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VTX: Internet and Mobile Plans

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VTX Telecom SA is a Swiss operator founded in 1986, entering the telecommunications industry in 1995. In 2012, they started laying fiber optics and have since been supporting large Swiss enterprises and SMEs in their digital transformation. VTX's services have expanded to the residential segment, offering increased subscription possibilities starting from 2023 through partnerships with leading Swiss telecom operators, providing high-quality mobile, internet, and TV subscriptions. VTX also stands out for its high-quality and personalized customer support.

Best VTX Offers and Subscriptions

In this section, you can find the current VTX offers with a description of their key features and recommendations from Below are the best VTX deals:

The Best VTX Mobile Subscription

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The Best VTX Data-Only Offer

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The Best VTX Home Internet Offer

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The Best VTX Internet and TV Subscription

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All Internet, TV, and Landline Offers for Your Home from VTX

VTX offers various Swiss Internet deals to meet the diverse needs of its customers. Their Sunrise subscriptions are characterized by high flexibility, allowing customers to tailor their ideal package by combining desired internet speeds, technologies, fixed-line calls, and TV plans.


Here are the main common features of all VTX home internet offers:

  • VTXBOX Wi-Fi modem included in all subscriptions at no additional cost.

  • One-time home installation costs, if required, amount to 75 CHF.

  • If verified fiber coverage is available, subscriptions with speeds of up to 1 Gbit/s can be activated.

  • Each subscription can be combined with free fixed-line telephony offers based on VoIP systems, billed on a pay-as-you-go basis.

  • Combining internet, TV, and landline offers provides additional discounts of up to 10 CHF per month.

  • Monthly fee discounted for all new internet-only activations at only 49.00 CHF per month, forever.

  • Contractual commitment for internet subscriptions is 12 months from the activation of the offer.


VTX Internet and TV subscriptions are modular, and here are the main available plans on the market:

VTX Internet 50M

This internet-only offer is the most affordable among VTX's offerings. The subscription provides a 50 Mbit/s connection at a monthly price of CHF 49.00, forever.

VTX Internet 100M

This internet subscription offers a 1000 Mbit/s connection at a monthly price of CHF 59.00, forever. Currently, a special offer reduces the price to CHF 49.00/month. We recommend this speed for enjoyable streaming.

VTX Internet 1 GIGA MAX

This internet subscription, the most powerful at VTX, offers a 1 Gbit/s fiber optic connection at a monthly price of CHF 69.00, forever. Currently, a special offer reduces the price to CHF 49.00/month.

VTX PHONE: the additional subscription for fixed telephony

VTX offers a fixed-line telephony service based on Internet Protocol (VoIP), requiring an active internet connection for use. In their basic packages, customers can add the installation of a fixed phone during subscription or at a later time. They have the option to request a new phone number or retain their current Swiss prefix through number portability. The main features of VTX's fixed-line service include the ability to use additional functions like call diversion or using a mobile phone as a receiver.

Currently, VTX offers the following phone packages:

  • VTX PHONE: Pay-as-you-go phone offers without recurring monthly fees. This service is included for free with any home internet plan. Call rates to Swiss landline numbers are 3.9 ct./min, and to Swiss mobile numbers are 0.25 CHF/min.

  • VTX PHONE FULL FIX: With a monthly cost of 9.00 CHF, this offer provides unlimited calls to Swiss landline numbers and unlimited calls to landline numbers in approximately 40 foreign countries.

  • VTX PHONE FULL SWISS: With this option, customers can make unlimited calls to any Swiss number, both landline and mobile, at a monthly price of 12.00 CHF.

  • VTX PHONE FULL SWISS + FIX INTERNATIONAL: This package includes unlimited calls to all Swiss numbers and fixed-line numbers in 40 foreign countries, all for only 19.00 CHF per month.

VTX TV: TV and Video On-Demand (VOD) Subscription

VTX's TV subscription is highly appreciated by their customers due to its affordability and numerous advantages. However, it is only available with an active internet subscription. With the TV subscription, customers can enjoy the following features:

  • Multi-Screen Access: Enjoy TV on your smartphone with the VTX TV app, expanding beyond just laptops or tablets.

  • 5 Simultaneous Users: No one in the family will be restricted to watching a program dictated by someone else.

  • Optional 7-Day Replay: Catch replays of your favorite programs for up to 7 days after they air, with the option to record up to 250 saved recordings.

  • Included TV Decoder: Receive a TV decoder for your main TV and purchase additional ones for only 4.00 CHF/month.

  • On-Demand Library: Access over 5000 films and TV series in the multimedia video library to watch whenever you like.


The base VTX TV subscription costs 11.00 CHF per month and provides access to 160 TV channels, including 80+ in HD. The addition of the optional Replay TV and recordings feature raises the price to 15.00 CHF per month. Additionally, customers can add channels in their original language, starting from 1.90 CHF per month, for countries such as the UK, Turkey, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Poland, and Russia.

VTX Mobile Plans

VTX recently partnered with Salt to offer competitive mobile subscriptions and data plans, including the option to bundle the latest smartphones. However, prepaid SIM cards are currently not offered by VTX.

The support network for all mobile offers is Salt, which covers over 99% of the Swiss population. It is essential to verify the Swiss mobile network coverage to ensure it is the best fit for your device.

