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Salt Offers: Compare Salt Mobile and Internet plans

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Salt mobile is one of the three mobile operators that manage the network in Switzerland. The company, based in Renens, Switzerland, was founded in June 1999 and is part of the NJJ Capital Group. Since 2015, it has changed its name, adopting the current brand Salt to replace the previous one (Orange).

The company offers mobile and home internet plans on the market (including TV and landline telephony) and is renowned for the low monthly prices of its subscriptions.


These swiss mobile operators use the Salt network: Lycamobile, Das Abo, VTX, Lidl Connect, GoMo, iWay.

Top Salt deals and subscriptions 

In this section, you can find the current offers from Salt, along with a description of their key features and recommendations from the team at Here are the top Salt offers:

Best Salt Fiber Plan

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Best Salt Mobile Plan

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Best Salt Internet and TV Offer

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Salt Home: Salt Internet, TV, and Landline Offers

Salt is expanding its fixed network coverage across Switzerland with its fiber optic offering. Salt's home internet connection is simplified compared to competitors and stands out with significantly lower prices compared to the other two physical network operators (Swisscom and Sunrise).

Salt also prioritizes customer satisfaction and offers a lifelong permanent discount of 10 CHF per month on the Salt Fiber plans for internet home.

The main features of Salt Home connection offers are:

  • Ultra-Fast Internet: Enjoy a maximum speed of 10 Gbit/s through the fiber optic connection.

  • Salt Internet Box: Free delivery of the 6th generation Salt Fiber Box router with Wi-Fi extender to maximize network performance.

  • No hidden costs, as all costs are communicated during the subscription process.

  • Salt Landline Phone: Unlimited calls within Switzerland from the landline to mobile and landline numbers, without the need to change your existing landline number, with high-definition sound quality.

  • Salt's offer has no contractual obligations.


Included in the subscription is free and unrestricted access to over 260 TV channels available on Salt TV.

The Salt Home offer with Salt TV includes:

  • Free delivery of the Apple TV TV Box with 4K HD playback.

  • 3 months of free subscription to Apple TV+.

  • Simultaneous streaming on 5 different devices.

  • Ability to record 500 programs without time limits.

  • Additional options are available for purchase, such as the 7-day TV replay option for 3.95 CHF per month and the ability to rent on-demand movies.

Salt Home

Salt Internet offers this single option as an internet subscription, encompassing all the features described above. There are no activation fees and no contractual obligations. The monthly price for customers who activate Salt Home with an existing Salt Mobile subscription is 39.95 CHF per month for life, while the list price for all other customers is 49.95 CHF per month.

Salt Mobile Plans

Salt Mobile offers various types of mobile subscriptions and offers designed for different customer profiles: there are mobile internet plans, roaming offers, and prepaid sim cards.

In general, these offers almost always have an excellent price, but it is always better to check the mobile network coverage to ensure that there is a Salt signal in your area and avoid being disconnected.

The key features of Salt mobile deals are as follows:

  • With its proprietary network, Salt provides services relying on its own mobile infrastructure, which means it can also include 5G in its subscriptions, although usage may be somewhat more limited compared to offers based on other Swiss networks.

  • There are data-only offers ideal for browsing on tablets and laptops while on the go. These subscriptions belong to the Surf line.

  • There are prepaid offers ideal for those who prefer no commitments and want total control over their expenses. These SIM cards are part of the PrePay line.

  • The minimum contract duration for all mobile subscriptions is 24 months.


Below are the current Salt mobile offers available in the Swiss market:

Salt Start Max

This Salt offer includes 5GB of high-speed data per month (4G+ and 5G). The monthly cost is permanently discounted to 9.95 CHF, from the original price of 39.95 CHF. It can be the right offer if you don't need to use a lot of data and mainly rely on messaging and emails. The SIM activation fee is 59.95 CHF.

Salt Swiss Max

This Salt Mobile plan provides unlimited usage within Switzerland (calls, SMS, and high-speed data) and offers 1GB of data per month in Europe. It can be the right offer for those who use a lot of data on their smartphones but travel abroad infrequently. The SIM activation fee is 59.95 CHF but is currently discounted to 0 CHF (on Alao). The monthly price is permanently discounted to 23.95 CHF, from the original price of 69.95 CHF.

