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Best Streaming Platforms in Switzerland in 2024

Discover the best streaming services available in Switzerland for watching movies, TV series, documentaries, and sports.


Compare the top Switzerland streaming platforms now and find the best deal to activate for enjoying your favorite content.

Streaming Swiss

The advent of the first streaming platforms has revolutionized entertainment consumption for the whole family: movies, TV series, shows, and Swiss and international sports events have never been so accessible. While traditional television was the preferred option before, today millions of Swiss prefer to watch episodes of their favorite series or games of their beloved team directly on their mobile device, tablet, or PC.


The astonishing success of Netflix in recent years has prompted other companies to offer an ever-increasing array of streaming services. This is how platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and Paramount+ made their debut in the market, even bringing in tech giants like Apple with its Apple TV+. Not to forget are free online TV platforms like Play Suisse and Blue TV.

Given the current offering, Swiss users have the embarrassment of choice. In this article, compares the costs, technical features, and on-demand content of the best streaming platforms in Switzerland, providing assistance to those who are currently seeking the right platform for viewing their favorite

Best Paid Streaming Platforms

Best Paid Streaming Platforms

Let's begin with a detailed overview of the paid streaming platforms available in the Swiss market. The list includes Prime Video, Disney Plus, Netflix, Paramount Plus, and Apple TV+.

prime video.jpg


  • Up to 3 devices

  • 30-day free trial

  • 6000+ content

Video Quality

  • 4K / Full HD

Audio Languages

  • IT, EN

Monthly price:  from 8.99€

disney plus logo.jpg


  • Up to 4 devices

  • 2300+ content

Video Quality

  • Ultra HD

Audio Languages

  • DE, FR, IT, EN

Monthly price: from 7.90 CHF

netflix logo.jpg


  • Up to 4 devices

  • 7000+ content

Video Quality

  • 4K / Full HD (Premium)

Audio Languages

  • DE, FR, IT, EN

Monthly price:  from 11.90 CHF

Apple TV.jpg


  • Up to 6 devices

  • 7-day free trial

  • 150+ content

Video Quality

  • Full HD

Audio Languages

  • DE, FR, IT, EN

Monthly price:  from 10.90 CHF

sky swiss.jpg


  • Up to 2 devices

  • 7-day free trial

Video Quality

  • 4K / Full HD

Audio Languages

  • DE, FR, IT, EN

Monthly price:  from 14.90 CHF

my sport logo.jpg


  • 1 device

  • 1 month free

  • 14 live channels

Video Quality

  • HD

Audio Languages

  • DE, FR

Monthly price:  from 29.90 CHF

Blue tv swisscom.png


  • Up to 2 devices

  • Cinema, TV Series & Sport

Video Quality

  • HD

Audio Languages

  • DE, FR, IT, EN

Monthly price:  from 19.90 CHF

Prime Video

Prime Video Swiss

Prime Video is the streaming platform managed by Amazon, the largest US e-commerce site. Worldwide, the service has gained warm success comparable to that of Netflix or Disney Plus, but in Switzerland, due to a more limited offering compared to other countries, it has not yet found the same success.


Among the titles offered by Prime Video in Switzerland, the greatest success has been found in Amazon Original series produced by Amazon Studios, including "The Boys" and "The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power."

Prime Video: How much does Amazon Prime cost in Switzerland?

To access Prime Video Switzerland services, you need an Amazon Prime subscription, which is priced at CHF 9.99 per month. With the subscription you have access to the entire Amazon Prime world including Amazon Prime Music, fast delivery and the streaming part. The service can be tested with a seven-day trial period.

A small ploy to save a little on this type of subscription is to be able to take out an Amazon Prime subscription in a neighboring country such as Germany, France or Italy where, respectively, for only EUR 8.99, EUR 6.99 or EUR 4.99 per month you will have access to the same content. Moreover, in this case the free trial period is extended to 30 days.


You can cancel the subscription at any time without penalty by continuing to use it until the end of the billing cycle.


In addition, by purchasing an Amazon Prime subscription you will be able to get additional Amazon benefits, which include free shipping and fast delivery on thousands of items for sale on Amazon's marketplace.

Streaming Features of Prime Video: Audio, Video, and Content

To subscribe to the platform, you will need to activate an Amazon Prime account, and you will have access to additional Amazon services, including Amazon Music and Prime Video. For Swiss customers, there are currently no territorial limits on registration, so it is also possible to join the Amazon Prime program in one of the neighboring countries, thus accessing a more extensive catalog but with language limitations.


To subscribe to Amazon Prime, simply log in with your Amazon account and request access to the trial period by entering a valid payment method, after which you can start using Prime Video and streaming your favorite content.

