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Swiss Prepaid SIM Cards

Switzerland Prepaid SIM Card: Compare the Best Prepaid SIMs [2024] provides you with a comprehensive overview of the best deals to purchase a prepaid SIM card for use in Switzerland, catering to both tourists and residents. Attention: you ALWAYS need to indicate a Swiss address when purchasing (if you are a tourist, you can indicate the address of your hotel)



digital republic Prepaid Free Trial.jpg
lebara Plus Prepaid.jpg
yallo prepaid.jpg
wingo Prepaid.jpg
yallo All in 5 .jpg
yallo All in 7.5 .jpg
wingo Prepaid Flat Pass 7.jpg
digital republic Prepaid Flat.jpg
yallo All in 10 .jpg
yallo All in 15 .jpg
Flat Mobile Prepaid.jpg
lebara Swiss Max Prepaid.jpg
yallo All in 30 .jpg
wingo Prepaid Flat Pass 30.jpg
lebara Europe Max Prepaid.jpg

If you are a resident or planning to stay in Switzerland for more than a month, also compare the contract-free Swiss mobile plans:



Swiss Providers of Prepaid SIMs

sunrise logo.jpg
yallo logo.jpg
lebara logo.jpg
talktalk logo.jpg
sak logo.jpg
lycamobile logo.jpg
digital republic logo.jpg

The comparison of available prepaid SIM cards in Switzerland includes multiple Swiss mobile operators who have decided to enhance their offerings to the public by providing the option to purchase a prepaid mobile SIM for temporary (ideal for tourists) or continuous use.


Other providers that do not allow the purchase of prepaid SIM cards or have currently decided not to appear on this page include:

salt logo.jpg
swisscom logo.jpg
coop mobile logo.jpg
m-budget logo.jpg

Switzerland Prepaid SIM Card: What's the most cost-effective offer on the market?

Below, you'll find the most affordable prepaid SIM cards on the market for tourists:

  • yallo All in 5: 5.00 CHF/month. Sunrise network, 300 MB in Switzerland, 20 minutes.

  • Digital Republic Prepaid Flat 10 + Voice: 18.00 CHF/monthSunrise network, unlimited GB in Switzerland, unlimited minutes.

  • TalkTalk Prepaid Season: 25.00 CHF/month. Sunrise network, unlimited GB in Switzerland, unlimited minutes.

  • Lebara Swiss Max Prepaid: 29.00 CHF/month. Sunrise network, 100 GB in Switzerland, unlimited minutes.

  • Wingo Prepaid Flat Pass 30: 34.95 CHF/month. Swisscom network, unlimited GB in Switzerland, unlimited minutes.

The TOP 3 of free prepaid SIM cards

Below are the best free SIM cards available in Switzerland. These prepaid SIM cards are excellent for tourists because, without spending anything, they allow you to receive a SIM with included credit from which you can deduct the costs of your usage when you arrive in Switzerland:

lebara Plus Prepaid.jpg
digital repblic Prepaid Free Trial.jpg
yallo prepaid.jpg

If you want to return to the comparison of Swiss prepaid SIM cards, click the button below and find the right one for your needs.

How to Choose a Swiss Prepaid SIM

With, you can find the best prepaid mobile offer in just a few clicks:


  • Discover prepaid mobile deals

Read our tips, and then identify the best prepaid SIM card through the comparison section prepared by our team of experts. To find the right prepaid fee, you'll need to consider not only the price but also other package features to understand if it suits your needs. Information to analyze includes the supporting network that guarantees coverage, the included initial credit, activation costs, and the guaranteed maximum internet connection speed.


  • Choose the mobile offer and proceed with the SIM card order

Once you've identified the right prepaid offer for your needs and budget, you can move on to the activation phase. In this case, you can decide whether to port your phone number, and if you choose to do so, we still recommend checking with your current provider for the number and remaining credit transfer methods. If you're activating a new prepaid SIM, you can proceed without further checks.


  • Activate the new prepaid SIM

After the new provider has processed the request, they inform the customer about the exact date of the tariff change and send the new prepaid SIM card in time (in the case of a physical card). The prepaid SIM card has a new PIN that can be changed in settings after inserting the card into your smartphone for the first time. Upon receiving the confirmation of the prepaid tariff activation, you can start using the new prepaid mobile plan and surf in Switzerland.

How to use the comparison tool

The online comparison of prepaid SIM offers through allows you to quickly identify the best prepaid tariffs to activate. The comparison is available completely free of charge.


In many cases, prepaid SIM cards on are exclusively activatable online. These solutions usually offer more economically advantageous conditions than tariffs activatable in-store or through other channels, reducing initial costs and offering other welcome bonuses or exclusive discounts.


