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Teleboy Deals: Mobile, Internet and Teleboy TV plans comparison

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Teleboy is a leading Swiss TV and Internet provider: it provides mobile and home Internet connections and TV streaming services. Founded in 2003, the company has established a reputation for its wide range of digital entertainment offerings and innovative solutions to meet customers' needs.

Teleboy offers a wide selection of Internet plans, mobile plans, and TV streaming services. Customers can choose from various Internet connection speeds to suit their browsing and streaming requirements. Additionally, Teleboy provides a broad range of streaming TV channels, including sports, movies, TV series, and children's programs.

Teleboy Deals: a selection of best Teleboy Plans

In this section, you can find the current offers from Teleboy, along with a description of the key features of the deals and recommendations from Below, we present the best Teleboy Deals:

Best Teleboy Mobile Plan

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Best Teleboy Mobile Internet Deal

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Best Teleboy Internet Subscription

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Best Teleboy TV and Internet Bundle

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Best Teleboy TV Plan

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Teleboy Internet: Teleboy Subscriptions for Internet Connection, Landline, and Teleboy TV

Thanks to its partnership with Swisscom, Teleboy is able to provide numerous Home internet plans suitable for every type of customer, covering approximately 98% of Swiss households. Additionally, Teleboy often offers additional discounts if customers decide to simultaneously subscribe to a TV package or a mobile plan, or both. In addition, Teleboy provides the option to include fixed-line phone calls in their subscription as an additional feature.

Here are some common features of all Teleboy internet plans:

  • Every Teleboy internet subscription, whether it's a fiber optic or DSL connection, always includes a free WLAN router. The router is a pre-configured Fritz!Box device that can be customized to meet each consumer's needs through the dedicated app.

  • Payments can be made via credit card, traditional invoice, or eBill.

  • The speed of any Teleboy Internet subscription can be adjusted up or down after the subscription is activated through the customer's personal account.

  • There are no hidden costs, as all costs are communicated during the contract signing.

  • All packages can be combined with the contract-free Teleboy TV subscription for an additional discounted price of 5 CHF, with a monthly payment of only 9.90 CHF.

  • For all Internet plans, there is the option to add a fixed-line telephone service in two ways: either by adding a basic package for 5 CHF per month with pay-as-you-go call minutes, or with a flat-rate package for 15 CHF with unlimited included calls.

  • The contract duration for internet subscriptions is 12 months from the activation of the offer.


Teleboy has not given specific names to their internet offers, which are distinguished by price and connection speed:

Teleboy Internet 10

This Teleboy offer is suitable for singles living in small apartments with connection needs limited to social media usage and email reading.

Teleboy Internet 10 has an activation cost of 49 CHF and a regular monthly cost of 28 CHF, with a download and upload speed of 10 Mbps.

Teleboy Internet 20

This Telboy deal is designed for couples living in small-sized apartments who use the internet occasionally.

Teleboy Internet 20 has an activation cost of 49 CHF and a monthly cost of 35 CHF, with a download and upload speed of 25 Mbit/s.

Teleboy Internet 100

This Teleboy plan is great for small families who use the internet daily for study and remote working activities.

Teleboy Internet 100 has an activation cost of 49 CHF and a monthly cost of 35 CHF, with a download and upload speed of 100 Mbit/s.

Teleboy Internet 500

This Teleboy Internet subscription is ideal for families who also use the internet for video streaming and online gaming.

Teleboy Internet 500 has an activation cost of 49 CHF and a monthly cost of 49 CHF, with a download and upload speed of 500 Mbit/s. Currently, the offer has a 10 CHF discount, which is valid indefinitely, with no trial period!

Teleboy Internet 1000

Teleboy Internet 1000 is designed for large families or households with more than 3 roommates. With this internet subscription, you can ensure excellent streaming and gaming quality at an almost professional level.

Thi offer has an activation cost of 49 CHF and a monthly cost of 59 CHF, with a download and upload speed of 1 Gbit/s. Currently, the offer has a 10 CHF discount, which is valid indefinitely, with no trial period!

Teleboy Internet 10G

This Teleboy plan is the best choice if internet is a primary necessity for you. Whether you're a tech enthusiast, a digital entrepreneur, or a professional streamer, with this offer, you'll have all the network bandwidth you need.

Teleboy Internet 10G has an activation cost of 49 CHF and a monthly fee of 69 CHF, with a download and upload speed of 10 Gbit/s. Currently, there is a discount of 10 CHF on the offer, which is valid permanently, there is no trial period!

Teleboy Mobile: Teleboy Offers for Mobile Telephony

Teleboy Mobile plans, created in collaboration with Sunrise, are available to both existing internet customers and non-customers. Existing customers can benefit from special and exclusive discounted offers.

