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Swiss Home Internet: Compare the Best Broadband, Internet and TV Plans

home internet deals Switzerland

Find the best broadband deal starting from 28.00* CHF/month, compare top Swiss internet providers and start saving on Home internet.

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Swiss Broadband: Compared Home Internet Service Providers

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Home Internet: Comparing the Best Rates from compares the costs of online home internet offers from major internet providers in just a few seconds, helping you find the best option based on your browsing habits. Utilizing the advantages of the comparison service will be intuitive, with necessary information presented in a simple manner to help you find the right solution.

The comparison service compares the most affordable ADSL, TV, and Fiber Optic home offers to meet your needs from many of the leading telecommunications companies: Salt, Sunrise, Swisscom, Wingo, Yallo, and many more. We find internet and TV plans and standalone home internet offers for you.

The proposed offers are updated daily by a team of experts. The comparison of rates for ultra-fast internet is conducted impartially and independently. The comparison is easy and intuitive: simply select the desired services from the available filters to view the most advantageous current offers. The comparison also takes into account the options and additional services offered by individual providers for a complete overview of the cost-effectiveness of each tariff.

Compare the Most Affordable Home Internet Offers of May 2024

If you're still unsure about which subscription to choose for your home internet connection, offers you a selection of the most advantageous home internet offers for those in search of an internet plan for their residence with download speeds of at least 20 Mbps in Switzerland.

Best Home Internet Offers on the Market

Below you will find the cheapest offers on the market proposed by the main internet providers:

  • TeleKing KingFiber 20: 28.00 CHF per month forever. 12-month contractual commitment and 50 CHF activation cost.

  • iWay Internet 20: CHF 29.00 per month forever. 12-month contract commitment, first month free, and activation costs of 40 CHF

  • SAK Internet S: CHF 33.00 per month forever. 12-month contract commitment, 3 months free, and free activation.

  • M-Budget Internet Classic: CHF 34.80 per month. 12-month contract commitment and 99 CHF activation fee.

  • Digital Republic Flat 300 5G + TP-Link: 36.67 CHF per month for 12 months. Amount billed annually prepaid. No bond or activation fee.

  • TalkTalk Home Ultra: CHF 39.00 per month forever instead of CHF 69.00 per month. 24 months of contractual commitment and an activation cost of CHF 19.95.

  • yallo Home Max Cable: 39.90 CHF per month instead of 80 CHF/month. 24-month contract commitment and free activation.

  • Wingo Internet Extra: CHF 39.95 per month forever. 12-month contract commitment and 99.00 CHF activation fee. Landline telephony included.

  • Sunrise Easy Internet: CHF 49.90 per month forever. Free activation and 24-month bond. Landline telephony included.

  • SALT Home: CHF 49.95 per month, for life. No contractual commitment, free activation, includes TV and landline telephony.

  • Swisscom Blue Internet L: CHF 59.90 per month for the first 1st to 6th month; then 89.90 CHF per month forever. 24-month contract commitment and 99 CHF activation fee.​

  • Zattoo Home: CHF 63.00 for life with Init7 fiber connection. Activation cost of CHF 77, minimum contract duration of 12 months, and TV included.

If you want to discover all the internet and telephone offers available on our website today, get a quote now and choose the most suitable home internet subscription for you.

Cheapest Home Internet Plans Switzerland

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Internet and TV plans: Home Internet Bundles to save on your Internet and TV subscriptions

Most Swiss Internet providers offer complete packages with internet, fixed-line telephony, and television. As a customer, you manage all three services conveniently and cost-effectively through a single provider. The advantages of these so-called bundle tariffs are that you have a combined internet and television connection and a fixed-line telephone using either an internet box or IPTV. This avoids a tangle of cables and eliminates the need for a separate TV box installation.

In addition to entertainment services, most Swiss internet subscriptions also include a fixed-line telephone offering for free. Even though in today's age many families prefer to use their mobile phones and hardly use the landline connection anymore, it is still useful to have a fixed telephone number that can receive calls for free, especially if you have relatives or friends to contact abroad.

With the internet offer comparison tool from, you can quickly get an overview of the best internet and TV subscriptions and easily compare internet rates for Switzerland.

What is the best internet and TV plan in Switzerland?