The renewal of Amazon Prime is always automatic, both for a monthly and an annual subscription. Still, you can cancel at any time online by going to your Amazon personal profile and, in the subscription section, select the "Do not extend" option in the settings. This will cancel your Amazon Prime Video subscription, and you will not pay anything more.

Blue TV

Blue tv swisscom.png

Blue TV è la piattaforma streaming offerta da Swisscom, la società leader di telecomunicazioni svizzera, in modalità IPTV. Da settembre 2020 la piattaforma cambia nome che passa da Swisscom TV a Blue TV e nello stesso mese viene lanciata anche la nuova App per guardare i programmi offerti in palinsesto sia su Smart TV che su TV-BOX offerti dai concorrenti come Sunrise o Salt.


Dal 2021 viene integrata anche blue Play, la nuova mediateca da cui poter attingere per scegliere cosa guardare in TV senza costi aggiuntivi. La libreria di contenuti si completa di migliaia di serie, film e programmi per bambini. Nella Svizzera italia ci saranno oltre 3.000 titoli, nella Svizzera francese più di 5.000 titoli e nella Svizzera tedesca fino a 10.000.


Tra serie TV più amate presenti in piattaforma troviamo The North Water, la produzione originale BBC più grande di sempre, Blacklist ed è pure integrato l’accesso diretto ai contenuti di Play Suisse della SRG SSR. Oltre a questo sarà incluso anche lo sport in diretta con la possibilità di messa in pausa per non perdersi alcun goal o scene di ammonizioni o espulsioni grazie al palinsesto completo di blue Sport.

Subscription, Renewal, and Cancellation of Prime Video

To subscribe to the platform, you will need to activate an Amazon Prime account, and you will have access to additional Amazon services, including Amazon Music and Prime Video. For Swiss customers, there are currently no territorial limits on registration, so it is also possible to join the Amazon Prime program in one of the neighboring countries, thus accessing a more extensive catalog but with language limitations.


To subscribe to Amazon Prime, simply log in with your Amazon account and request access to the trial period by entering a valid payment method, after which you can start using Prime Video and streaming your favorite content.

The renewal of Amazon Prime is always automatic, both for a monthly and an annual subscription. Still, you can cancel at any time online by going to your Amazon personal profile and, in the subscription section, select the "Do not extend" option in the settings. This will cancel your Amazon Prime Video subscription, and you will not pay anything more.

Amazon Prime Video Customer Support: Contacts Switzerland

To resolve issues related to your Amazon Prime subscription, you can take action independently by searching for the topic in the help section on the official website, where you may also start a chat with a virtual operator if you don't find the answer to your question.


Disney plus Swiss

Disney Plus is the streaming platform launched by The Walt Disney Company, bringing an on-demand catalog of TV series, cartoons, documentaries, and films from the Hollywood company's production houses. This platform landed in Switzerland in March 2020.


The Disney+ universe gathers entertainment content from the following labels, sometimes even featuring exclusive originals for this streaming platform:

  • Pixar: The renowned animation studio famous for many cartoons, including Minions, Soul, Toy Story, and other animated masterpieces suitable for the whole family.

  • Marvel Studios: The Marvel superhero world containing the Avengers saga and the TV series Loki.

  • Disney Channel: Known for famous TV series among teenagers, such as Hannah Montana, High School Musical, and The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.

  • 21st Century Fox: With beloved animated series worldwide, including The Simpsons and epic productions like Avatar.

  • National Geographic: Producer of the most beautiful nature, historical, and scientific documentaries.

  • Star Wars: George Lucas's universe with various trilogies and the new series The Mandalorian.

  • Star: The new brand of entertainment content on the platform, featuring absolute novelties like Big Sky or cult classics like Grey’s Anatomy.

Funzioni disponibili su blue TV

Con blue TV hai accesso a diverse funzionalità per goderti al massimo i tuoi contenuti TV preferiti.


Le funzioni principali che troverai attivando il servizio di streaming di Blue TV sono:

  • Parental Control: per attivare la protezione minori e far godere un intrattenimento di qualità adatto a tutta la famiglia.

  • Assistente Vocale: per utilizzare il tuo telecomando attraverso la tua voce.

  • Galleria media: riproduci foto, film e musica (ma anche le stazioni radio prefirite) su un unico dispositivo.

Cloud Gaming: utilizza il Blue TV box come se fosse la tua nuova consolle di videogiochi accedendo a oltre 250 titoli videoludici. 

