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Swiss Prepaid SIM Cards

Recharge Credit: How to Top Up Credit for Swisscom, Salt, Sunrise, and Other Providers

Purchase your next credit top-up directly online by selecting the amount you want to recharge on your prepaid SIM card. Recharge your mobile credit online in just a few clicks.

Recharge Credit 30 CHF

Lebara CH Refill 30.jpg
M-Budget prepaid Refill 30.jpg
Salt prepay Refill 30.jpg
yallo prepaid Refill 30.jpg
Sunrise Prepaid Refill 30.jpg
Swisscom Prepaid Refill 30.jpg

Recharge Credit 50 CHF

Lebara CH Refill 50.jpg
M-Budget prepaid Refill 50.jpg
Salt prepay Refill 50.jpg
yallo prepaid Refill 50.jpg
Sunrise Prepaid Refill 50.jpg
Swisscom Prepaid Refill 50.jpg

Recharge Credit 100 CHF

Lebara CH Refill 100.jpg
M-Budget prepaid Refill 100.jpg
Salt prepay Refill 100.jpg
yallo prepaid Refill 100.jpg
Sunrise Prepaid Refill 100.jpg
Swisscom Prepaid Refill 100.jpg

Top-Up Online: Recharge Your Credit in a Few Clicks

Follow these simple steps to recharge your prepaid credit and continue using your mobile plan:

  1. Select the recharge amount.

  2. Enter your phone number.

  3. Make the payment directly online.

  4. Receive the recharge in just a few minutes.


Online recharge is an easy and convenient way to add credit to your mobile prepaid plan and avoid being disconnected from your phone contacts. When done online, mobile credit recharge is quick and easy. The key advantages of recharging phone credit online include:

  • Instant Delivery: Credit is electronically transferred directly to your phone account.

  • Security and Privacy: Digital payments are secured by the highest safety standards.

  • No Hidden Costs: Activate your credit without paying any extra costs compared to in-store purchases.

How to Recharge Credit in Switzerland?

When purchasing a Swiss Prepaid SIM, pay attention to your remaining credit. Using prepaid packages or freely consuming gigabytes, calls, and messages will deplete the initial credit loaded onto the SIM received at home. At that point, you need to recharge your credit to continue enjoying the desired phone services.


In Switzerland, you can buy a phone recharge at the following outlets:

  • ATM: While not all ATMs allow credit recharge, most Swiss banks enable recharge using a V pay or Maestro debit card.

  • Post Office: Purchase a recharge at Swiss post offices or directly on the official website

  • Supermarkets: It is common to buy recharge directly at the checkout of major Swiss supermarket chains. Among these are those brands that have also launched their mobile lines (Lidl, Aldi, Coop, and Migros).

  • Electronics Retailers: Major appliance and computer accessory retailers allow the purchase of phone recharges. These include Interdiscount (Coop group), M-Electronics (Migros), and Mobilezone.

  • Mobile Operator Stores: Prepaid customers of operators with their stores in Switzerland can use this channel to recharge credit. You just need to go to the store of your mobile operator.

  • Gas Stations and Kiosks: Other outlets where you can recharge your SIM credit include gas stations and Kiosk.


Alternatively, you can always purchase a recharge in your Customer Account with your mobile operator. Below are instructions for recharging the credit of SIMs from major Swiss mobile operators.

Swisscom Credit Recharge

The simplest method to recharge Swisscom credit is to visit the cockpit by typing into the search engine on your smartphone. Once connected, follow the instructions to select the recharge amount and make the payment.


If your Swisscom credit is at 0.- CHF, you can still access the cockpit anywhere in the world.


Additional methods for Swisscom recharge include:

  • Visit a Swisscom Shop.

  • Access the My Swisscom app or directly in the Swisscom Login.

  • At post office counters or using the PostFinance mobile service.

  • At SBB ticket vending machines in Swiss railway stations.

  • Purchase a prepaid voucher at an authorized point of sale such as kiosks, gas stations, or supermarket cashiers.

Sunrise Credit Recharge

To recharge a Sunrise SIM, simply visit the dedicated Sunrise Prepaid page, indicate an amount, enter the mobile number, and proceed with the payment. Alternatively, log in to My Sunrise at, follow the instructions after logging in to manage your Prepaid account.


Other Sunrise recharge options include:

  • With a credit card through your Swiss bank or credit institution.

  • At Swiss post offices.

  • At SB ticket machines.

  • Choosing Sunrise invoice payment for subscribed customers.

Salt Credit Recharge

To add credit with a PrePay Salt recharge, visit the page and select the recharge method. You can buy a recharge with a credit card, Twint, PostFinance, or Samsung Pay, indicating the Salt recharge amount and prepaid mobile number. Alternatively, redeem a previously purchased recharge voucher by entering the PIN code and the prepaid Salt mobile number to add credit.


Alternatively, you can buy a Salt recharge in these channels:

  • Access My Salt Account using the saved payment method in the account.