Here are the cheapest internet and TV plans on the market from the major internet service providers:

  • TeleKing 50 + TV Silver: 48.00 CHF/month. 50 Mbps maximum speed. 120 TV channels. 12-month contractual bond.

  • Salt Home: 49.95 CHF/month. Maximum speed 10 Gbps. 270 TV channels. 24-month contractual bond.

  • iWay Internet 100 + TV Classic 2.0: 54.00 CHF/month. Maximum speed 100 Mbps. 185 TV channels. 12-month contractual bond.

  • Sunrise Easy Internet & TV: 59.90 CHF/month. Maximum speed 1 Gbps. 280 TV channels. 12-month contractual bond.

If you are instead looking for a Swiss TV Plan separate from your home internet subscription, our team of experts can help you save on these subscriptions by selecting the best contract-free offers that you can activate regardless of your internet provider. Find your new offer right away.

Offers TV plans
Offers  TV plans

Home Internet Switzerland: Fiber or ADSL?

Before subscribing to a new internet plan, it's important that the provided internet box also meets your needs. Not only should the design be suitable, but the right upload and download speed (fiber or ADSL), installation cost, and of course, the price of the internet subscription are crucial factors in making the right decision.


If you are currently connected to the internet via a VDSL or ADSL box, you should consider whether it's time to switch to fiber optic. The Swiss fiber optic internet network is one of the most advanced networks in Europe. Especially if you live in a city, there is a good chance that your home is eligible for fiber optic. The activation cost for a new fiber optic connection can be as high as 100 CHF. However, many operators offer free installation for customers who subscribe to a new high-speed internet subscription online, just like the ones you can find in our comparison tool.

Are Fiber Optic Internet Subscriptions More Expensive?

The prices of fiber internet packages have significantly decreased in recent years, making it a good time to switch to high-speed internet. New offers often provide more affordable fiber options compared to ADSL. Additionally, the internet speed provided by fiber optic is crucial for a seamless browsing experience and Wi-Fi usage for the entire family.

Remember that there are various broadband connections for ultra-fast internet browsing, specifically the options of FTTH (Fiber-to-the-home) and FTTC (Fiber-to-the-cabinet). In the first case, the line directly reaches the home device, ensuring particularly high performance.

Fiber only Internet Offers
Fiber only Internet Offers

Home Internet plan: Which Internet Speed to Choose?

To compare home internet offers in Switzerland, you need to consider the price, but also remember the maximum available speed. Which bitrate should you choose between 10 Mbps (Megabits per second) and 10 Gbps (Gigabits per second)? It all depends on how you use the internet, the number of people and devices connected to your network.

Below, you will find the most common speeds that you can subscribe to with a new home internet subscription:

  • 10 Gb/s: This is the optimal speed for using multiple devices simultaneously. You can browse ultra-fast while working remotely and enjoy uninterrupted streaming and gaming experiences with high network stability and performance;

  • 1 Gb/s: This is an excellent speed for having multiple people connected and engaging in moderate internet usage for all the purposes mentioned above, albeit with slightly lower but still good performance;

  • 100 Mb/s: This is a good speed for having multiple people connected to use basic web programs or to fully utilize the bandwidth for a single streaming device;

  • 10 Mb/s: This speed is sufficient for using basic internet apps and programs but is not suitable for streaming TV.


The role of GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) technology should also be considered. It involves a passive network structure without powered points between the central office and the customer's premises. This reduces costs and failures, and the download bandwidth is shared through splits that route data to different users.

Verify your actual internet connection speed now by running a internet speedtest. If you are not satisfied, you can find your new fiber offer with our comparison tool.

Fiber only Internet Offers
Fiber only Internet Offers

Fixed-line Telephone Subscription: Save on your landline phone thanks to the internet connection

Save on your phone and internet bill by comparing Internet and home phone rates on If you need to activate a new landline, you can immediately check the list of available home internet offers. You can refine your search by choosing to view only broadband internet rates, those that include TV services, and if desired, specify fiber optic technology. For each offer found, the service lists the main features and the initial and ongoing costs you will incur for home internet connectivity. This makes comparing home internet subscription offers from the major telecommunications companies operating in Switzerland (Swisscom, Salt, Sunrise, SAK, Teleboy, Wingo, Yallo, and TalkTalk) very simple.