The main features of VTX's mobile offers are as follows:


  • Maximum Speed: Enjoy high-speed internet on Salt's 4th or 5th generation network.

  • Roam Anywhere: Stay connected with optional roaming and additional data packages, even when abroad or on the open sea.

  • Additional SIM: Utilize the data included in your mobile subscription on a second device with an additional SIM card.

  • Activation Cost: All subscriptions have a one-time activation fee of CHF 49.00.

  • Contract Duration: The minimum contractual commitment is 24 months.


Here are the current VTX Mobile offers available in Switzerland:


This mobile plan is the most economical among VTX's offerings. It includes 10 GB of high-speed internet (4G+ or 5G), unlimited calls, and messages for only 19.95 CHF/month, instead of the regular price of 49.95 CHF/month, forever.


This mobile offer is the most popular among VTX customers. The plan includes unlimited usage within Switzerland without any consumption limits, at a monthly price of only 24.95 CHF, reduced from 59.95 CHF/month.


This subscription is designed for those who need an all-inclusive mobile plan in Switzerland, with the option to have some data and calls in Europe. With this offer, customers get 4 GB of roaming data, 100 minutes, and unlimited SMS/MMS at a monthly price of 29.95 CHF, down from 79.95 CHF per month.


This mobile subscription is suitable for users who require a large amount of data while in Europe. Along with unlimited usage in Switzerland, including 5G, customers get unlimited data consumption in Europe, but without any call or message limits. The monthly fee is CHF 34.95 instead of 89.95 CHF.


This is VTX's most comprehensive subscription plan, offering unlimited everything in Switzerland and Europe, all for a monthly price of 49.95 CHF, discounted from the regular price of 99.95 CHF/month.

VTX Data Options

In case the data volume is insufficient, customers can purchase additional data as needed, either for Switzerland or international roaming. They have the option to add these data packages to their monthly plan or purchase an annual consumption package. The most distinctive and costly package is the roaming via Satellite, providing 50 MB of valid data for 365 days while on an airplane or in open waters, at a one-time price of 99.95 CHF/month.

VTX Mobile Subscription with Smartphone

When activating a mobile phone subscription, customers can purchase the latest generation smartphones with a significant discount and pay for them in installments. Currently available phones include the Samsung Galaxy 21, Oppo Find X3 Neo, and iPhone 14 Pro.

VTX SURF: Data-Only Subscriptions for Mobile Internet on the Go

VTX offers various solutions to enable users to browse the internet while on the move, thanks to their partnership with Salt Mobile. The available tariff plans differ to provide each user with the most suitable solution. These data-only subscriptions offer high-speed 4G connectivity throughout Switzerland.

The data-only subscriptions offered by VTX on the market are as follows:

  • SURF 5 GO: This subscription provides 5 GB of mobile data per month at a special price of 5.35 CHF/month instead of 10.75 CHF/month.

  • SURF 50 GO: This data-only offer increases the data allowance to 50 GB and is priced at 12.85 CHF/month instead of 26.85 CHF/month.

  • SURF UNLIMITED: This is VTX's unlimited data offer, available at a discounted monthly rate of CHF 18.25, forever.


All the above subscriptions have a one-time activation fee of 49.00 CHF and a contract duration of 24 months.

VTX Network

VTX Network Coverage

VTX enjoys good network coverage in both the mobile and fiber and DSL internet segments, thanks to its partnerships in the industry. VTX utilizes Salt's 4G, 4G+, and 5G network. Although it does not reach the coverage levels of Swisscom or Sunrise, it covers nearly the entire Swiss population. In the business segment, VTX manages a proprietary network in the canton of Geneva.

VTX Customer Service

VTX prides itself on offering excellent customer service and provides personalized assistance to its clients. They assign a personal consultant to each customer, enabling them to speak with their designated consultant by name every time they contact customer support. To reach customer support, users can use the contact form or call the customer service numbers provided:

[0800 200 200] VTX Hotline for customer support

Customers can use this toll-free contact number to reach VTX customer service. The support team responds promptly, but to expedite the process, it is advisable to have your VTX customer code and ticket number on hand if you have already been in touch with support. Support is available from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM and from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

[0840 111 234] VTX Technical Support

For technical assistance needs, VTX offers remote support through the TeamViewer application, or customers can call the telephone number 0840 111 234, with charges applied by their phone operator. Technical support is available from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM and from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

VTX TV App: Enjoy Streaming TV from VTX

VTX offers free apps on major app stores for customers to enjoy TV wherever they are. You can find the VTX TV app on both Apple's App Store and Google's Play Store for Android devices. Alternatively, you can watch TV through the web app at

Ending a VTX Subscription: How to Avoid Penalties

For VTX subscription cancellation, customers can contact customer service. It is essential to review the terms and conditions of the contract for any penalties or costs associated with early termination that may differ from the current offers.


When planning to terminate a VTX subscription, keep in mind that the current minimum notice period is 3 months. Only after this period can you terminate without incurring penalties, provided the minimum contract duration has been completed.

Comparing VTX Offers

VTX provides promotions and special packages that can be explored on the comparison platform. Remember to compare VTX mobile subscriptions and internet subscriptions with other providers to find the perfect option for your needs.

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compare the offers

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