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Mobile Network Operators: Who Manages the Mobile Network in Switzerland?

Mobile Network Operators in Switzerland

When it comes to mobile networks in Switzerland, it’s important to know which operators manage them and understand the key differences in the coverage and performance of these networks. This knowledge helps in choosing the best one and identifying the best mobile plan providers before making a decision.


On this page, you will learn about the mobile network operators in Switzerland, the main features of the three mobile networks, and by the end, you will have all the tools to identify the best operator for your next plan.


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Mobile Network Operators in Switzerland: Swisscom vs Sunrise vs Salt

There are three mobile network operators in Switzerland: Swisscom, Sunrise, and Salt. Together, they manage 100% of the mobile network traffic in Switzerland. However, the performance of these three networks can vary, and it is advisable to compare the features of each operator to objectively evaluate which is the best provider.


These are the objective criteria for comparing mobile network operators:

  • Technologies: The Swiss mobile network has been well developed since the early 2000s. Like the rest of the world, different generations of signals have been layered from 2G to 5G in Switzerland.

  • Maximum Available Speed: The more developed and modern a network is, the higher the maximum download speed available for your plan. Higher available speeds correspond to greater usability of your smartphone.

  • Mobile Network Coverage: A high-performance mobile network without adequate coverage isn’t very useful. Checking the extent of the mobile network through a coverage map can help in making the right choice.

  • Market Share: A mobile network operator with a high market share indicates that it has been chosen by many others, which is a sign of reliability. At the same time, if too many people are connected under the same network cell, it could cause a slowdown in mobile traffic.


In this Image, You Will Find the Characteristics of the Swisscom, Sunrise, and Salt Networks Compared:

Swiss Mobile network comparison

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sunrise Swiss Travel.jpg
swisscom blue Mobile S.jpg
salt Europe Data.jpg

In addition to Swisscom, Salt, and Sunrise, the three mobile network operators in Switzerland, there are many other virtual network operators (MVNO), increasing the choices available to customers who can subscribe to a mobile plan from over 20 different operators.

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Operators on the Swisscom Network

The Swisscom network is the most extensive mobile network, offering fast and stable coverage with 4G technology available to 99.9% of the population. However, with the increasing use of data, this network is becoming saturated. For this reason, Swisscom is expanding its 5G network to ensure a fast connection for all its subscribers. By the end of 2023, Swisscom's 5G+ network covered 81% of the population with speeds of up to 2 Gbps.

Which mobile operators use the Swisscom network?

If you think the Swisscom network is right for your needs, remember that other virtual operators also use this network, and you can compare their plans with those of Swisscom.

The following operators use the Swisscom network: Wingo, Coop Mobile, M-Budget Mobile and Mucho Mobile.

Operators on the Sunrise Network

The Sunrise network is the second largest in Switzerland. Sunrise has phased out its 2G network (GSM, GPRS, and Edge) at the beginning of 2023, as part of its sustainable development goals signed with other operators in the Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA). Sunrise's 5G network covers 96% of the population with a maximum speed of 1 Gbps.

Which mobile operators use the Sunrise network?

Those looking for a plan on the Sunrise network can also consider various virtual mobile network operators that use this network.

The following operators use the Sunrise network: yallo, Digital Republic, swype, Lebara, TalkTalkAldi Suisse Mobile, SAK, Quickline, Galaxus Mobile and Teleboy.

Operators on the Salt Network

Salt Mobile is the third largest mobile network operator in Switzerland, offering 4G/4G+ coverage to 99.9% of the population with speeds of up to 750 Mbps. Salt's 5G network is the least developed of the three Swiss networks but is available in major urban centers such as Zurich and Bern.

Which mobile operators use the Salt network?

The Salt network is the most economical in Switzerland, both among traditional network operators and virtual network operators. Several brands are available if you choose Salt as your next network operator.

The following operators offer services on the Salt network: iWay, VTX, Post Mobile, GoMo, Lidl Connect, SASAG and Lycamobile.

Network Comparison: Which is the Best Network in Switzerland?

According to the nPerf Awards for 2023, the best mobile operator in Switzerland is Swisscom, followed by Salt and Sunrise. This award, given by nPerf, evaluates network operators on various parameters (such as download speed, browsing performance, and latency) collected through speed tests performed directly by end users.


Here is the ranking of mobile network operators for 2023:

  1. Swisscom: 110.195 nPoints

  2. Salt: 105.719 nPoints

  3. Sunrise: 104.119 nPoints

It is important to note that this evaluation only concerns the underlying network without considering which mobile plan provider the contract is with. Virtual mobile network operators generally offer affordable plans without commitments but have limitations in terms of speed or other browsing performance parameters.

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Now that you know more about who manages the mobile networks in Switzerland, it’s time to identify your new provider. Select the desired mobile product and go directly to the comparison section!

Author: Lapo Zarina

Publication: June 2024

Disclaimer: Logos of compared mobile plan providers, nPerf Awards, mobile coverage data, and market share COMCOM | Stock images from WIX or proprietary

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