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Wingo Swiss: Mobile and Internet Plans Comparison

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Wingo is an internet and mobile operator owned by Swisscom AG, the largest mobile network operator in Switzerland. Founded in April 2015, Wingo exclusively sells its subscriptions online, targeting users familiar with the digital world, mostly young individuals and urban residents. Wingo customers benefit from the Swisscom 4G and 5G mobile network, although 5G is often not included in the subscription but can be purchased as an additional option.

Being a fully digital operator, Wingo has decided to forgo traditional support such as physical stores or free telephone assistance to maintain high flexibility in its costs and offer competitive subscription prices.

Wingo Deals: Best Wingo Offers and Subscriptions

In this section, you can find the current Wingo promos along with a description of the key features of these offers and advice on choosing from Below are the top Wingo deals:

Best Wingo Home Internet Deal

wingo Internet Extra.jpg
wingo Internet Start.jpg
wingo Internet Light.jpg
wingo Internet Plus.jpg
wingo Internet Max.jpg

 Best Wingo Mobile Plan

wingo Swiss.jpg
wingo Fair Flat.jpg
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wingo Europe.jpg
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Best Wingo Internet and TV Plan

wingo Internet Start + WingoTV.jpg
wingo Internet Extra + Wingo TV.jpg

 Best Wingo Prepaid SIM

wingo Prepaid Flat Pass 30.jpg

Wingo Home: All Wingo Internet, TV, and Landline Deals

Wingo offers various Switzerland internet plans aiming to meet the needs of the whole family through different technologies and complementary deals. Wingo often provides time-limited promotions lasting a few weeks during which customers can subscribe to highly affordable offers with discounted fees.


Here are the main common features of all Wingo internet plans:

  • Wingo Internet Box: In every internet subscription, whether it's a Wingo fiber connection or copper cable (DSL), you always get a free internet box. The Wi-Fi router modem depends on the type of network access available at your address; the most powerful option is the Wingo Internet-Box 4, providing speeds of up to 10 Gbit/s.

  • Wingo Activation: Activation costs amount to 99 CHF. As for the Wingo internet box installation, you usually don't need a technician as you simply need to plug the repeater into the power and follow a few simple instructions.

  • Wingo TV Box: You can request an additional TV Box for use on a second television for just 5 CHF/month and a one-time cost of 29.00 CHF.

  • Wingo Fiber: The network ensures high-speed standards and is capable of reaching a maximum of 10 Gbit/s. However, it's subject to Swiss fiber coverage check, which can be done directly during the offer subscription.

  • Wingo Fixed Line: For all Internet-only or Internet and TV subscriptions, the Wingo Fix call package is included free of charge.

  • Wingo Contract: For those subscribing to a discounted plan, this discount is valid for life, but there's a minimum contract duration requirement of at least 12 months.

  • Wingo TV Plan: For all Wingo internet subscriptions, you can also add the Wingo TV option for only 15 CHF/month.


Wingo offers 4 plans that primarily differentiate by two factors: price and maximum download speed. Here are the main features:

Wingo Internet Extra

This is the cheapest Wingo Internet Plan and offers the lowest available network speed, providing a maximum of 400 Mbit/s. It's suitable for users who don't require high bandwidth for work or streaming. The base price for this plan is 39.95 CHF per month, and it remains the same indefinitely. A 12-month contract is provided for this Wingo subscription.

Wingo Internet Start

With a good starting network speed, this Wingo plan guarantees a maximum of 500 Mbit/s. It allows for decent video streaming and remote work without significant complications. The base price for this plan is 69 CHF per month, and it remains the same indefinitely.

Wingo Internet Plus

Offering a network speed of up to 1 Gbit/s, this Wingo subscription is ideal for those in larger households, ensuring excellent reception in any room. The base price for this plan is 75 CHF per month, and it remains the same indefinitely.

Wingo Internet Max

Geared toward gamers, this Wingo Internet plan provides a network speed of up to 10 Gbit/s. It can be activated only for areas with 100% fiber coverage. The base price for this plan is 79 CHF per month, and it remains the same indefinitely.

Wingo TV: Additional Wingo TV plan for Home Internet subscribers

Through a partnership with Swisscom, Wingo offers an internet and TV subscription based on the Blue Tv plan. Users can enjoy the following features:

  • Over 250 TV channels, including 150 in high definition.

