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Lebara is a global telecommunications company that was founded in 2001 in the UK. The company has since expanded its operations to more than ten countries, including Switzerland. Lebara is committed to providing affordable and accessible services to its customers while maintaining a high level of quality and customer satisfaction. As of today, Lebara operates as Sunrise second brand.

Lebara is a telecommunications company that provides a wide range of mobile plans for its customers. With competitive pricing and flexible options, Lebara offers plans suitable for everyone, from occasional users to heavy data consumers.

Best Deals and Subscriptions from Lebara

In this section, you can find the current offers from Lebara, along with a description of their key features and recommendations from Below are the best offers from Lebara:

The Best Mobile Offer from Lebara

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The Best Data Only Deal from Lebara

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The Best Prepaid Mobile Offer from Lebara

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Lebara Mobile Offers

Lebara is a brand of the telecommunications company Sunrise and distinguishes itself from its parent company by offering its customers a digital, affordable, and high-quality mobile telephony service. The mobile network coverage is ensured thanks to the extensive presence of Sunrise antennas throughout Switzerland, providing high-speed 4G in all subscriptions, with the option to activate the additional 5G.


The main features of Lebara subscriptions are as follows:

  • Unlimited internet throughout Switzerland in all subscriptions (although sometimes with a usage limit for high-speed data).

  • The choice between excellent offers with inclusive telephony or data-only options, available both in postpaid and prepaid modes, guaranteeing exceptional network quality.

  • Simplified management of invoices and top-ups through the MyLebara personal area or the physical store network.

  • The support network for calls, SMS, and mobile data is always that of Sunrise.

  • Non-binding subscriptions that can be canceled at any time with a minimum notice of just 2 months.

  • Standard activation cost of 59 CHF for all subscriptions.

  • The possibility to convert the physical SIM to eSIM at no additional cost on the tariff, with a one-time contribution of just 40 CHF.


Below are the current offers of Lebara Mobile available on the Swiss market.

Lebara Next

This offer is the first subscription among those proposed by Lebara Switzerland on their website. The proposition of this offer is quite simple: data is unlimited in Switzerland, as well as SMS and MMS. Calls are unlimited to other Lebara numbers, and you have 100 minutes to all other Swiss networks. All this is guaranteed for only 35.95 CHF forever.

Lebara Swiss

This is Lebara's most affordable mobile subscription. Instead of paying 29.95 CHF, you get a 58% discount forever, paying only 12.90 CHF per month. Included in the subscription are unlimited calls, unlimited SMS or MMS, and unlimited internet in Switzerland with 3 GB of high-speed 4G. After this threshold, you continue to browse automatically at high speed at CHF 1.20/day (maximum 1 GB/day) until the end of the month, unless you deactivate this option by sending an SMS with "SPEEDUP STOP" to 255, in which case you continue to browse unlimited with speeds limited to 256 kbit/s upload and download until the end of the month. If you want to have no limits, you can activate the "No Limit" option for only CHF 15.- / month.

Lebara Swiss Flat

This offer is the perfect mobile subscription for those who want a Lebara number with everything unlimited in Switzerland without the need to use roaming. The subscription price is 59.95 CHF per month. It is worth noting that by activating the "No Limit" option on the Lebara Swiss offer, you would have the same offer features at a lower price, so suggests activating the previous one.

Lebara Swiss L

This phone plan allows you to have everything unlimited in Switzerland (messaging, calls, and internet data), but it also offers 10 GB of roaming data to use in the EU, USA, and Canada. The standard monthly fee is 69.95 CHF, and as we write this article, it is discounted to 25.95 CHF per month forever.

Lebara Europe S

This subscription is perfect for those who need to make calls from Switzerland to Europe. In addition to unlimited SMS, minutes, and mobile internet data in Switzerland (6GB at high speed and then the rest at capped speed), it also offers unlimited minutes to over 30 European countries, both to fixed and mobile network numbers. The price is CHF 39.95 / month.

Lebara Europe L

This subscription is the advanced version of the one described above and offers everything unlimited in Switzerland without speed limits on mobile data, as well as calls to the 30 European countries. The base monthly price is CHF 69.95.

Lebara Europe XL

This mobile plan is sold for CHF 79.95 per month. It includes everything unlimited in Switzerland without speed limits on mobile data and, in addition to unlimited calls to Europe, also offers 60 minutes of calls while abroad in the EU, Canada, or the United States, and 5G roaming. This subscription is perfect if you often travel abroad for work.

Lebara Mobile XXL

This Lebara mobile subscription is the only one that can truly be called unlimited, and it's not a joke. Everything we list is unlimited: calls in Switzerland and to Europe, SMS and MMS in Switzerland, to Europe, and within Europe, minutes while in North America or the EU, high-speed mobile data while in Switzerland or traveling. Of course, this plan comes with a considerably higher price, but it might be worth it if you're a true globetrotter. The monthly fee is CHF 99.95.

Lebara Prepaid SIM for Your Mobile Phone

With a prepaid offer, you have everything under control and no commitment. You can request your SIM without any credit check by ordering it through Lebara's website. The SIM is free and comes with 10 CHF of included initial credit, which can be used to activate various call, data, or roaming options.

The current prepaid offers from Lebara in the market are:

  • Lebara Swiss MAX Prepaid: This offer costs CHF 29.- for 4 weeks and provides unlimited national data (including 100 GB high-speed data), unlimited calls, and SMS.

