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Swiss Mobile Plans with Roaming in EU [Comparison 2024]

When planning a trip beyond borders, a natural question that arises is how to stay in touch with friends and family. In this guide, you will find all the roaming rates and packages offered by Swiss operators for Europe.

Roaming UE

Roaming Mobile Subscriptions 

Here, you'll find the best mobile subscriptions with included roaming for use in Europe. To compare all mobile rates with roaming, navigate to the comparison section of and use the "Roaming" filter to find the best subscription for your needs.

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To recap, currently the best mobile subscriptions with included roaming credit are:

  • TalkTalk Mobile L: CHF 16.00/month. Roaming calls: not included. Roaming data: 5 GB.

  • Lebara Swiss L: CHF 25.95/month. Roaming calls: not included. Roaming data: 10 GB.

  • yallo Smart Europe: CHF 27.90/month. Roaming calls: not included. Roaming data: 5 GB.

  • Coop Mobile Classic: CHF 27.90/month. Roaming calls: unlimited minutes. Roaming data: 3.5 GB.

  • SAK Mobile Plus: CHF 29.00/month. Roaming calls: 1000 minutes. Roaming data: 5 GB.

  • iWay Mobile Classic: CHF 29.00/month. Roaming calls: unlimited minutes. Roaming data: 5 GB.

  • Salt Europe Data: CHF 32.95/month. Roaming calls: not included. Roaming data: Unlimited GB.

  • Sunrise Swiss Travel: CHF 34.90/month. Roaming calls: unlimited minutes. Roaming data: Unlimited GB.

  • Swype Europe: CHF 34.95/month. Roaming calls: unlimited minutes. Roaming data: Unlimited GB.

  • M-Budget Mobile MEGA: CHF 39.00/month. Roaming calls: not included. Roaming data: 1 GB.

  • Coop Mobile Europe: CHF 49.90/month. Roaming calls: not included. Roaming data: 1 GB.

  • Swisscom blue Mobile M: CHF 79.90/month. Roaming calls: unlimited minutes. Roaming data: Unlimited GB.


To find the best offer for you, compare all roaming subscriptions now.

Roaming Observatory 2024: Roaming Rates from Swiss Mobile Operators

The team of experts at has gathered information on roaming rates and packages offered by over 20 Swiss operators. They analyzed the data to provide an accurate and impartial roaming comparison that can assist in choosing your mobile operator.


In this section, you'll find various comparisons of roaming rates from Swiss operators grouped by usage type and sorted by the cost of 1 GB of roaming. This aims to help identify the best packages to activate when traveling in Europe. If you wish to receive the complete database with sources and all roaming rates, feel free to contact the team, who can provide advice and materials for independent consultation.

Roaming 1 GB Package

In this initial comparison of roaming packages, you'll find packages with exactly 1 GB of data and at least 12 months of validity. This type of roaming package is ideal for those traveling in Europe, leaving Swiss borders for a maximum of 2 or 3 weekends per year.

1 GB Roaming Data Package

The most economical operator for this type of roaming package is Galaxus Mobile, offering a price of 9.90 CHF, followed by Digital Republic and SAK, both offering a 1 GB roaming package at 10 CHF.

Roaming Package with a Maximum of 10 GB

For those wanting to use roaming data in Europe up to a maximum of 10 GB over 12 months, the following proposals are available. This roaming profile is ideal for those who own a house abroad and spend some weekends during the summer or winter season, with an internet subscription in the second home with Wi-Fi.

Medium Roaming Data Package

The most economical operators are again SAK and Digital Republic, offering 5 GB at the price of 6 CHF/GB. On the third step of the podium is Aldi Suisse Mobile, offering a 3 GB roaming package at the price of 6.63 CHF/GB.

Roaming Package with Over 10 GB

Those who frequently travel in Europe might opt for a mobile subscription with roaming from those listed on this page. However, those who go to Europe for an extended period during the summer holidays might decide to purchase a roaming package with over 10 GB but with limited duration.

 Large roaming data package

In this case, the best roaming packages are offered by yallo and Lebara, allowing you to have 60 GB with monthly expiration at only 0.75 CHF/GB. Close behind is Sunrise with the Travel Data Unlimited, offering 60 GB at 1 CHF/GB. For those looking for a package with a high amount of data but with an annual expiration, TalkTalk offers a plan with 30 GB at the price of 2.33 CHF/GB.

All EU Roaming Packages Compared

All Data Packege analysed.jpg

In summary, the average cost of 1 GB of roaming varies between 0.30 CHF and 25 CHF, depending on your mobile operator and the purchased package. The more GB a roaming package contains, the lower the cost per GB.


Pay-as-you-go roaming rates are not cost-effective, as a high price will be charged for each consumed MB. Considering the MB to GB conversion, you'll need to multiply this rate by a thousand to find the cost per GB. For occasional and infrequent trips, daily roaming packages with a duration of 24 hours from activation can also be considered.


If, on the other hand, you find yourself crossing the border to Europe daily as a commuter, it might be more convenient to purchase a mobile subscription with unlimited roaming. Compare and find the one that suits you best!

Roaming: Definition

Roaming is the capability of a mobile device to connect to a wireless network outside of its telecommunication operator's coverage. Voice roaming allows making and receiving calls when outside the coverage area, while data roaming enables using the internet in areas not covered by the operator, often incurring additional costs.

Usually, when discussing roaming, it refers to international roaming (using networks of foreign telecommunication operators). However, technically, roaming can also be used within Switzerland by utilizing the mobile network coverage of another operator.

How Does Roaming Work Abroad?