Blue TV plus: iscrizione e rinnovo

Se non si è clienti Swisscom si potranno utilizzare i pacchetti blue Entertainment gratuitamente seguendo queste istruzioni: 

  • Visita il sito ufficiale

  • Clicca su “Ordina ora”

  • Imposta il tuo login

  • Ordina il pacchetto gratuito TV Air free

  • Scarica l’app blue TV sul tuo dispositivo e inizia a guardare

Se sei un cliente Swisscom e vuoi attivare il pacchetto blue+ puoi farlo congiuntamente ad un abbonamento internet e TV oppure in un secondo momento. Attivare l’offerta blue Premium permette a tutti i nuovi clienti di godere del pacchetto gratuitamente per 30 giorni dalla data di attivazione per poi costare 19.90 CHF/mese con addebito diretto in fattura e durata di contratto minima di 6 mesi. Per blue Sport invece il prezzo mensile è di 34.90 CHF/mese e la durata minima del contratto è di 12 mesi.


Per disdire l’abbonamento Blue TV basta visitare l’area personale con un termine di preavviso di 1 mese dalla data di comunicazione.

Assistenza clienti blue TV: contatti supporto

Disney Plus Subscription: How much does it cost to subscribe to Disney Plus in Switzerland?

To use Disney Plus you pay a fixed monthly fee to watch unlimited movies, documentaries, and TV series. Prices for Disney subscriptions start at 7.90 CHF/month and change depending on the resolution and number of devices connected at the same time and the presence or absence of advertising.


Disney Plus subscriptions available in Switzerland are as follows:

  • Disney+ Standard with advertising: 7.90 CHF/month, 2 devices at a time and signal transmission in Full HD (1040 px), advertising present

  • Disney+ Standard: 12.90 CHF per month, 2 devices connected at the same time and signal transmission in Full HD (1040 px), no advertising

  • Disney+ Premium: 27.90 CHF per month, up to 4 devices connected and signal transmitted in Ultra-HD (2080 px), no advertising

Streaming Features Available on Disney Plus

Disney Plus's streaming entertainment is available on most internet-connected devices: mobile phones, tablets, smart TVs, PCs, video game consoles, as well as Chromecast and Fire TV Stick. The app is not available on the Swisscom BlueTV system.


Account and Multi-User Viewing:

The account can be associated with up to 10 devices, and content can be viewed on a maximum of 4 screens simultaneously. Additionally, up to 7 personal profiles can be created in the profile, where you can set up the Parental Control function to prevent younger viewers from encountering age-inappropriate content.


Group Watch:

A unique feature of Disney is this function created to allow you to watch any of the proposed content simultaneously with your friends and family (up to 6 people), even if they are at a distance. You can also download content for offline viewing.


Image Quality:

Disney sets itself apart by offering content with HDR and 4K Full HD resolution to all subscribers without differentiation or the need for a premium subscription.

Per ricevere assistenza per il tuo servizio streaming blue TV o blue plus utilizza una delle seguenti modalità:

  • visita la sezione del sito di contatto andando su  e trova in autonomia le risposte di cui hai bisogno

  • programma una chiamata di ricontatto direttamente sul sito ufficiale di swisscom

  • avvia una chat live con un operatore Swisscom

Disney Plus Switzerland: Registration, Renewal, and Payment Methods

To subscribe to Disney Plus, you can proceed by navigating directly to the official platform's website or purchase a prepaid gift card at the supermarket, where you'll find a code to redeem on the page to activate your account.


Once subscribed, you need to enter a digital payment method to enable automatic renewal. Accepted circuits include major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, as well as PayPal. You can also proceed by purchasing Disney Plus Cards regularly at supermarkets or major electronics chains and topping up your account each time.


To deactivate the renewal on Disney Plus, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Disney+ account via PC or using a mobile browser.

  2. Select the Profile button.

  3. Select Account.

  4. Choose your Disney+ subscription in the Subscription section.

  5. Select Cancel subscription.

  6. At the end of the process, you will be asked for the reason for cancellation, and if you want, you can leave a message.


This way, you will have canceled your Disney+ subscription.

Disney Plus Customer Support: Disney+ Switzerland Contact Information

To contact Disney Plus Switzerland support, you can proceed with one of the following methods:

  • Live Chat: Visit and start a chat.

  • Phone Number: Call 0800 5765 5765.

  • Email: Send an email to


Netflix Swiss

Netflix is the world's largest provider of video streaming content, boasting over 238 million subscribers globally. The California-based company was founded in 1997, but it's in recent years that it has emerged as one of the top global companies for both streaming services and television productions. It debuted with the world's first streaming service in 2008, became available on major mobile devices and consoles in 2010, and achieved global coverage on all continents by 2016.


The Netflix service is fully localized, providing original language content with subtitles and dubbing available in more than twenty languages. Accessing Netflix services allows you to enjoy original TV series that are launched simultaneously worldwide, with new season episodes available immediately, making it the perfect platform for binge-watching.


On the Swiss Netflix platform, you'll find over 7,000 on-demand contents to choose from. Some of the most beloved original Netflix TV series in Switzerland include Stranger Things, One Piece, Dark, The Crown, La Casa di Carta, Black Mirror, Squid Game, The Watcher, and Lucifer.


