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eSIMs for Switzerland: Compare the Best Prepaid eSIMs [2024] provides a comprehensive overview of the best eSIMs to use in Switzerland, dedicated to tourists or digital nomads offering internet data without requiring identity registration.



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airalo pilatus mobile 1 gb .jpg
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airalo eurolink 1 gb.jpg
yoho mobile 1 gb.jpg
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esim4travel 5 gb.jpg
easysim 3 gb.jpg
airalo pilatus mobile 3 gb .jpg
iRoamly 5 gb.jpg
airalo eurolink 3 gb.jpg
easysim 5 gb.jpg
airalo pilatus mobile 5 gb.jpg
instabridge 10 gb.jpg
esim4travel 10 gb .jpg
iRoamly 10 gb.jpg
airalo eurolink 5 gb.jpg
easysim 10 gb.jpg
gigsky 5 gb.jpg
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airalo pilatus mobile 10 gb.jpg
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airalo eurolink 10 gb.jpg
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Looking for a Swiss eSIM that also includes calls and SMS? Visit the Swiss prepaid SIM comparison section and get a free SIM with a 10 CHF top-up.

Who are the eSIM providers for Switzerland?

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The main eSIM providers for tourists in Switzerland are:

  • Airalo

  • easySIM

  • Holafly

  • Nomad

  • Maya Mobile

  • Instabridge

  • iRoamly

  • GigSky

  • eSIM4Travel

  • Yoho Mobile

  • Esimatic

Switzerland eSIMs: What's the most cost-effective eSIM on the market?

Below are the updated rankings of the best eSIMs for use in Switzerland, classified according to the most common profiles on the market.

Best Switzerland eSIM 1 GB for 7 days

This is the updated ranking of the best eSIMs for Switzerland offering 1 GB valid for at least 7 days:

  1. eSIM4Travel 1 GB at 1.50 $

  2. Instabridge Local 1 GB at 2.50 $

  3. Airalo Pilatus Mobile 1 GB at 4.50 $

Best Switzerland eSIM 5 GB for 30 days

This is the updated ranking of the best eSIMs for Switzerland offering 5 GB valid for at least one week:

  1. eSIM4Travel 5 GB at 8.85 $

  2. iRoamly Total 5 GB at 10.50 $

  3. easySIM 5 GB at 13.00 $

Best Switzerland eSIM 10 GB for 30 days

This is the updated ranking of the best eSIMs for Switzerland offering 10 GB valid for at least one month:

  1. Instabridge Local 10 GB at 14.00 $

  2. eSIM4Travel 10 GB at 15.96 $

  3. easySIM 10 GB at 20.00 $

Best Switzerland eSIM with Unlimited Data

This is the updated ranking of the best eSIMs for Switzerland offering unlimited data for at least 7 days:

  1. iRoamly Unlimited for 7 days at 23.00 $

  2. Yoho Mobile Unlimited for 7 days at 26.00 $

  3. Holafly for 7 days at 27.00 €

Best Switzerland 5G eSIM

This is the updated ranking of the best eSIMs for Switzerland offering at least 1 GB on 5G:

  1. easySIM with 1 GB on 5G Sunrise network at 4.50 $

  2. Esimatic with 1 GB on 5G Swisscom network at 4.99 $

  3. Holafly with unlimited GB for one day on 5G Salt network at 6.00 €

If you want to return to the eSIM comparison for Switzerland, click the button below and easily find the right one for your needs.

How to Choose a Swiss eSIM

When choosing your eSIM, it's important to keep in mind some criteria that could help in finding the best eSIM for your connectivity needs.

I criteri di scelta per una eSIM in ordine di importanza sono:

  • Price: The main criterion for saving on Swiss eSIMs is definitely the price and more precisely the price per GB or per day of use in the case of eSIMs with unlimited data.

  • Expiry: eSIMs are temporary tariffs with an expiry date already agreed upon at the time of purchase. Purchasing an eSIM that is valid for the duration of your stay in Switzerland can help you choose the one that will save you the most money.

