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Coop Mobile: Coop Mobile Plans and Coop Prepaid SIM comparison

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Coop Mobile is a telecommunications operator in Switzerland that offers mobile and internet services. Established as part of the Coop group in 1998, Coop Mobile has emerged as a popular choice for consumers seeking affordable and efficient communication solutions.

Coop Mobile offers a variety of mobile plans for its customers. With competitive rates and flexible options, Coop Mobile is committed to meeting the needs of everyone, from occasional consumers to heavy data users.

Best Coop Mobile Deals in Switzerland

In this section, you can explore the Coop Mobile promotions with a description of their key features and advice on selection from the team. Below are the top Coop Mobile offers:

The Best Mobile Offers from Coop Mobile

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The Best Coop Mobile Prepaid Offer

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Coop Mobile Subscriptions: Mobile Telephony Offers in Switzerland

Coop Mobile positions itself in the market as a reliable provider aiming to offer good deals at affordable prices for all consumers. Initially dedicated to Coop members and activatable only at supermarket checkouts, Coop Mobile now boasts thousands of subscribers and provides a well-stocked online store optimized for easy and fast purchases.

The underlying network for all offers is Swisscom, considered the best network operator for coverage in Switzerland.

Key features of Coop Mobile's Swiss mobile telephony offers include:

  • High-speed internet on the Swisscom network with 4G/LTE technology.

  • Unlimited calls, SMS, and MMS for all Coop Mobile subscriptions within Switzerland.

  • Coop Mobile data packages: Roaming services can be easily added to your phone plan at any time.

  • Coop discounts: Superpoints can be used to pay for your subscription by purchasing household products at Coop.

  • Additional Coop Mobile SIM: A second SIM card can be added for your smartwatch or fitness tracker for just 6.90 CHF per month.

  • Coop SIM Activation: The activation cost for all subscriptions is 49 CHF.

  • Coop Mobile Contract Duration: There is no minimum contract duration, allowing customers the flexibility to switch subscriptions at any time.


Below are the offers to switch to Coop Mobile currently available in the Swiss market.

Coop Mobile Classic

Coop Mobile Classic: Ideal for those not needing a large data allowance. In addition to unlimited calls, SMS, and MMS in Europe, Switzerland, and the UK, you get 3.5 GB of monthly data in Switzerland and abroad. Access to the Coop Trophy Box for extra discounts and exclusive benefits is also included. The monthly price for Coop Mobile Classic is 37.90 CHF.

Coop Mobile Basic

Coop Mobile Basic: Inclusive of unlimited calls, SMS, and MMS, with 4 GB of high-speed data each month. The monthly price for Coop Mobile Basic is 29.90 CHF.

Coop Mobile Start

Coop Mobile Start Offer: The most affordable option from Coop Mobile. It includes unlimited calls, SMS, and MMS, along with an additional 3 GB of high-speed data each month. The monthly price for Coop Mobile Start is only 24.90 CHF.

Coop Mobile Europe

Coop Mobile Europe Subscription: The only subscription offering calls to Turkey and the Balkans already included. In addition to Basic features, you get 1 GB of data in Europe, unlimited calls to Europe, and 100 minutes included for calls to the Balkans and Turkey. The monthly price for Coop Mobile Europe is 49.90 CHF.

Coop Mobile Plus

Coop Mobile Plus Subscription: The all-inclusive offer from Coop Mobile, with unlimited calls, data, and messages in Switzerland, priced at 59.90 CHF per month.

Coop Mobile roaming options

In addition to your phone plan, Coop Mobile offers various options to purchase for data, calls, and SMS usage abroad. The main options include:

  • Coop Message Travel: Add 100 SMS to send worldwide for only 9.90 CHF per month;

  • Coop Voice Travel: Get 60 minutes of international calls starting from 16.90 CHF per month;

  • Coop EU Pass Option: Extend your subscription to cover the entire EU and Western Europe for just 10 CHF per month;

  •  Coop Data Travel: Browse the internet abroad starting from 10 CHF per month.

Coop Mobile subscriptions with device

All Coop Mobile subscriptions offer the option to choose a new device from various brands (Samsung, Apple, or Oppo) at one of Coop's physical stores. You can activate interest-free installment payments without additional charges. This option is available for both new and existing customers, and the upfront payment will be included in a single invoice with the phone subscription.