In Switzerland, you can add Netflix to your Sunrise Internet and TV subscription or Swisscom subscription through dedicated offers.

Netflix Subscription: How much does it cost to subscribe to Netflix in Switzerland?

To use Netflix, you pay a fixed monthly amount to watch movies, documentaries, and TV series without limits. Netflix subscription prices start from 11.90 CHF/month and vary depending on the resolution and the number of connected devices simultaneously.


The available Netflix subscriptions in Switzerland are as follows:

  • Netflix Basic: 11.90 CHF per month, 1 device at a time, and HD signal transmission (720 px).

  • Netflix Standard: 18.90 CHF per month, 2 devices connected simultaneously, and Full HD signal transmission (1040 px).

  • Netflix Premium: 24.90 CHF per month, up to 4 connected devices, and signal transmitted in Ultra-HD (2080 px).


In Switzerland, Netflix does not offer any trial subscriptions or the basic plan with advertisements.

Streaming Features Available on Netflix

Netflix offers various types of subscriptions with different features depending on the price you are willing to pay.


Netflix Application: The Netflix app is available on virtually all platforms. You can find it in the app store of your device (iOS App Store, Android Play Store, or the stores of Smart TVs or Microsoft for PCs). If your device does not support the available application, remember that you can always use Netflix online by going to the official website and logging in.


Netflix Image Quality: Netflix always provides the best possible definition compatible with your subscription and available bandwidth. Content is produced to be always viewable in high definition and sometimes even in Ultra HD 4K.


Netflix Account: Once logged into the Netflix application, you can set up your user profile to personalize the content suggested by the platform's algorithm. The more you use your profile, the better the suggestions you will receive on the home screen. For higher-level accounts, you can share the subscription with more than one profile to allow simultaneous viewing by multiple users, up to a maximum of 4.

Netflix Switzerland: Registration, Renewal, and Payment Methods

To sign up for Netflix in Switzerland, simply go to the platform's website in the "signup" section or start the registration process from the application. After that, you need to create an account by entering your email address and password, select the plan that best suits your needs, and enter a payment method, and you're done.


Currently, Netflix does not offer a free trial subscription. Once registered and the first payment made, renewal will be automatic on the payment method set in your profile. If you want to cancel the Netflix subscription, you can stop the automatic renewal at any time by continuing to access the profile until the end of the billing cycle.


The currently accepted payment methods for Netflix are: credit or debit cards (American Express, Mastercard, and Visa), PayPal, or direct debit to the invoice if subscribed through partner companies (e.g., Sunrise or Swisscom).

Netflix Switzerland Customer Support: Contact Information

To contact Netflix Switzerland support, there are two procedures depending on whether you are already a customer or not:

  • If you are a Netflix subscriber:

    • Access the Netflix application and click on My Netflix at the bottom right.

    • Click on More, then Help.

    • Click on the Call or Chat button.

  • If you are not a Netflix subscriber:

    • Download the application and click on Help at the top right.

    • Click on the Call or Chat button.


Activate your Netflix Premium account with a discounted Sunrise Internet subscription and get a 100 CHF bonus.


Paramount plus Swiss

Paramount+ (pronounced Paramount Plus) is the newly launched TV streaming platform managed by the Hollywood production house Paramount Global through the Paramount Streaming division. The global launch of the platform took place in March 2021 following the 2019 merger between Viacom and CBS Corporation.


The content on the platform comes from various brands within the group. It includes films and series from Paramount Pictures, children's animation from Nickelodeon, and original content from Bet and CBS. CBS, in particular, independently launched a Star Trek TV series on its Australian streaming platform in 2015. Other successful titles include Mission Impossible, Terminator, and SpongeBob. In the last year, it has presented the Transformers saga as exclusive content.

Paramount+ Subscription: How much does it cost to subscribe to Paramount Plus in Switzerland?

The Paramount Plus subscription available in Switzerland costs 12 CHF/month or 120 CHF/year for an annual subscription. In Switzerland, you can also take advantage of a 7-day free trial of the Paramount streaming service. At the end of these 7 days, the user can decide whether to continue with monthly or annual renewal.

Streaming Features Available on Paramount Plus

Multiple profiles on a single platform: In the Paramount Plus account, you can add up to 6 personal profiles for simultaneous use to receive personalized suggestions based on viewing habits. For each profile, the Kids Protection function is available, requiring a PIN code to protect younger audiences from age-inappropriate content.


The Paramount Plus app is available on major app stores, although it's worth noting that it's not 100% compatible with all Android TVs. However, it can be found on the Apple TV box, Apple and Android mobile devices, and the latest generation TVs from Samsung, Philips, TLC, and Sony.