  • Lebara Europe MAX Prepaid: This offer costs CHF 35.- for 4 weeks and provides unlimited national data (including 100 GB high-speed data), unlimited calls in Switzerland and to Europe, and unlimited SMS in Switzerland and worldwide.

  • Lebara World MAX Prepaid: This offer costs CHF 39.- for 4 weeks and provides unlimited national data (including 10 GB high-speed data), unlimited calls in Switzerland, and 1000 minutes to 81 countries worldwide, as well as unlimited SMS in Switzerland and worldwide.

Lebara Prepaid Data-Only Offers

In addition to prepaid mobile offers, Lebara also offers very interesting options for using prepaid tariffs to take advantage of mobile data on devices such as tablets or laptops. Lebara's prepaid Surf line perfectly meets the needs of each user.


To top up Lebara credit, simply visit the operator's website and make a credit payment to your phone account.


The current prepaid offers from Lebara with data options in the market are:

  • Lebara Surf MAX: This offer guarantees high-speed 4G browsing on Sunrise's network with unlimited data at the price of CHF 39.- every 4 weeks.

  • Lebara Surf 3 GB: This offer is excellent for those who want to browse at high speed without excessive data consumption. It offers 3 GB for 4 weeks at only CHF 19.90.

  • Lebara Surf 150 MB: This prepaid offer is perfect for devices with limited internet data consumption, such as sensors or home alarms. For only CHF 4.90 paid every 4 weeks, you get 150 MB of data.

Lebara Data: Lebara's Mobile Data-Only Subscription in Switzerland

Lebara has understood the growing need for a large amount of mobile data, either on the go or for families who don't need a home internet connection. Lebara's SIM is compatible with all devices and can be swapped from one device to another.

For this reason, it has recently launched its unlimited data offer, which allows ultra-fast browsing on Sunrise's network at the price of CHF 39.95 per month. The activation fee is CHF 59.-, paid once, but the unique feature is that it doesn't require any commitment: you can cancel it whenever you want without any penalty.

Lebara 5G Option

If you're looking for even higher speed on your mobile device, you can activate the 5G option to get real maximum speed at any time and better connection and call quality. The standard price would be CHF 9.- per month, but Lebara offers a 50% discount forever. The option is compatible with most of the proposed subscriptions, but please check compatibility directly on the operator's website.


Additionally, we recommend checking the 5G signal reception in your area using the 5G coverage map created by in collaboration with nPerf: if the signal is not available in your area, then you can avoid activating this option.

Other Lebara Options: eSIM and Wi-Fi Calling

Lebara is compatible with the latest mobile technologies, offering simple solutions for its customers, whether it's Wi-Fi calling or embedded SIM (eSIM).

Regarding Wi-Fi calling, Lebara states on its website that it is an option compatible with its subscriptions, as long as the device is compatible with this technology and the WLAN connection is excellent.


Regarding eSIM, Lebara assures its users that it can be activated instead of a physical SIM, provided that the mobile device is compatible, and the customer requests activation within their MyLebara personal area.

Lebara Network
Lebara Customer Service

Lebara network coverage

Lebara operates on the Sunrise network, which covers over 99% of the population in Switzerland. This means that Lebara customers can enjoy reliable and high-quality network coverage across the country, including in remote and rural areas.

How good is the Lebara network?

The Sunrise network, on which Lebara operates, has consistently been ranked as the best in Switzerland in terms of coverage and quality. This means that Lebara customers can expect excellent network performance and reliability, even in areas with heavy network traffic.

Lebara 4G and 4G+ network coverage

Lebara offers 4G and 4G+ network coverage across Switzerland. This means that customers can enjoy fast and reliable internet speeds, allowing them to stream videos, browse the web, and use social media without interruption.

Lebara 5G network coverage

Lebara is currently rolling out 5G network coverage across Switzerland, with plans to cover the entire country in the near future. This will allow customers to enjoy even faster internet speeds and improved network performance.

If you’re unsure whether Wingo network is the right one for you, go to the mobile deals comparison and broadband deals comparison sections to check all the available offers in Swiss and activate the one that really suits your needs.

Lebara Customer Service

Lebara provides excellent customer service to its customers, including a hotline for support and assistance with any issues they may encounter. The customer service team is available 7 days a week and is dedicated to ensuring that customers receive timely and effective support.

[0900 480 000] Lebara hotline 

For support and assistance, customers can call Lebara's hotline at 0900 480 000 (CHF 1.50/call). The hotline is available 7 days a week and is staffed by knowledgeable and friendly customer service representatives.

Chat and e-mail

You can reach our customer service via chat and email that you can find on their official website. Chat is not available on weekends.

Cancel Lebara Subscription

If you want to proceed with Lebara cancellation, the process is very simple. Customers can cancel their subscription by calling the hotline or visiting a Lebara store. It's important to note that customers may be subject to early termination fees if they cancel their subscription before the end of the contract period.

This is what you must bear in mind when canceling your mobile contract with Lebara

Before canceling your mobile contract with Lebara, it's important to review the terms and conditions of your contract. Customers may be subject to early termination fees if they cancel their subscription before the end of the contract period. It's also important to note that customers will lose their phone number if they cancel their subscription.

This is what you should do when you change your subscription

If you want to change your Lebara subscription, you can do so by visiting a Lebara store or calling the hotline. Lebara offers a range of flexible plans that can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Lebara top Deals

Lebara can offer a wide variety of mobile deals that you can look at in our dedicated sections. Remember, you can compare Lebara and all the other Swiss mobile operators easily in order to activate the perfect offer for your specific needs.

compare the offers

compare the offers

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