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Swiss TV Plans

Compare paid TV subscriptions and Pay TV rates on IPTV and Digital TV. You can find all IPTV subscriptions offered by Zattoo, iWay TV, Teleboy TV, yallo TV, and many other operators in the Swiss TV subscription comparison on 

Swiss TV Plan Comparison starting from 12 CHF/month


Compare the best IPTV and Pay TV subscriptions of 2024

With, you get a free, fast, and transparent subscription comparison tool. Find the best TV and IPTV subscriptions available on the Swiss market. The subscriptions you'll find in the comparison are those not tied to the simultaneous activation of an internet and TV subscription, along with those that can be added for free as an IPTV option offered by your provider.

Swiss IPTV Providers in Comparison

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Many Swiss telecom operators are gearing up with the technological infrastructure to offer TV subscriptions transmitted via the internet. With the TV subscription comparison in Switzerland from, you compare all IPTV operators and find the best one for you.


IPTV operators offering a subscription independent of an associated internet plan are:

  • Zattoo

  • yallo

  • Teleboy

  • SAK Digital

  • iWay

  • Mondial TV


IPTV operators who have chosen to offer a paid TV plan only to their internet customers are:

  • Swisscom

  • Sunrise

  • Salt Home

  • Wingo

  • TeleKing

IPTV Switzerland: Compare Swiss IPTV and Pay-TV Plans

Best TV Subscriptions in Switzerland

Here is a list of the most affordable IPTV subscriptions offered by TV operators in Switzerland:

  • Mondial TV+:

    • Price: CHF 9.90/month

    • Free activation

    • 200 TV channels

    • No commitments

  • Sunrise TV

    • Price: CHF 10.00/month

    • Free activation

    • 280 TV channels

    • Requires Sunrise internet subscription

  • Zattoo Premium:

    • Price: CHF 12.00/month (first 30 days free)

    • Free activation

    • 340 TV channels, including 266 in HD

    • No commitments

  • KingTV Silver:

    • Price: CHF 14.00/month

    • Free activation

    • 120 TV channels

    • Requires TeleKingt internet subscription

  • yallo TV:

    • Price: CHF 14.90/month (instead of CHF 20.00)

    • Free activation

    • 280 TV channels, including 70 in Full HD

    • No commitments

  • Teleboy TV:

    • Price: CHF 14.90/month

    • Free activation

    • 300+ TV channels

  • iWay TV Classic:

    • Price: CHF 15.00/month (first month free)

    • Activation: CHF 40.00

    • 185 TV channels, including 140 in HD

    • No commitments

  • Wingo TV:

    • Price: CHF 15.00/month

    • Free activation

    • 250 TV channels

    • Requires Wingo internet subscription

  • M-Budget TV:

    • Price: CHF 15.00/month

    • Free activation

    • 250 TV channels

    • Requires M-Budget internet subscription

  • SAK TV S:

    • Price: CHF 17.00/month (first month free)

    • Free activation

    • 250 TV channels, including 150 in HD

    • No commitments

  • Swisscom blue TV M:

    • Price: CHF 24.90/month (first 6 months free)

    • Free activation

    • 290 TV channels

    • Requires Swisscom internet subscription


Remember: Some subscriptions may require the purchase of an internet and TV subscription from the same provider for activation. If you are looking for a new connection or currently do not have internet at home, check out the best combined offers available.

Top 3 Cheapest TV Subscriptions in Switzerland

Here are the three most affordable IPTV subscriptions in the market, available without commitments or activation costs:

Mondial TV+.jpg
Yallo TV.jpg
sak TV S.jpg

If you want to compare the features of all IPTV subscriptions on the market, head straight to the offers comparison section and find the perfect IPTV subscription for your needs.

Free TV Subscription: What's the Best Free TV Plan?

Some IPTV operators offer free access to their platform with limited features. If you are looking for a free IPTV subscription, consider the following options:

  • yallo TV free: 

    • Limited access, no HD

    • Restrictions on replay TV and recordings

    • Limited app usage on Smart TVs and smartphones

  • Zattoo Free: 

  • Limited number of TV channels (190 instead of 340)

  • Standard image quality

  • Limited app usage on your home TV (up to 10 hours per month)

  • Salt TV: 


Remember that most IPTV subscriptions on offer a 30-day free trial, allowing you to experience the platform's best features before deciding to continue with the paid subscription or cancel without commitments. Go to the comparison now and find the one that suits you!

