plan in just a few clicks:

  • Discover the Offers

Read our advice and then identify the best data plan for Switzerland, thanks to the comparison section prepared by our team of experts. To find the right plan, you'll need to consider not only the price but also other package features to determine if it suits your needs.

Among the information to analyze, make sure to consider the supporting network that ensures coverage, contractual constraints, activation costs, and the maximum guaranteed internet connection speed.


  • Choose the Plan and Sign the Contract

Once you've identified the right plan for your needs and budget, you can proceed to the activation phase. In this case, there's no point in porting your phone number since you won't be able to make calls. However, we recommend checking with your current provider for the cancellation process if you're switching from another data plan. If you're activating a new data-only SIM, you can proceed without further checks.


  • Activate the New Subscription

After processing your request, the new provider will inform you of the exact date of the tariff change and send the new SIM card in advance (in the case of a physical card). The SIM card comes with a new PIN, which you can change in the settings after inserting the card into your smartphone for the first time. It's essential to complete this step, even if the SIM is intended for a mobile Wi-Fi device, to avoid unexpected network issues. Once you receive confirmation of the contract activation, you can start using your new data plan and browse anywhere you go.

How to Use the Offer Comparison on

Online comparison of data-only offers through allows you to quickly identify the best plans to activate. The comparison is available entirely for free.


In many cases, data-only offers on are exclusively available through online activation. These solutions typically offer more favorable economic conditions than plans activated in physical stores or through other channels, reducing initial costs and proposing other welcome bonuses or exclusive discounts.


The comparison includes products from providers that collaborate directly or indirectly with the platform. The offers included in the comparison are categorized based on certain features of the offer and are ordered by increasing price, displaying the most cost-effective offers at the top. If some offers are sponsored by providers or third parties, they are clearly marked as "Premium."


Click here for more information and to learn more about how the comparison works.

We Compare, You Choose, You Save

TrasparentWe show you the best offers without pushing you to choose one company over another. Additionally, does not sell any data to third parties, and we won't bother you with commercial phone calls to suggest other products.

FastWith, you can quickly compare products from major national telecommunications companies and receive support for all your needs

FreeWe don't charge any commissions to customers, and the offers we present are equal to or better than those obtainable by requesting a quote from partner company websites.

FAQ Switzerland Data Plans

Which devices require a data plan?

A data plan is typically necessary for devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, portable gaming devices, and any other device that requires an internet connection to function. Additionally, many smart devices, like watches or smart speakers, may require a data plan to fully utilize their connected features.

How much do mobile data plans cost in Switzerland?

It depends on your needs, whether you're looking for an unlimited data plan or not. For example, an unlimited mobile internet plan can be available for less than 20 Swiss francs per month.

How important is the connection speed for a data plan?

The importance of connection speed in a data plan depends on the intended use. For activities like web browsing, email, and messaging, a basic broadband connection may be sufficient. However, for high-definition video streaming, online gaming, or other activities that require high bandwidth, a high-speed connection is necessary for a better experience.

What happens if I run out of data before the end of the month?

If your data plan runs out of data before the end of the month, you usually have two options. You can purchase additional data packages to extend your internet connection, but this may incur additional costs. Alternatively, you may experience reduced connection speed (throttling) until the end of the billing cycle, which means your connection may become significantly slower.

Are there data plans for using the internet abroad?

Yes, many companies offer international data plans or roaming options that allow you to use the internet abroad. These plans can vary significantly depending on the provider and the countries included in the service. It's essential to check the associated costs and usage restrictions before traveling abroad to avoid excessive charges. Alternatively, you may consider purchasing a local SIM card in the country you are visiting for more cost-effective data rates.

What are you waiting for? Find the best data plan that suits your needs!

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*Amount related to the cheapest data-only offer proposed by one of our Partners as of 01-04-2024. Offer is subject to territorial limits and actual verification of coverage. The comparison service is carried out on the basis of the monthly fee amount only. For additional economic conditions applied by each Partner, please refer to their respective contractual disclosures. For more info click on the button of the specific mobile internet subscription and check the conditions applied by the individual mobile internet operator.

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