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yallo Deals: Swiss Mobile, TV and Internet Plans Comparison

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yallo is a brand owned by Sunrise and was founded in Switzerland in 2005 by TDC Suisse SA. The brand is dedicated to customers seeking affordable subscriptions without compromising on the quality of customer service and network performance. yallo customers can use the Sunrise network (4G, 4G+, and 5G), considered the best in Switzerland alongside the Swisscom network. Over the years, yallo has evolved into a digital telecommunications company, eventually introducing the yallo swype product line to the market, which became a new brand entirely separate from Sunrise in 2020.

Top yallo deals and subscriptions 

In this section, you can find current yallo plans with a description of their key features and recommendations from the team. Below, we present the best yallo deals:

Best yallo Internet Plan

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Best Yallo Mobile Offer

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Best Yallo Prepaid Offer

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Best Yallo Internet and TV Offer

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Best Yallo TV Offer

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Yallo provides internet, TV, and fixed-line offers for your home.

As a brand owned by Sunrise, Yallo benefits from the extensive network coverage of Switzerland's second-largest provider. Yallo offers fiber internet subscriptions suitable for any need, ensuring excellent value for money and outstanding post-sales support. Currently, Yallo does not offer combined discounts for existing customers or those seeking contracts for both internet and mobile or TV services. Additionally, Yallo does not include landline calls in their internet subscriptions.

Here are some common features across all Yallo internet offers:

  • Every internet subscription, whether fiber or copper cable (DSL), always includes a router. Depending on the type of connection, you will be provided with either the yallo Home Fiber Box or the yallo Home Cable Box, both offering the best possible Wi-Fi experience, although differing in appearance;

  • Network speed is never limited, providing the best available performance at your address, which can be verified using the internet coverage check tool;

  • Support is available through all customer service channels described on this page;

  • All packages can be combined with the Teleboy TV subscription without any commitments, at a discounted price of an additional 5 CHF, paying only 9.90 CHF per month;

  • For all subscriptions, there is the option to add Yallo TV for only 20 CHF per month (during certain promotional periods, it can be discounted by 15 CHF);

  • The contractual commitment for internet subscriptions is 24 months from the activation of the offer;

In addition to internet offers with cable or fiber connections, Yallo also provides plans for radio wave connections


Here are the Yallo internet offers we provide:

yallo Home Max

This type of offer represents the top-of-the-line among yallo subscriptions, as it guarantees a maximum speed of 10 Gbit/s for fiber connections and 1 Gbit/s for cable connections. 

The activation fee for this offer is 99 CHF, and the regular price is 80 CHF, discounted for life to 44.90 CHF per month.

yallo Home Cable M

This offer strikes the right balance between performance and cost, as it can reach a maximum speed of 500 Mbit/s through a cable connection. 

The activation fee for this offer is 99 CHF, and the regular price is 70 CHF, discounted for life to 39.90 CHF per month.

yallo Home Cable S

This offer is suitable for those who don't have significant internet connectivity needs, as it guarantees a maximum speed of 300 Mbit/s through a cable connection. 

The activation fee for this offer is 99 CHF, and the regular price is 70 CHF per month for life.

yallo Home 5G

This offer is the best option if your home is not covered by a physical network. The router connects via Sunrise's 5G mobile network, eliminating the need for a technician to perform the installation. Router activation is simple and cable-free: just insert the SIM card sent to your home and log in using the Wi-Fi password indicated below the box.

The activation fee for this offer is 99 CHF, and the regular price is 70 CHF per month without any minimum contract period, except for a 2-month notice period for termination. The maximum speed is 2 Gbit/s.

yallo Home 4G

This offer works exactly like the Home 5G offer, except it utilizes 4G technology. The installation methods are identical, and there are no contractual constraints.

The activation fee for this offer is 99 CHF, and the regular price is 50 CHF per month with a maximum speed of 300 Mbit/s.

Yallo Mobile Phone Offers

Yallo offers a wide range of mobile phone deals recognized in the market as reliable and of good quality, leading to various awards, such as those received in 2023 from the Connect magazine and ISTQ institute.

