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Swiss Telecom Providers and Mobile Operators: Compare and Find Information on

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Looking for the best broadband deals and mobile plans in Switzerland? is the place to compare Swiss telecom providers and mobile operators to find the perfect solution for your needs.

Swiss Operators Network

Swiss Telecom companies and Internet providers

The Swiss telecommunications market is characterized by strong competition among numerous telecom providers and mobile operators. There are currently more than 20 active operators on the Swiss market, including Swisscom, Sunrise, and Salt, which are the three largest providers.

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Swisscom, the largest telecom provider in Switzerland, holds about 60% of the market share and offers a wide range of services, including internet subscriptions and prepaid plans, as well as fixed-line telephony and TV services. Sunrise and Salt, which represent about 25% and 15% of market share respectively, also offer a variety of services, including internet and TV bundles and mobile deals. In addition to the three major providers, there are also several smaller and newer operators that are trying to gain a share of the market. These operators include Wingo, Yallo, and M-Budget, which offer similar services to the major providers at more competitive prices.

Technologies Offered by Swiss Operators

As for available technologies, internet and mobile services are mainly offered through DSL, fiber optic, 4G, and 5G technologies. Fiber optic coverage is rapidly growing throughout Switzerland, while 5G network is currently only available in some areas of the country.

Swiss Subscription Plans

Swiss providers offer various subscription plans, including no minimum contract internet plans and prepaid mobile plans, as well as business and private customer offers. Additionally, providers often offer special discounts and promotions to attract new customers. Compare them all now on

compare the offers
compare the offers
Internet and Mobile Virtual Operators in Switzerland provides a comprehensive overview of all Swiss operators, and for the major ones, it has created a customized page that you can find by browsing the menu and clicking on "Providers". In these pages, you can find the most important information about all Swiss providers, including an overview of current offers, contact methods for customer support, and other frequently asked questions. Below, we provide a brief description of the other operators available in the Swiss market.

Swiss Mobile Operators: Explore All Available Swiss Mobile Operators

In the following sections, you'll discover the major virtual mobile operators present in the Swiss market and find essential information to better acquaint yourself with these lesser-known service providers as you evaluate them for a new subscription.

Lidl Connect

lidl connect

Lidl Connect Switzerland is a mobile operator introduced by the supermarket chain LIDL, similar to what they've done previously in Germany with Lidl Connect DE. Subscribing to a Lidl Connect plan is ideal for those looking for a budget-friendly mobile provider without overly high signal quality expectations. For those seeking a prepaid plan, Lidl Prepaid might be the perfect offer. Recharge is carried out directly on the website by logging into "Myaccount."



GoMo Mobile is a virtual Swiss mobile operator, not owning its network but utilizing the Salt mobile network. GoMo is a mobile brand that also exists abroad (e.g., in Ireland) and was brought to Switzerland by Salt. One could say that GoMo is actually a part of the Salt Mobile company. The GoMo subscription is one of the most budget-friendly among Swiss mobile operators and doesn't require a long-term commitment. GoMo customers often voice concerns about less-than-optimal internet browsing experiences. Nevertheless, GoMo SIM cards are widely popular among those seeking a low-cost mobile provider.

Aldi Mobile

aldi mobile

Aldi Mobile is a Swiss mobile operator that relies on the Sunrise network. Aldi Mobile offers both Aldi prepaid rates and Aldi Mobile subscription plans, and in both cases, customers appreciate Aldi Mobile Switzerland for its excellent price-to-performance ratio and the customer experience provided by the Aldi support center.

Galaxus Mobile

galaxus mobile

Galaxus Mobile is the Swiss mobile operator of Galaxus, the well-known e-commerce platform. Formerly named Digitec, it changed its name alongside the online shop's rebranding to Galaxus. The Galaxus subscription is excellent for those looking to spend less than 20 CHF per month. While Galaxus Switzerland offers a limited selection of mobile packages, they cater to the needs of entire families.

Mucho Mobile

mucho mobile

Mucho is a Swiss mobile operator born in Geneva in 2010. Since its inception, Mucho Mobile has aimed to be a transparent, cost-effective operator with a focus on quality. To keep costs down, Mucho provides users with a well-equipped and optimized website and a personal area (MyMucho) for independent subscription management. Mucho offers both subscription and prepaid plans, and even Mucho Prepaid operates on the Swisscom network.

Das Abo

das abo

Das Abo is another mobile operator present in Switzerland, operated by Salt. Das Abo specializes in subscription plans and offers three options: Das Abo Swiss, Das Abo Easy, and Das Abo International. In addition to Das Abo's postpaid offerings, there is also a prepaid rate. Das Abo can be purchased in most post offices as well as online. This provider is excellent for those with minimal expectations but are looking for a low-rate plan with a consistent price.



