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Swisscom: Mobile and Internet plans

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Swisscom plans

Swisscom is the leading operator in the Swiss telecommunications market, covering both fixed-line and mobile services, with a market share exceeding half of the total. As widely known, besides Swisscom, Salt and Sunrise are the other two active mobile network operators in the country.

Swisscom is managed by the company Swisscom SA, in which the Swiss Confederation holds 51% of the shares. The establishment of Swisscom SA dates back to January 1, 1998, and the headquarters is currently located in Bern.

These mobile telephony companies operate on the Swisscom network: Coop Mobile, M-Budget mobile, Mucho Mobile, and Wingo.

Swisscom Plans: top deals of the moment

In this section, you can find the current offers from Swisscom along with a description of the main features and tips for choosing provided by Below are the best offers from Swisscom:

Best Swisscom Internet Plan

Blue Internet S.jpg
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Best Swisscom Mobile Deal

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swisscom basic Mobile S.jpg
swisscom blue Mobile S discounted.jpg
swisscom basic Mobile M.jpg
swisscom blue Mobile M discounted.jpg
swisscom blue Mobile S.jpg
swisscom blue Mobile M.jpg

Best Swisscom Internet and TV Deal

swisscom Blue Internet M + TV M.jpg

Swisscom Internet: all Internet, TV, and Landline Deals for home

Swisscom is able to offer numerous Swiss internet plans while always ensuring the excellent quality that distinguishes the services of the Geneva-based company. Swisscom subscriptions are known for their offer modularity, making them highly appreciated by users who can compose their ideal package. Additionally, customers who activate a Swisscom internet offer are entitled to Blue Benefits, which provide discounted offers for their mobile device or purchasing a new device.

Here are the key features common to all Swisscom home offers:

  • Every internet subscription, whether it's a fiber or copper (DSL) connection, always includes a free router. The provided router is already compatible with Wi-Fi 6 standard and ready for maximum performance with a bandwidth capacity of up to 4.8 Gbit/s via antenna. The router is valued at 199 CHF.

  • The offers can be combined with flexible Security & Service options that protect devices and data against viruses, hackers, and spyware, starting from 9.90 CHF per month, with the first 3 months being free in the case of the basic package (S).

  • The network and all delivered devices are sustainable as Swisscom compensates for residual CO2 emissions, uses 100% renewable energy supply, and employs eco-friendly production materials.

  • Access is provided to training courses led by professionals to teach the proper use of digital media to the entire family.

  • Ultra-fast network thanks to offers that reach download speeds of up to 10 Gbit/s on the Swisscom Fiber network.

  • The monthly fee is discounted for all new activations at 59.90 CHF per month for the first 6 months of the contract.

  • The activation cost is 99 CHF for all packages.

  • All packages can be combined with a free Blue TV subscription in any of its 4 versions for the first 6 months without activation fees.

  • For all subscriptions, there is the possibility to add fixed-line telephone calls in three modes: by adding an S package for 5 CHF per month with pay-as-you-go call minutes, an M package for 15 CHF with unlimited calls to mobile and landline numbers, or an L package with unlimited calls within Switzerland as well as to the EU, USA, and Canada.

  • The contractual commitment for internet subscriptions is 24 months from the activation of the offer.

Swisscom has grouped its internet offers under the Blue Internet line, divided into the following plans:

Swisscom Blue Internet S

This offer is the basic version provided by Swisscom and guarantees a maximum speed of 100 Mbit/s for both download and upload. To give you an idea of the speed of this connection, it would take over 1 minute to upload a 1 GB photo album and it would take 34 minutes to download a 35 GB video game. The offer is priced at 64.90 CHF per month.

Swisscom Blue Internet M

This Swisscom home internet subscription is the intermediate version of Swisscom's and guarantees a maximum speed of 1 Gbit/s in both download and upload. This speed guarantees a great connection for being able to work remotely and enjoy TV online. 

The offer is priced at 79.90 CHF per month.

Swisscom Blue Internet L

This Swisscom Internet plan is the most advanced version offered by Swisscom and allows surfing at a maximum speed of 10 Gbit/s. To use the maximum signal strength, you need a fiber-optic connection.

The offer is priced at 89.90 CHF per month.