However, it happens that someone is simply looking for a way to save on their landline phone expenses and is therefore looking for a fixed-line telephone subscription that is not tied to their internet provider. For this need, you can compare the fixed-line phone offers provided by some virtual phone operators in Switzerland. These offers still require a stable internet connection as the calls use the internet protocol (VoIP), but the advantage is that they are compatible with any active internet subscription in Switzerland.


Compare landline phone deals now and save on national and international calls made from your new landline number.

Internet-Only Plans: Home internet subscriptions for those who don't need a phone or TV

If you are looking for a new Swiss internet offer that can provide you with a stable yet cost-effective connection to stay connected at home through Wi-Fi, your choice will be based on only two key factors: the price of the internet subscription (monthly and activation cost) and the signal transmission technology.


The comparison service allows you to identify within the results sorted by increasing price the promotional or regular cost, contract duration, activation fee, and the internet connection based on the transmission technology used: ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line for high-speed data transmission over traditional telephone lines), fiber optic (data transmission through glass fiber cables), WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access), and satellite internet. These innovative solutions allow for quality data connection through wireless or Wi-Fi (FWA) without the need for wired connections. These technologies were developed to bring internet connectivity to remote areas or regions where traditional ADSL technology does not provide satisfactory performance. To connect to wireless internet, a special type of modem with an antenna is required to receive the signal directly from the transmitter's repeaters. The coverage and signal quality depend heavily on the location of the home and the nearest repeater.


To determine the signal reception of the mobile network to which you can rely on for wireless internet subscriptions, you can use the Swiss Mobile network coverage map provided by in collaboration with nPerf.


With these free tools and the advice you find on, it's possible to find an affordable internet-only deal that fully meets your connection needs.

Contract-Free Internet Subscriptions

Sometimes, there may be a need for a home internet offer for a limited period. This is a typical requirement for those who move to Switzerland for work or study for a specific period and already know they will have to leave the country after a few months. Other times, it's simply a desire to avoid commitments and always have the freedom to change providers and activate a better or more cost-effective connection. In these cases, you can choose an internet offer without constraints that, indeed, has no minimum stay requirement with your provider and does not incur penalties when canceling the subscription. Find the one that suits you among those available on right away.

Internet Offers 
flexible duration
Internet Offers  flexible duration
Internet + TV offers

How to Choose a Mobile Phone Plan:

Discover the Best Mobile Internet Plan for You, Free and in Just a Few Clicks:

  • Explore the available offers on the market

In Switzerland, there are many providers in the fixed network and TV market, and offers an online comparison to discover current promotions.


The comparison is completely free, and the choice is entirely personal: if price is your priority, you can opt for the most affordable plan. If, on the other hand, your priority is having the maximum internet connection speed or no contract commitment, then you can look for a different offer. Other criteria for choosing include payment methods, customer service provided, and any contractual obligations.


  • Find the offer that suits you and proceed independently

There are various combinations to choose from: internet-only, TV-only, or a combined subscription. Usually, internet + TV offers are more advantageous compared to two separate subscriptions. Additionally, with a small additional fee, often the fixed network is also included in the package.


The main differences between individual subscriptions relate to the connection speed. Higher connection speeds require more advanced technologies and are associated with a higher price. In addition to physical network technologies, there are also offers for internet connection through 4G radio waves. These offers are generally more cost-effective but also more unstable. There are also differences regarding the minimum contract duration: typically, there is a minimum commitment of 12 or 24 months, while some providers offer the possibility to terminate the contract on a monthly basis.

  • Switch providers and save

Once you have identified the suitable offer, simply visit the website of the chosen company. Each portal includes a procedure to initiate the process, during which you will need to provide the so-called migration code. This information is provided by the old provider and can be easily found on the bills. It allows for the accurate identification of the line and user involved. Often, the new provider handles the cancellation of the contract with the old provider and sends a new internet box in a timely manner to connect to the internet and home Wi-Fi without experiencing any disconnections during the transition. During the procedure, which lasts a maximum of 30 days, there are no issues with browsing or service interruptions. The migration costs, finally, vary from one operator to another.

How to use deals comparison section

The online comparison of home internet offers through allows you to quickly identify the best tariffs to activate. The comparison is available completely free of charge.


In many cases, the home internet offers available on are exclusively available through online activation. These solutions usually offer more advantageous financial conditions than tariffs available in stores or through other channels, reducing initial costs and offering greater bonuses.


