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Zattoo Switzerland: Zattoo TV and Zattoo Home Plans Comparison

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Zattoo is an internet TV service provider and is considered a pioneer among television and streaming companies. Founded in 2005, this Zurich-based company first made a name for itself by streaming the opening match of the 2006 FIFA World Cup live for the first time in world history. Since then, the customer base has steadily grown, with 250 employees and millions of monthly users today. Since 2012, in addition to its B2C offering, Zattoo has been offering its streaming services to some of the leading Swiss Internet operators, who use the Zattoo TV platform to offer internet and TV subscriptions to their customers. Zattoo is present not only in Switzerland but also in Germany and Austria with its offering. 

Finally, Zattoo places great importance on the climate impact, which is why its data center is powered exclusively by renewable energy from a wind farm, making streaming sustainable.

Best Deals and Subscriptions from Zattoo

In this section, you can discover Zattoo's current offers, complete with a description of their key features and guidance on selection by the team.

The Best Zattoo TV subscriptions

Below, we present the top Zattoo subscriptions: Here, you'll find both Zattoo TV offerings available in Switzerland, which you can activate for free with a one-month trial included:

zattoo Premium.jpg
zattoo Ultimate.jpg

The Best Zattoo Internet and TV subscription

Zattoo Home.jpg

Zattoo TV Subscriptions: Price, Features, Channels, and Useful Information 

Zattoo promises to simplify television. Television anytime, anywhere, on any device. As a channel-independent TV streaming platform, Zattoo aggregates the television offerings from affiliated media groups into one platform. Users only need one account to access live programs from consolidated TV broadcasters and niche channels. In addition to the 3 predefined TV packages by Zattoo, users can add extra options for thematic channels (e.g., sports, movies, TV series) or to watch channels from other countries in their original language.

Users typically choose a Zattoo Swiss TV subscription for the following key features:

Zattoo TV Channels: Over 300 channels to choose from on Zattoo, many of which are broadcasted in high definition or even Full HD.

Zattoo Contract Terms: No contractual obligations; every month, you can decide to renew or cancel your TV subscription.

Zattoo App: Zattoo's application is user-friendly and available on any type of device and platform.

Included Zattoo Features: Replay-TV, Pause, On Demand, and Skip TV Ads are all included features with Zattoo subscriptions.

• Zattoo TV Box: No need to purchase or install any decoder to watch Zattoo TV; all you need is an internet connection and a connected device.

• Zattoo Abroad: Ability to watch your recordings even when abroad. For live TV, you'll need to check certain limitations mentioned below.

• Zattoo Free: 30 days of free trial before activating any subscription, with no contractual renewal obligations. Therefore, you can try Zattoo TV first and then decide whether to renew your subscription.

Zattoo Activation: No activation fee to subscribe to Zattoo TV; you only pay the monthly renewal fee.

Here are the main Zattoo TV packages currently available:

Zattoo Ultimate: The Most Comprehensive Zattoo TV Subscription

The Zattoo Ultimate subscription stands out with various advantages over other package types. It can be considered the ideal solution for any TV enthusiast. After a free 30-day trial, the package costs 20 CHF/month and can be canceled on a monthly basis. Alternatively, you can also activate the annual subscription available for 200 CHF, which is 16.66 CHF/month, saving you just under 20% on your Zattoo subscription, including 2 months for free.


The main benefits and features you will find with the Zattoo Ultimate offer are:

  • Recording function with 2000 included recordings available once you log in to your personal Zattoo account.

  • 7 days of Replay TV to rewatch your favorite programs even after they have aired.

  • Pause Live function to not miss a moment of your favorite shows.

  • Up to 4 simultaneous streaming users with the same Zattoo account.

  • Included Zattoo Mobile App to watch your shows on the go and outside your home.

  • Extensive selection of movies, documentaries, and TV series On-Demand.

  • Broadcasting of programs in Full-HD (if available) for superior image quality.

