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Sunrise plans

Founded in 2000 and based in Zurich, Sunrise LLC is the second-largest Swiss telecommunications company in terms of customers, trailing only behind Swisscom. Sunrise's offerings include internet and TV subscriptions as well as mobile subscriptions. As one of the three network operators in Switzerland (Swisscom, Sunrise, Salt), Sunrise provides its services on its own mobile network and, following the merger with UPC (which began in 2020 and concluded in 2022 with brand unification), also offers fiber optic subscriptions on its proprietary network.

These Swiss mobile operators use the Sunrise network: Aldi Suisse Mobile, Digital Republic, Galaxus, iWayLebara, SAK, WWZ, QuicklineTalkTalk, Teleboy, Yallo and swype.

Sunrise Deals: Best Subscriptions of the Moment

In this section, you can find the current offers from Sunrise, along with a description of the key features of the deals and recommendations from Below, we present the best Sunrise Deals:

Best Sunrise Internet Deal

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Sunrise Up Connect L.jpg
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Best Sunrise Mobile Plan

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sunrise Up Mobile S.jpg
sunrise Up Mobile M.jpg
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sunrise Up Mobile L.jpg

Best Sunrise Internet and TV Deal

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Best Sunrise Mobile Data Plan 

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Best Sunrise Prepaid SIM Card

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Sunrise Interntet: All Internet, TV, and Landline Deals for your home

Sunrise offers various internet subscriptions, always ensuring high quality and excellent customer service for its subscribers. Sunrise offers are easily combinable with additional modules to ensure customer satisfaction.


Here are the main features common to all Sunrise home internet deals:

  • Every Sunrise internet subscription, whether it's a fiber connection or through copper cable (DSL), always includes a free router. The Wi-Fi modem router depends on the type of network access available at your address.

  • Sunrise installation costs for your home, if required, are fixed at 199 CHF, covering the technician's visit. Generally, though, the installation is plug and play, and no external intervention is needed.

  • For high-spending subscriptions, a free Connect Pod (Wi-Fi Extender) is already provided, but additional smart Wi-Fi sockets can be requested at a price of 5 CHF per socket per month.

  • The network ensures high-speed standards and is capable of reaching a maximum of 10 Gbit/s, although it is subject to fiber coverage check.

  • The modem and your subscription can be easily managed through the My Sunrise app, available to all Sunrise customers.

  • For all internet-only or internet and TV subscriptions, the Sunrise Up Phone S call package is included free of charge.

  • The monthly fee is discounted for all new activations of internet-only subscriptions, at just 49.90 CHF per month for the first 12 months of the contract.

  • For new online customers, the activation cost of 89 CHF is waived for all packages.

  • All packages can be combined with the Sunrise Up TV subscription in any of its 4 versions, and you can optionally add discounted Netflix or MySports streaming TV.

  • The contractual commitment for internet subscriptions is 24 months from the activation of the offer.


Sunrise has simplified its offer by introducing several packages of the Sunrise Up Connect line, to which you can add Sunrise Up TV and Sunrise Up Phone (landline):

Sunrise Up Connect M

The base offer from Sunrise is Up Connect M, which provides new subscribers with internet access speeds of up to 200 Mbit/s for those who cannot be covered by fiber and for users with standard connection needs. The monthly fee is 49.90 CHF per month for the first year, and then it permanently increases to 59.90 CHF per month.

Sunrise Up Connect L

This is Sunrise's best-selling internet package, ideal for families needing reliable connectivity. It guarantees a maximum speed of 1 Gbit/s and comes with an included Smart Wifi Start to enhance signal quality. The monthly fee after the 12-month promotional period is 79.90 CHF.

Sunrise Up Connect XL

This Sunrise Up Connect subscription is for users who want to always experience the maximum possible speed. With a declared maximum speed of 10 Gbit/s, it can be said that there are no connection limits in this case. The price for this internet plan is 49.90 CHF for 12 months, and then it permanently increases to 89.90 CHF.

Sunrise Up TV: TV subscriptions included in the Sunrise Up Home packages

The TV subscriptions for watching TV at home offered by Sunrise are divided into 4 offer packages with various features. The packages, which can be combined with internet subscriptions, differ in terms of content and TV Box functionality. In general, the packages add an additional 20 CHF or 40 CHF per month to the regular subscription fee. For packages without streaming content (Netflix or MySports), the promotional fee for the first 12 months remains unchanged.

