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Fixed Network Subscription: Home Landline Offers in Switzerland [2024]

Compare available fixed network subscriptions in Switzerland with and without constraints. Compare fixed telephony subscriptions offered by Swisscom, Sunrise, iWay, Sak, TalkTalk, and many other operators through the fixed network comparison of

Fixed telephony

Fixed Network Subscription from 8 CHF/month*

Compare the Best Fixed Network Subscriptions of 2024 provides a free, fast, and transparent fixed telephony subscription comparator. Find the best fixed telephony subscription in Switzerland. The fixed network subscriptions you will find in the comparison are those not tied to the simultaneous activation of an internet subscription, along with those that can be combined as an additional telephone option offered by your provider.

Swiss Telephone Providers in Comparison

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Many Swiss internet providers enhance their offerings by adding the fixed telephony subscription option using the internet network. With the fixed network subscription comparison in Switzerland from, compare all VoIP operators and find the best one for you.


Fixed network operators offering a VoIP subscription independent of an associated internet plan are:

  • TalkTalk

  • SAK Digital

  • iWay


Fixed network operators who have chosen to offer a fixed telephony subscription only to their internet customers are: Swisscom, Sunrise, Salt, M-Budget, Wingo, TeleKing, Teleboy, VTX, and Green.

Best Fixed Network Subscriptions in Switzerland Compared

In the fixed network subscription comparison managed by, you can find the right fixed telephony solution by comparing fixed line activation costs, monthly fees, costs for national and international calls, both for per-minute rates and unlimited calls. In this section, we bring you the top 3 of the best subscriptions on the market with and without constraints, but if you want to compare them all, you can click the following button and go directly to the full comparison.

Best Per-Minute Fixed Telephony Subscription

sunrise Up Phone.jpg
Wingo Fix.jpg
iway Home basic.jpg

The cheapest fixed telephony offers in Switzerland with pay-as-you-go calls are:

  • Wingo Fix: CHF 0.00/month. Per-minute rates: starting from CHF 0.05/min.

  • Sunrise Up Phone: CHF 0.00/month. Per-minute rates: starting from CHF 0.13/min.

  • iWay Telefon Home basic: CHF 8.00/month. Per-minute rates: starting from CHF 0.03/min.

Best Fixed Telephony Subscription for Flat-Rate National Calls

Salt Home Fix.jpg
m-budget VoicePlus.jpg
sak Telefon  M.jpg

The best fixed telephony subscriptions with included calls to Switzerland (unlimited to landline and mobile networks) are:

  • Salt Home Fix: CHF 0.00/month. National calls (landline): unlimited. National calls (mobile): unlimited.

  • M-Budget Voice Plus: CHF 5.00/month. National calls (landline): unlimited. National calls (mobile): unlimited.

  • SAK Telefon M: CHF 15.00/month. National calls (landline): unlimited. National calls (mobile): unlimited. No constraints.

Best Fixed Telephony Subscription with Included International Calls

sak Telefon  L.jpg
Up Phone International.jpg
swisscom blue Telefon L.jpg

The best fixed telephony subscriptions that include calls to international landlines are:

  • SAK Telefon L: CHF 25.00/month. National calls: unlimited. International calls (landline): unlimited. No constraints.

  • Sunrise Up Phone International: CHF 25.00/month. National calls: unlimited. International calls (landline): unlimited.

  • Swisscom blue Telefon L: CHF 35.00/month. National calls: unlimited. International calls (landline): unlimited. No constraints.

The Cheapest Fixed Network Subscription of 2024

In summary, below is the cheapest fixed telephony subscription offered by major phone operators in Switzerland:

  • Salt Home Fix: CHF 0.00/month. Free activation. National calls: unlimited. Calls abroad: rates from CHF 0.29/min. Activatable only with Salt Home subscription.

  • Sunrise Up Phone: CHF 0.00/month. Free activation. National calls: per-minute rate. International calls: rates from CHF 0.30/min. Activatable only with Sunrise Up Connect or Sunrise Up Home subscription.

  • Wingo Fix: CHF 0.00/month. Free activation. National calls: per-minute rate. International calls: not included. Activatable only with Wingo Internet subscription.

  • M-Budget VoicePlus: CHF 5.00/month. Activation CHF 40.00. National calls: per-minute rate. International calls: not included. Free activation. National calls: unlimited. International calls: not included. Activatable only with M-Budget Internet Pro or Classic subscription.

  • TeleKing KingPhone: CHF 5.00/month. Activation CHF 40.00. National calls: per-minute rate. International calls: not included. Activatable only with KingDSL or KingFiber subscription.