Salt Europe Data

With this Salt subscription, users can freely browse the internet both domestically and in the EU, as everything is unlimited. It can be the right offer for those who use a lot of data on their smartphones and frequently travel abroad. The SIM activation fee is 59.95 CHF. The monthly price is permanently discounted to 24.95 CHF, from the original price of 89.95 CHF.

Salt Europe Max

This mobile offer provides the freedom to browse in Switzerland and abroad, make calls and send SMS within Switzerland, as well as unlimited calls and SMS from Switzerland to abroad and within the country you are in (in the EU). It can be the right choice for individuals who have frequent business contacts with people residing within the European community. The SIM activation cost is 59.95 CHF, but it is currently discounted to 0 CHF (on Alao). The monthly price is 31.95 CHF permanently discounted from the original price of 79.95 CHF per month.

Salt Travel Max

This mobile plan guarantees unlimited usage in Switzerland and Europe, and also allows for 10 hours per month of calls to selected countries outside the EU. It can be the right choice for individuals residing in Switzerland who have family, friends, or relatives in a foreign country outside of Europe. The SIM activation cost is 59.95 CHF, but it is currently discounted to 0 CHF (on Alao). The monthly price is 49.95 CHF permanently discounted from the original price of 99.95 CHF per month.

Salt Mobile Surf Unlimited

This offer from Salt includes unlimited data (CH) for users who want to set up a stable WLAN network in their apartment or second home in the mountains where fiber installation is not available, by inserting the SIM card into an LTE router. It is also suitable for users who prefer to stay connected with their work laptop or tablet even when away from home Wi-Fi. The maximum download speed is limited to 256 Kbit/s if the monthly consumption exceeds 500 GB. It is subject to Salt mobile network coverage. The monthly cost is 35 CHF permanently, currently discounted by 50% for life, and there is a SIM activation cost of 59.90 CHF.

Salt Mobile Surf 50GB

This Salt deal includes 50 GB of data within Switzerland. There are no limits on the maximum speed, and the offer automatically stops if you travel abroad or exhaust the available data. Again, this is subject to mobile network coverage. The monthly cost is 24.95 CHF permanently, and there is a SIM activation cost of 59.90 CHF.

Salt Mobile Surf 5GB

This Salt plan includes 5GB of data (CH) to be used every month. This package is ideal for connected devices that do not require high bandwidth performance, such as wearables (e.g., smartwatches) or other IoT devices like Smart Homes. It even allows for SMS usage at a consumption cost of 0.49/SMS, making it ideal for home security systems. The monthly cost is 9.95 CHF forever, with a SIM activation cost of 59.90 CHF.

Salt Mobile PrePay

Salt has recently made prepaid offers available to provide a package with no constraints for users who do not want to be billed a fixed monthly cost or be bound by an annual contract. The prepaid SIM card can be ordered directly on the Salt website at no cost and includes a welcome credit of 10 CHF.


Salt Prepaid SIM cards can be used with the following rates:

  • National calls at a cost of 0.49 CHF per call, regardless of minutes (with a maximum limit of 60 minutes);

  • Calls from and to abroad are billed per minute, depending on the country in question. Roaming data packages also depend on the usage zone and start at 24.95 CHF for 1.5GB in Europe;

  • Individually paid SMS at 0.12 CHF;

  • Internet data consumption is possible by purchasing one of the following packages: 100MB for 3 CHF, 500MB for 9 CHF, 1GB for 15 CHF.

Salt Mobile deals with Smartphone and other Devices (PC, Smartwatch, Tablet, Gaming Console, and Smartphone)

Salt offers its customers attractive and heavily discounted deals when they already have a mobile subscription. For example, customers with an active Swiss Max subscription can receive a PlayStation 5 with 825GB of memory for free, saving 629 CHF (market price). Other exclusive offers are related to mobile phones, where customers can get the latest iPhone models for free when activating a premium subscription concurrently. The same applies to devices from other brands like Samsung, Oppo, and Xiaomi, or Lenovo tablets or MacBook Air laptops.

By activating a Surf-only mobile data subscription, customers can receive free Huawei Mobile Wi-Fi devices to utilize the shared hotspot of their offer on multiple connected devices simultaneously.