Netvoip is a virtual telephone operator offering VoIP subscriptions for both mobile and landline phones. Netvoip specializes in both prepaid and subscription phone offers and is one of the few providers that offer this type of service for landlines as well.



Seabix is a virtual mobile operator offering both subscription and prepaid mobile rates, complementing its specialized IT and tech services. This operator primarily focuses on the B2B market.

Now that you're more acquainted with the mobile operators in Switzerland, you can proceed directly to comparing their offers to find the one that suits you best!

Swiss Internet Service Providers: Discover All Swiss Internet Service Providers

In the following sections, we provide information about some lesser-known Swiss internet service providers to better inform your decision in case you're considering switching your subscription. These internet providers are listed in descending order of significance.

Green ch


Green is an internet service provider originating from the field of IT. Founded in 1995, Green now offers data center and hosting services for businesses and individuals. Despite very competitive prices, Green is considered a provider of high-quality Swiss internet access. In addition to home internet, Green allows you to manage webmail and other services through your own My login.



Init7 is a high-speed internet service provider that has been awarded as the best in its category by Bilanz for six consecutive years. One of the most interesting Init7 subscriptions is the Init7 25 Gbit per second, which allows for extremely high-speed browsing. Alternatively, if you're looking for an internet service provider with fiber optic connectivity, you can opt for Init7 Easy7 with speeds of 1 Gbps. Init7 has partnered with Zattoo, and currently, Init7 customers can purchase Init7 TV at a promotional price to add to their Init fiber. Init7 is ideal for those seeking speed-tested internet.

GGA Maur

GGA maur

GGA Maur is a Swiss company based in Maur that specializes in providing internet services. GGA Maur Internet offers a comprehensive range of options that can be tailored to meet individual customer needs. In addition to internet connectivity, you can complement your GGA subscription with GGA TV or mobile and fixed-line telephony packages.



WWZ is a historic company based in Zug. Since 1892, it has been offering services to all citizens of the canton, particularly in the energy sector, as well as IT services like webmail WWZ. Thanks to a collaboration with Quickline, WWZ can offer excellent mobile subscriptions, which can be purchased separately or combined with WWZ internet offerings. WWZ is an emerging internet and mobile service provider worth considering.



Ticinocom is an internet service provider based in Ticino, in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland. Customer support from Ticinocom is entirely provided from the central office and is highly rated by customers. Ticinocom's internet subscription offers the possibility to combine it with Ticinocom TV and a discounted Ticinocom mobile subscription (as low as 10 CHF per month).



SolNet is an internet service provider and provider of IT solutions for both individuals and business customers. In this case, you can request a Solnet webmail along with other internet services to interface with a single provider.



Thurcom is an internet service provider based in Wil. Thurcom offers internet and TV subscriptions, as well as Thurcom webmail email boxes, also known as thurweb. The Thurcom internet subscription is of good quality and can be combined with a TV subscription. The list of available channels on Thurcom IPTV includes more than 186 programs, composed of radio channels, digital channels, and HD channels.



Teleking AG has been operating in the home internet market since 2015 and has since been able to offer internet and TV subscriptions suitable for different speeds. The shared experience of various customers is good.

GIB Solutions

gib solutions

GIB solutions AG è un operatore svizzero ibrido che fa nascere la sua offerta dalla connettività internet per poi espandersi su altre soluzioni. Gli abbonamenti gib solution sono di diverso tipo e fascia di prezzo. Gib solution può essere un buon fornitore internet mentre gli abbonamenti gib solutions mobile sono relativamente cari.



InterXs is a Swiss internet provider that boasts excellent customer service with one of the fastest new line activation rates in the market. InterXs subscriptions are suitable for all budget types, from modest to affluent.

Now that you're more familiar with Swiss internet providers, go ahead and compare offers to find the one that suits you best!

The Complete List of Swiss Telecommunications Companies

There are currently more than 30 providers of Internet access and mobile services operating on the Swiss market.

Below is a list of the main Swiss telecommunications providers in order of importance:

  1. Swisscom

  2. Sunrise

  3. Salt

  4. UPC

  5. Wingo

  6. Yallo

  7. Lebara

  8. Lycamobile

  9. Coop Mobile

  10. M-Budget Mobile

  11. Aldi Suisse Mobile

  12. TalkTalk

  13. Lidl Connect


  15. Quickline

  16. Teleboy

  17. Digital Republic

  18. GoMo

  19. SAK

  20. Swype

  21. Zattoo

  22. Das Abo

  23. Mucho Mobile

  24. Init7

  25. Green

  26. Thurcom

  27. Teleking

  28. VTX

  29. Netconnect

  30. interxs

The ranking was created using current public Google search data. To find out the network and offer characteristics, click on the name of the provider you are interested in or use the useful tools provided by in the "For you" section.

Swiss Operators List
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