The main features of Yallo's mobile phone offers are as follows:

  • The network used is the Sunrise network, which also enables the use of 5G technology available as additional options on all low-cost packages that don't include it directly;

  • If roaming is not included, additional consumption-based options can be easily purchased on the website in the personal area;

  • Yallo provides prepaid offers, although all subscriptions have the advantage of not having a minimum contractual duration, except for a 60-day notice period;

  • The offers are divided into mobile phone offers that include calls and SMS, and mobile internet offers for any type of device (laptop, tablet, or smartphone);

  • In addition to new activations, when purchasing a new Yallo subscription from another operator, dedicated assistance is provided to help the new customer with the necessary paperwork to terminate the old subscription;

Below are the Yallo offers currently available in the Swiss market:

yallo Swiss

This offer includes unlimited calls, SMS, and MMS to and from Switzerland. As for mobile data, 10 GB are available every month in 4G+. The monthly price is 19.90 CHF, discounted for life from the list price of 48.90 CHF, and there are no activation costs.

yallo swiss flat

This offer is designed to provide yallo customers with unlimited everything: from SMS/MMS to calls and even 4G+ data. Additionally, this offer includes 3 GB of roaming data in Europe, making it suitable for those who travel outside the Swiss border at least once a month. The monthly price is 25.90 CHF, discounted for life from the list price of 58.90 CHF, and there are no activation costs.

yallo International

This offer is designed for those who demand even more from their mobile subscription, as it offers unlimited everything in Switzerland and, in addition to 3 GB of roaming data per month in the EU, Canada, USA, and Turkey, it also provides unlimited calls to European numbers. The monthly price is 33.90 CHF, discounted for life from the list price of 68.90 CHF, and there are no activation costs.

yallo superfat XL

This subscription is the only one that can truly be called "unlimited everything": Calls and messages in Switzerland, Data in both Switzerland and the European Union, North America (USA/Canada), and Turkey, calls to and from Europe, and calls within European countries while traveling. All this for a monthly price of 49.90 CHF, permanently discounted from 120 CHF, with no activation costs.

Altri abbonamenti yallo mobile

In addition to the four main telephony offers, yallo also offers subscriptions for yallo slim plus, yallo regular (standard and plus), yallo fat (in standard, plus, and plus 5G versions), and yallo super fat.

yallo superfat XL

This subscription is the only one that can truly be called "unlimited everything": Calls and messages in Switzerland, Data in both Switzerland and the European Union, North America (USA/Canada), and Turkey, calls to and from Europe, and calls within European countries while traveling. All this for a monthly price of 49.90 CHF, permanently discounted from 120 CHF, with no activation costs.

yallo GO: le offerte internet mobile di yallo

This type of subscription does not include minutes for calls or SMS/MMS messages, but simply offers data available in Switzerland (no roaming). These SIM cards are suitable for users who need an internet connection while on the go. These offers have no minimum contract period and, if discounted, the discount is permanent. There are 3 types of subscriptions:

  • Go! S: offers 20 GB of full-speed 4G+ internet for 30 CHF per month  

  • Go!: offers unlimited internet for 40 CHF per month

  • Go! Max: offers unlimited internet on the 5G network for 60 CHF per month. Currently, the offer is discounted by 66% to only 19.90 CHF per month

yallo mobile prepaid offers

Yallo has recently made prepaid offers available to provide a real option with zero constraints. The prepaid SIM card can be ordered for free with an initial top-up of 10 CHF, from which the activated options can be deducted. Prepaid SIM cards come with truly convenient options:

  • Calls from one yallo number to another yallo number are free;

  • Calls within Switzerland cost 0.25/min, and international calls are also charged at 0.25/min;

  • SMS messages are individually charged at 0.25 CHF;

  • Internet data consumption costs 0.25/10 MB;

yallo mobile subscriptions with included phone

Yallo offers its mobile customers the opportunity to access exclusive offers to get the best smartphones at discounted prices, payable without upfront payments and in convenient installments. Among the models available on the website are the latest generation devices from Apple (including the iPhone range), Samsung (including the foldable Galaxy Flip, Ultra, A, and S versions), Huawei, and Oppo.

Yallo TV subscriptions

Yallo TV is an excellent option for watching your favorite programs in Switzerland and beyond. Yallo offers the possibility to watch Yallo TV for free and upgrade later to enjoy all available features. Yallo TV can be easily used on your smartphone and tablet by downloading the free application from the respective app store, but it can also be viewed on a PC by connecting to the dedicated website ( However, for the ultimate home entertainment, we recommend using the app available on Apple TV or Android TV.


