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TeleKing Internet and TV Subscriptions Compared: Best Offers and Plans

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Discover the best TeleKing internet and TV subscriptions in Switzerland. TeleKing AG, operating since 2015, provides affordable home internet plans with options for digital TV and landline services. Focused on delivering modern network technology at the best value, TeleKing emphasizes high-quality, personalized customer support and cost-effective deals.

TeleKing Deals: Best TeleKing Offers and Subscriptions

Explore the top TeleKing subscriptions, featuring details, recommendations, and exclusive offerings from Here after you can find the best TeleKing plans of the moment:

Best TeleKing Internet Subscription

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Best TeleKing Internet and TV Plan

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TeleKing Deal: Internet, TV, and Landline Offers for Your Home by TeleKing

Within the TeleKing offering, the primary product is home internet plans. TeleKing's internet network, relying on the management of metropolitan networks in individual cities for operational fiber optic management, is well-established. TeleKing's internet offers are budget-friendly and transparent for the end consumer. Here are some features you'll find when purchasing a TeleKing internet subscription:

  • Subscribers receive a free Fritz!Box router. Alternatively, you can purchase the internet box for a one-time special price of 225 CHF.

  • Choose your preferred speed during the purchase of a TeleKing internet connection, whether it's fiber optic or copper, and modify it later through customer support.

  • When subscribing to a new TeleKing plan, provide your phone number or fixed-line number (NSN) for free number portability. If you don't have an NSN, anticipate the intervention of an electrician at your expense.

  • Enjoy free address transfer when moving with your TeleKing subscription.

  • The activation cost for the subscription is a fixed one-time fee of 50 CHF.

  • The contractual commitment for TeleKing internet subscriptions is 12 months from the activation of the offer.


TeleKing currently offers two product lines for home internet connections:

KingDSL: TeleKing Internet Plans for All of Switzerland

TeleKing's subscriptions using copper cable (DSL) are sold under the name KingDSL. After verifying internet coverage, you can select the maximum speed from the proposed options. Below are the prices and speeds for the four types of KingDSL subscriptions:

  • KingDSL 20: Monthly price of 28 CHF with a maximum speed of 20 Mbit/s.

  • KingDSL 50: Monthly price of 34 CHF with a maximum speed of 50 Mbit/s.

  • KingDSL 100: Monthly price of 38 CHF with a maximum speed of 100 Mbit/s.

  • KingDSL 500: Monthly price of 48 CHF with a maximum speed of 500 Mbit/s.


Compare TeleKing's offers easily on

KingFiber: the affordable TeleKing Fiber Optic

TeleKing's subscriptions using Swiss fiber optics are sold under the commercial name KingFiber. These fiber optic subscriptions are available in various Swiss cities. Here are all the KingFiber subscriptions currently available:

  • KingFiber 20: Monthly price of 28 CHF with a maximum speed of 20 Mbit/s.

  • KingFiber 50: Monthly price of 34 CHF with a maximum speed of 50 Mbit/s.

  • KingFiber 100: Monthly price of 38 CHF with a maximum speed of 100 Mbit/s.

  • KingFiber 1000: Monthly price of 48 CHF with a maximum speed of 1 Gbit/s.


Remember, you can compare fiber optic offers from all operators with the free comparator on

KingTV: Optional TeleKing TV Subscriptions

As an add-on, every TeleKing subscription can include a Swiss TV plan for the benefits of digital television. 

TeleKing's TV plans consist of three options:

  • KingTV Silver: 120+ TV channels for CHF 14/month.

  • KingTV Gold: 220+ TV channels, recording, replay TV, and live pause for CHF 19/month.

  • KingTV Platinum: 220+ TV channels, same features as KingTV Gold, plus Skip-AD for CHF 23/month.


Activation costs for KingTV are absolutely free, and by activating a TeleKing TV subscription, you receive a complimentary TV Box valued at CHF 150, with easy plug-and-play installation.


