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Black Friday Deals for Subscriptions in Switzerland

Black friday Switzerland

Discover the best deals for mobile or internet subscriptions in Switzerland and save thanks to the discounts offered by providers on the most popular plans.

If you want to compare the promotions on mobile subscriptions available on the market, you can do so by clicking the button below.

Which Swiss Operators Participate in Black Friday?

All Swiss operators usually participate in Black Friday, offering exclusive discounts and promotions during the month of November every year. Sometimes, some of the more affordable operators offer additional promotions and discounts during other periods like Black Winter (usually in January) or Black Summer (usually in June).


Below are the most well-known Swiss operators for their exclusive promotions during the Black Friday period:

yallo Black Friday

Yallo blackfriday

yallo is probably the most well-known operator for its Black Friday discounts. During this period, it offers unlimited mobile subscriptions with roaming in Europe and America for less than 30 CHF/month and high-speed internet subscriptions via fiber optic or cable for less than 40 CHF/month with free activation.


Here are the yallo subscriptions offered during Black Friday 2023:

  • yallo Black Start: 21.90 CHF/month instead of 71.00 CHF/month.

  • yallo Black: 24.90 CHF/month instead of 91.00 CHF/month.

  • yallo Black Plus: 29.90 CHF/month instead of 111.00 CHF/month.

  • yallo Home Max Cable: 34.90 CHF/month instead of 80 CHF/month.

  • yallo Home Max Fiber: 39.90 CHF/month instead of 80 CHF/month.

  • yallo Home Max Cable + TV: 39.90 CHF/month instead of 100 CHF/month.

Wingo Black Friday

wingo black friday

Wingo, as a low-cost operator of Swisscom, offers strong discounts on fixed network and mobile subscriptions. However, during Black Friday, these discounts become unbeatable, allowing you to subscribe to a flat-rate plan with internet roaming for less than 25 CHF/month or high-speed internet subscriptions for less than 40 CHF/month.


Here are the Wingo subscriptions offered during Black Friday 2023:

  • Wingo Swiss Pro: 22.95 CHF/month instead of 68.00 CHF/month.

  • Wingo Europe: 26.95 CHF/month instead of 75.00 CHF/month.

  • Wingo International: 44.95 CHF/month instead of 130.00 CHF/month.

  • Wingo Internet Start: 39.95 CHF/month instead of 69 CHF/month.

Salt Black Friday

salt blackfriday

Salt is the traditional operator that often offers discounts and promotions on its mobile subscriptions. During Black Friday, Salt adds additional offers for new customers.


Here are the Salt subscriptions offered during Black Friday 2023:

  • Salt Start Max: 14.95 CHF/month instead of 40.95 CHF/month.

  • Salt Swiss Max: 19.95 CHF/month instead of 71.95 CHF/month.

  • Salt Europe Data: 24.95 CHF/month instead of 92.95 CHF/month.

  • Salt Europe XXL: 39.95 CHF/month instead of 102.95 CHF/month.

Sunrise Black Friday

sunrise blackfriday

Sunrise is another traditional operator that has decided to participate in the Black Friday initiative to attract new customers and retain its existing customers with limited-time promotions.


Here are the Sunrise subscriptions offered during Black Friday 2023:

  • Sunrise Up Mobile M, L, or XL: 29.95 CHF/month for 24 months.

  • Sunrise Up Connect M or L: 34.95 CHF/month for 24 months.

  • Sunrise Up Home M or L: 39.95 CHF/month for 24 months.

Black Friday from Other Operators

Many other Swiss operators participate in Black Friday, offering high savings opportunities for almost all profiles.


Here are the strongest promotions from affordable Swiss operators:

  • Teleking: Internet and TV for free for 7 months.

  • Quickline: Free mobile telephony and home internet for 34 CHF/month for two years.

  • TalkTalk: Unlimited mobile subscription for 14.95 CHF/month forever.

  • iWay: 100 CHF discount and 1 month free trial on the landline.

  • SAK: 100 CHF discount and 3 months free internet subscription.

  • Lebara: Unlimited gigabytes and 100 minutes for only 12.95 CHF/month forever.

  • Coop Mobile: Discounts of up to 60% on mobile tariffs.


Compare all subscriptions now and save!

Tips and Information to Prepare for Black Friday

Explore in-depth insights dedicated to Black Friday in Switzerland crafted by the editorial team at to address your queries and satisfy your curiosity about this promotional period.

Coppia con cellulare

Black Friday is approaching, and you can't wait to go shopping and save with special promotions?

How Does Black Friday Work for Mobile and Internet Subscriptions in Switzerland?

Black Friday in Switzerland is a period where operators offer the opportunity to subscribe to a mobile contract or internet subscription at advantageous prices, ensuring savings of up to 70% off the standard price.


Promotions typically start at the beginning of November and extend until Cyber Monday or the exact day of Black Friday.

Tip: Keep in mind that the classic Black Friday is in November, but there are other periods throughout the year where you can find discounted subscriptions. You can identify these initiatives because operators' websites will turn black, and terms like Black Summer, Black Winter, Black Halloween, or similar will be used.

Why Use During Black Friday?

If you're looking for discounted mobile or internet subscriptions and want to compare the various promotions and discounts offered by top operators, using an online comparison tool is essential to have all the information in one place and make the best decision.


Using during Black Friday offers you the following advantages:

  1. Access to more than 20 operators in one place, saving you time.

  2. Clear, comprehensive, and objective information for comparison.

  3. Exclusive deals from our online channel partners.

  4. No distracting advertising banners during your navigation.


Once you've identified the desired Black Friday offer, you can activate it directly online on the selected provider's website in less than 5 minutes.


If you want to delve deeper into how our site works, you can read the material on how operates.

Promotions Don't End with Black Friday

Remember, with, it's always a good time to save. Simply go to the comparison section, choose the best offer, and activate it on the provider's website. This way, you can save tens of francs every month on your mobile and internet subscriptions.


Try it out today, it's free!

Author: Lapo Zarina

Publication: June 2024

Disclaimer: Partner logos and proprietary or stock WIX images

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