Teleboy subscriptions offer excellent value for money and cater to various customer profiles.

The key features of Teleboy mobile plans Switzerland are as follows:

  • The network used is the Sunrise network, and 5G is also available on the higher-tier subscriptions.

  • Prepaid options are not available, but all subscriptions have the advantage of not having a minimum contract duration, except for a 60-day notice period.

  • The offers are divided into mobile telephony offers that include calls and SMS, and mobile Internet plans for wearables, tablets, or LTE routers.

  • Activation is fully digital and does not require physically signing paper contracts.

  • Payment can be made via credit card, traditional invoice by mail, or electronic invoice eBill.

  • In case of switching to Teleboy Mobile from another provider, the company provides dedicated assistance to help the new customer with the necessary bureaucratic steps to terminate the old subscription.


Below are the current Teleboy mobile offers available in the Swiss market:

Teleboy Mobile Eco

Teleboy Mobile Eco includes unlimited calls and SMS/MMS to and from Switzerland. It also provides unlimited data, although limited to messaging and email applications as the network speed is capped at 4 Mbit/s for downloads and 0.2 Mbit/s for uploads. This ensures uninterrupted use of services like WhatsApp, email accounts, and social media, but it's not suitable for video streaming. The monthly cost is a permanent 15 CHF. The SIM card activation cost is 49 CHF.

Teleboy Mobile Swiss

Teleboy Mobile Swiss is by far the best-selling among the available options from Teleboy. It perfectly suits the needs of typical Swiss customers as it provides unlimited calls, SMS, and MMS throughout Switzerland, as well as unlimited data on the 5G network. Additionally, there's the option to purchase an additional roaming package starting from 10 CHF for 1GB. The monthly cost is 25 CHF, but it can be discounted to 21 CHF indefinitely when combined with an internet subscription. The SIM activation fee is 49 CHF.

Teleboy Mobile International

Teleboy Mobile International is designed for customers who frequently travel for business in Europe or North America. In addition to offering unlimited calls, SMS, and MMS throughout Switzerland and unlimited data on the 5G network, it includes 5GB of data per month for use in the EU, USA, and Canada. The monthly cost is 35 CHF, but it can be discounted to 29 CHF indefinitely when combined with an internet subscription. The SIM activation fee is 49 CHF.

Mobile Data 300

This Teleboy plan includes unlimited data (CH) for consumers who want to establish a stable WLAN network in their apartment or second home in the mountains where fiber is not available. The maximum download speed is 300 Mbit/s, which is more than sufficient for seamless video streaming or uninterrupted work connectivity. It is subject to Sunrise mobile network coverage. The monthly cost is 30 CHF indefinitely, and there is a SIM activation fee of 49 CHF.

Mobile Data 50

This Teleboy deal includes unlimited data (CH) and is designed for using the internet on your tablet even when you're on the go or in places where Wi-Fi is not available. The maximum download speed is 50 Mbit/s, which is sufficient for connecting to the internet and maximizing your device's capabilities. It is also subject to network coverage. The monthly cost is 20 CHF indefinitely, and there is a SIM activation fee of 49 CHF.

Mobile Data 10

This Teleboy subscription includes unlimited data (CH) that can be used on connected devices that do not require high bandwidth, such as wearables (e.g., smartwatches) or other IoT devices like Smart Homes. The maximum download speed is 10 Mbit/s. The monthly cost is 10 CHF forever, with a SIM activation cost of 49 CHF.

Teleboy TV: Teleboy TV Subscriptions Broadcasted via the Internet

Teleboy has developed its own streaming TV app called Teleboy TV. This app is available on major Smart TV platforms and devices. Here is a list of compatible devices: Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV, Android TV, iOS (App Store), and Android (Play Store).

With the Teleboy TV app, you can watch TV series and sports wherever and whenever you want, as it allows up to 5 devices to be connected simultaneously. It also enables you to record your favorite programs for later viewing with friends or family.

Customers choose Teleboy TV primarily for the following key features:

  • The schedule is curated and designed by Teleboy experts who share their recommendations directly in the app.

  • This Swiss TV plan can be canceled online at any time since there are no commitments.

  • The app is regularly updated to enhance the user experience.

  • Over 300 channels are available on the platform, with many in Full HD and seamless integration with home entertainment systems like Dolby Digital and Dual Audio.

  • The Teleboy TV subscription works with any internet provider, as it's also sold separately.

  • No activation fees are required.

Teleboy TV: What Does a Teleboy TV Subscription Cost?

This Teleboy TV subscription is the standard offering. It includes all the features described above and also allows for streaming TV replays up to 7 days after broadcast. It also provides 2400 hours of recording storage. The monthly price for Teleboy TV is 19.90 CHF and is currently discounted for life at 14.90 CHF. Additionally, if you combine the purchase of this package with an internet subscription, you'll get an extra 5 CHF discount.