For now, the major issue with Paramount Switzerland is the language of its content. Currently, on most titles, both audio and subtitles are only available in English and German. Similarly, the site is not available in Italian and French, and there is no information on when these languages will be implemented

Paramount Plus: Registration and Renewal

Registering for Paramount Plus is quite simple and requires providing name, address, and credit card information. In no time, you have your account, which can be monthly or annually (with just over a 10% discount).


To cancel the subscription, the app must be installed on your device. Once confirmed, here's how to proceed:

  • Open the settings.

  • Select Users and Accounts.

  • Select your Account.

  • Select Subscriptions.

  • Select Paramount+.

  • Click Cancel subscription.


This way, you can stop the automatic renewal without the need to pay any penalties and cancel the service.

Paramount Plus Customer Service: How to contact Paramount support

If you have activated the Paramount subscription and are experiencing any problems, you can browse the support page on the official site at


Currently, there is no direct way to speak with Paramount+ customer service because the platform has not yet activated either a live chat service or a phone number. You can find the contact form within the "Help" page of Paramount Plus. Once logged in with your data, simply open the dropdown menu under the profile icon and click on Assistance.

Blue TV 

blue TV Swiss

Blue TV is the streaming platform offered by Swisscom, the leading Swiss telecommunications company. In September 2020, the platform changed its name from Swisscom TV to Blue TV, and in the same month, the new app was launched to watch the offered programs on both Smart TVs and TV-BOX provided by competitors such as Sunrise or Salt.


From 2021, Blue Play is also integrated, the new media library from which you can draw to choose what to watch on TV at no additional cost. The content library is completed with thousands of series, movies, and children's programs. In Italian-speaking Switzerland, there will be over 3,000 titles, in French-speaking Switzerland more than 5,000 titles, and in German-speaking Switzerland, up to 10,000.


Among the most beloved TV series on the platform, you'll find The North Water, the largest BBC original production ever, Blacklist, and direct access to the content of Play Suisse from SRG SSR. In addition, live sports with the ability to pause to not miss any goals or scenes of warnings or expulsions are included, thanks to the complete Blue Sport schedule.

How much does blue TV cost?

Blue TV subscriptions available in Switzerland are:

  • Blue TV Air: 10 CHF/month. 250+ live channels. Via App only (no IPTV box). 1 connected device only.

  • Blue Premium: 19.90 CHF/month. 2 users connected at the same time. Live entertainment, Cinema and 20 sports and documentary channels.

  • Blue Sport: 49.90 CHF/month. Only 1 device at a time. All live soccer: Uefa, Super League, Serie A, LaLiga, Premier and SportDigital.

Features available on Blue TV

With Blue TV, you have access to various features to enjoy your favorite TV content to the fullest.


The main functions you'll find by activating the Blue TV streaming service are:

  • Parental Control: To activate child protection and provide quality entertainment suitable for the whole family.

  • Voice Assistant: To use your remote control through your voice.

  • Media Gallery: Play photos, movies, and music (as well as favorite radio stations) on a single device.

Cloud Gaming: Use the Blue TV box as if it were your new game console, accessing over 250 video game titles.

Blue TV Plus: Registration and Renewal

If you are not a Swisscom customer, you can use the blue Entertainment packages for free by following these instructions:

  • Visit the official website.

  • Click on "Order now."

  • Set up your login.

  • Order the free TV Air package.

  • Download the blue TV app to your device and start watching.


If you are a Swisscom customer and want to activate the blue+ package, you can do so together with an internet and TV subscription or at a later time. Activating the blue Premium offer allows all new customers to enjoy the package for free for 30 days from the activation date, then costing 19.90 CHF/month with direct debit on the invoice and a minimum contract duration of 6 months. For blue Sport, the monthly price is 34.90 CHF/month, and the minimum contract duration is 12 months.


To cancel the Blue TV subscription, just visit the personal area with a notice period of 1 month from the communication date.

Blue TV Customer Support: Support Contacts

To receive assistance for your blue TV or blue plus streaming service, use one of the following methods:

  • Visit the contact section of the site by going to and independently find the answers you need.

  • Schedule a call-back directly on the official Swisscom site.

  • Start a live chat with a Swisscom operator.


In Swisscom Blue Internet subscriptions, Blue TV is already included, try comparing the convenience by clicking below.

Apple TV+

Apple TV Swiss

Apple TV is Apple's application for watching TV on Apple devices, Smart TVs, consoles, and dongles. Apple TV also offers the paid Apple TV+ TV subscription to provide unlimited access to a library of entertainment multimedia content that is updated every week with new titles, counting already more than 150 titles.


The Apple TV+ streaming service was launched in 2019 and today, with over 30 million subscribers, can be considered one of the main streaming platforms globally. Apple TV+ titles fall into various film genres, including comedies, documentaries, thrillers, science fiction, and dramas. Among the most important available titles are undoubtedly the comedy series Ted Lasso and Severance, both of which have received prestigious awards from international critics. You can also find original productions (Apple Originals).