Swisscom Blue TV: TV plans from Swisscom

Swisscom offers TV subscriptions in Switzerland, which are divided into 4 different packages with various features. The available channels offer a rich catalog of TV series, movies, and a wide range of live sports entertainment, considered the largest in the Swiss TV landscape. The packages can include more than 330 channels, allow recording of up to 2000 hours of programs, and provide a 7-day replay function after the broadcast. Additionally, there are over 6000 on-demand movies and TV series available. The entertainment offer also includes access to Blue Music and the ability to watch TV on the go through the app available on major smartphones' app stores.

The provided TV box can be of two different types: either the Swisscom Box 21, which is provided for free with a subscription (otherwise priced at 99 CHF), or the second-generation Apple TV 4K box with a one-time contribution of 49 CHF.

The 4 packages have the following features:

  • blue TV S: Over 150 channels, replay function up to 30 hours after the broadcast without the ability to fast-forward, no recording option, priced at 14.90 CHF per month;

  • blue TV M: Over 290 channels, 7-day replay with fast-forward, recording for up to 250 hours, Blue Play on-demand media library included, priced at 24.90 CHF per month;

  • blue TV L: With over 330 channels, including premium channels in Ultra High Definition (UHD), 7-day replay with fast-forward, recording capability of up to 2000 hours, and access to the on-demand media library blue Play, this package is available for 34.90 CHF per month.

  • blue TV XL: Offering over 330 channels, including premium channels in Ultra High Definition (UHD), 7-day replay with fast-forward, recording capability of up to 2000 hours, access to the on-demand media library blue Play, and the unlimited entertainment of blue Premium, this package is priced at 44.90 CHF per month.

Swisscom Mobile: all the mobile phone subscriptions and prepaid sim cards

Swisscom is the leading swiss mobile provider in Switzerland and currently holds the highest market share. Its mobile offerings differentiate themselves by being among the highest quality on the market, although they are also positioned as the most expensive. It offers various types of subscriptions and mobile plans designed for different family members (including specific mobile plans for young people) and Multi Device plans ideal for having a single subscription and utilizing the connection on tablets and smartwatches.

The supporting network for all the offers is the proprietary network, providing extensive mobile coverage that reaches approximately 99.9% of the population.


The key features of Swisscom's mobile phone offers are as follows:

  • Extremely high-speed thanks to 5G, positioning it as the best mobile network according to the latest tests by Connect magazine

  • Highly customized package configurations to meet various customer needs

  • Combinable Swisscom Multi Device subscriptions that can be activated with eSIM or combinable SIM cards in addition to the base mobile subscription, with prices starting from 3 CHF per month for trackers and sensors, 5 CHF per month for wearables and smartwatches, or 10 CHF per month for notebooks and tablets

  • All subscriptions are certified carbon-neutral due to the company's self-imposed emission reduction policy

  • Access to the blue Benefit program, which allows savings of up to 50 CHF per month if both a mobile subscription and a home internet subscription are active

  • The standard activation cost for a new mobile subscription is 59.90 CHF

  • The minimum contract term for all phone subscriptions is 24 months

Below are the Swisscom Mobile offers currently available on the Swiss market:

Swisscom blue Mobile M

This offer is the best-selling and currently recommended by Swisscom on their online store. The subscription includes unlimited calls and internet both within Switzerland and in the EU and UK, providing a browsing speed of up to 1 Gbit/s on the Swisscom network and 100 Mbit/s while roaming. The offer has a discounted monthly price for six months at 69.90 CHF and then remains at 79.90 CHF.

Swisscom blue Mobile S

This offer is the basic version of the previous package as it includes unlimited calls and internet only within Switzerland with a maximum browsing speed of 100 Mbit/s. It is not suitable for users who travel abroad, even sporadically. The offer has a monthly price of 69.90 CHF indefinitely.

Swisscom blue Mobile L

This offer is the most comprehensive among those currently offered by Swisscom. The subscription includes unlimited internet, calls, and messages both within Switzerland and in the EU and UK, guaranteeing a browsing speed of up to 2 Gbit/s on the Swisscom network and 1 Gbit/s while roaming. Additionally, unlimited calls to Canada and the USA are available. The offer has a discounted monthly price for six months at 69.90 CHF and then remains at 99.90 CHF.

Swisscom basic Mobile

The offers in Swisscom's basic Mobile line are designed for consumers with low data needs. Currently, there are three subscription plans that limit the connection speed to 100 Mbit/s, although they include 5G, and provide unlimited calls. The differences between the three packages are as follows:

  • basic Mobile XS: Internet up to 1.5 GB per month with a monthly fee of 29.90 CHF;

  • basic Mobile S: Internet up to 5 GB per month with a monthly fee of 39.90 CHF;

  • basic Mobile M: Internet up to 5 GB per month in both Switzerland and Europe or the UK with a monthly fee of 49.90 CHF.

