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Guides from Tips and Information on Internet, TV, and Mobile

Here are the guides written by the editorial team of to help you save money and stay updated on all the latest developments in the Swiss telecommunications industry.

Mobile Telephony Guides

Are you looking for information about the world of mobile telephony? Here you will find our tips on using your mobile phone and how to save money on your mobile subscription.

Swiss Roaming

Learn how roaming works, alternative ways to save, and compare costs charged by various European providers to find out who spends the most.


Several Swiss providers now offer eSIMs (embedded SIM cards) with their mobile subscriptions. Find out which ones are the cheapest and how to install them on your phone.

Contract Termination

If you want to switch mobile providers and don't know where to start, find out what steps to take with the main Swiss providers to avoid additional costs.

wifi calling

Use Wi-Fi to improve the network coverage of your mobile phone and make calls and send SMS.

Call Forwarding

Stay reachable even outside your home by forwarding calls to your mobile phone to avoid missing any calls. Learn the codes to activate call forwarding.

tenendo i telefoni

When deciding to change your subscription, one often hesitates for fear of losing their phone number, which friends and family already have saved in their contacts.

Internet and Landline Telephony Guides

Do you want a faster internet connection or are you looking for tips to save money on your home internet subscription? Read these guides and find out how.

Find out about the features of the internet routers provided by various providers and how to choose the best router and decoder for your needs.

Internet router

Learn the differences between the various internet connections in Switzerland: Compare the features of fiber, cable, DSL, and satellite connections.

Internet Connection

Use the mobile network to create a Wi-Fi network as an alternative to home connections to surf on the go or at home without installing a landline.


Take advantage of VoIP technology to make calls from your home phone via the internet and save on landline telephony.


Received a call from a number with a Swiss area code and want to know the canton of origin or the mobile provider? Find out all Swiss area codes with this guide!

Swiss Area Code
Luce notturna dell'autostrada

Discover in this guide from what the minimum acceptable speed is for browsing the internet, how long it takes to download files ...

Persona sorridente su una telefonata

VoLTE, or Voice over LTE, is becoming increasingly popular on smartphones as it enhances call quality. Learn how it works, its benefits, and how it can save you money.

TV Guides

Swiss television should no longer be a mystery to you. Read these guides to expand your entertainment options with a TV subscription or streaming service.

Find out how to watch television in Switzerland and learn about the best Swiss TV channels in German, French, and Italian.

Televisione svizzera

Did you know that with you can save on over 7 different products? Discover all compared products now. Guides are created to help users find answers to common questions and concerns in one place, making information simple and accessible for free. The texts are structured by reprocessing information available on the web under a creative commons license and adding value by providing timely details on the situation in Switzerland according to popular Swiss operators.


For more in-depth content, you can use the relevant Wikipedia page or refer to the official websites of the providers, which can be found in the individual fact sheets available on

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