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M-Budget Mobile: Internet, TV and Mobile Plans Comparison

Compare M-Budget Mobile with other market players!

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M-Budget Mobile

M-Budget Mobile is a Swiss telecommunications brand that offers affordable mobile services, internet deals, and TV plans. M-Budget (or Migros Budget) is a project founded in 1999 on the initiative of the Federation of Migros Cooperatives to provide a range of products and services at affordable prices. M-Budget Mobile has been operated since 2005 as a low-cost brand of Swisscom, and since then, M-Budget Mobile has become a popular choice for consumers looking for reliable and cost-effective services for their mobile or home connection.

M-Budget Mobile Plan: Best Current M-Budget Subscriptions

In this section, you can discover the subscriptions currently offered by M-Budget Mobile, complete with descriptions of the key features of these offers and advice on selection from Below, we present the top M-Budget deals:

Best M-Budget Internet Plan

m-budget Internet Classic.jpg
m-budget Internet Pro.jpg

Best M-Budget Mobile Deal

M-Budget MINI.jpg
M-Budget MAXI.jpg
M-Budget GIGA.jpg
M-Budget MEGA.jpg
M-Budget EXTRA.jpg

Best M-Budget TV and Internet Bundle

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m-budget Internet Pro + TV.jpg

Best M-Budget Prepaid Mobile Plan

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M-Budget Internet: All Offers for Landline, Internet, and TV by M-Budget

M-Budget offers various home internet plans to meet the needs of the entire family and for every budget, creating predefined product bundles but always leaving the final choice to the customer. M-Budget usually offers various time-limited promotions that last for a few weeks, during which customers can subscribe to a very affordable M-Budget Mobile offer with a discounted fee that can last either permanently or for the first two years of the subscription.

Here are the main common features of all M-Budget home internet plans:​​

  • In every M-Budget internet subscription, whether for fiber optic or DSL connections, a free-to-use Internet Box is always provided. Currently, two highly performing Internet Box models are available, supplied with a manual for proper installation.

  • Activation costs are CHF 99, as with other internet offers on the Swisscom fiber optic network.

  • For all subscriptions, whether internet only or internet and TV, the M-Budget Fixed Telephone consumption call package is included for free.

  • The minimum contract duration for M-Budget internet contracts is usually 12 months, and the notice period is 2 months.

  • For all M-Budget internet subscriptions, you can also add the M-Budget TV option for only CHF 15 per month.


The currently available M-Budget internet subscriptions are two and have some specific features regarding price and speed.

M-Budget Internet Classic

M-Budget Internet Classic subscription can be activated for both fiber optic and DSL connections and is designed for small families, offering download speeds of up to 80 Mbit/s and upload speeds of up to 20 Mbit/s. The price, however, is budget-friendly at just 39.80 CHF per month, indefinitely.

M-Budget Internet Pro

M-Budget internet Pro plan is currently on offer at 49.80 CHF per month. For an additional 10 francs, you can enjoy download speeds of up to 1 Gbit/s and upload speeds of up to 200 Mbit/s. With this network performance, you can seamlessly utilize the Swiss IPTV plan.

Now, compare M-Budget offers with those of other providers in the market!

M-Budget TV: The Optional Migros TV Subscriptions

M-Budget has also thought of an affordable proposal for the world of home television. With the M-Budget TV subscription, users can enjoy the following features:

  • M-Budget TV Channels: Over 250 TV channels, including more than 100 in HD, featuring RTL, SRF, RTF, and RAI.

  • M-Budget TV Features: Live Pause function, 400 hours of recordings to save favorite programs, 7-day Replay function.

  • Additional M-Budget TV Box: available for CHF 5/month plus a one-time CHF 99.


The base price of this M-Budget subscription is CHF 15.00 per month and includes all these features.

Note: M-Budget TV is an IPTV subscription that uses the transmission of the signal via the internet, so an M-Budget internet connection is necessary to activate this function.


Are you looking for a new offer and are not yet convinced that the M-Budget TV Internet package is the right one for you? Find the best one now on our comparison site!

M-Budget Telephone: The Affordable Switzerland Landline Subscription

As mentioned above, with all M-Budget internet subscriptions, the default inclusion is the pay-as-you-go landline offer. The M-Budget Phone subscription is free, and you will only pay for calls actually made during the month, with a price starting from 0.05 cents per minute for calls to the Swiss landline network and from 0.30 CHF/min for calls to the mobile network.


If, however, you want to have unlimited minutes from your home phone, you can activate the voicePLUS option directly at the time of purchase or through the customer portal on the website. This additional package costs 5 CHF/month.

As with TV, in the case of the M-Budget landline, you are required to have an internet subscription with the same company.

If you are not convinced by this M-Budget subscription and are looking for a standalone telephone offer, you can find it using our comparison portal: Try it now!

M-Budget Mobile: All the Mobile Phone Plans by M-Budget Mobile

M-Budget Mobile was born as a low-cost mobile service provider and continues to do so, ensuring affordable prices with the quality guarantee provided by the Swisscom network.