Apple TV Plus Subscription: How much does it cost to subscribe to Apple TV+ in Switzerland?

The price to subscribe to Apple TV+ in Switzerland is 10.90 CHF/month. With Apple TV+, you get access to an unlimited content library to stream at any time. The same account can be used by a maximum of 6 family members by accessing it directly with their Apple ID.


Everyone who buys an Apple device is entitled to a free 3-month trial. For anyone else, the Apple TV+ free trial lasts 7 days. Apple users also have the opportunity to save money by subscribing to the Apple One subscription, which includes Apple TV+, Apple Music, iCloud+, and Arcade at a discounted price.


Attention: When talking about Apple TV+, do not confuse it with the Apple TV application. On all new Apple devices, you can find the pre-installed Apple TV app. With this application, you can rent or buy movies to watch on-demand. When you rent a movie, you have 30 days to start it and 48 hours from when you start viewing the content before the purchase expires.

Apple TV Plus Streaming Features

With Apple TV+, you can get several advantages, but one of the most important is the family subscription, i.e., the possibility to subscribe to a single subscription valid for the whole family to simultaneously enjoy each one's favorite programs.


The Apple TV Box decoder allows you to make your TV smart and get the best possible signal quality up to 4K ultra-high-definition video transmission. With a Salt Home subscription, you get this type of TV decoder included for free.

Apple TV Plus: Registration and Renewal

To subscribe to Apple TV Plus, simply visit the official website, where instructions will be provided to proceed. Remember that you need to have a personal email address or use your Apple ID if you already own another device from the Cupertino company.


Regarding the renewal of the Apple TV+ subscription, keep in mind that it is always automatic unless you decide to stop it. You can do it at any time, even up to 1 day before the monthly renewal date without giving any notice.

Apple TV Plus Customer Support: Support Contacts Switzerland

To contact Apple to resolve an issue with your subscription, simply call the toll-free number 0800 00 1853. Remember that if you use a mobile phone, you may be charged a cost depending on your mobile phone provider.

Sky Switzerland

Sky Swiss

The Swiss pay-per-view market is rich in opportunities and highly active, thanks in large part to the increasingly frequent Sky promotions offered on the market. Sky's TV offers come in various types: they can involve a discounted price on one of the proposed packages or a reduction in the monthly fee for a limited period or if combined with another internet subscription from some internet access provider with which they have formed a partnership. This latter case, for example, concerns the Salt Home promotions and the TV Days initiative.


Sky's streaming service allows subscribers to watch live or on-demand the best sports competitions branded Sky Sport simply through a device connected to the internet. In fact, through a single Sky application, it brings together the best in sports, adding to the schedule the live broadcasts of Blue Sports and MySports. The application can be downloaded on major devices, including Smart TVs, Apple TV Boxes (also available with Salt), smartphones and tablets, computers, PlayStation, and major TV boxes (Swisscom, Sunrise, UPC, and Quickline).


In addition to sports competitions, you can take advantage of the Sky Show offer with the entertainment pass that includes the best Sky original and HBO series available in German and English. Among the series in programming, you'll find House of The Dragon or The Last of Us and other programs aired on over 8 thematic channels. You can also add the Sky Cinema Pass, where new releases are loaded every week, and it already includes over 500 successful films.

How much does it cost to subscribe to Sky in Switzerland?

There are 2 Sky subscriptions available in Switzerland:

  • Sky Show: 19.90 CHF/month. More than 1,000 recorded programs and 8 live channels.

  • Sky Sport: 24.90 CHF/month. The best of sports: Football, Golf, Tennis, Cricket Backet and Motorsports.

Features available on Sky

Sky stands out for image quality considered among the highest in definition, thanks to Full HD as the standard of transmission, but also with 4K UHD content.

Sky Switzerland: Registration and Renewal

To register on Sky, just go to the official company website, choose the desired offer, create an account with a personal email address and a password, and indicate the desired payment method.


The payment methods currently accepted by Sky CH are as follows:

  • Credit cards issued in Switzerland: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Postfinance Card (with the possibility of conducting online banking operations) provided that the balance is sufficient. Swiss prepaid credit cards of the same circuits are also accepted.

  • Payment on Swisscom Mobile invoice: If you have a Swisscom telephone customer account, you can choose to be billed directly on your Swisscom periodic invoice.

Sky CH Customer Service: Ho to contact Sky Support

To contact Sky CH, you can use one of the following methods:

  • Contact form available on the website.

  • Call 0800 700 820 open from Saturday to Wednesday from 1:30 pm to 9:30 pm.

  • Start a chat with other qualified customers available 24/7.


Did you know that SKY Show can be added at a promotional price to your Salt subscription? Activate Salt Home now and then add SKY from your personal area.


