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Digital Republic: Data and Mobile Phone Plans

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Digital Republic AG is a virtual mobile operator in the Swiss market. With its offerings, it provides mobile internet services and telephony across Switzerland. Founded in 2016 with the aim of delivering high-quality connectivity at competitive prices, Digital Republic stands out for its reliable network and innovative solutions to meet the communication needs of both private and business customers. Digital Republic's mission can be described in three adjectives: free, fair, and progressive.

Digital Republic Plans: Best Deals of the Moment

Digital Republic offers a wide range of mobile plans and data internet offers to cater to the diverse needs of customers in Switzerland. From plans for occasional consumers to solutions for heavy data users, Digital Republic provides competitive rates and flexible options to ensure an optimal connectivity experience on the go.


In this section, you can find the current offers from Digital Republic with a description of the key features of the promotions and tips on choosing from Below, we present the best subscriptions from Digital Republic:

The Best Mobile Offer from Digital Republic

digital Flat 10 + voice option.jpg
digital Flat 300 + voice option.jpg
digital republic Flat 0.4 + voice option .jpg

The Best Data Only Deal from Digital Republic

digital Flat 0.4.jpg
digital republic Flat 10.jpg
digital republic Flat 300.jpg

Digital Republic Mobile: All Current Mobile Deals

Digital Republic offers mobile telephony deals with flexible and transparent rates to meet the needs of all its customers. Digital Republic's mobile subscriptions offer a wide range of choices for creating a personalized package, including outgoing calls and messages, as well as the desired internet speed for unlimited data. Thanks to direct network agreements with Sunrise, Digital Republic provides its customers with reliable coverage at a very affordable price.


The features of Digital Republic's Swiss unlimited mobile Plans are as follows:

  • Includes 5G: Access to the 5G network is always included in all subscriptions, although the browsing speed depends on coverage, your device, and the activated plan.

  • 1-Month Free Trial: New customers have the opportunity to access a commitment-free trial at no cost, both for SIM and eSIM (starting from September 2023).

  • Free Activation: The activation cost is 0 CHF for all Digital Republic subscriptions.

  • Number Portability: The portability of your phone number is free both for incoming and outgoing transfers.

  • Optional Additional SIM: You can request an additional SIM for your smartwatch for just 4 CHF/month.

  • No Minimum Contract Duration: All Digital Republic mobile offers have no contractual obligations, and there is no minimum notice period.


Currently, Digital Republic does not offer prepaid SIM card deals or mobile subscriptions with included phones.

Digital Republic Flat: Mobile Subscriptions with Unlimited Internet

Here are the mobile offers from Digital Republic Flat available on the Swiss market:

  • Digital Republic Flat 0.4: Unlimited internet, maximum speed at 0.4 Mbps, 4 CHF/month.

  • Digital Republic Flat 10: Unlimited internet, maximum speed at 10 Mbps, 10 CHF/month.

  • Digital Republic Flat 50: Unlimited internet, maximum speed at 50 Mbps, 20 CHF/month.

  • Digital Republic Flat 300: Unlimited internet, maximum speed at 300 Mbps, 30 CHF/month.

  • Digital Republic Flat 2000: Unlimited internet, maximum speed at 2 Gbps, 40 CHF/month.


All these Digital Republic offers are data plans without included calls, designed for those who need internet data to browse online while on the move. These offers are ideal for digital nomads who need to work anywhere or for those looking for an IoT connectivity solution.

Digital Republic Voice Option: Unlimited Minutes and SMS on Your Digital Republic Subscription

If you're looking for a Swiss SIM card for internet use and also for calling and messaging friends, you can simply add the Digital Republic Voice Option for just 10 CHF/month to get unlimited minutes and SMS included in your subscription. Remember that in any case, incoming calls and SMS are already included at no extra charge.


Still not convinced that Digital Republic is the right provider for your mobile telephony? Compare all the offers on the comparison platform and find the right one for you!

Digital Republic Roaming

Your Digital Republic subscription can be easily used abroad. To do so, simply purchase roaming packages for the different regions you intend to visit directly in your personal area. Prices for these packages start at 10 CHF for 1 GB of data.

Digital Republic Home Internet Hotspot

If you're looking for an alternative for your home internet connection, you should know that Digital Republic does not offer fiber or cable internet subscriptions. However, it's possible to use the Flat 300 in 5G subscription as a valid alternative to a fixed connection. By inserting this Digital Republic SIM card into a 5G router like the one from ACER (with which Digital Republic has an active partnership), you can enjoy a year of high-speed unlimited internet suitable for gaming and streaming for only 579 CHF instead of 859 CHF, saving over 33% and without entering into contractual commitments.

Digital Republic Reviews
Digital Republic Customer Service

Digital Republic Reviews

Thanks to a solid and cutting-edge network, Digital Republic customers can enjoy a stable and high-quality connection in both urban and rural areas. Prices are very affordable, and the absence of contractual obligations or notice periods makes this operator one of the best in the market.

Recently, Digital Republic was awarded by Bilanz magazine as the best Swiss mobile operator of 2023 in the categories of innovation, pricing, and support.

On Which Network Does Digital Republic Rely?

Digital Republic relies on the network of a reliable partner, Sunrise, which ensures extensive coverage throughout Switzerland.

You can check Sunrise network coverage through the mobile coverage map on, where you can see the extent of the 4G and 5G network coverage used by Digital Republic customers.

How to Activate the Digital Republic SIM and Manage the Subscription

Whatever you need to do, Digital Republic provides a dedicated portal where you can manage your subscription. Visit the following address,, enter your email and password, and manage your subscription with just a few clicks.


If it's your first access, you'll need to follow the registration process: to create your Digital Republic account, all you need to do is enter a valid email address and set a password.

Digital Republic Payment Methods

To pay for your Digital Republic subscription, you have various payment methods available: credit cards (Mastercard or Visa), PostFinance, and soon Twint will also be available. To deactivate automatic payment or change the payment method, you can manage your data through your registered account on the Digital Republic customer portal.

Digital Republic Internet Speed

Digital Republic subscriptions are set to have a maximum upload and download speed consistent with the chosen plan. You can modify the limits by selecting a new subscription in your personal area. If you want to know the actual speed, it's a good idea to use a speed test like the one created by

Digital Republic Customer Service: Support Contacts

Digital Republic provides its customers with dedicated customer service for support and assistance. You can contact Digital Republic's customer service via the phone number +41 44 500 49 55. The customer service team is available to answer questions and help customers with their communication needs. The customer service opening hours are from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm and on Saturday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Digital Republic Customer Portal: Login and Issue Resolution

By visiting the Digital Republic customer portal ( and logging into your account, you can independently resolve the majority of common issues. You can also request a callback directly from your personal area.

Canceling the Digital Republic Subscription

Canceling your Digital Republic subscription is very easy and can be done directly in your personal area on the customer portal. Once logged in, you can deactivate automatic renewal at any time, which means your subscription will be deactivated at the end of the billing period. For your peace of mind, we recommend checking with your operator for more information on the Subscription cancellation process.

Compare Digital Republic with Other Operators

Digital Republic can offer a wide variety of mobile subscriptions, ranging from those without commitments to data-only plans. To make sure a Digital Republic subscription is right for you, you can compare it for free with all other Swiss providers through the comparison platform and be sure to save money and time before proceeding with activation.

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compare the offers

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