The main features of each Migros Budget mobile plan are as follows:

  • M-Budget Mobile Speed: High-speed 4G or LTE included in the price and without preset limits.

  • Migros Benefits: Access to Migros benefits to save even more for the whole family both in Switzerland and abroad, obtaining discounts on the second subscription linked to the same contract.

  • Activation M-Budget Mobile: The activation cost is a one-time fee of 49.00 CHF.

  • M-Budget Contract: All M-Budget Mobile subscriptions can be activated without any minimum duration and with a notice period of only 2 months.


Below are the M-Budget Mobile offers currently available on the Swiss market for calls and navigation both in Switzerland and abroad in roaming, both in subscription and prepaid mode:

M-Budget Mobile Mini

M-Budget Mobile Mini is the most economical among those currently offered. This M-Budget Mobile plan includes 2 GB of data for use in Switzerland. The offer boasts an excellent base price of 19 CHF per month, which is sometimes discounted by 50% for the first two years of the subscription.

M-Budget Mobile Maxi

Among M-Budget Mobile subscriptions, M-Budget Mobile Maxi the second most affordable option and offers unlimited calls and SMS in Switzerland, along with 4 GB of national data traffic, all for 29 CHF per month.

M-Budget Mobile Extra

M-Budget Mobile Extra allows for a higher data quota in Switzerland (8 GB) and includes minutes (200 min.) for use in the EU and the UK. The price is 39 CHF per month.

M-Budget Mobile Mega

M-Budget Mobile Mega costs the same as the M-Budget Mobile Extra package, which is 39 CHF per month, but comes with different benefits. Data available in Switzerland is slightly less (6 GB), but it already includes 1 GB of data in the EU/UK. Calls are unlimited within these regions, and SMS messages are unlimited worldwide.

M-Budget Mobile Giga

M-Budget Mobile Giga subscription is self-explanatory: it's an all-inclusive mobile plan (including Gigabytes) offered by Migros. The standard price is 59 CHF per month, but it's sometimes heavily discounted, even up to 50%.

Additional Migros Benefits Activatable on M-Budget Mobile Subscription

As an M-Budget Mobile customer, you can benefit from two initiatives that allow you to save even more:

  • familyPLUS: With familyPLUS, every additional M-Budget Mobile subscription with the same features as the head of the family's subscription will always cost 19.00 CHF/month. This option is excellent if a second family member wants to switch to M-Budget. However, be sure to check that the selected offer allows the activation of familyPLUS: M-Budget MINI and M-Budget MAXI currently do not allow the activation of this benefit.

  • europePLUS: europePLUS is the advantage for M-Budget Mobile customers traveling abroad in Europe or the UK. In this roaming zone, for an additional 10.00 CHF/month, you can use all the internet data, calls, and SMS included in your subscription in Switzerland without paying any additional roaming charges.

M-Budget Mobile Prepaid: M-Budget's Prepaid SIM Cards

M-Budget Mobile aims to offer excellent performance and savings to both subscription and prepaid customers, allowing you to pay only for what you actually use. On the official website, these phone offers are described as ideal for the first mobile phone for children, but also for the whole family or for tourists. The Swiss prepaid SIM cards offered by M-Budget are characterized by:

  • SIM card activation cost of 19.80 CHF.

  • Initial credit of 15 CHF and 100 MB included.

  • 10 MB of data per month already included.

  • Monthly price of 4 CHF with no contractual obligations.

  • Cost per data usage, SMS, and calls at 0.28/MB, 0.20/SMS, and 0.28/min, respectively.


In addition to the basic package, monthly M-Budget Mobile Prepaid Easy plans can be activated, differing in these 3 packages:

  • Prepaid Easy S: 4 CHF for 30 days, including 40 MB of data, 40 minutes of calls, and 40 SMS.

  • Prepaid Easy M: 9 CHF for 30 days, including 200 MB of internet traffic, 2 hours of calls, and 200 messages.

  • Prepaid Easy L: 14 CHF for 30 days, including 400 MB of data, 4 hours of calls, and 400 SMS.


If you want to switch from a prepaid offer to a mobile subscription, simply send the code of the package you want to activate via SMS to the number 444. For example, if you want to activate the M-Budget Mini subscription, send a message with "MBUDGETMINI" to the number 444, and in a few working days, the new M-Budget Mobile subscription will be activated, with the remaining prepaid credit credited to the new M-Budget Mobile subscription.

Attention: If you want to buy a new M-Budget Prepaid SIM and are not yet an M-Budget Mobile customer, you cannot do it online but must go to an authorized retailer (e.g., a Migros supermarket or Migros Electronics store).