  • 7-day Replay functionality.

  • 400 hours of recording to save favorite programs.

  • Direct integration with major streaming apps like Youtube, TED Talks, and Red Bull TV.

The base price for this Wingo Deal is 15.00 CHF per month. As an additional option, Replay Max can be purchased for 6.90 CHF per month, allowing Skip-Ad on all TV channels.


Remember: Wingo TV is available only as a bundle with a Wingo Internet subscription. We also remind you that it is not possible to use Netflix on Wingo TV Box for the time being.

Wingo Fix: Fixed-Line Telephony Subscription for Switzerland

With all Wingo home plans, the Wingo Fix plan is already included, allowing payment only for actual phone calls made. All home phone voice traffic goes through the Wingo box, eliminating the need for a separate line. If you already have a phone number, you can request free portability during subscription without additional costs. Call costs are as follows: 0.05 CHF/minute to fixed-line numbers in various cantons and 0.30 CHF/minute to the Swiss mobile network.

Wingo Mobile: Wingo Subscriptions for mobile phone

Wingo stands as one of the leading mobile operators in the Swiss market. Notably, it leverages the Swisscom network, ensuring coverage for over 99.9% of the national population.

The key features of Wingo's Swiss mobile plans are as follows:

  • Wingo 5G: Wingo offers the option of full speed 5G at an additional cost of 10 CHF per month, guaranteeing a maximum speed of 2 Gbit/s. To activate this option you can proceed independently at the page

  • Promo Wingo: Customers can access special promotions, enabling them to obtain the latest-generation smartphones through discounted installment plans.

  • Wingo Second SIM: It's possible to activate a second SIM with the same mobile number, suitable for use in another personal device like a smartwatch.

  • Wingo Activation Cost: There's a one-time activation cost of 49.00 CHF.

  • Wingo Contract Obligations: All subscriptions can be activated without any contractual obligations, with a cancellation notice period of just 2 months.


Here are the current Wingo Mobile plans available in the Swiss market for calls and navigation, both within Switzerland and for roaming abroad:

Wingo Fair Flat

Wingo Fair Flat, priced reasonably at 25.00 CHF per month, includes unlimited calls within Switzerland, 2 GB of national data, and 2 GB for use in the EU and UK. Ideal for those who don't heavily rely on mobile internet. This Wingo Mobile plan is the most limited ones.

Wingo Swiss 5G

At 58.00 CHF per month, this Wingo plan offers unlimited voice and data traffic throughout Switzerland, though it excludes roaming usage. This is the cheapest plan among the ones including Wingo 5G option.

Wingo Swiss Plus

An evolution of the previous plan, for 63.00 CHF per month, Wingo Swiss Plus is the Wingo Mobile deal that offers unlimited everything within Switzerland, 2 GB for the EU and UK, and a second SIM included at no cost.

Wingo Europe Pro

This Wingo mobile offer provides unlimited calls and internet data for your mobile in both Switzerland and Europe, albeit at a higher monthly fee of 78 CHF.

Wingo International

Wingo International  subscription is suitable for extensive usage worldwide, covering Switzerland, the European Union, UK, USA, Canada, Turkey, and over 40 other countries. Calls are unlimited even when in Switzerland to these countries, not just when abroad.

Wingo Prepaid: Prepaid SIMs for Switzerland from Wingo Mobile

Wingo introduces the option of accessing unlimited services without subscribing to a plan. Ideal for short-term visitors like tourists or Erasmus students, these offers has all the prepaid plans features and include:

  • No activation cost, as the SIM is included in the initial offer price.

  • Unlimited calls, SMS, and internet within the purchased days.

  • Validity periods of 7, 30, or 365 days based on the chosen package.

The prices for these Swiss prepaid SIM cards are as follows: Flat Pass 7 for 9.95 CHF (weekly duration), Flat Pass 30 for 34.95 CHF (monthly duration), and Flat Pass 365 for 349.95 CHF (annual duration).


If you're seeking the right prepaid mobile offer, compare them now and save:

Wingo Second SIM: Additional Data SIM for Your Number

Wingo offers customers the chance to acquire an extra SIM for consuming data from their plan. Some packages include it for free, otherwise you can request up to 3 additional SIMs for just 5 CHF per month. The browsing speed is initially limited to 1 Mbit/s, but this can be unlocked by activating the Full Speed 5G option described earlier. Importantly, there are no minimum contract duration constraints. The second SIM can also be a Swiss eSIM, making it perfect for wearable devices like the Apple Watch or fitness trackers.