  • Mobile network: In Switzerland, mobile network coverage is provided by the networks of 3 operators (Sunrise, Swisscom and Salt). Each offers different services in different areas and it is therefore important to select the best network with the help of a map such as the one on

  • Data speed: Download speed is an important factor for anyone who connects to the network and wants to use messaging apps or social networks. Having the ability to connect to 5G ensures faster network speeds.

  • Hotspot: Not all eSIMs allow data sharing with other devices, if you only need mobile internet on your main device you have no problem, otherwise you should avoid those that do not give this option.

  • Smartphone app: In some cases eSIM providers allow management directly via iOS and Google Android apps, in other cases you will have to use the provider's website.

  • Support channels: Some eSIM providers offer support in several languages, while others only in English; some allow you to contact support via chat or app, others only via email, check these conditions to avoid being isolated abroad without technical support to help you.

  • Discounts and promotions: If available, you can use our discount code to apply directly in your shopping cart to receive an additional discount

By keeping these selection criteria in mind, you can autonomously choose your next eSIM.

How to Use the eSIM Comparison Tool on

The online comparison of eSIMs for Switzerland on allows you to quickly identify the best Virtual SIMs to activate. The comparison is completely free to use.


In many cases, the eSIMs available on are exclusively available through online activation. Such solutions usually offer more advantageous economic conditions than traditional tariffs available in-store or through other physical channels, often presenting additional welcome bonuses or exclusive promotional discounts.


In the comparison, you'll find eSIMs from providers that collaborate directly or indirectly with the portal. Swiss eSIMs included in the comparison display various tariff features and are ordered by ascending price, showing the most affordable eSIMs at the top. If some eSIMs are sponsored by providers or third parties, they are clearly marked as "Premium."


Click here for more information and to delve into how the comparison tool works.

eSIM Providers Reviews

To assist in choosing the best eSIM for Switzerland, has created concise profiles where you can find all the information and reviews of the most renowned eSIM providers.

Airalo: The Global Coverage eSIM Operator

Airalo is arguably the largest eSIM provider globally. Founded in 2019, Airalo has garnered over 10 million users who have purchased an Airalo eSIM in over 200 covered countries.


Key features of Airalo eSIMs:

  • Price: From $4.50 to $38.00

  • Plan Duration: 7 to 30 days

  • Mobile Coverage: Salt Mobile LTE network

  • Reviews: Trustpilot score of 2.3/5.0

  • App: App Store rating of 4.7/5.0

  • Support Contacts: In-app ChatBot in English

Activate an affordable Airalo eSIM for over 200 destinations worldwide.

easySIM: The eSIMs by easyJet for Frequent Travelers

easySIM is the eSIM brand managed by the easy group, which also owns brands like easyHotel and easyJet. The focus on easySIMs strengthened post-Brexit as roaming became a challenging reality for UK citizens traveling in Europe.


Key features of easySIM eSIMs:

  • Price: From $4.50 to $38.00

  • Plan Duration: 7 to 30 days

  • Mobile Coverage: Sunrise 5G network

  • Reviews: score of 4.7/5.0

  • App: Not available

  • Support Contacts: Website ChatBot in English

Get an easySIM eSIM and browse at maximum speed.

GigSky: The eSIM with Free Trial

GigSky is an eSIM pioneer and known as Apple's first eSIM partner. Based in Silicon Valley, GigSky offers connectivity solutions, including inflight and offshore. A notable feature of GigSky is the ability to get 100 MB for free to test the eSIM before purchasing.


Key features of GigSky eSIMs:

  • Price: From $0 to $37.99

  • Plan Duration: 7 to 30 days

  • Mobile Coverage: Salt Mobile LTE network

  • Trustpilot: Score of 2.9/5.0

  • App: App Store rating of 4.6/5.0

  • Support Contacts: Via email, ticket, or phone number +44 (0)203 608 0394

Activate the free trial on GigSky now.

Holafly: eSIM with Unlimited Data and Premium Customer Support

Holafly is a historic eSIM provider, launching its service in 2017 with offices on three continents. With coverage in over 160 destinations, Holafly stands out for its exceptionally high-quality customer support.