Roaming abroad allows a mobile device to connect to wireless networks of foreign operators. When roaming abroad is activated, the device automatically searches for the available network in the visited area. Once connected, you can make calls, send messages, and use data as if you were in your coverage area, with additional charges based on your operator's roaming policy established when signing the new mobile contract.

Worldwide Roaming Zones

When selecting your mobile phone contract, it's always advisable to precisely check which countries are included in the roaming covered by your subscription. Below is the breakdown of the most common roaming zones among Swiss operators:

  • Roaming Zone Europe or Zone 0: Includes all EU member countries and usually the United Kingdom. Overseas territories of France, the UK, and the Netherlands are excluded.

  • Roaming Zone 1: Encompasses popular destinations such as the United States, non-EU European states (e.g., Albania), Commonwealth countries (like South Africa or India), and other major nations like China, Russia, Gulf Arab countries, Japan, and key South American countries.

  • Roaming Zone 2: Includes almost the entire rest of the world, excluding countries in Zone 3.

  • Roaming Zone 3: Encompasses more remote or politically isolated places worldwide, such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Niger, Zimbabwe, and Yemen.

  • Maritime Roaming Zone: Activated whenever traveling by boat beyond 5 nautical miles from the coast. This is the most expensive roaming, and our advice is to disable it unless necessary.

Roaming Rates from Major Swiss Operators

Here is an overview of roaming with major Swiss operators:

Swisscom Roaming

Customers traveling abroad with Swisscom should keep the following in mind:

  • InOne Mobile, blue Mobile M, or blue Mobile L subscribers can use unlimited roaming internet data included in their subscription.

  • Basic Mobile M or blue kids mobile subscribers can use 5 GB and 300 MB of roaming data per month, respectively.

  • Other Swisscom or Swisscom Prepaid subscribers can purchase Swisscom roaming packages valid for 365 days starting from 14.90 CHF for 1 GB.

Sunrise Roaming

For Sunrise Mobile subscribers, various options are available for using the phone abroad:

  • Up Mobile L or XL subscribers have unlimited data roaming in Europe without any extra charges.

  • Sunrise Swiss Neighbours subscribers can use unlimited data roaming in neighboring European countries.

  • With the purchase of Sunrise Travel Day Pass Data, users get access to a limit of 100 MB valid for 24 hours at the price of 1.90 CHF.

  • The Sunrise Travel Data Unlimited Europe package offers 60 GB at high speed valid for 30 days at the price of 59.90 CHF.

  • Sunrise roaming packages with annual validity start from 5.90 CHF for 300 MB.

  • The standard rate per MB consumed in case of non-activation of other Sunrise roaming packages is 3 CHF/MB (i.e., 3000 CHF for each GB in roaming).

Salt Roaming

Salt Mobile subscribers can choose from various options for using their subscription abroad. Salt roaming rates are as follows:

  • Almost all Salt Mobile subscriptions offer some GB to use abroad, except Salt Start Max and Stlt 10 GB.

  • Salt Europe Data, Salt Europe Max, and Salt Travel Max subscriptions offer unlimited roaming in Europe.

  • Annual validity data roaming packages from Salt start from 24.95 CHF for 1.5 GB.

  • For daily use, there is the Europe Data DayPass, allowing the use of 1 GB at high speed for 24 hours at the price of 4.95 CHF.


If you are undecided about the best mobile subscription with roaming, compare them all at!


Frequently Asked Questions About Roaming

When Do I Need Roaming?

Roaming is necessary when you are outside the coverage of your mobile network and want to make calls, send messages, or use mobile data in another geographical area.

How Much Does Roaming in the EU Cost?

Since 2017, roaming in the EU is generally free for calls, messages, and data, thanks to the European Union legislation that eliminated additional costs for mobile services within member states. However, for Swiss subscribers, the cost of data roaming in Europe starts from 0.30 CHF/GB.

How Much Does Roaming in the US Cost?

The costs of roaming in the United States depend on the operator's tariff plan. Some operators offer plans with included roaming services, while others may charge additional fees. It is advisable to check your plan conditions or consult the operator for detailed information.

What Is the Cheapest Roaming Rate?

The most economical roaming rate for using internet data for 24 hours is offered by Swype. The mobile subscription with at least 1 GB in roaming at the lowest price is provided by TalkTalk at 16 CHF per month.

How to Avoid High Roaming Costs?

To avoid roaming costs, we recommend taking the following actions on your subscription:

  • Activate data consumption alerts: Receive an SMS when data is close to depletion.

  • Set up automatic blocking: Avoid consuming roaming data with the standard rate once the threshold included in your subscription is reached.

  • Deactivate automatic renewal: Prevent purchased roaming packages from renewing automatically if not strictly necessary.

Is It Better to Choose a Roaming Package or Buy a Prepaid SIM for Tourists?

The choice between a roaming package and purchasing a prepaid SIM for tourists depends on your needs and the duration of your stay. For a short stay where you want to keep your regular phone number, you might opt for roaming. However, for longer stays and to save on communication costs, it might be convenient to purchase a local prepaid SIM. Also, consider the coverage and service quality offered by the operator in the location where you will be.

Get Informed and Save on Roaming with

Now that you are informed about the roaming packages and rates applied to Swiss mobile subscriptions, you are ready to choose your ideal roaming package. If you found this guide helpful, consider rating it with 5 stars!

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Author: Lapo Zarina

First Published: February 2024

Sources: Wikipedia Roaming page, operator websites (see PDF), and proprietary data processing | WIX Images | Proprietary comparative tables

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