In the comparison, you'll find SIM cards from providers collaborating directly or indirectly with the portal. Offers included in the comparison are categorized based on some features of the offer and are sorted by ascending price, showing the most convenient offers at the top. If some offers are sponsored by providers or third parties, they are clearly marked as "Premium."


Click here for more information and to learn how the comparison works.

Frequently Asked Questions about Prepaid SIM Cards in Switzerland

How do prepaid SIM cards function in Switzerland?

Prepaid SIM cards in Switzerland operate on the principle of prepaid credit. You purchase a SIM card already loaded with a specific amount of credit and use it for making calls, sending messages, and using mobile data. The credit is deducted as you use it, and you can recharge your prepaid SIM card when the credit runs out. To delve deeper into the main differences between a Swiss Mobile Contract and Prepaid plan, we have compiled a guide that might be relevant to you.

What are the pros and cons of prepaid SIM cards?

The advantages of prepaid SIM cards include flexibility and control over your expenses. There are no long-term commitments or monthly bills, making them suitable for users with occasional communication needs or those who want to monitor their spending. Additionally, prepaid SIM cards are easy to obtain, with no credit checks or contracts.


However, prepaid SIM cards may be more expensive per minute or per megabyte of data compared to standard service plans. Also, they might not offer the same benefits and additional features as standard mobile service contracts, such as free international calls or unlimited mobile data.

Who are prepaid SIM cards designed for?

Yes, prepaid SIM cards provide tourists with an opportunity to stay online and use essential apps like WhatsApp, GPS maps, and web browsers. Depending on the prepaid offer, you can surf faster or slower and have more or fewer gigabytes available: the correct choice depends on your navigation needs. For tourists, it's ideal to activate an unlimited prepaid offer for 7 or 30 days to avoid using up all the gigabytes while in Switzerland.

Can prepaid SIM cards be used to surf the Internet?

Of course, prepaid SIMs offer tourists a way to stay connected to the net and use essential apps such as Whatsapp, GPS maps and web browsers. Depending on the prepaid offer, you will be able to surf more or less quickly and have more or less gigabytes available: the right choice depends on your surfing needs. For tourists, it is ideal to activate a 7- or 30-day unlimited prepaid offer so as not to run out of gigabytes while in Switzerland.

How do I top up a Swiss prepaid SIM card?

To top up a prepaid SIM card in Switzerland, you can purchase prepaid top-ups available at numerous retail locations, such as supermarkets, gas stations, or kiosks. You can also recharge your SIM card online using recharge services offered by mobile operators or online platforms. Simply follow the instructions provided with your prepaid SIM card or contact your operator for assistance.


Remember: the credit you load onto your prepaid SIM card has an expiration date. The conditions vary depending on the provider and the purchased prepaid offer, but typically, the credit expires after one year of SIM card inactivity.

Are prepaid SIM cards cheaper than traditional mobile subscriptions?

Prepaid SIM cards can be more cost-effective than standard mobile service contracts in some situations. If you do not use your mobile phone frequently, prepaid SIM cards allow you to control expenses by paying only for what you use. However, if you are an intensive user of mobile services, a traditional mobile subscription with a monthly plan might offer better value, including reduced rates for calls, messages, and mobile data.

Can a prepaid SIM card be used to keep the same number?

Yes, it is usually possible to keep your current phone number when switching to a prepaid SIM card. This process is called number portability. You will need to contact your new provider of the prepaid mobile offer and provide the required information, such as your current phone number and personal details. The operator will then handle the transfer of your number to the new prepaid SIM card.

Is it possible to use a Swiss prepaid SIM card in the EU?

Yes, you can use a prepaid SIM card abroad. However, international roaming charges may apply, making calls, messages, and mobile data usage more expensive. It is advisable to check the international roaming charges offered by your prepaid SIM card provider before traveling abroad. In some cases, it might be cost-effective to purchase a local prepaid SIM card in the country you are visiting to reduce roaming costs.

Further Insights on Prepaid SIM Cards in Switzerland

If you've made it this far, you're ready to activate your new prepaid SIM card in Switzerland and start saving. Click the button to return to the prepaid SIM card comparison.

Alternatively, if you're looking for additional information that could be useful in making an informed decision about choosing your new prepaid SIM card, use the following free tools prepared by

  • Mobile Network Coverage: By using this map, you can check that your new prepaid SIM card has good reception in your area of interest; otherwise, you can identify an alternative prepaid offer with the best mobile network.

  • Mobile Telephony Guides: Read guides to find answers to the most common questions about Swiss mobile telephony, including prepaid offers.

  • Mobile Telephony Glossary: Read the main definitions of the telecommunications world to properly understand the conditions set by your new prepaid SIM card provider.

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