IPTV in Switzerland: How TV Subscriptions Work Online

PTV, or Internet Protocol TV, is a method of receiving television programs through an internet connection. By purchasing a TV subscription, you can access hundreds of live channels and additional features based on the subscribed IPTV plan. The main advantages of IPTV over traditional TV include:

  • Video on Demand (VOD): Purchase or rent movies and other multimedia content to watch on-demand.

  • Integrated Additional Features: Enjoy interactive television with features like replay, pause, and Skip-Ad.

  • Cloud-based Recorder: Accessible remotely, the built-in recorder saves your favorite shows in the cloud within your customer account.

  • Dedicated Discounts: Enjoy special discounts for combined subscriptions with fixed-line phones and home internet.

  • Multi-Device Access: Watch your favorite programs on tablets, PCs, smartphones, and your home TV.


Let’s understand the meaning of IPTV and how it actually works in Switzerland. 

What is IPTV?

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol TV. As the name suggests, IPTV involves viewing television programs or videos using the internet protocol for data transfer. It differs from analog or digital TV primarily in the transmission method of the television signal.

How to Use an IPTV Subscription?

To use an IPTV subscription, you need a stable internet connection, a television set, a TV box, an HDMI connection cable, and an active IPTV subscription. 


In some cases, you can access IPTV offers without a decoder, using mobile applications or the websites of IPTV operators. To watch IPTV on your TV, a Smart TV is necessary.

Pay TV vs. IPTV: What are the Differences?

Pay TV refers to a television network whose programs are accessible only through a paid TV subscription. It encompasses any TV subscription that requires a monetary outlay. IPTV, on the other hand, indicates the means of transmitting the television signal. Therefore, the two terms are not synonymous. IPTV subscriptions could be paid and effectively classified as Pay TV subscriptions, but they could also be free. In both cases, various devices, such as PCs, smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, and smart TVs, can be used in Switzerland to utilize a paid IPTV subscription.

How to Choose a TV Subscription in Switzerland?

Consider the Following Criteria:

  • Home Connection and Available Speed: Ensure a good internet connection, preferably fiber optics, as IPTV relies on internet protocol. Consider whether subscribing to IPTV from your internet provider is cost-effective.

  • TV Channels (Number and List): Verify the number and list of TV channels offered by various IPTV subscriptions, ranging from 100 to over 350. Ensure that all your preferred channels are included.

  • TV Signal Quality: Check the transmission quality, especially if you have a modern TV and want to maximize pixel quality. Confirm how many channels are transmitted in HD or Ultra HD.

  • Replay TV and Pause Function: If you often watch TV outside your home or multitask, ensure that the IPTV subscription includes features like replay and the ability to pause live programs.

  • Skip-Ad Functionality: If you're not interested in watching advertisements, choose a subscription with the Skip-Ad function. Note that this feature is only supported by some broadcasters.

  • Contractual Obligations: If you're unsure about a long-term commitment, always check the contract cancellation terms in the subscription contract before signing.

  • Promotions and Discounts: Many IPTV operators offer special promotions and free trial periods. Evaluate these opportunities in the comparison, including any additional promotions or discounts.

  • Subscription Price: While price is crucial for saving money, TV subscriptions differ as the monthly cost should be compared to the quality of TV programs accessible. Additionally, check for activation costs or the need to purchase a decoder.


Finally, to select the best IPTV plan for you is very important to consider two other variables: TV contents and view experience.


Select Your Preferred Content

Enhance your basic TV subscription with additional content by choosing optional packages. Popular add-ons include:


  • Sports: Access NHL, motorsports like Formula 1 or MotoGP, national hockey championships, EuroLeague basketball, and UEFA Champions League.

  • Family and Children: Enjoy options for young viewers and the whole family, including cartoons, documentaries, and more, available in additional packages like Netflix and Disney Plus.

  • Thematic Channels: Explore various channels, including fishing, hunting, and, most notably, Cinema, ideal for movie enthusiasts. These channels offer the chance to watch many films in advance, often a few months after their theatrical release, along with exclusive interviews with Hollywood stars.

  • Foreign Broadcasters: Watch TV in its original language and don't miss the best programs from Poland, Turkey, Serbia, Russia, Portugal, Italy, or the United Kingdom by adding language packages to your base TV plan.

Why It's Important to Compare TV Subscriptions

Although there are relatively few IPTV operators in the Swiss market, comparing various offers is essential due to significant differences and high customization. An aid in combining different packages and viewing methods becomes crucial to evaluate and choose the most advantageous proposal. Additionally, TV operators frequently modify their offers and active promotions. Therefore, utilizing an always up-to-date subscription comparison like allows you to find all the information in one place.