Zattoo Premium: The Best-Selling Zattoo TV Plan

This subscription is a reduced version of Zattoo Ultimate. With Zattoo Premium, you still get most of Zattoo's features at a slightly lower price: the monthly price is 12 CHF/month. A free trial month with no commitments is always offered, after which you can decide whether to block automatic renewal without cancellation fees.


The main features of the Zattoo Premium subscription include:

  • 322 TV channels, with 237 broadcast in HD via IPTV.

  • 1000 allowed TV recordings on your personal Zattoo account.

  • 7 days of Replay TV.

  • Pause Live function.

  • Included Zattoo Mobile App.

  • Up to 2 simultaneous streaming users with family sharing of the Zattoo account.

Zattoo Free: The Promotion to Get Zattoo TV for Free

This Zattoo promotional offer allows users to use the web app version of Zattoo from any device for free. You simply need to register on the official website and select the channel you want to watch. This Zattoo TV offer does not include most of the features described above and limits the use of Smart TVs to only 10 hours per month. However, the number of channels is high, as you have access to over 200 TV channels.


Update 2023: Starting from October, this offer no longer appears in Zattoo offer listings, but it is still possible to sign up for a free trial month to experience the best of Zattoo entertainment. Activate Zattoo for free today by selecting one of the TV subscriptions at this link and registering without initial costs.

Additional Zattoo Packages: Options to Watch Your Favorite Programs 

Once you've activated one of the offers described above, you have the freedom to enhance your TV experience with additional packages that can be activated on a self-service basis. The best part is that you can activate and deactivate individual packages every month without any constraints.


The available additional TV packages are as follows:

  • Zattoo Plus Entertainment: 11 channels of entertainment, documentaries, and sports in HD quality. The package costs 10.90 CHF per month with 30 days free trial.

  • Sky Sport: 9 sports-themed channels (from F1 to tennis, football, and sports news) for enjoying live events. The price is 24.90 CHF per month, and it also allows access to the SKY app.

  • Sky Show: 9 additional channels with the best TV series, documentaries, and films from Sky. Among the channels are Sky comedy, Sky Atlantic, and Sky Cinema, accessible through the mobile app. The price is 19.90 CHF per month.

  • Fernsehen mit Herz: 3 additional channels available for just 5.90 CHF more per month. The TV channels include Romance TV, Heimatkanal, and Goldstar TV.

  • Recordings Plus: an expansion package for your available recordings on the Zattoo account. Get 250 additional recordings for only 3.00 CHF per month.

  • GoldStar TV: watch the TV channel of the stars and access additional content like interviews and concerts for just 3.90 CHF per month.

  • WAIDWERK: this package is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. For only 4.90 CHF per month, you get hunting programs on demand, nature documentaries, and insights on fishing and birdwatching.

  • Erotic: the adult package providing access to Hustler TV and Private TV for only 19.90 CHF per month. Access is only available via the browser, and users must be of legal age.

International Channels on Zattoo TV: TV in Original Language for Expats

Zattoo allows you to add some channels from other European countries, enabling foreign citizens residing in Switzerland to continue watching content produced in their own language. All these packages come with a one-month free trial.


The international channels available in Switzerland through Zattoo TV are as follows:

  • Polish TV: 4 channels of Polish TV broadcast live, including TVP Polonia and TVN, for only 9.90 CHF per month.

  • Turkish TV: 15 channels of Turkish TV broadcast live, including CNN Turk and HABERTürk, at the monthly price of 7.90 CHF.

  • Croatian TV: 6 channels of Croatian TV broadcast live, including HRT 1, CMC TV, and DM sat, at the cost of 1.90 CHF per month.

  • Portuguese TV: 6 Portuguese TV channels broadcast live, including RTP International, Record news, and TVI, for a monthly fee of 8.90 CHF.

  • PINK (Serbian TV): 10 channels of Serbian TV from PINK, including PINK film, PINK Plus, and PINK Serije, at the price of 15.00 CHF per month.

