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Swype: Comparison of swype Mobile Subscriptions

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Swype is the revolutionary telecommunications operator that allows for a fully digital subscription management based on the branded swype smartphone application. Initially launched in September 2020 as a new offering under the yallo brand (part of the Sunrise AG group) named yallo swype, it aimed to provide a 100% digital customer experience. After about a year, the yallo swype offering ceased to exist, and Swype evolved into an independent entity while remaining part of the Sunrise group.

Best swype subscriptions Compared

In this section, you can explore Swype mobile offers with a description of their key features and recommendations from the editorial team. Below are the top swype subscriptions:

The Best Swype Mobile Offer

swype Swiss
swype Europe

The Best Data Only Deal from

swype Surf

swype mobile: Contract-free mobile subscriptions by swype

Swype is a mobile brand based on a fully digital offering and controlled by Sunrise. The positioning of swype mobile subscriptions ensures a 100% digital, highly transparent, and always unlimited customer experience. Mobile coverage in Switzerland is guaranteed through the extensive presence of Sunrise antennas across Switzerland, providing high-speed 4G and 5G in all subscriptions available on the market.

Key features of swype subscriptions include:

  • Unlimited Rates: Depending on the chosen package, you can get a completely unlimited subscription in Switzerland or even in Europe.

  • Ultra-Fast 5G Subscription: With swype, you can navigate at maximum speed anywhere with over 99.9% coverage.

  • Included Mobile App: Use the Swype smartphone app to independently manage all requests, invoices, and queries about your swype subscription.

  • Lifetime Price: The monthly cost of the swype subscription remains unchanged forever or as long as you remain a customer of this operator.

  • Flexible Subscription: The mobile contract with swype has no constraints and can be terminated or modified at any time.

  • eSIM Ready: When subscribing to a swype plan, you can choose to receive a physical SIM card at home for free or opt for a Swiss eSIM sent via email directly to your phone.

  • Zero Initial Costs: For all new swype customers, there is no activation cost, allowing you to switch to swype for free at any time.


Below are the swype mobile subscriptions currently available on the Swiss telephone market:

Swype Swiss: Unlimited and all-inclusive swype subscription for Switzerland

The swype Swiss subscription is the perfect offer for those who want everything without any limits: unlimited SMS, calls, and internet data throughout Switzerland for only 19.95 CHF/month. Activation is free, and there are no contractual constraints.

Swype Surf: swype subscription for mobile data only in 5G

For those who want a data-only SIM for unlimited browsing throughout Switzerland, both at home and on the go, swype Surf offers the solution. The swype Surf subscription offers unlimited 5G data, no constraints, and free activation for only 14.95 CHF/month.

Swype International: The Swype option for international calls

Swype offers the possibility to enhance subscriptions with two types of options to enable customers to communicate beyond the Swiss border.

Currently, the swype booster options available are:

  • Swype International: With this Swype package, you get unlimited calls from Switzerland to Europe and other locations such as the USA, Canada, and the United Kingdom for 2 CHF per day. Swype International is valid for 24 hours, and renewal is automatic, but it can be easily inhibited through the app. Included calls are both to landline and mobile numbers, excluding special numbers.

  • Swype Roaming: The Swype Roaming package is for using your Swype subscription abroad. By paying 3 CHF per day, you can get unlimited internet while roaming in 41 countries worldwide and unlimited calls within the 41 countries and to Switzerland.

If you are looking for a subscription with included roaming, you can view all subscriptions on our comparison portal or explore the Swype Europe subscription.

Swype Europe: The Swype subscription with included roaming

Swype Europe is the perfect subscription for those who want to use their mobile phone unlimitedly both in Switzerland and when abroad. In addition to unlimited internet in Switzerland, calls, SMS, and MMS are unlimited, and this Swype subscription also includes unlimited roaming in 41 countries. The price of Swype Europe is 34.95 CHF/month forever.

Remember that with Swype, you always have unlimited 5G data, but to use this network, you also need to be in an area with 5G coverage from Sunrise; otherwise, you will continue to surf at the maximum available speed between 4G and 3G.

Swype Reviews: The swype mobile experience

The experience with swype is completely digital, and customers are usually satisfied with the flexibility offered by this operator. In fact, Swype is the best swiss mobile operator in the 2023 internet-ranking as the best provider of digital customer experience on the Swiss mobile telephony market.