Teleboy TV allows you to purchase the optional "Skip-Ad" feature. This allows you to hide new dynamic advertising and skip linear ads in recordings or replays with a simple click of the remote control. You can add Teleboy TV + Skpi-Ad by including 5 CHF per month to your base subscription, bringing it to 19.90 CHF/month.

Teleboy TV Free: How to Watch Teleboy TV Live for Free

Teleboy stands out from other Swiss streaming platforms as it allows anyone to access Teleboy TV for free, without paying anything. To watch Teleboy Free TV, you can visit the website After logging in with your account, you can access Teleboy TV Live programs and start watching live TV streams without the need for a separate player.

Unlike purchasing a full Teleboy TV subscription, users of the free version of Teleboy TV have some limitations, such as only 5 hours of recordings instead of 2400, the ability to access the account only from Switzerland, not from abroad, and a maximum signal quality in HD. Aside from these limitations, the cost of Teleboy TV Free remains 0 CHF.

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Teleboy: Reviews and Network Experience

Teleboy is committed to providing high-speed and stable internet connectivity. Thanks to the use of the latest network technologies, Teleboy subscribers can enjoy a smooth browsing and streaming experience. Teleboy customers appreciate this provider primarily for the bundled offers, which allow for even more savings on every type of subscription.

Which Network Does Teleboy Internet Use?

To offer internet for home services to customers who choose a Teleboy Internet plan, the operator relies on Swisscom's DSL and fiber optic network. This allows Teleboy to ensure fast and stable internet access virtually across Switzerland.

Which Network Does Teleboy Mobile Rely On?

Teleboy mobile phone subscriptions use the Sunrise network. Teleboy subscribers can, therefore, take advantage of a well-spread mobile 4G and 5G network throughout Switzerland.

If you're unsure whether Teleboy network is right for you, you can visit the comparison tools on to check if they offer the best deals for your needs. If you're already a Teleboy customer and not satisfied with the network performance, remember that you can check connection performance by conducting a Teleboy speedtest.

Teleboy TV: Available Programs and Other Useful Information

With Teleboy, customers can access a wide range of streaming TV content. Thanks to the extensive selection of channels and the ability to record favorite programs, customers can enjoy a personalized and flexible television experience.

Teleboy offers over 300 free programs. Among the most loved Teleboy TV programs are:

  • BBC One, BBC Two and other BBC  Channels

  • CNN

  • CNBC

  • RTL

  • SRF

  • SKY News

Teleboy provides access to its TV platform to anyone physically located in Switzerland, while if you're abroad, you'll only have access to the recordings saved in your account, and that's only if you have a Teleboy TV subscription. Alternatively, you can try to use a Swiss VPN while abroad to connect as if you were still in Switzerland.

Teleboy TV App: Login and Using the Teleboy App Abroad

Teleboy offers a mobile application that allows customers to access TV streaming and internet services directly from their smartphones or tablets. With the Teleboy TV app, customers can watch their favorite programs anytime and anywhere.

To log in to the Teleboy TV app, you need to create a Teleboy account. During registration, you can sign up using your personal email address or use your Apple ID or log in with your Facebook profile.

Keep in mind that Teleboy TV operates through the internet signal. The transmission of live programs is as fast as your home or mobile connection when using the Teleboy app outside your home on your smartphone.

Teleboy Customer Service: How to Contact Teleboy Support

Teleboy provides dedicated customer support for assistance and help. You can contact Teleboy customer support by phone, via live chat, or by sending an email to The customer support team is available to answer questions and resolve any technical issues. Customer support is active from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 to 19:00.

In addition to the methods mentioned above, there's also an extensive FAQ section where you can independently resolve issues regarding your Teleboy subscription. You can find answers at

[0848 444 888] Teleboy Hotline: The Teleboy Contact Phone Number

Teleboy customers can receive free support by calling the Teleoboy hotline number 0848 444 888. The cost is that of a Swiss landline call. This Teleboy contact is active from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 to 19:00.

Teleboy Subscription: How to Terminate a Contract

The cancellation of the subscription can be done by phone with customer service or by visiting a Teleboy point of sale. It is advisable to review the contract terms for any penalties or costs associated with early termination. For Teleboy Mobile subscriptions, there is a two-month notice period, while for Teleboy Internet subscriptions, there is only a one-month notice.

Comparing Teleboy with Other Swiss Providers

Teleboy offers a wide variety of mobile and internet subscriptions that you can view in our dedicated sections. Remember that Teleboy and all other Swiss providers can easily be compared to find the perfect offer for your specific needs.

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compare the offers

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