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SAK Deals: Compare the Best Mobile, Internet, and TV Plans

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SAK (St.Gallisch-Appenzellische Kraftwerke AG) is a leading company in providing electric power, natural gas, and energy services in the regions of St. Gallen and Appenzell. Founded in 1896, the company stands out for its long-standing tradition, service quality, and commitment to sustainable energy. In recent years, SAK has also ventured into providing internet, TV, landline telephony, and mobile subscriptions under the SAK Digital brand.

SAK Subscriptions: The Best Current Deals

SAK Digital offers a wide range of TV, mobile, and internet services to meet the connectivity and entertainment needs of its customers. Thanks to its advanced technological infrastructure and partnerships with reliable network operators, SAK ensures high-quality and reliable solutions. In this section, you can find the current offers from SAK, including descriptions of their key features and advice on selection from Below, we present the top SAK subscriptions:

The Best SAK Internet Plan

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The Best SAK Mobile Plan

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The Best SAK Internet and TV Deal

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The Best SAK Mobile Internet Data SIM

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The Best SAK TV Plan 

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The Best SAK Landline Telephony Subscription

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Il miglior Piano TV di SAK

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SAK Internet: All Home Internet, TV, and Fixed Network Subscriptions

SAK provides high-speed internet connectivity solutions for both households and businesses. Customers can choose from various speed options and packages to match their browsing and streaming needs. Thanks to its advanced network infrastructure, SAK ensures a stable and reliable connection for customers to enjoy a seamless internet experience.


Here are the key features common to all SAK home internet offers:

  • Network Speed: SAK offers multiple internet packages with speeds ranging from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps.

  • Included Router: Subscribing to an internet plan with SAK Digital grants you a free Fritz!box internet router.

  • Fiber Optics: Fiber optic technology is available, and internet check is handled directly by SAK, as they are responsible for the regional network management.

  • Smart Wi-Fi: For just 4.95 CHF per month, you can add the Superpod Plum to optimize your SAK home network's performance.

  • Static IP Address: SAK offers an additional option to obtain a static IP address for 10 CHF per month.

  • Bundle Products: All SAK offers can be combined with mobile phone subscriptions, TV plans, and landline contracts, sometimes with access to special promotions.

  • Activation Costs: SAK currently offers a special online activation price of 0 CHF for new internet line installations, reducing the regular cost of 49 CHF.

  • Contractual Obligations: The minimum contract duration is 12 months, with a one-month notice period for termination.


A unique feature of recent SAK internet subscriptions is a complimentary initial 3-month free period for all new online subscriptions. For three renewals, you'll receive a 100% discount on your bill!


SAK offers several internet subscriptions available in various technologies (DSL or Fiber Optic), primarily differing in price and maximum download speeds. Here are the SAK Internet subscriptions currently on offer:

  • SAK Internet S: 33 CHF per month, maximum network speed of 10 Mbit/s.

  • SAK Internet M: 44 CHF per month, maximum network speed of 100 Mbit/s.

  • SAK Internet L: 55 CHF per month, maximum network speed of 1 Gbit/s.

  • SAK Internet XL: 66 CHF per month, maximum network speed of 10 Gbit/s.


Looking for the best home internet subscription? Head straight to the comparison and discover the best offers!

SAK TV: Digital TV Subscriptions for Everyone

With SAK Digital, customers can access a wide selection of TV channels for a high-quality television experience. SAK offers a variety of packages and options to cater to customer preferences, including sports channels, movies, TV series, and children's programs. Thanks to the recording feature, customers can also record their favorite programs to watch later. A unique feature of SAK is that they offer Swiss TV Plans not only to their own customers but also to those serviced by other internet providers.


A SAK TV subscription offers the following features:

  • TV Channels: Over 250 live channels, with over 150 available in Full HD/HD.

  • SAK TV App: A digital application available on mobile iOS and Android systems, as well as on Android Smart TVs and Apple TV.

  • Replay: Play up to 7 days of content retrospectively.

  • Recordings: Store up to 500 recordings of your favorite TV programs.

  • Ad Removal: Remove advertisements from the programs you watch on delay.

  • Activation Costs: SAK TV subscriptions have no activation costs, and the first 30 days are free.

  • SAK TV BOX: SAK delivers the first TV Box for free and offers the option to add additional boxes to the subscription for 6 CHF per month.

  • Optional TV Packages: Add more TV channels, including sports channels (get access to MySports for the best of hockey for 29.90 CHF per month), family programs with the Family HD package for 15 CHF per month, and language packages. Available languages include Bosnian, Turkish, Croatian, Polish, Serbian, and Russian.


The SAK TV offers on the market are:

  • SAK TV S: 17 CHF per month, including the SAK TV App.

  • SAK TV M: 21 CHF per month, including the SAK TV App and Replay.

  • SAK TV L: 25 CHF per month, including the SAK TV App and Replay without advertisements.


Are you looking for a TV-only or internet and TV Deals? Find the right one for you in our comparison.

SAK Phone: Fixed Telephony Subscriptions

SAK offers some extremely affordable fixed telephony subscriptions for home, which can be purchased either individually or in combination with an internet offering from the same provider. SAK's phone subscriptions are based on VoIP technology and are also compatible with the landlines of other telephone providers, provided there is an internet connection.