Swisscom blue Kids

The Swisscom blue Kids subscriptions are ideal for parents who need to activate a plan on their children's smartphones or smartwatches. These two packages can only be subscribed in the name of children under the age of 16. The subscriptions are described as follows:

  • blue Kids Watch: This subscription is designed for smartwatches that allow unlimited calls and SMS within Switzerland. It offers unlimited data with a speed limitation after consuming 1 GB per month. It includes 30 minutes, 30 SMS, and 300 MB to be used worldwide for staying reachable and sharing location wherever you are. The base price is 14.90 CHF, which is discounted by 5 CHF when combined with another Swisscom mobile subscription.

  • blue Kids Mobile: This subscription is for the cell phones of teenagers, allowing unlimited calls and messaging within Switzerland. It provides high-speed browsing in Switzerland for the first 5 GB of monthly usage and roaming for 30 minutes, 30 SMS, and 300 MB worldwide. The base price is 19.90 CHF, which is discounted by 5 CHF when combined with another Swisscom mobile subscription. Additionally, the Security app can be added for 9.90 CHF per month, and a second SIM for the smartwatch at a special price of 5 CHF per month.

Swisscom Prepaid base

This is the basic prepaid mobile telephony offer from Swisscom, where there are no recurring costs, but only pay for what you actually consume. It is not necessarily better or worse than a subscription; it all depends on the consumer profile choosing between prepaid or a subscription. This prepaid card is activated by paying 20 CHF, which is returned as credit. Afterwards, you will be charged 0.29 CHF per minute, 0.15 CHF per message, and 2 CHF for a day of unlimited browsing.

Swisscom Prepaid Plus

This is the prepaid mobile telephony offer designed for those who already know they need internet access. It differs because it requires an upfront payment of 5 CHF for 30 days, which provides unlimited SMS and unlimited internet access (albeit at a lower speed). Calls remain on a pay-as-you-go basis, costing 29 cents per minute.

Swisscom Prepaid Kids

This is the prepaid plan designed for young individuals under the age of 16. For a monthly cost of 9.90 CHF, they get unlimited data (with the first 500 MB at high speed), unlimited SMS, and calls included to 5 selected numbers upon subscription.

Swisscom Prepaid Flat

These swiss prepaid sim cards were created for tourists on business or leisure trips, as well as Erasmus students in Switzerland. By paying a one-time fee, they enjoy unlimited browsing, calls, and SMS within Switzerland for a predetermined period.

Currently, there are 3 available offers:

  • Prepaid Flat 7: Unlimited package for 7 days at a one-time price of 20 CHF.

  • Prepaid Flat 30: Unlimited package for 30 days (a whole month) at a one-time price of 65 CHF.

  • Prepaid Flat 90: Unlimited package for 90 days (3 months) at a one-time price of 150 CHF.

Swisscom Subscriptions with Top Devices (PC, Smartwatch, Tablet, Gaming Console, and Smartphone)

Swisscom offers its customers attractive deals that can be found directly on the website or in their personal account area. The store is categorized by product type and features various models and brands, highlighting discounts of up to 1000 CHF off the list price.

The available device categories are as follows:

  • Smartphones and Mobile Phones: Includes new devices (such as Samsung, Apple, and Oppo), used devices, models for children, and models for seniors.

  • Internet and Fixed Network: This section offers devices for fixed-line telephony, TV, and network accessories.

  • Gaming Consoles: Swisscom has a partnership with Microsoft's XBOX, providing gamers with a highly appealing installment payment option for the latest generation console.

  • Smart Devices: This category encompasses all connected objects that contribute to a smart home, from smart speakers to light bulbs and surveillance cameras.

  • Tablets, Laptops, and Smartwatches: Here, you'll find the most popular and stylish devices from top brands like Apple, Lenovo, and TLC.

Swisscom Network

Experience and Reviews of Swisscom

Swisscom is one of the three mobile network operators offering mobile subscriptions through a directly operated network, not via a virtual service. The Swisscom network spans across Switzerland, ensuring coverage of over 99.9% of the population. The quality is excellent and has been recognized with numerous awards. In addition to mobile networks, Swisscom is also the leading telecommunications company in fiber optic coverage, currently expanding.

