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UPC Cablecom was established in 1994 as a new telecommunications company resulting from the merger of several companies, including the largest, Redifussion SA. At the time of its foundation, the company was owned by Swisscom, Siemens, and VEBA.

In the early 2000s, UPC developed cable internet and invested in new offerings for mobile telephony and television, launching the TV platform Horizon, enabling on-demand TV viewing and IPTV.

Since May 23, 2022, Sunrise has officially become the new main brand of Sunrise-UPC following the merger of the two companies in 2020. Through this merger, the new group expands its offering, providing comprehensive subscription plans for all telecommunication services.

Currently, UPC subscriptions are available on the market only for existing customers or for the business customer segment.

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UPC Experience: UPC Customer Reviews and Other Useful Information

The network used for UPC mobile subscriptions is that of Sunrise. The network provides excellent coverage almost throughout the territory, but it's important to note that this should be verified from time to time to check the type of signal you will receive. According to the nPerf Quality Benchmark test, the Sunrise network has been among the best in the world for years.

Does UPC offer a 5G connection?

UPC customers, despite using the Sunrise network, do not have access to 5G. To access the fifth-generation signal, it is necessary to replace the existing UPC subscription with a new Sunrise subscription. To proceed with the change, you need to contact the toll-free support number 0800 66 88 66.

Switch from UPC Mobile to Sunrise

UPC customers who want to change their tariff plan can do so by staying with Sunrise. For these customers, the currently promoted offer by Sunrise is very competitive, as they will get an unlimited mobile subscription in Switzerland and Europe at the promotional price of 35.95 CHF/month for 24 months instead of 71.90 CHF/month. To subscribe to this offer and switch from UPC to Sunrise, you need to contact customer service directly.

High-Performance Fiber Optic Network by UPC

UPC serves over two million households with its ultra-fast fiber optic network. The fiber optic network operated by UPC-Sunrise is well spread across all urban centers, enabling ultra-fast connections with download speeds exceeding 1 Gbit/s. To check the fiber optic at your home, simply access our guide and follow the instructions.ot interfere with each other.

If you're unsure whether the UPC (Sunrise) network is right for you or if you're not convinced about switching to Sunrise offers for existing UPC customers, go to the mobile deals comparison and internet deals comparison to see all the available providers in Switzerland and activate the one that best suits your needs.

UPC Subscription: How to Manage It Best?

For existing UPC customers, managing the subscription remains unchanged even after the merger with Sunrise; the only difference is that they can no longer modify their subscription unless they switch to the new brand. They can still rely on the UPC customer service or independently manage the invoices.

How to contact UPC customer service?

Do you want to cancel your UPC contract or change your UPC subscription? Over time, it may make sense to cancel your tariff to access a better offer. As for the subscription cancellation, you can simply follow the steps provided by customer service after your cancellation request.

[0800 66 88 66] UPC Hotline: The phone number for UPC customer support

Whatever your issue, UPC provides highly qualified customer service available to resolve any doubts quickly and easily. The UPC support number is 0800 66 88 66, and the call is entirely free. UPC customer service is active from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm and on Saturdays from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. Additionally, if you find yourself abroad, you can reach customer service during the same opening hours at +41 800 66 88 66.


As additional free contact channels, you can reach UPC Mobile customer service by writing to UPC's official company profiles on Twitter or Instagram.

My UPC: The customer area for subscription management

As a UPC customer, you are entitled to access the reserved area on My UPC. Simply log in to the My UPC section linked in the upper right corner of the official website and access your account with the credentials set during the first login (an email address and a password). Once inside your account, you can easily manage the UPC internet, mobile, or TV subscription. Among various actions, you can view invoices, request a fixed-line network move, view the connection status of all devices, know your monthly consumption, and view all contractual documents in your personal archive.

To register on MyUPC, you will need to have your seven-digit UPC customer code at hand and provide the last name of the subscription holder.

Cancellation of UPC Home Internet Subscription

If you think it's time to cancel a UPC internet subscription, remember that you will need to return all loaned equipment to avoid penalties. Also, keep in mind that you cannot return the devices to Sunrise stores, but it is your responsibility to send them to the UPC customer support.

UPC Invoices: How to Pay the UPC Subscription Invoice?

To pay your UPC invoice, you can use one of the following payment methods:

  • eBill: However, you need to have a bank account or PostFinance with e-banking and enable the sending of UPC invoices.

  • Direct Debit: This way, the amount is paid directly from your bank account.

  • Online Transfer: Pay attention to the type of payment slip to use (if you use the orange one provided by UPC instead of the red one, an extra fee of 7.50 CHF will be charged).

  • Post Office Counter: You can pay directly at the counter, but an additional management fee starting from 3.50 CHF per paid invoice will be applied.

UPC TV: How to Use Your UPC TV Subscription

UPC is known for cable TV or internet protocol TV subscriptions. The UPC TV platform is also enriched with various content through integration with the Netflix or Sky application, expanding the available channels and the Video On Demand library for every TV lover. To access UPC TV, you need to use the connection of your TV BOX or a Digicard for televisions that have this additional input.

UPC top Deals

UPC (Sunrise) can offer a wide variety of mobile deals and internet deals that you can look at in our dedicated sections. Remember, you can compare UPC and all the other Swiss Network Providers easily in order to activate the perfect offer for your specific needs.

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