The channel list, with over 220 broadcasters, covers Swiss public TV, sports channels, and channels for adult movies and TV series. Additionally, you can purchase five additional TV packages to add Arabic, Turkish, Kurdish, and Bosnian language channels to your Teleking subscription.


If you want to explore all internet and TV subscriptions available on the market and compare them with TeleKing, head straight to the offers!

KingPhone: TeleKing Fixed-Line Phone Subscriptions 

Another additional option for your TeleKing internet subscription is the fixed-line phone service, KingPhone. If you need to make calls to the mobile network or another fixed-line number, KingPhone might be suitable for you. This fixed-line phone subscription offered by TeleKing utilizes VoIP technology through the Fritz!Box FON1 and, depending on the model, FON2 router ports.

The additional fixed-line phone subscriptions offered by TeleKing include:

  • KingPhone Basic: Provides a phone number for receiving calls free of charge, with calls billed on a consumption basis and a fixed monthly fee of CHF 5.

  • KingPhone & 3000 Minutes: For CHF 12/month, includes 3000 minutes of calls to other fixed network numbers.

  • KingPhone & 3000 Minutes + 1000 Minutes: For CHF 29/month, in addition to minutes to other fixed network numbers, allows free calling for 1000 minutes to Swiss mobile numbers.


Additionally, you can request an additional phone number for CHF 5 per month. The cost of migrating an existing phone number is a one-time fee of CHF 20.


Note that this fixed-line phone subscription can be activated only if you also activate a Teleking internet connection. If you're looking for a plan independent of the internet provider, compare the best fixed-line phone offers on

`TeleKing Network
TeleKing Customer Service

TeleKing Experience: Reviews on the TeleKing Internet Network

TeleKing, being a less widespread internet service provider, has a limited number of online customer reviews. However, customers particularly appreciate the low cost of TeleKing subscriptions and the excellent customer support provided by specialized operators over the phone.

Which Network Does TeleKing Use?

To provide a high-performance network connection, TeleKing relies on the following fiber optic networks: ewz.zürinet (Zurich), Baden city network, Bern fiber optic network, Lenzburg city network, Lucerne fiber optic network, Winterthur + Lindau fiber network, St. Gallen and Gossau metropolitan network, and Meilen + Herrliberg fiber optic network.


If you're already a TeleKing customer experiencing network performance issues, you can easily check if your TeleKing subscription is causing a slow connection by conducting a speedtest.


In case you're considering changing your internet service provider, take a look and find the best offer for your needs in a few clicks on our comparator and start saving today.

TeleKing Customer Support: How to Receive Assistance for Your TeleKing Subscription

TeleKing provides its customers with a dedicated customer service for support and assistance. You can reach TeleKing customer service through a contact form, by calling the dedicated number, or by sending an email to The customer service team is available to answer questions and resolve any technical issues. TeleKing customer support operates from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 to 17:30.

TeleKing Hotline: Customer Support Number [044 545 34 34]

TeleKing subscribers can contact customer support via phone for administrative, advisory, or assistance issues. To speak with TeleKing, you need to call the phone number 044 545 34 34, and the call cost is equivalent to that of a standard call to a fixed network number.

TeleKing Customer Area and FAQ

Currently, there is no customer area on the website where you can manage your TeleKing subscription independently. However, you can find a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the official operator's website that can resolve most of your doubts. If you still haven't resolved your issue with TeleKing, you can always send an email or fill out the contact form so that your case is handled by the TeleKing customer support team.

TeleKing Billing: Accepted Payment Methods

When subscribing to a TeleKing subscription, you agree to the conditions stated on the website. These conditions involve a quarterly advance payment requested through an invoice sent via email (or by post with a cost of 2.50 CHF/invoice). The TeleKing invoice via email will arrive through the bexio software, or alternatively, you can use the eBill method.

Compare TeleKing with Other Providers

TeleKing offers very competitive internet, TV, and fixed-line phone subscriptions, but to be 100% sure that your needs are met, it's advisable to compare the offers with those of other market operators. You can do this easily and quickly on by clicking the button below: try it, it's free!

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For further information, visit the TeleKing website.

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