Wingo Device Deal: Wingo Mobile Subscriptions with Smartphone

Wingo provides customers the opportunity to acquire a latest-generation smartphone through interest-free installment payments. Various models from Samsung and Apple can be easily ordered via the MyWingo app or the operator's website. Customers just need to make a down payment, which varies based on the model, and activate the payment mode. This payment will be directly integrated into their subscription for a 24-month duration. The monthly fee varies, ranging from 5 CHF to just over 20 CHF. The smartphone will be delivered to your doorstep through a courier service within approximately 3 working days.

Wingo Network
Wingo Customer Service

Wingo Reviews: How Does Wingo Work?

Wingo is a digital operator, making it suitable for users who want to manage their subscription independently and quickly. The mobile signal quality and stability of Wingo's home internet network are good. Wingo can also offer cost-effective subscriptions because it is a virtual operator and does not have customer service-related costs and network management (though this can be a drawback for some customers).

Which Network Does Wingo Use?

Wingo uses the Swisscom network to provide all its telecommunications services. This allows Wingo to offer high-speed network coverage to over 99.9% of the Swiss population. According to various network tests, Swisscom has the best network in Switzerland, which is also shared with Wingo Mobile customers.

How Fast is the Wingo Connection?

Wingo has a very fast connection: on a 5G network, you can browse with your mobile at speeds of up to 2 Gbps, while with a Wingo internet subscription, you can browse at speeds of up to 10 Gbps. The actual speed of your Wingo internet connection depends on your device and other factors. To find out precisely, you can perform a Wingo Speedtest using the free tool on

If you’re unsure whether Wingo network is the right one for you, go to the Swiss mobile plans comparison and Swiss internet plans comparison section to check all the available offers in Swiss and activate the one that really suits your needs.

Wingo Customer Service: All Wingo Contacts

If you have specific questions about Wingo subscriptions and offers, Wingo customer service is at your disposal. Always keep in mind that a Wingo customer is effectively a Swisscom customer even if they cannot use the parent company's customer service. You can contact Wingo customer support in three different ways:

[0900 94 93 92] Wingo Hotline: The Wingo Customer Support Phone Number

You can contact Wingo customer service through the telephone line 0900 94 93 92. The Wingo hotline is not free but will cost you CHF 1.50 per minute, as it is based on a premium-rate number starting with 0900. Wingo customer service is open from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 18:00 and on Saturdays from 8:30 to 16:30; however, on Sundays, you cannot receive support from this phone number. There is no customer service phone number available for use abroad.

Wingo Contact Form and Wingo Chat

You can reach Wingo customer service through a contact form on the Wingo website. A member of the customer service team will get back to you as soon as possible, even if the response is not immediate. Finally, you can initiate a chat via WhatsApp Business to chat directly with a Wingo operator for free.

my Wingo: Wingo Personal Area

Wingo does not have its own mobile app for managing your subscription. However, there is the myWingo customer area accessible at the following web address: In this personal space, all Wingo customers can view and pay their Wingo bills in electronic format (eBill).

Managing a Wingo Subscription Effectively

To manage a Wingo subscription effectively, it's essential to remember that this provider is 100% digital. Therefore, you should know how to use the resources available on the official website and in your MyWingo area. To proceed with Wingo cancellation, follow the procedure indicated on the official website, submit the cancellation in writing, and consider the notice period to avoid paying a hefty cancellation fee.

Wingo Cockpit: How to Monitor Wingo Subscription Usage Abroad

The Wingo Cockpit is a very useful tool for all Wingo subscribers. By accessing the cockpit by entering the URL and providing your Wingo phone number, you can view your roaming consumption on the screen and, if necessary, adjust the thresholds for available data, minutes, and SMS to avoid significant billing charges. You can also purchase internet data packages or other services to add to your Wingo subscription while you are away from Switzerland.

Compare Wingo with Other Swiss Operators

Wingo offers a wide variety of mobile subscriptions and internet offers that you can explore in our dedicated sections. Remember that Wingo and all other Swiss telecommunications providers can be easily compared to activate the perfect offer for your specific needs.

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