Which Network Does Swype Use?

The swype network is based on Sunrise antennas. This means that Swype uses one of the best networks in Switzerland, and Swype's coverage can reach more than 99% of the population with 4G and 5G signals. The maximum surfing speed with a Swype subscription is 2 Gbit/s.

Swype 5G: How does Swype's 5G connection work?

Swype offers Swype 5G network coverage throughout Switzerland and allows surfing with 4G+ in areas without antennas of the latest generation. The maximum speed of the Swype subscription is 2 Gbit/s with 5G active and 300 Mbit/s in download and 150 Mbit/s in upload with LTE reception. This means that you can rely on these SIM cards if you are looking for a data connection that can also be used for streaming TV and music.

Swype Support Contacts and Frequently Asked Questions

Swype customer support is entirely digital, consistent with its positioning. A Swype customer can get in touch with customer support for any questions through a chat or a contact form. Currently, Swype does not have a hotline, either free or paid.

Swype Contact: How to receive support with the chat

You can contact Swype customer service through the virtual chat, where you can talk to an operator during the following opening hours: Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Outside of these hours, a virtual consultant is available 24/7, capable of answering most questions. The chatbot can eventually transfer unanswered questions or, upon explicit request, directly hand over the case to the first available human operator.

Is Swype Free?

Swype offers mobile subscriptions that can be activated and terminated at any time without additional costs. Occasionally, Swype offers one month free to new customers. However, this promotion is limited in time, and the conditions for accessing it must be checked when subscribing to a new contract directly on the operator's website.

Is Swype Prepaid?

No, Swype offers mobile subscriptions. Swype subscriptions do not have minimum duration constraints like prepaid plans, but the contract is that of a mobile subscription, so you will need to provide a payment method to pay the Swype bills.

Swype accepts three payment methods, and you can select the one you prefer: you can pay by Visa or Mastercard credit card or opt for your TWINT account.

Swype Subscription Cancellation

To proceed with Swype subscription cancellation or remove specific options, you can proceed at any time using your Swype app. After logging in with your access details, you need to select the "Number Settings (gear icon)" of your phone number.

At that point, the subscription will be deactivated at the end of the paid period and will not be automatically renewed. You can always reactivate the subscription at any time.

What you need to know before cancelling your mobile contract with swype

Reminder: After the automatic renewal cancellation, the number will be considered inactive. After 18 months of consecutive inactivity, the numbers are automatically deactivated and cannot be reactivated.

Activating the swype Subscription

Activating the swype subscription is very simple. Here are the 5 steps to follow:

  1. Create a swype account and order your free SIM card from the official website.

  2. Verify your identity through the app by registering a document and taking a selfie for biometric recognition.

  3. Add a payment method. It can be a credit card or your TWINT account.

  4. Activate your SIM card that you will receive at your home by scanning the QR code and following the instructions.

  5. Start browsing unlimitedly with the free trial month and decide for yourself how long you want to remain a swype customer without any commitment or hidden costs.

Swype App Account

Once registered on the swype website, you can access your account from the app or the web. This allows you to manage your bills, activate additional tariffs or options, and possibly terminate your subscription. Any technical needs will be easily managed within your account, including call blocking, managing the PIN/PUK code of the SIM, or managing voicemail.

Transferring a Number to a swype SIM

To keep your current number when switching to swype, you need to indicate this requirement during the registration process. The number transfer can be done for free if you don't have any active commitments or termination notices with your current operator.


Our advice is to check in advance with your current operator for any commitments or reservations to avoid paying penalties as these costs could be quite high.

Activating swype eSIM

Activating a swype eSIM is quite simple. The switch to an eSIM is free, but you need to check if your device supports this technology. If you are in doubt, check the Swiss eSIM guide prepared by


If you are sure you want to proceed, simply go to the Swype app, to the "Settings (gear icon)" > SIM > "Switch to eSIM" menu. Then, follow the other instructions to install the eSIM profile.

Compare swype with Other Mobile Operators

Swype offers a wide range of mobile telephony offers that you can find in our dedicated sections. Remember, you can easily compare swype and all the other Swiss mobile operators to activate the perfect offer for your specific needs.

compare the offers

compare the offers

For more information, please visit the swype website.

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