Mysport Swiss

MySports is the leading streaming platform for ice hockey enthusiasts. The innovative app offers Swiss fans the best of live broadcasts of the national league and other championships (including the American NHL and the German and Swedish hockey leagues), highlights of the day, and access to interesting statistics and video replays of past days for those who missed the live broadcast.

MySports: How much does it cost to subscribe to MySports in Switzerland?

The MySports subscription can be purchased directly through MySports on the official website or via the app by activating a monthly pass at the cost of 30 CHF per month or a one-time daily pass at the price of 9 CHF.

Alternatively, you can add the MySports option to iWay TV subscriptions, the SAK TV subscription, or the internet and TV subscriptions of Swisscom, Sunrise, or Salt. For new Salt Home customers, you can get 6 months free offered by the provider.


Features available on MySports

The MySports app is considered innovative as it is completely customizable. You can personalize it to highlight news, information, and videos of your favorite National League team.


Currently, the available languages are only German and French.


MySports: Registration and Renewal

If you are a new MySports customer and want to use the mobile app or the web version, you can proceed with registration directly with the platform provider by visiting the official website. If you already have an active Sak, iWay, Sunrise, Salt, or Swisscom TV subscription, you can proceed independently by going to your personal area and selecting the additional option that will be paid on the invoice.


To cancel and stop the automatic renewal of your annual subscription, remember to submit the request with at least 3 months' notice before the plan expires, otherwise, it will be rejected, and the renewal will be activated for another 12 months.


MySports Customer Support: Support Contacts

MySports is a completely digital app, to receive support, simply fill out the contact form available on the website and wait for the customer service to contact you.


If you have activated a subscription with an internet operator, you can contact your provider directly. To find contacts, you can use the Swiss internet providers section of and search for information on the specific tab.


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RTL plus Swiss

RTL+ is the TV streaming platform of RTL, the German broadcaster, offering a rich catalog of movies, dramas, documentaries, and TV series. Additionally, within the RTL+ service, you will find 14 live streaming TV channels. The uniqueness of this offer is that viewers can watch programs before they are broadcast on TV.

RTL+ Premium: How much does it cost to subscribe to RTL+ in Switzerland?

To subscribe to RTL+ Premium, you must reside in a German-speaking country (Germany, Switzerland, Austria, or Liechtenstein) and pay €6.99 per month to access premium streaming content. The RTL+ Max subscription, costing €12.99, cannot be activated outside German borders.

Streaming features of RTL+ Premium

The RTL+ Premium streaming service includes the following features and streaming functionalities:

  • Only one user at a time: The only way to use the RTL+ subscription on multiple devices is to subscribe to RTL+ Premium Duo or RTL+ Family with higher prices.

  • HD video: Good-quality images will be available in high definition provided that the device used supports this video signal.

  • Early access to TV titles: RTL+ premium users can access non-live video content 7 days in advance of the broadcast.

RTL+: Registration and Renewal

To sign up for RTL+ and enjoy a free 7-day trial, simply go to the website and proceed with the registration of a new account to associate an active payment method.


Once your RTL+ Premium streaming package is active, customers can terminate the service with a 30-day notice. Therefore, the end of the RTL+ subscription billing cycle does not necessarily coincide with the closure of the service. For example, if an RTL+ customer with a renewal on the 10th of the month were to terminate RTL+ on the 1st of the month, they could continue to use the service until the end of the month, and the days from the 10th to the 30th would be billed proportionally.

RTL+ Customer Support: Support Contacts

Most answers to frequently asked questions from RTL+ subscribers can be found at the link.


Alternatively, to receive technical support, you must contact RTL+ by logging into your RTL+ account and using the appropriate support request function. For non-customers, you can proceed by submitting a request via the contact form on the official RTL+ website.

Best Free Streaming Platforms in Switzerland

Adding to this list of excellent Swiss streaming platforms is Play Suisse, the largest free reference streaming platform in Switzerland. Movies, dramas, live channels, sporting events and TV series make for top-notch offerings from SSR's streaming service.

Play Suisse

Play Suisse Swiss

Play Suisse is the largest free streaming platform in Switzerland, managed publicly and offered free of charge to provide relevant content to all citizens through the transmission of local and international films, series, and documentaries.


Play Suisse stems from the initiative of the Swiss company SSR to provide access to content produced by all business units: RSI for Italian-speaking Switzerland, SRF for German-speaking Switzerland, RTS for French-speaking Switzerland, and RTR for Romansh-speaking Switzerland. In this way, content is offered in all national languages available 24 hours a day, at no additional cost and without advertising.


Titles that can be found are related to Swiss-made productions, and since the summer of 2021, content from The European Collection has been added, produced in collaboration with French, German, and Italian broadcasters.

Play Suisse features

Play Suisse has three main features:

  • Free: The platform is completely free and does not require any additional costs for the registration of a new account.