  • At a Salt Store.

  • At partner stores (e.g., Salt Points, SBB ticket machines, ATMs, gas stations, post offices, and independent shops).

  • Via SMS by redeeming the value of the purchased phone card with the code #121*RECHARGECODE#.

M-Budget Credit Recharge

To recharge M-Budget mobile credit, you can proceed in three ways:

  • Visit the recharge page on the M-Budget Mobile website, enter the recharge number and amount between 10 and 150 CHF.

  • Authenticate in My M-Budget account at

  • Directly at affiliated points of sale (Migros, M-Electronics, mobilezone, La Posta, k Kiosk, and railway stations).

yallo Credit Recharge

Yallo credit recharge can be easily done using the "my yallo" personal area and purchasing the chosen amount. A very convenient alternative to avoid thinking about the risk of running out of phone credit is the yallo automatic recharge. In this, you can decide to recharge automatically when the credit drops below a certain threshold or by setting a monthly deadline. In both cases, the yallo recharge can be done automatically by setting a value between 10 CHF, 20 CHF, 30 CHF, 50 CHF, and 100 CHF and entering credit card details.

Lebara Credit Recharge

To recharge Lebara credit online, simply visit the website and add credit to your mobile number by selecting an amount from the following options: 10 CHF, 20 CHF, 30 CHF, 50 CHF, and 100 CHF. Payment can be made by Visa or Mastercard credit card, PostFinance card, or Twint.


As with yallo, with Lebara prepaid, you can set up automatic monthly recharge directly from your my Lebara personal area.


Additional Lebara recharge options are:

  • Voucher recharge: After purchasing a Lebara recharge or a scratch card from a physical point of sale (SBB, k Kiosk, or La Posta), enter *127*14-digit PIN# on the phone keypad and press the call button. This way, credit will be loaded automatically.

  • Recharge at SBB ticket vending machines: In this case, recharge is directly available from the machine by selecting the "Mobile Recharge" function, choosing Lebara Mobile among the phone operators, selecting the amount, and entering the phone number. In this case, you will receive an SMS confirming the recharge.

If you don't already have a prepaid SIM from one of these operators or want to purchase a new one, you can use the prepaid offers comparison on

Frequently Asked Questions about Credit Top-Up

How to Pay for a Phone Top-Up? Accepted Payment Methods

You can purchase a prepaid top-up using various payment methods. Mobile credit can be paid via credit card, and in some cases, you can also use a Postfinance debit card or your Twint account.

How Long Does it Take to Receive the Top-Up?

Technical processing times for top-up reception can be up to 24 hours from the payment confirmation. The remaining credit is updated not earlier than 15 minutes after the top-up confirmation. However, you can start using the data as soon as you complete the top-up.

How Can I Redeem the Credit Top-Up Voucher?

After purchasing a credit top-up, you may receive a voucher (physical or via email) containing a 14-digit PIN. In this case, you'll need to send an SMS to your mobile operator's dedicated number, including the PIN in the message.


For example, with Swisscom, you would send the 14-digit PIN code to the number 444, and the purchased amount will be credited to your phone account within minutes.

Why is Online Top-Up Convenient?

Online top-up can be extremely convenient in terms of time-saving. To proceed online, simply enter your mobile number and payment details in the selected purchase flow. As modern smartphones store this information, the process could be automatic, allowing you to get a credit top-up in less than 5 minutes without leaving your home or standing in physical store queues.

What Can I Use My Remaining Credit For?

Mobile credit can be used in two ways: purchasing an unlimited or limited prepaid package for a certain amount of calls, SMS, and/or mobile data, or utilizing the remaining credit for consumption. In the latter case, the top-up allows you to use your tariff per minute for making calls, paying for individual SMS, and using mobile internet, with a charge every 10 Mb for prepaid Swiss data SIMs.

In some foreign countries, the remaining credit is also used for digitally purchasing metro tickets, transferring money to family and friends, or buying some digital services like web newspaper subscriptions.

Why Is It Important to Avoid Exhausting the Remaining Credit?

For those with a prepaid SIM, it is crucial not to deplete the phone credit to stay connected with family and friends and also to use the phone in emergencies. Especially when abroad, having some remaining credit can be of fundamental importance.


Our advice is not to be caught unprepared and avoid completely exhausting the credit. Usually, your mobile operator will send an SMS when the credit is low and approaching zero; that could be the right time to purchase a top-up.

How to Get a Free Top-Up?

Sometimes, through contests or special promotions, mobile operators or their partner resellers might offer free promotional credit top-ups in exchange for specific purchases of complementary products. These promotional top-ups are limited in time and are valid for a short period during the year.

If you want to change your prepaid SIM card, you can do so by requesting a new one, choosing the one that suits you best through the Swiss prepaid SIM comparison page.

Do you want to continue to stay informed about the world of prepaid mobile telephony or other topics in the Swiss telecommunications sector? Take a look at all the other guides and find answers to your questions and doubts.

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