During the purchase process of a new subscription, you can select some features to personalize your number, such as the option to add a Swiss area code to your number, the ability to have a double number for only 8 CHF per month, or free porting of your current number. Additional phone numbers can also be requested at the price of the selected phone subscription, with a one-time porting fee of 10 CHF in this case.


The SAK fixed telephony subscriptions include:

  • SAK Phone S: Monthly fee of 10 CHF, calls to Swiss landline numbers at 0.03 CHF per minute and to Swiss mobile numbers at 0.22 CHF per minute.

  • SAK Phone M: Monthly fee of 15 CHF, unlimited calls to Swiss landline and mobile numbers included in the price.

  • SAK Phone L: Monthly fee of 25 CHF, unlimited calls to Swiss landline and mobile numbers, as well as Swiss landline numbers in Europe included in the price.


If you're looking for an affordable landline phone subscription, you can find the best offer on

SAK Mobile Plans: All Current Phone Deals

SAK offers competitive mobile plans to ensure connectivity and communication for its customers. SAK's mobile plans offer affordable rates and flexible options for calls, messages, and data usage. Thanks to the reliable network, customers can stay connected wherever they are and enjoy fast and uninterrupted browsing. SAK utilizes the Sunrise network as support, renting their 4G antennas and 5G network to always provide the maximum connection speed to its customers.


The features of SAK Swiss mobile phone subscriptions in Switzerland are as follows:

  • Includes 5G: If your device is 5G-compatible and you're in a covered area, you can take advantage of maximum speed at no additional cost, as the 5G option is included in all SAK subscriptions.

  • 1 Month Free: New customers get the subscription fee of the first month from SAK discounted.

  • Additional Discounts for Internet Customers: If you're already an internet customer of SAK or activate the subscription at the same time, you'll get a 5 CHF discount on your SAK Mobile subscription.

  • Activation Costs: The activation cost for all SAK subscriptions is 40.00 CHF one-time.

  • Optional Additional SIM: Request an Xtra Card from SAK for your smartwatch, tablet, or second smartphone for only 5 CHF per month, and you can use the data, SMS, and calls included in your subscription.

  • Contract Duration: All SAK subscriptions have a minimum contract duration of 12 months.


Currently, SAK doesn't offer prepaid SIM cards or mobile subscriptions with included smartphones.


Here are the current mobile offers from SAK in the Swiss market:

  • SAK Mobile S: Monthly fee of 19 CHF, 30 GB data in 5G, unlimited calls and SMS in Switzerland.

  • SAK Mobile M: Monthly fee of 40 CHF, unlimited data with 5G included in Switzerland, 30 GB data in roaming (Europe and Roaming Zone 3), unlimited calls and SMS in Switzerland and Europe.

  • SAK Mobile L: Monthly fee of 60 CHF, unlimited data with 5G included in Switzerland, 50 GB data in roaming (Europe and Zone 3), unlimited calls and SMS in Switzerland and Europe.


Remember to compare SAK's offers with those of other mobile operators to find the best one for you!

SAK Mobile Internet Subscriptions: Data-only SIMs for On-the-Go

SAK also offers data-only SIM cards for customers who don't need calls and only require mobile data for internet use on the go. These offers are ideal for digital nomads who need to work anywhere or for those seeking a connectivity solution for the Internet of Things. These data SIMs stand out for including 5G and have a one-time activation cost of 40 CHF.


SAK offers three mobile data subscriptions:

  • SAK Mobile Internet S:9 CHF per month and 10 GB data in Switzerland.

  • SAK Mobile Internet M: 19 CHF per month and 200 GB data in Switzerland.

  • SAK Mobile Internet L: 29 CHF per month, 200 GB data in Switzerland, and 5 GB data in roaming.


If you're looking for the right mobile data-only offer, go straight to the comparison and save:

SAK Network
SAK Customer Service

SAK Quality: Network Performance Reviews

Thanks to partnerships with reliable network operators and the use of cutting-edge technologies, SAK offers comprehensive and reliable network coverage. Customers can enjoy a fast and uninterrupted internet connection, perfect for web browsing, video streaming, online gaming, and using communication applications. Currently, SAK provides its services on the Sunrise network, which covers over 99.9% of the Swiss population.

If you wish to check the Sunrise network's coverage, you can use the mobile network coverage map on or perform an SAK speedtest to assess your connection's performance.

SAK Customer Service

SAK provides dedicated customer support for assistance and help. Customers can contact SAK's customer service via phone at 071 229 52 29 or by sending an email to The customer service team is available to answer questions, provide technical assistance, and resolve any issues. Customer support is also available via WhatsApp by messaging 077 261 55 10. The customer service operates from Monday to Friday, 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM, and on Saturdays from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM to 5:30 PM.

Termination of SAK Services

SAK services Subscription Cancellation can be done by contacting customer support or by submitting a written notice. It is recommended to review the contract terms to determine if there are any penalties or fees associated with early termination of the subscription.

Comparison with Other Swiss Providers

SAK offers special promotions and unique packages that can be explored in the offers section on their website. To find the best deal for your specific needs concerning television, mobile, and internet, visit SAK's website. Don't forget to compare SAK's offers with those of other providers to find the ideal solution for you.

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