The comparison includes products from providers that collaborate directly or indirectly with the portal, as well as products from providers that do not collaborate with The offers included in the comparison are categorized based on certain subscription characteristics and are sorted in ascending order of price, with the most affordable offers displayed at the top. If any offers are sponsored by providers or third parties, they are clearly marked as "Premium."


Click here for more information and to learn more about how the comparison tool works

We Compare, You Choose and Save

TransparentWe show the best offers without pushing customers to activate one company or another. Additionally, will not sell any data to third parties, and we won't bother you with sales calls to propose other products.

FastWith, you can quickly compare products from major national telecommunications companies and receive assistance for all your needs.

FreeWe do not charge any fees to customers, and the offers we provide are equal to or better than those obtained by getting a quote from the websites of our partner companies.

FAQ Internet Casa

F.A.Q. Internet Plans

How to choose home internet network?

In the process that leads to activating the new home internet subscription you need to follow some criteria. Among others the most important seem to be:
-The type of connection (ADSL, Fiber, FWA, satellite);
-The connection speed (the most advertised parameter is the download speed);
-Service configuration (internet only or internet + TV);
-The contractual constraint proposed in the package

How to change telephone operator:

To change internet operator, simply reach the website of the chosen company. The fundamental steps of the transaction, therefore, are: 1) search for the best offer for you; 2) Request for activation to the new supplier and signature of the contract; 3) transition to the new offer. During the procedure, which usually lasts a maximum of 30 days, there will be no problems in navigation, nor interruptions in service. Finally, migration costs vary from operator to operator.

Which operator pays for the internet connection at home?

Understanding which internet provider pays for the internet connection at home is simple with the rate comparison service. To get the list of offers that best suit your needs just select the type of subscription sought: internet home, fiber offers, internet + TV. In this way, you will get detailed information sheets useful to compare the various proposals. In addition to the upload speed, you can check the monthly cost, the presence or not of the TV and many other useful details.

How to have internet at home without a landline?

If you want a home internet connection without a landline you can take advantage of the offers of operators that offer internet subscriptions without a phone, or use a router with a SIM card.

What is a good internet speed for my home?

Before you understand what a good internet speed is, you need to understand what activities you will have to perform with your connection. Here are three possible scenarios:
-If you use the internet to play online games and perform other tasks that require a large data transfer, the ideal option would be an FTTH fiber optic line, which can reach a speed of over 1000 Mbps;
-Choosing the FTTC fiber optic, instead, you get values between 100 and 300 Mbps. These are performances that allow you to perform the majority of complex operations without many problems, although with speeds lower than FTTH alternatives;
-For web browsing and email control, classic ADSL offers can still be preferred, given the speed often included between 20 and 30 Mbps.

What is the fastest internet network?
The speed of the network depends on several factors such as: the type of infrastructure chosen, for example ADSL or optical fiber; the download and upload speed and the area in which you live. In general the fastest internet network is 10 Gb/s and depends on the coverage.

What is the difference between modem and router?
The modem is used to connect the computer to a telephone line, the router is an electronic device that distributes the connection between different terminals.

How can I check if I have a fiber optic internet connection?
The expansion of the fibre optic network is the responsibility of Swisscom or other local network operators. To verify if a fiber optic connection is available at a specific address, just check the address on the site of the chosen operator after identifying the best offer.

To compare those available you can use an online comparator like

What are you waiting for? Find the best offer for your needs!

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Fiber only Internet Offers
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Internet Offers  flexible duration
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fixed telephony subscriptions

In-depth analysis of Internet plans

Read our in-depth articles on the most popular topics in the mobile phone industry:

  • Internet Speed Test: Perform a test now to check the speed of your home connection.

  • Internet Glossary: Discover the meanings of the most commonly used terms and acronyms in the Internet and Telco industry.

Guide Internet Deals

Internet Check



Not sure about the speed you can achieve at your address? Check the internet ...

*Amount based on the cheapest offer provided by one of our partners starting from 01-05-2024. The offer is subject to territorial limits and actual coverage verification. The comparison service provided by is solely based on the monthly fee. Please refer to the respective contract information for the additional financial conditions offered by individual partners. For further information, click on the button of the respective internet offer and review the terms and conditions of the specific internet provider.

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