The 4 packages have the following features:

  • Up TV M: Over 280 channels available, 7-day replay, up to 2000 hours of recording, and simultaneous playback on 5 devices via the Sunrise TV app.

  • Up TV L: It includes the same features as the standard version, but additionally provides a free TV Box (or IPTV Box, depending on availability) and access to the oneplus Premium Sunrise Edition platform, which allows access to exclusive content previews.

  • Up TV XL Netflix: In addition to the features of the Up TV L package, it provides access to the standard Netflix subscription with simultaneous streaming on 2 devices and HD video quality.

  • UP TV XL My Sports: Similar to the Netflix subscription, the Up TV L package offers the same features, but it grants access to the MySports subscription, which broadcasts Swiss Hockey League games and over 150 NHL (National Hockey League) matches with commentary available in French or German.

Sunrise Up Phone: Fixed-line telephony subscriptions

In the Sunrise Up Connect or Up Home packages, the Sunrise Up Phone S package is already included by default, allowing for pay-per-use calls at a rate of 13 cents per minute to the Swiss landline network and 43 cents per minute to the national mobile network, with incoming calls being free. Alternatively, the subscriptions can be combined with Sunrise Up Phone CH to have unlimited calls to all Swiss numbers at a price of 15 CHF per month, or with Up Phone International, which allows unlimited calls to all fixed networks in Europe at a price of 25 CHF per month.

If only a fixed-line connection is activated without any other subscriptions, the Sunrise Call+ service can be activated at one of Sunrise's physical shops, which offers a rate of 0.10 CHF per minute for calls to the Swiss landline network.

Sunrise Mobile Plans

Sunrise is the second largest mobile operator in Switzerland and currently holds the highest market share right after Swisscom. Its mobile offers are known for their high quality and the ability to combine them in various ways to meet everyone's needs. It provides different types of subscriptions, including various mobile offers for children and mobile data plans for having a single subscription and utilizing the connection on tablets and smartwatches or activating a Wi-Fi hotspot.

The underlying network for all offers is the proprietary network, which boasts extensive mobile coverage, reaching over 99% of the population.

The main features of Sunrise's mobile phone plans are as follows:

  • Ultra-high speed thanks to 5G, currently covering over 96% of the population;

  • Access to the Sunrise Moments program, offering exclusive access or discounted prices to the best sports events and concerts of the season;

  • Dedicated discounts for adding a second subscription on the same bill, getting a 50% discount on the monthly fee indefinitely;

  • Activation fee of 55 CHF gifted for all new subscriptions done exclusively online;

  • For prepaid SIM cards, a one-time payment of 19.90 CHF is required, and you always receive a credit of 20 CHF on your recharge;

  • All subscriptions can be activated with 24-month contractual obligations, providing a 50% discount on the fee for 12 months, or you can choose to be contract-free by paying the full fee.


Below are the current Sunrise Mobile plans available in the Swiss market within the Sunrise Up and prepaid categories:

Sunrise Up Mobile L

This Sunries plan is the best-selling and currently recommended by Sunrise on its own website. It is described as the smart choice for Switzerland and abroad, as it includes unlimited high-speed data of up to 1 Gbps for downloads in Switzerland and unlimited data in almost all of Europe. Additionally, calls and SMS are unlimited both domestically and internationally. The discounted price for 12 months is 35.95 CHF per month, and then it becomes 71.90 CHF per month indefinitely.

Sunrise Up Mobile M

This Sunrise offer is the optimal solution for those residing in Switzerland and not accustomed to traveling abroad. It includes unlimited data in Switzerland at a maximum speed of 500 Mbps, along with unlimited calls and SMS (within Switzerland). The discounted price for 12 months is 30.95 CHF per month, and then it becomes 61.90 CHF per month indefinitely.

Sunrise Up Mobile S

If you are an occasional user, this is the perfect Sunrise mobile deal for you. The subscription has no contractual obligations and, at a monthly cost of 25.90 CHF, provides 3 GB of data at a maximum speed of 50 Mbps for usage within Switzerland, along with unlimited calls on the Sunrise and UPC networks, and towards 3 numbers of your choice.