Key features of Holafly eSIMs:

  • Price: From €6.00 to €69.00

  • Plan Duration: 1 to 30 days

  • Mobile Coverage: Salt Mobile 5G network

  • Reviews: Trustpilot score of 4.6/5.0

  • App: App Store rating of 3.8/5.0

  • Support Contacts: WhatsApp or in-app chat in your local language

Now that you're more familiar with eSIM providers, you can return to the comparison and identify the best eSIM for Switzerland.

Frequently Asked Questions about eSIMs in Switzerland

What is the best eSIM for Switzerland?

The most economical eSIM for 1 GB is eSIM4Travel at $1.50, the best eSIM for unlimited data for a week is iRoamly at $23, and the best Swiss eSIM for 1 GB also usable in Europe is easySIM at $4.50. However, Airalo and Holafly are also excellent eSIM options for Switzerland.

What are the advantages of using an eSIM for data in Switzerland?

Using an eSIM in Switzerland offers many advantages for tourists:

  • Immediate connection: Purchase the eSIM before departure, activate mobile data upon arrival, and the data plan will be ready and connected.

  • Zero bureaucracy: No waiting for ID recognition or postal delivery; the eSIM is available for activation within minutes.

  • Cost-effective: eSIMs often provide a more economical alternative to high roaming data costs from mobile operators.

Who are prepaid eSIMs suitable for?

Prepaid eSIMs are perfect for tourists and occasional travelers spending less than 30 days in Switzerland. For longer stays, prepaid SIM cards or mobile subscriptions without commitments can be considered.

Are Swiss eSIMs suitable for browsing the internet?

Certainly, prepaid eSIMs offer tourists an economical option to stay connected to the internet and use their main messaging and mapping apps. Some eSIMs even allow internet data sharing via mobile hotspots. It's advisable to check usage conditions before purchasing to determine the most suitable eSIM for your needs.

What are the alternatives to using eSIMs in Switzerland?

To connect to the internet in Switzerland without purchasing an eSIM, several options exist:

  • Activate a Swiss roaming package with your mobile operator.

  • Purchase a prepaid SIM card from a Swiss operator upon arrival.

  • Use free or paid public Wi-Fi available on trains, stations, and restaurants.

  • Rent a portable internet router with a data subscription included.

How do I know if my phone is compatible with an eSIM?

To know all the smartphone and smartwatch models compatible with eSIMs, you can read the eSIM guide on

How much does an eSIM for Switzerland cost?

An eSIM for Switzerland costs from $1.50 to $85. The price depends on the chosen provider, the number of included GB, and the number of days it will be active.

Is a passport required to activate an eSIM in Switzerland?

No, a passport is not required to activate a prepaid eSIM without a phone number that offers mobile data. Unlike traditional prepaid SIM cards, no identity recognition (KYC) is necessary for eSIM activation. Therefore, eSIMs can be activated within minutes of online purchase.

When should I activate the eSIM?

Once the eSIM is registered following the procedure shared via email after purchase, it will not be active yet. To activate it, simply connect to the mobile network in Swiss territory by turning on mobile data after your arrival.

Further Insights on eSIMs for Switzerland

If you've reached this point, you're ready to activate your new eSIM for Switzerland and start saving. Click the button to return to the comparison of the best eSIMs.

Alternatively, if you're looking for more information to make an informed decision about your new eSIM, use the following free tools provided by

  • CoMobile network coverage: Use this map to check if your new eSIM has good reception in your area of interest or identify an alternative mobile network and activate an eSIM that relies on those antennas.

  • Mobile Telephony Guides: Read guides to find answers to the most common questions about Swiss mobile telephony, including eSIMs.

  • Mobile Telephony Glossary: Read the main definitions of the telecommunications world to understand the conditions imposed by your new eSIM provider..

Autore: Lapo Zarina

First Publication: May 2024

Sources: Official websites of cited eSIM providers | WIX Images, Partner Logos, and Proprietary Icons

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