This TV subscription can be purchased even without subscribing to a Yallo internet subscription, although it may be less convenient.

yallo TV

Yallo offers a single premium subscription at the cost of 14.90 CHF per month (discounted from the list price of 20 CHF). There are no activation fees, no minimum contract duration, and no notice period to be respected. Additionally, by subscribing to the premium subscription, you will receive a free TV Box to connect to your TV (valued at 69 CHF). Yallo TV stands out for its offering of available channels, with over 270 channels available, including 70 in high definition. It also allows recording and storing up to 1000 programs.

Rete Yallo

Yallo network coverage

Yallo is a subsidiary of Sunrise and uses the Sunrise network. Sunrise is the second-largest mobile network operator in Switzerland. Yallo customers can use Sunrise's 4G/4G+ network as well as the well-developed 5G network, but this is only included in the more expensive subscriptions.

Yallo uses the Sunrise 4G and 4G+ network

In 2019, Sunrise had already achieved nationwide 4G coverage of 96% of the Swiss population. For 4G+, the figure is 85%.

Yallo uses the Sunrise 5G network

Sunrise has a 5G network coverage of 80%. As early as 2018, Sunrise began expanding its 5G network and in 2021 already provided 731 cities and towns with high-speed internet. The network provider is concentrating on first supplying households and companies with 5G that do not yet have a fiber-optic connection and thus still have access to super-fast Internet.

If you’re unsure whether Yallo network is the right one for you, go to the mobile offers comparison and internet offers comparison sections to check all the available offers in Swiss and activate the one that really suits your needs.

Yallo Customer Service

If you have any questions, you can contact Yallo's customer service. To do that you have different options: hotline, contact form and online chat. According to reviews, the hotline is not well staffed, which is why it often takes several attempts to reach someone.

[0800 00 44 48] Yallo toll-free number: the yallo customer support number

The Yallo Customer Support hotline can be reached at 0800 00 44 48 (yallo toll-free number). This yallo customer service channel is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. and on weekends from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. If you are abroad you can contact customer service at the following number: +41 (0) 44 525 01 20

my yallo login

To solve most problems you can proceed on your own by visiting your personal my yallo area. To login, simply visit and enter your phone number and email and then proceed to enter your password. Should you need to contact yallo support, you can switch to live chat or call 0900 00 44 88 at a cost of CHF 1.50 per call.

yallo prepaid: How to check yallo prepaid credit?

In the case of yallo prepaid customers with a prepaid mobile phone offer, it is always a good idea to keep an eye on your remaining credit balance to prevent you from being unable to access your SIM card's telephony services once it has been used up. If you need to top up yallo credit you can do so by purchasing it at post office counters or on my yallo.

Managing Your yallo Subscription Effectively

Being a yallo customer entails the need to manage various situations over time, and one of the most crucial is undoubtedly initiating the cancellation. There are many reasons to proceed with yallo cancellation, and each comes with different considerations. The key when opting for the cancellation of the yallo subscription is certainly the contractual commitment and the minimum notice period: this information can be easily found in your yallo personal area or by contacting customer service.

Managing yallo Subscription Abroad

When abroad, it may be necessary to carefully manage your yallo subscription to avoid hefty bills or to stay in touch with your contacts. Some yallo subscriptions are tailored for users who frequently travel, and they can be found in the yallo international section on the official store. For those who haven't included any roaming traffic yet, you can always add a temporary or indefinite option, allowing you to purchase minutes, SMS, or MB for use in another country.


A widely used tool is the yallo cockpit, which, after logging in with your yallo credentials, allows you to view your consumption abroad and set spending limits.

How to Activate the yallo SIM Card?

Activating a yallo SIM card is straightforward: once you've ordered the SIM, yallo will send it to you by mail, and upon receipt, you simply need to insert it into your phone. The card is sent already activated as the person's identification is done directly online through the sharing of identity documents. With the active yallo card, you can start using your new yallo subscription immediately.

yallo Shop: Official yallo Stores

Despite being a low-cost mobile operator, yallo has chosen to differentiate itself from the competition by maintaining a network of physical stores to offer support for purchases or free after-sales assistance to its subscribers. To visit the yallo shop, simply go to the shop section on the yallo website.

Here are the locations of a yallo shop: Zurich, Wallisellen, Biel, Sierre, Basel, Spreitenbach, Winterthur, Opfikon, Kreuzlingen, Dietlikon, Geneva, Lausanne, Pratteln, and Yverdon-les-Bains.

Compare Yallo Offers

Yallo can offer a wide variety of mobile deals and broadband deals that you can look at in our dedicated sections. Remember, you can compare Yallo and all the other Swiss Internet Providers easily in order to activate the perfect offer for your specific needs.

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