  • Access also in the EU: Play Suisse can also be used throughout Europe; you just need to activate this option in your user profile.

  • App compatible with all (or almost all) devices and accessible via the web through a browser.

Play Suisse: Registration and Renewal

To access the entire Play Suisse catalog, you need to use the SSR Login, the new and futuristic access key for all services of the various business units. The login requires the creation of a password to be associated with your personal email, which can also be used in case of password recovery.


Since the platform is completely free, there is no need to renew or cancel the account. If you want to delete the account, you can do so within your personal area, but it should be noted that the SSR Login will remain active.

Play Suisse Customer Support: Support Contacts

For any needs, you can contact Play Suisse user support via email by writing to

Guide to Streaming Platforms in Switzerland

Choosing a streaming platform in Switzerland depends on your interests and needs. If you're a TV series enthusiast, check the catalog depth, frequency of new releases, and features for on-the-go viewing, such as offline viewing.


For movie lovers, ensure the quality of the film catalog, the number of monthly releases, and the balance between Italian and international productions.


Critical Aspects to Consider:

  • Supported Video Resolution: Full HD and 4K have become standard not only on Smart TVs but also on mobile devices. Video quality can make a difference in pricing and content.

  • Device Compatibility: Not all streaming platforms are fully compatible with available devices. Your streaming experience also depends on seamless integration with your preferred devices.

  • Subscription Cost: Consider promotional and regular subscription prices, along with the streaming platform's cancellation policies.

Make an Informed Decision with

Use the streaming platform comparator to simplify your decision-making process. It lists all Swiss streaming platform offers with details on catalogs, video resolutions, supported devices, and more.


Follow these three simple steps to find the best streaming platform for you:


  1. Compare Streaming Platforms: Explore streaming platform offers in one place. Compare catalogs, video resolutions, and supported devices.

  2. Choose the Streaming Subscription for You: With detailed information, select the streaming platform that best suits your tastes and viewing needs.

  3. Activate the Service and Start Streaming Your Favorite Content: Once you've made your choice, activate the selected platform and dive into the world of your favorite streaming content.


Make a Thoughtful Choice with and Enjoy a Tailored Streaming Experience!

Differences Between On-Demand Streaming and IPTV

In the vast landscape of digital entertainment in Switzerland, understanding the distinctions between on-demand streaming and IPTV or Digital TV subscriptions is crucial. These options offer different experiences tailored to various content consumption needs.


On-Demand Streaming:

  • Offers flexibility and convenience.

  • Access content on-demand at any time and from any device.

  • Provides both paid and free options.

  • Allows unlimited time to watch shows, movies, and series.


IPTV or Digital TV Subscriptions:

  • Represents a traditional approach to TV content consumption.

  • Involves a subscription for access to a wide range of TV channels, often in a live format.

  • Provides the ability to watch events, TV shows, and more live across various channels.

  • Offers a more traditional television experience compared to on-demand streaming.


In summary, while on-demand streaming provides the freedom to choose what to watch and when, online TV subscriptions offer live programming and a variety of thematic channels, delivering a more traditional television experience.


Compare Available Options with Free Comparators on Our Site to Find the Solution that Best Fits Your Entertainment Preferences.

FAQs About Streaming in Switzerland

What are the main streaming platforms available in Switzerland?

Major streaming platforms in Switzerland include Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Apple TV+, and others. These platforms offer a wide range of content, including movies, TV series, documentaries, and original programs.

Netflix or Amazon Prime Video: Which one to choose?

The choice between Netflix and Amazon Prime Video depends on personal preferences. Netflix offers a vast catalog of original content, while Amazon Prime Video provides access to additional movies and TV series, along with benefits included in the Amazon Prime subscription, such as free delivery.


Are there alternatives to Netflix in Switzerland?

Yes, several alternatives to Netflix in Switzerland include Disney+ for family-friendly content, Apple TV+ for original programs, and Mubi for art-house films. Each platform has unique features to cater to various tastes.


Can I use my streaming subscription abroad?

The ability to use your streaming subscription abroad depends on the platform's policy. Some platforms allow access, while others may require the use of a VPN. It's essential to check and comply with the geographic restrictions imposed by streaming services.


What are the technical requirements for high-quality streaming?

For high-quality streaming, a fast internet connection with at least 25 Mbps is advisable. The supported video resolution depends on the platform and the device used. Smart TVs, computers, and recent mobile devices commonly support Full HD and 4K resolutions.


Can I share my streaming account with others?

Account sharing policies vary among streaming services. Some services allow sharing with a limited number of devices, while others have more restrictive policies. It's essential to consult the terms of service for each platform to understand guidelines and restrictions on account sharing.

Further Insights into Streaming in Switzerland

For a more in-depth exploration of Swiss streaming, you can utilize the free tools provided by


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