  • iWay Home basic: CHF 8.00/month. Activation CHF 40.00. National calls: per-minute rate. International calls: rates from CHF 0.05/min. Activatable with any internet subscription.

  • SAK Telefon S: CHF 10.00/month. Free activation. National calls: per-minute rate. International calls: rates from CHF 0.05/min. Activatable with any internet subscription.

  • TalkTalk Voice Smart: CHF 10.00/month. Free activation. National calls: 1000 minutes. International calls: rates from CHF 0.05/min. Activatable with any internet subscription.

  • Swisscom Line Basic: CHF 25.25/month. Activation CHF 43.00. National calls: per-minute rate. International calls: rates from CHF 0.12/min. No constraints and with analog technology (copper).


Remember: Some of the fixed network subscriptions mentioned in the list are tied to the purchase of an Internet subscription from the same operator to be activated. If you are also looking for a new connection or currently do not have internet at home, you might want to check out the best combined offers available.

How to Choose a Fixed Network Subscription in Switzerland?

When comparing fixed network subscriptions, it's essential to consider how you intend to use the home landline to find the most economical offer. 


Here are the criteria for choosing a fixed telephony subscription:

  • Incoming or Outgoing Calls:  If you need a fixed network subscription just to remain reachable at home, it might make sense to opt for a subscription without outgoing calls. Many such plans are available with a monthly price as low as 0.00 CHF.

  • Included Minutes in the Plan: The primary reason for getting a fixed network subscription is to make calls from your home phone. If you make many calls, you can choose a fixed telephony subscription with unlimited calls to fixed and/or mobile numbers; otherwise, per-minute rates might be more cost-effective.

  • Included Landline Phone: If you already have a landline phone, this might not be a consideration. However, if it's your first activation, it could be useful to consider subscriptions that offer a device rental for free, saving you the cost of purchasing.

  • Fixed Network Calls to Abroad: If you plan to use the fixed telephony subscription to call international numbers, remember to check the possibility of making these calls and assess the convenience of purchasing a subscription with included calls to foreign landlines.

  • Subscription Constraints: Not all fixed telephony offers are compatible with your internet connection. If you already have an active internet line, consider that the fixed telephony subscription from other operators might not be activated. Also, always consider the contractual constraints and contract cancellation terms.

  • Activation Cost: Most fixed network subscriptions offer free activation for contracts made online, but there might be one-time costs to consider in your choice.


Now that you're informed about activating a fixed network subscription, you can proceed to compare subscriptions and find the best offer for you.

How to Activate a Landline in Switzerland?

Using a fixed network subscription comparator like, you can identify the best telephone offer in just a few clicks and proceed with activating your home line. Follow these 3 steps and activate your landline immediately


  • Compare Fixed Telephony Offers

Read our advice and then identify the best subscription for the Swiss landline through the comparison section prepared by our team of experts. To find the right rate, you will need to consider not only the price but also other criteria we have mentioned on this page, such as contractual constraints, activation costs, included calls, etc.


  • Subscribe to Your New Fixed Network Subscription:

Once you've identified the best fixed network subscription, you can proceed to sign the contract directly online. If it's a new subscription, you can proceed by indicating the desired subscription characteristics, including additional options such as a second phone number and much more. If you already have an active phone subscription and want to keep your number, you'll need to indicate the portability request before signing.


  • Install Your Landline Phone

The new telephone operator will take care of your contract, and in a few days, they will send you any materials, devices, and instructions to explain how to install your new landline phone. Usually, connecting the base of the cordless phone to your internet router with a cable and following the shared steps will allow you to make your first call in a few minutes.

Fixed Network Subscription in Switzerland: How Fixed Telephony Subscriptions Work on the Internet

Fixed telephony subscriptions in Switzerland have evolved over time, introducing technologies that have improved the quality of audio signals during landline calls. Currently, almost all subscriptions are offered with VoIP technology. With this technology, you can use your home internet connection to talk on the landline with HD-quality signals without field interference or background noise.


Here are some features currently offered by some operators with the best fixed telephony subscriptions.

Fixed Phone App: Use Your Smartphone as a Cordless Phone

Almost all phone operators provide a VoIP app to manage your landline from your smartphone. In the app, you can view incurred costs and manage incoming calls. In this case, you can use your mobile as a real landline phone even when you're away from home or even abroad. In this scenario, it's a true call forwarding, and different costs may apply depending on the subscription.

Voicemail: Never Miss a Call

Another advantage is online voicemail. With a VoIP subscription, you can set up voicemail by defining the hours or days to activate it and retrieve messages from those who called directly online.