How to Use the TV Subscription Comparator on

The online comparison of IPTV subscriptions on allows you to quickly identify the best deals to activate. The comparison service is entirely free to use.


In many cases, TV subscriptions available on are exclusively accessible through online activation. These TV plans present the same conditions as those offered by operators through their proprietary sales channels. They usually represent offers with more advantageous economic conditions compared to those activatable physically in a store. These online plans often provide free trial periods, discounts on the TV subscription fee, or the absence of activation costs and contractual constraints.


The section for comparing Swiss TV subscriptions features offers from operators directly or indirectly collaborating with the portal. Occasionally, products from providers not collaborating with are displayed to make the comparison more comprehensive and assist site users in making the correct decision. TV subscriptions included in the comparison are categorized based on certain characteristics of the IPTV service offered and are arranged in ascending order of price, showing the most affordable offers at the top. Optional IPTV subscription offers tied to an existing home internet contract with the same provider are also presented separately. If some offers are sponsored by providers or third parties, they are clearly marked as "Premium."


For more information and to delve into how the service works, click here.

FAQ: Swiss TV Subscriptions

Is IPTV legal in Switzerland?

Yes, IPTV is legal in Switzerland. The legality of IPTV depends on the content transmitted on the platform by the operator with whom you subscribe. If the operator has paid broadcasting rights, IPTV is legal, and there is no risk involved. However, if the selected IPTV includes pirated content, the service is illegal. In the IPTV subscription comparison, only legal IPTV platforms are listed.

How much does an IPTV subscription cost in Switzerland?

The cost of an IPTV subscription depends on the included features, the number of channels, and the operator. Generally, a TV subscription in Switzerland costs between 10 and 20 CHF per month.

How can I watch TV for free in Switzerland?

Some TV channels can be broadcast for free through legal TV platforms. To watch TV for free in Switzerland, you will still need to register for the IPTV service by creating a personal account. However, premium channels and some advanced features may not be available.

What internet speed is recommended for using an IPTV subscription?

The recommended speed depends on the signal quality. For a low-definition TV signal, a bandwidth of 20 Mbps may suffice. For optimal high-definition (HD) or Ultra HD TV, a connection of at least 50 Mbps is recommended.

Am I required to purchase a TV subscription from my same internet provider?

No, you are not obligated to get a TV subscription from your same internet provider. You can choose from various IPTV service providers, including your current internet provider. Just be cautious of specific TV plans that can only be activated with the internet connection from the same provider.

What are the differences between Digital TV and IPTV?

The main difference between Digital TV and IPTV is the content transmission method. Digital TV uses cable or satellite signals, while IPTV transmits content through an internet connection.

What is the Replay TV function?

The Replay TV function allows users to watch previously broadcasted TV programs on a delayed basis. This feature provides the opportunity to play back content at a time later than the original airing.

How do recordings work on my IPTV?

Most IPTV services allow users to record TV programs to watch them later, even offline. In practice, with recordings, you can build your personal video library with your favorite movies and TV series.

How does Skip-AD work with IPTV?

Skip-AD, or skipping advertisements, is a function offered in some IPTV subscriptions. If you purchase an IPTV subscription that includes this feature, you can avoid waiting for ads during the broadcast of interest by pressing a button on your remote control. Skip-AD can be purchased as an additional option, usually costing around 5-7 CHF, or it may be included in more expensive subscriptions.

All TV Comparisons on

Compare all the best deals for your television entertainment on If you're not yet convinced to activate an IPTV subscription to access the best TV programs in Switzerland, you might want to take a look at the offers from the best streaming platforms like Netflix, Disney+, or SKY and start accessing hundreds of on-demand content with just a few clicks.


Remember: To watch TV online, it will always be necessary to have an internet subscription.

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Internet and TV

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Insights on Swiss TV Subscriptions

Read our insights on the most searched topics in the Swiss TV sector:

  • Internet Speed Test: Perform a test of your connection now to verify that the speed of your home line is sufficient for your new TV subscription.

  • TV Glossary: Discover the meaning of the most used terms and acronyms in the television world.

Guides for Swiss TV Subscriptions

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*Amount related to the cheapest offer proposed by one of our Partners as of April 1, 2024. The offer may be subject to territorial and technological limitations. The comparison service of is carried out solely on the basis of the monthly subscription fee. For further economic conditions applied by each Partner, please refer to the respective contractual information. For more info, click on the button of the specific IPTV offer and check the conditions applied by the individual TV operator.

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