Coop Mobile Prepaid

Coop Mobile offers the option to activate prepaid mobile offers by purchasing and activating a SIM card at Coop, Fust, or Interdiscount stores. Here's how it works:

  • Buy a SIM card for 19.80 CHF and immediately receive 15 CHF of initial credit without any monthly cost;

  • For calls and SMS, you can pay per minute or per SMS, or activate the 15 CENT option, which includes 100 units for 15 CHF;

  • Browse in Switzerland on the Swisscom network at 4G speeds with 100 MB of initial credit, then purchase SURF packages starting from 9.90 CHF for 750 MB;

  • Don't worry about roaming as it's automatically blocked, but you can purchase additional daily or non-expiring packages if needed.

Note: Just like the purchase, Coop Mobile top-up is available only in physical stores. For prepaid top-ups, visit an authorized retailer, or recharge online through the Coop Mobile Cockpit.

Coop Mobile Network
Coop Mobile Customer Service

Coop Mobile Reviews: Customer Experiences with Coop Mobile Network

Customers evaluate Coop Mobile discreetly. The strength lies in the affordable subscription prices, absence of constraints, and in-store customer support. Primary complaints relate to additional costs associated with purchasing extra options.

Coop Mobile Network: Which Network Does Coop Mobile Use?

Coop Mobile offers its subscriptions on the Swisscom network since 2019; previously, Coop's mobile network was provided through Salt. Currently, Coop Mobile's network coverage is extensive, reaching approximately 99.9% of the population.

Coop Mobile 5G

Coop Mobile currently does not offer 5G connections. There are no Coop Mobile subscriptions with included 5G, nor can separate 5G options be purchased. If you are seeking a high-speed subscription, Coop Mobile may not be suitable for your needs.

Coop Mobile eSIM

Coop Mobile has recently started offering eSIMs to its customers. For existing customers wanting to activate the Coop Mobile eSIM on their mobile phones, they will need to request a new one through their Coop My account under the "My SIM Card" menu.

If you’re unsure whether Coop Mobile network is the right one for you, go to the mobile subscriptions comparison and internet subscriptions comparison sections to check all the available offers in Swiss and activate the one that really suits your needs.

Coop Mobile Customer Service: Contacting Coop Mobile for Subscriber Support

Coop Mobile provides dedicated customer service for support and assistance. Customers can call the Coop Mobile hotline at 0800 746 746 (free of charge). The hotline is available from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm and on Saturdays from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. According to some online reviews, the Coop Mobile hotline staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Coop Mobile also allows customers to schedule a callback directly from their website.

Coop Mobile Cockpit

For Coop Mobile SIM card holders, the Cockpit is a useful tool even when data is not available on your Coop subscription while abroad or in Switzerland. To access the Coop Mobile Cockpit, simply type into your search engine and enter your phone number. Once inside the Coop cockpit, you can top up your prepaid SIM, check usage, or set roaming thresholds.

My Coop Mobile Account

All Coop Mobile customers have a dedicated personal area where they can independently manage their Coop subscription. To do this, simply log in to "Coop Mobile My Account" by accessing the website and entering your phone number and the password set at the first login. In case of a forgotten password, it can be reset by entering the phone number to which a link will be sent via free SMS. On your Coop Mobile Account, you can update billing information, check usage, purchase a Coop Mobile option, and block or unblock your Coop SIM card.

Managing Your Coop Mobile Subscription

Managing a Coop Mobile subscription can be straightforward if you keep the main procedures in mind, but it can become complex without information. Key actions to be informed about include canceling a contract and changing Coop Mobile tariffs.

What to Consider When Cancelling the Mobile Contract with Coop Mobile:

You can cancel Coop Mobile through customer service or by visiting a Coop store. It's essential to check the terms and conditions of the contract for any penalties or costs associated with early termination. Before canceling a Coop Mobile contract, keep in mind that the notice period is usually 60 days, and there are typically no minimum contract duration constraints.

Coop Mobile Number Portability

If you want to change your Coop Mobile subscription, you can do so by contacting customer service or visiting a Coop store. The Coop Mobile team will be happy to assist you in the subscription change process and help you select the solution that best suits your needs. In the case of switching from another provider, number portability can be requested by calling the Coop Mobile hotline or selecting the dedicated option in the shopping cart. Number portability with Coop Mobile can be requested up to six months before the activation date of the Coop SIM card.

Coop Mobile top Delas

Coop Mobile can offer a wide variety of mobile deals that you can look at in our dedicated sections. Remember, you can compare Coop Mobile and all the other Swiss Telecom Providers easily in order to activate the perfect offer for your specific needs.

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