Zattoo Home: Zattoo Internet and TV Subscription

In collaboration with Init7, Zattoo has been offering an Internet TV plan in Switzerland since September 2023, combining the best of Init7's fiber optic connection with Zattoo TV entertainment.


Here are the key features of the Zattoo Home subscription:

  • Zattoo Fiber: The Zattoo Home subscription is only available over fiber optic, so to know the coverage, you need to check if your address is covered by Swiss Fiber Optics.

  • Activation Fee: To activate a new Zattoo Home internet line, you will pay a one-time activation fee of 77 CHF.

  • Zattoo Internet Speed: The speed of the fiber optic internet connection is 1 Gbps.

  • Zattoo Internet Router: With a new Zattoo Internet subscription, you will receive a self-installable Fritz!box 5530 router to connect to your home network.

  • TV Package Features: By activating Zattoo Home, you will have the Zattoo Ultimate TV package included in the price, valued at 20 CHF/month.

  • Zattoo Home Price: The monthly cost of the subscription is 63 CHF/month.


The Zattoo Home Internet offer is available subject to availability at your address. Check availability directly on this page or compare Zattoo Home with other Internet and TV offers in comparison.

How much does Zattoo cost in Switzerland?

In summary, Zattoo offers the following TV plans in Switzerland:

  • Zattoo Ultimate: 20 CHF/month forever, free activation, and a 30-day free trial.

  • Zattoo Premium: 12 CHF/month forever, free activation, 30-day free trial with some feature limitations.

  • Zattoo HOME: Internet and TV package at 63 CHF/month with an activation fee of 77 CHF and a 12-month commitment.

How Does Zattoo TV Work?

Zattoo TV is a TV subscription available in Switzerland that involves the transmission of live channel signals over the internet, known as IPTV. Unlike satellite or cable signals, the receiver displays an input signal that passes through your home or mobile internet subscription, depending on the device you are using.

Can I Use My Zattoo Subscription While Abroad?

Zattoo is currently available in Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. If you travel outside of these regions, you can still use your account by activating a Virtual Private Network (VPN), which allows you to appear to the Zattoo server as if you were still at home.


For Swiss subscribers, unlike the Premium or Ultimate subscriptions subscribed to in Germany and Austria, there is the possibility to access your recordings anywhere in the world. However, you will not be able to use the live TV, replay, or on-demand features without using a VPN.

What Channels Can I Watch in Switzerland with Zattoo TV?

Here are some of the main TV channels available with a Zattoo TV subscription in Switzerland:

  • RTL

  • VOX

  • BBC Two

  • ITV

  • CNN HD

  • BBC News

  • S4C

  • SRF 1

  • SRF Zwei

  • SRF info

  • 3+

  • 4+

  • Tele Zuri

  • Swiss 1

  • ORF 1

  • DMax

  • Comedy Central Schweiz

  • CNBC

  • RSI

  • Plus over 200 other channels in HD or UHD, depending on your subscription.

Zattoo Switzerland: Reviews, Customer Service, App, and Other Useful Information

Zattoo Quality: How Good is the TV Signal Transmission?

Television comes to life with live shows and sports events. With Zattoo, the time delay on most devices is now only 10 seconds. Zattoo users are thus much closer to the live experience compared to many others: you won't hear your neighbor celebrating a goal before you see it!

In general, the reviews for Zattoo are very high when looking at comments on various forums related to IPTV and Swiss TV, thanks to the quality of the offering and TV signal.

Zattoo App: The Zattoo Application for Mobile and Smart TVs

In addition to our smartphone apps and the web player accessible through the browser, Zattoo also offers numerous apps for Smart TVs and streaming devices. These include Samsung TV, Panasonic TV, LG TV, Android TV, Google Chromecast, Apple TV, Nvidia Shield, and Xbox One.


Furthermore, with the mobile apps, you can also access the On-Demand Media Library, where you'll find a constantly growing and changing selection of interesting documentaries, reports, and blockbusters.