If you want to find the right prepaid mobile plan for you and activate it online, compare them all now on and save:

M-Budget Netwok

M-Budget Mobile: Experience and Reviews of M-Budget

M-Budget Mobile is a low-cost mobile telephony brand born in collaboration with Swisscom. M-Budget customers can enjoy reliable and reasonably fast network coverage throughout Switzerland. M-Budget Internet offerings are excellent for those seeking a medium-speed connection (up to 1 Gbit/s) and can be enriched with M-Budget TV starting from 15 CHF/month. Nevertheless, some M-Budget reviews are negative, highlighting an issue with the website, which lacks English language support, and due to a not optimal customer service.

On which network does M-Budget Mobile rely?

M-Budget Mobile provides its telephony services utilizing the Swisscom network. The network coverage of M-Budget Mobile is therefore over 99.9% of the population. The mobile technologies used include LTE and 4G+. Currently, M-Budget Mobile does not offer 5G connections to its mobile customers.

How is the experience with M-Budget TV evaluated?

The M-Budget TV platform is based on the Swisscom TV Box and provides access to various additional features as well as over 250 TV channels and 200 radio stations. Additionally, it allows installing your preferred apps directly on the M-Budget TV platform. One of the common issues with M-Budget TV is the inability to install additional apps like Netflix, Disney+, or Apple TV+ on your TV Box: in this case, you can use the app store directly on your smart TV.

Free SMS M-Budget Mobile: The codes and M-Budgets to use

M-Budget Mobile allows autonomous management of your subscription by sending free SMS. There are two M-Budget numbers to which SMS can be sent for different purposes:

  • 404: This number is used to obtain useful information about your Migros Budget Mobile or internet subscription by sending specific keywords. For example, you can activate or deactivate the receipt of M-Budget Mobile promotions with the codes START PROMO or STOP PROMO, recover your Combox password by sending COMBOX, or know details about missed calls by sending START INFO.

  • 508: By sending some keywords to the number 508, you can activate a mobile subscription from an M-Budget prepaid offer. For example, if you send the word MBUDGETMAXI, you will have the opportunity to activate the M-Budget Mobile Maxi subscription instantly.

To know all the keywords, visit the official M-Budget Mobile website in the help/FAQ section.

If you are not sure whether M-Budget Mobile is the right operator for you, go to the Swiss mobile plan comparison or the broadband internet plan comparison to see all the operators available in Switzerland and activate the one most suitable for your needs.

M-Budget Mobile Customer Service: All M-Budget  Contacts

M-Budget offers free customer service to its customers, including a dedicated hotline for support and assistance in case of issues. The Migros Budget customer service team is available from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 18:00 and on Saturdays from 8:30 to 16:30 for live support. To get in touch with M-Budget and receive assistance, you can use the telephone channel (M-Budget Hotline), write via traditional mail, or use the contact form.

[0800 15 17 28] M-Budget Hotline: The M-Budget Mobile Helpline for Assistance

For support and assistance, customers can call the M-Budget Hotline at 0800 15 17 28 (free) or if abroad, at +41 58 262 82 28 (standard rate). The phone line is available from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 18:00 and on Saturdays from 8:30 to 16:30. The customer service staff is competent and friendly according to some online reviews.

My M-Budget Account: The Personal Customer Area of Migros

You can independently manage your subscription and resolve most requests using My M-Budget Account. To log in to M-Budget, go to the link and use the credentials provided by the operator (registration email or phone number and password). If you forget your password and need to log in to M-Budget, you can request a new one at any time, which will be sent to you via email or SMS.

M-Budget Mobile Subscription: How to Manage Your M-Budget Contract Effectively

Managing your subscription is easy by using your M-Budget customer account or through the M-Budget Cockpit. Here, you can perform various operations. Cancelling subscriptions for an M-Budget contract is a straightforward process. Customers can cancel their subscription by calling the hotline or visiting an M-Budget sales point. It's important to note that early termination penalties may apply if the subscription is canceled before the contract expires.

M-Budget Cockpit: Managing M-Budget Mobile Roaming

If you are abroad and need to keep track of your expenses, you can use the M-Budget Cockpit by accessing the link After entering your M-Budget phone number, you can view all information about costs and consumption during the billing period.

How to Check M-Budget Mobile Credit?

To check the credit of M-Budget Mobile Prepaid, simply send a free SMS with the text STATUS to the number 444 or check the credit section in "My M-Budget Account."

With the SMS, you will receive a free response message indicating the percentage of minutes, SMS, and MB consumption included in the active M-Budget package.

How to Top Up M-Budget Mobile?

To top up M-Budget Mobile credit, you can do so in three ways: by visiting the M-Budget website and navigating to the credit top-up page, using My M-Budget Account, or going directly to one of the sales points.

However, if you have a contract-free M-Budget Mobile plan, you do not need to top up your credit.

Compare M-Budget Mobile with Other Swiss Operators

As you've learned in this guide, M-Budget Mobile offers a wide range of mobile phone, home internet, and TV subscriptions. Remember, you can easily compare M-Budget with all the other Swiss providers to find the perfect offer that suits your specific needs using the comparison tool.

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compare the offers

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