Anti-Spam Filter: Protection Against Unwanted Calls

One of the advantages of using a VoIP subscription is that it can leverage software distributed via the internet for various purposes. One of the best advantages is call filtering for unwanted advertising calls. With Callfilter technology, you can protect yourself by defining rules, making sure the call doesn't even ring. Another interesting integration is displaying the name of the person calling if their number is in the online address book.


Activate your new fixed telephony subscription now and get your new landline number.

How to Use the Fixed Network Subscription Comparator on

The online comparison of fixed telephony subscriptions on allows you to quickly identify the best deals to activate. The comparison is entirely free of charge.


In many cases, fixed telephony subscriptions available on are exclusively accessible through online activation. These phone plans offer the same conditions as those proposed by operators on their proprietary sales channels. Sometimes, they provide more advantageous economic conditions than those activated physically in-store, offering free trial periods, discounts on fixed subscription fees, or the absence of activation costs and contractual constraints.


In the comparison section of Swiss fixed network subscription offers, you will find deals from operators that collaborate directly or indirectly with the portal. Occasionally, products from providers not affiliated with are displayed to make the comparison more comprehensive and help users make the correct decision. Fixed network subscriptions included in the comparison are categorized based on certain features of the offered fixed telephony service and are ordered by increasing price, with the cheapest offers displayed at the top. Optional fixed telephony subscription offers tied to an existing home internet contract with the same provider are also presented separately. If some offers are sponsored by providers or third parties, they are clearly marked as "Premium."

For more information and to delve deeper into how the service works, click here.

We compare, you choose, and save on the landline.

TrasparentIn the subscription comparison, you will find the best offers listed according to objective criteria. You will never be pushed to activate one offer over another. Additionally, will not sell any data to third parties and will not disturb you with commercial calls to propose other products.

FastWith, you can quickly compare all fixed telephony packages from major national telecom companies and receive assistance for all your needs.

FreeWe do not charge fees to customers, and the offers we propose are equal to or better than those obtainable by getting a quote on the partner companies' websites.

FAQ Fixed Telephony Subscriptions Switzerland

How much does a landline cost in Switzerland?

The online activation of a landline in Switzerland is usually free, and the monthly price of a subscription ranges from 8 CHF to 25 CHF. Some internet operators offer combined internet and landline subscriptions that allow receiving the second service for free.

Which is the best fixed network in Switzerland?

According to the latest Bilanz magazine ranking, the best operator for a fixed telephony subscription in Switzerland is Phonestar, followed by iWay and Quickline.

How much does a fixed telephony subscription cost per month?

On average, you spend around 15 francs per month for a fixed telephony subscription at home. The price depends on the calls made and the possibility of accessing any special conditions with your operator.

How much does a landline phone cost?

A landline phone compatible with a VoIP subscription can cost between 50 CHF and 160 CHF. The most common brands of landline phones are Fritzfon, Gigaset, Yealink, and Jabra.


Now that you are informed about fixed telephony in Switzerland, you are ready to compare the best subscriptions and activate your new landline. Only if you don't have an internet subscription yet, we recommend visiting the combined internet subscription comparison page.

Can I activate a fixed telephony subscription without internet?

Yes, it is possible to activate a landline subscription without an internet connection. In this case, it will not be a VoIP subscription, but you will use copper cables for analog calls. However, this option is not very common among operators, and only a few still offer it, including Swisscom with the Line Basic subscription and Sunrise with the Call+ subscription.

Can I make international calls with the landline phone?

Yes, it is possible to make calls to numbers with international prefixes using your fixed telephony subscription. The rates can be unlimited or per minute, starting from approximately CHF 0.25/min.

What are you waiting for? Find the best data plan that suits your needs!



In-Depth Insights on Swiss Fixed Telephony

Read our in-depth insights on the most researched topics for the Swiss telephone sector:

  • Telephony Glossary: Discover the meaning of the most used terms and acronyms in the fixed telephony world.

  • Internet Check: Check the available fixed network coverage at your address to verify the possibility of using your new VoIP subscription.

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Phone prefixes are numerical codes used to identify specific zones ...

*The amount related to the cheapest fixed network offer from one of our partners as of 01-04-2024 with unlimited calls from the landline to the national network. The offer may be subject to territorial and technological limits and linked to the simultaneous activation of an internet plan. The comparison service is based solely on the amount of the monthly fee. For further economic conditions applied by each partner, refer to their respective contractual information. For more info, click on the button of the specific fixed telephony subscription and check the conditions applied by the individual telephone operator.

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