Sunrise Up Mobile XL

This Sunrise plan is a must-have for those who extensively and intensively use their smartphones throughout Europe. The data is unlimited in both the EU and Switzerland (with a maximum speed of 2 Gbps), and calls and SMS are unlimited in Switzerland and Europe, as well as from Switzerland to almost all EU countries. The discounted monthly price for one year is 45.95 CHF per month, and then it continues at 91.90 CHF per month indefinitely.

Sunrise Fresh Mobile S+: Mobile plan for young people

The Sunrise Fresh subscriptions are designed for new customers under the age of 30 who want to enjoy unlimited mobile data, calls, and SMS throughout Switzerland. This subscription includes 5G, although the speed is limited to 50 Mbps. The regular price for the mobile plan is 51.90 CHF per month but is discounted to 29.90 CHF per month. However, this subscription has no minimum duration commitment, and the applied discount is permanent.

Sunrise Prepaid airbag: pay as you go sim cards plan

This is Sunrise's basic prepaid mobile telephony offer, where there is no monthly fee, and you only pay for what you actually consume. This mobile connectivity package is flexible and cost-effective and allows you to purchase the following options:

  • Mobile data: In Switzerland, you can buy 100 MB of high-speed 5G for 1.20 CHF per day (with a maximum consumption cap).

  • Calls: You pay 0.30 CHF per minute or a maximum of 0.60 CHF per call.

  • SMS: Individual SMS messages cost 0.20 CHF per send.

Sunrise Prepaid Unlimited: prepaid offer with Swiss freedom unlimited

This is Sunrise's prepaid offer that provides unlimited freedom at a fixed price. In this case, the user pays 2.50 CHF to have unlimited access for the following 24 hours.

Sunrise Prepaid Young

This prepaid offer is the version for customers under the age of 30 of the prepaid airbag, where various packages can be purchased at discounted prices based on usage: 100 MB costs 0.75 CHF, and calls cost 0.25 CHF per minute.

Sunrise We Connect: Mobile Data-Only Plans

Sunrise offers various solutions to obtain a mobile data connection suitable for every need. Within the Sunrise We Connect offers, we find the following subscriptions:

  • We Connect WiFi is the most suitable option for those who want to set up a hotspot connection by inserting a SIM card into a router or Wi-Fi hotspot. The offer provides unlimited mobile data in Switzerland with download speeds of up to 2 Gbps and upload speeds of 300 Mbps, along with 1 GB of included roaming. The price is 30 CHF per month for the first 12 months, then it increases to 60 CHF per month indefinitely. The contractual commitment is for 24 months.

  • We Connect surf is an offer designed for inserting the SIM directly into a laptop or tablet for mobile usage. The package includes unlimited data in Switzerland with a maximum speed of 100 Mbps and 500 MB of included roaming. This offer has a reduced minimum contractual duration of 1 month and a cost-effective price of 12.50 CHF per month for the first 2 years, then it increases to 20 CHF per month indefinitely.

  • We Connect watch is the data-only offer for smartwatches. It allows browsing on Sunrise's 4G+ network with unlimited data and calls in Switzerland. The offer is compatible with Apple Watch, XPLORA Watch, and TCL Watch models and is available with a contractual commitment of just one month. The monthly price is discounted to 7.50 CHF for the first 24 months, then it increases to 10 CHF.

  • We Connect track is the subscription designed for GPS trackers to stay connected in Switzerland with unlimited data (with a speed limit of up to 0.5 Mbps) and also in Europe with 100 MB of included roaming. There is no binding period, and the monthly fee is 4 CHF indefinitely.

If you prefer to activate without a contractual commitment, you can select this option, but you will not have access to the discounted rate for the first 24 months.

Sunrise Subscriptions Paired with Top Devices (PC, Smartwatch, Tablet, Gaming Console, and Smartphone)

Sunrise offers a wide range of products for sale on its online store. In the dedicated section of the website, you can find various brands and models to pair with your subscription and enjoy discounted installment payments. Here are some of the available options:


Smartphones and Mobiles: The Sunrise catalog includes Apple, Samsung, Oppo, Motorola, and other models that are already compatible with 5G. Additionally, with Smart Upgrade, Sunrise allows you to enjoy an additional 25% discount by trading in your current smartphone.