Moreover, thanks to parallel streaming, you can enjoy different shows simultaneously, without having to argue about what to watch on TV.


Remember that the Zattoo TV app is available on all major stores: Amazon Appstore, Apple Store, Google Play Store, and Microsoft Store.

Zattoo Login: How to Access Your Zattoo Account

To log in to your Zattoo account, visit the following page on the Zattoo website: and use the username and password you set up during your initial login.


For some time now, you can also use your Facebook, Google, or Amazon account to access your Zattoo account without having to remember an additional password.

Zattoo Subscription Payment Methods

Zattoo accepts the following payment methods: Post Finance, Visa, Mastercard, and Paypal.

Please note that for a Zattoo TV subscription, you'll need to make the payment in advance compared to the billing period, but you can cancel the renewal at any time.

Zattoo Customer Support: How to Get Assistance

Zattoo provides excellent customer support. To contact the support team, you have two options: send an email or start a chat. In any case, Zattoo has a well-stocked FAQ section on their website, where you can search for articles by entering keywords or scrolling through the entire section.


For instant assistance, it's better to use the chat channel available in your personal area or on the official website. By opening the chat module, you can start writing your question and receive a response from the Zattoo bot, which will connect you with a human team member if needed.


In the case of email, you can proceed to send a request, specifying initially whether it's a general contact request or a request related to your subscription. After that, you fill in the various fields to describe your problem and direct it to the appropriate office. Usually, you will receive a response within a maximum of 2 business days.

Zattoo Free Customer Service Number

Currently, Zattoo does not have a customer service number for its TV subscriptions. However, for Zattoo Home subscribers, it is possible to contact Init7 for technical support on the product.

Cancellation of Zattoo Subscription: How to End Your Subscription

Zattoo TV subscriptions do not have contractual obligations and can be canceled at any time. When you decide to cancel the automatic renewal, your account will remain active with the package purchased previously until the end of the billing period. Additionally, the Zattoo Free account remains active, and you can continue using the account with the limitations described in the Zattoo subscription section.


To proceed with the cancellation of the subscription, you need to identify the channel through which you activated the account. Below, we provide instructions for the most common cases.

Cancellation of Zattoo Subscription through Zattoo Shop

You can cancel your subscription within 48 hours before the automatic renewal by following these steps:

  • Log in to your Zattoo account via the web by going to the appropriate section.

  • Click on "Settings"

  • Click on "Manage my account"

  • Go to the "Subscriptions" section and select the subscription you want to cancel.

  • Click on "Cancel Subscription" and confirm the action.

Cancellation of Zattoo Subscription through Apple App

If you purchased the Zattoo subscription on your iPad or iPhone by directly downloading the App from the Apple Store, follow these instructions:

  • Open the App Settings.

  • Click on your name.

  • Click on "Subscriptions".

  • Click on "Zattoo".

Click on "Cancel Subscription" and confirm the operation.

Cancellation of Zattoo Subscription through Google Play App

If you purchased the Zattoo subscription on your Android device by directly downloading the App from the Google Play Store, follow these instructions by opening your Zattoo app:

  • Go to "My Account".

  • Select your subscription.

  • Click on "Change".

  • You will be redirected to your Google Play account.

  • Delete and confirm your cancellation.

Cancellation of Zattoo Subscription through Salt

If you purchased the Zattoo subscription within a Salt plan, you will need to unsubscribe directly within your Salt account, accessible via the web on the official website.

Cancellation of Zattoo Subscription through SKY

If you purchased the Zattoo subscription within a SKY TV package in Switzerland, you must cancel directly with SKY. If you need support, you can write an email to the address

What's Better Than Zattoo?

Zattoo offers promotions and special packages that can be great for most users but may not be suitable for others. You can easily compare Zattoo plans with those of Yallo, Teleboy, SAK, iWay, and many others using a comparison tool.

Try it now: Compare, activate, and save on!

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For more information, please visit the Zattoo website.

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