Salt Netwok
Salt Experience: Reviews, Personal Area, and Useful Information

Salt is one of the few Swiss providers to manage its own mobile network, making it a reliable provider. As of the end of 2022, Salt had approximately 1.4 million customers in the mobile segment and over 150,000 for home internet.

Which network does Salt use?

Salt uses its own mobile network to offer connectivity services to its customers. Salt Mobile boasts a robust 4G network, providing coverage to over 90% of the population. Salt also offers 5G, although this network is still in its early stages. Additionally, for Salt Fiber customers, Salt relies on locally managed fiber optic networks.

Salt 4G network coverage 

My Salt is the personal space where you can manage your Salt subscription. By visiting, you can access your Salt Mobile and Salt Home customer account, find your Salt bills to pay and those already paid, manage your offer, find answers to frequently asked questions, and much more.

To go to Salt Login, visit the website and enter your registration email address and your personal password. If this is your first time accessing, you will need to create your Salt account by providing your customer details, entering your email address, and creating a new password.

How to Check Your Salt Credit?

To check your mobile Salt credit, you can visit the page or call the number #121#.

Making a Salt Mobile credit top-up can be done directly online or through the purchase of Salt Prepay vouchers.

If you are unsure whether the Salt network is right for you, you can check network coverage on the network map or perform a Salt Speedtest in the "For You" section of our website. If you are still unsure whether Salt's offer is the best way to save money, visit's comparison pages and choose your new provider in just a few clicks.

Salt Customer Service: Customer Support Contacts

If you have questions, Salt Mobile's customer service is available to its subscribers to resolve any doubts that may arise. To contact a Salt representative, you can use the toll-free number 0800 700 700 or use the contact form provided on the official website in the HELP section.

[0800 700 700] Salt hotline: The toll-free Salt support number

For speaking with a Salt representative, the best choice is undoubtedly through the Salt hotline. This phone line can be reached for free by calling 0800 700 700. This hotline is free for Salt customers calling from Switzerland and is open from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 20:00. On Saturdays, customer service is open from 9:00 to 18:00. From abroad, the Salt customer service can be reached at +41 78 700 70 00. However, this hotline is not free, and you will incur the cost of a call made while in roaming.

By calling the free Salt number, you can activate your SIM card purchased online.

How to speak with a Salt representative?

To speak with a Salt customer service representative, you can call the toll-free number 0800 700 700 from your Salt number while in Switzerland. Online reviews of customer service seem sufficient, and user requests are usually resolved quickly.

Managing Your Salt Subscription: Getting the Most Out of It

When spending a long time with a service provider, you may need to deal with various subscription management situations, and this also applies to Salt Mobile. One of the common scenarios is Salt cancellation or managing overdue bills for your Salt Home subscription. Other specific situations may arise when traveling abroad for work or tourism and needing to use your Salt subscription on your mobile. In all these cases, it's important to keep in mind the essential procedures and not panic.

How to Pay Salt Bills?

To view the bills to be paid for your Salt subscription, simply log in to My Salt in the "MY ACCOUNT" section. If you have a PostFinance account or an account with a Swiss bank, you can also use eBill by signing up for the service.

To pay the Salt bill, you can use TWINT, VISA, Mastercard, Diners Club, Samsung Pay, Postcard, Postfinance, E-finance, and Samsung Pay. Alternatively, you can also set up your E-Banking account as a payment method: Choose the eBill method and select "Salt Mobile SA Rue du Caudray 4" from the list of bill issuers. Another payment option is to make a transfer following the instructions on the QR code found in the PDF invoice document issued by Salt.

Can I Use Salt Mobile Abroad?

When traveling abroad, you can use your Salt Mobile subscription by purchasing add-ons or using the minutes, SMS, or data included in your subscription (if specified at the time of subscription). With Salt Mobile's roaming management, you can set and modify monthly usage limits while roaming without worrying about exceeding caps and having to pay a hefty bill at the end of the month. However, this feature is not available for Salt Mobile Prepay customers.

Compare Salt with Other Providers

Salt can offer a wide variety of mobile tariffs and internet plans that you can look at in our dedicated sections. Remember, you can compare Salt and all the other Swiss Telco Providers easily in order to activate the perfect offer for your specific needs.

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compare the offers

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