Smart Home: With a vast range of Home Entertainment products, you can transform your home into a true cinema experience using Samsung projectors or Bose soundbars. You'll also find the best electric scooters, Xbox gaming consoles, smart speakers, and smart TVs.


Tablets and PCs: The portal offers a wide range of the best Apple and Lenovo devices, enabling you to work more efficiently both at home and on the go.


Smart Devices: Explore a variety of smart devices such as smartwatches, GPS trackers, wearable devices for children and teenagers, and much more. These additional devices can be purchased from the Sunrise online store at discounted prices or with interest-free installments.

Sunrise Network

Sunrise Reviews: Experience with the Sunrise Network and Useful Information

Sunrise is one of the few Swiss providers to operate its own mobile network. Thanks to the continuous expansion and improvement of its antennas, Sunrise is able to offer its mobile customers highly performant 4G and 5G subscriptions. For fiber subscribers, Sunrise provides service either on its own network or through partnerships with the metropolitan networks of Swiss cities.


Sunrise Network Issues: User Reviews and Recognitions

According to quality tests, Sunrise is one of the best networks in the German-speaking world. For example, Sunrise was the only mobile operator to receive the highest rating of "outstanding" more than five times in a row in the internationally recognized quality benchmark test by the Connect magazine, which interviews thousands of subscribers to gather opinions about an operator.​

Which Network Does Sunrise Use?

Sunrise uses its own network to provide services to mobile Sunrise subscriptions. For Sunrise internet subscriptions, it alternatively relies on metropolitan networks or the former UPC network acquired through the 2020 merger.


Regarding the mobile network, in 2019, Sunrise had already achieved a national 4G coverage of 96% of the Swiss population. For 4G+, the figure is 85%. Currently, it is implementing the 5G network throughout Switzerland and has already reached coverage of over 80%, supplying more than 700 cities.

my Sunrise: Your Personal Sunrise App

My Sunrise is your personal app with which you can manage all aspects of your subscription. In your personal area, you can independently perform various tasks, such as topping up your phone credit or opening a termination request.


If you are unsure whether the Sunrise network is right for you, you can check Sunrise network coverage through the coverage map and see reception in your area. If you are already a customer and want to check the network's performance, you can conduct a Sunrise speedtest. If you are considering switching your subscription, visit the free comparison section on

Sunrise Customer Service: How to Contact Customer Support

If you have any questions, the Sunrise customer service is at your disposal. The Sunrise customer service can be reached via the web chat on the website or through the toll-free number 0800 707 707. The operators of the Sunrise customer service reliably and professionally respond to any questions and provide concrete solutions to the issues raised. An alternative for self-assistance is to consult the hundreds of FAQs in the "Help and Support" section on the official Sunrise website, where various question categories and, if necessary, direct contacts to an operator can be found.

[0800 707 707] Sunrise toll-free number: The free hotline for customer support

You can reach the Sunrise customer service by phone at the toll-free number 0800 707 707. Telephone support is open from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 19:00.

How to Contact Sunrise?

To contact Sunrise, you have 3 options: Call Sunrise, visit a Sunrise store, or use other contact options (Live Chat or callback form).

Managing Sunrise Subscription: What You Need to Know

One of the most common requests when managing a Sunrise subscription is the cancellation process. Sunrise cancellation can be done by calling the toll-free number 0800 100 600 or alternatively through the web chat. There, you will be explained how to proceed. It is, of course, essential to inquire about any existing commitments by retrieving the signed contract during the subscription phase to avoid paying penalties.

How to Pay a Sunrise Invoice

Paying an invoice for a Sunrise subscription is very straightforward: simply log in to your My Sunrise account through the app or website and pay the bill directly online with a payment method of your choice, including credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, TWINT, and many others.​

How to Check Sunrise Credit

To check the credit of a Sunrise Prepaid plan, simply dial 121# on your mobile phone and confirm by pressing the call button. The remaining credit will then appear on the screen. If this amount is close to zero, it is advisable to top up your Sunrise credit to avoid being disconnected from friends and family.

If you need to make a Sunrise credit recharge, visit the dedicated page on

Compare Sunrise Offers

Sunrise can offer a wide variety of mobile subscriptions and internet plans that you can look at in our dedicated sections. Remember, you can easily compare Sunrise and all the other Swiss Telco Providers in order to activate the perfect offer for your specific needs.

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compare the offers

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