Which Network Does Swisscom Use?

Swisscom utilizes its own 4G and 5G networks to provide its mobile subscriptions. According to connection quality tests, Swisscom is among the top mobile networks in German-speaking countries. The mobile provider also boasts one of the fastest networks, as indicated by data from nPerf's Speedtest.

Swisscom Reviews: What Do Customers Think of Swisscom?

Swisscom customers are quite satisfied with their mobile subscriptions due to the excellent signal quality everywhere. What is mentioned in negative reviews is the high monthly cost of subscriptions and occasional issues with customer support.​

How to Check Swisscom Connection?

Swisscom already covers a substantial portion of the population with both fiber optic infrastructure and the 5G network, reaching over 80% of the population in Switzerland at speeds of 2 Gbit/s. To verify if you are covered by Swisscom, you can do so through the official website or using free tools like the mobile coverage map from

If you're unsure whether the Swisscom network is right for you, go to mobile phone plan comparisons or internet plan comparisons to see all available providers in Switzerland and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Swisscom Customer Service: Customer Support Contacts and Useful Info

In case of doubts about your Swisscom subscription, you can always turn to Swisscom customer service. To speak with a Swisscom representative for necessary support, you can contact the toll-free number 0800 800 073, initiate an online chat (Swisscom Chat), or submit a request through the contact form available on the official website Additionally, you can pose less urgent questions to the Swisscom customer community on the portal

[0800 800 073] Swisscom Toll-Free Number

The phone line for the Swisscom customer area can be reached at 0800 800 073. The Swisscom hotline is active from Monday to Saturday, 8 am to 8 pm (excluding holidays). The Swisscom support number is free if calling from Switzerland, and you can directly speak with knowledgeable Swisscom staff.

How to Check Your Swisscom Credit? []

If you're a Swisscom Prepaid customer, checking the remaining credit of your offer might be a frequent need. To verify even when the credit is exhausted, simply open the website in a new window, and it will show you the remaining credit of your Swisscom plan. Alternatively, you can send a free SMS to the number 444 with the text STATUS and receive a message with the remaining credit in a few seconds.​

If you need to top up Swisscom credit, visit the dedicated page on

My Swisscom: Personal Area for Swisscom Subscription

My Swisscom is the customer area dedicated to each Swisscom subscriber. Through the Swisscom login, you can access the app or the website section to manage your subscription independently. In particular, the main functions of the My Swisscom app are:

  • Modify your Swisscom subscription

  • Manage your Swisscom invoices

  • Configure purchased products

  • Access Swisscom support without waiting and with priority

How to Pay Your Swisscom Invoice?

To pay a Swisscom invoice, you can follow a few simple steps: log in to your customer area with the Swisscom login, click on the My Swisscom section, then on Invoice and Costs, and select the invoice to settle. After these steps, you can pay the amount with a credit card or through TWINT.

Managing a Swisscom Subscription: Things to Keep in Mind

One of the most challenging aspects of managing a subscription is undoubtedly the cancellation process. If you intend to proceed with a Swisscom cancellation, it's crucial to remember any existing contractual obligations and termination costs as outlined in the signed contract. To initiate the contract termination, you'll need to contact Swisscom customer service and follow the provided instructions.​

444 Swisscom: The Number for Sending SMS and Receiving Subscription Information

By sending specific keywords to the phone number 444, you can receive useful information in response. Here are the main Swisscom codes with the information they provide:

  • CHECK: Current Swisscom subscription with an explanation of the tariff plan

  • CUSTOMER NUMBER: Swisscom customer number for accessing other services

  • LOGIN: Generation of a new access code for Swisscom Login

  • COWORKING: Generation of a code for using a co-working space (only applicable for inOne subscribers)

How to Change a Swisscom Subscription?

Want to switch to a new Swisscom subscription? Then, simply compare the offers on the official website or on a comparison portal like and find the best fit for you. Once identified, you can send the name of the subscription to the toll-free number 444 and immediately activate the plan change. For example, if you have a Swisscom Blue Mobile subscription and want to switch to a Swisscom inOne mobile premium subscription, just write PREMIUM, and your new subscription will soon be active. Always check the activation conditions for each offer and any constraints of your current plan.

Compare Swisscom Offers

Swisscom can offer a wide variety of mobile offers and internet plans that you can look at in our dedicated sections. Remember, you can compare Swisscom and all the other Swiss Providers easily in order to activate the perfect offer for your specific needs.

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compare the offers

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