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Mobile Hotspot: Using Wi-Fi Hotspot for Internet Access


The Mobile Hotspot serves as the optimal internet connection alternative when your residence lacks a fixed-line connection. Discover how to use tethering on your smartphone or through a mobile router to create a Wi-Fi network.

If you want to browse the internet via a hotspot, you might need a Data SIM with unlimited gigabytes. If you haven't got one yet, take a look at the best currently available offers.

What is a Hotspot?

When we talk about Wi-Fi Hotspot, we refer to an internet connection accessible without the use of cables. The hotspot is the network that you can access by activating tethering, which is simply a method of sharing the connection. Literally, tethering translates to "chaining"; in practice, we link a device connected to the mobile network to another so that the first one shares the connection with the second.

Tethering: When is it Useful?

Usually, we find ourselves in two situations where tethering can be the better choice: at home or on the go.


In cases where our home is not covered by fiber optic or another type of cable connection, the best solution is to activate a mobile hotspot. In this scenario, you'll need a 4G router or even better, a 5G router, and activate a hotspot subscription that guarantees unlimited and fast connectivity for all home devices.

When on the move, having a mobile hotspot available to connect all our devices can be useful. For instance, if we are traveling by train and need to work on a PC or respond to emails on a tablet using a hotspot connection, we can stay connected. In these cases, we could use our smartphone directly, consuming the data from our mobile phone plan or use a pocket Wi-Fi with a second SIM dedicated to hotspot usage.

Mobile Hotspot: Offers and Costs

As described above, it is essential to distinguish between the two types of hotspot connections. Here are the best hotspot subscriptions available in Switzerland.

Top Home Hotspot Subscriptions

TalkTalk Home Fast.jpg
TalkTalk Home Ultra.jpg
digital republic Flat 300 5G + predator.jpg
yallo Home 4G.jpg
yallo Home 5G.jpg
yallo Home 5G + TV.jpg

How much does the hotspot cost per month?

Monthly Costs for Wi-Fi Hotspots Without a Fixed Line:

  • TalkTalk Home Fast 4G: 29.00 CHF/month. Activation: 19.95 CHF. Included 4G Router. Commitment: 24 months.

  • Sunrise We Connect Wi-Fi: 30.00 CHF/month. Activation: 1.00 CHF. Oppo 5G Router: 12.45 CHF/month. Commitment: 24 months.

  • TalkTalk Home Ultra 5G: 39.00 CHF/month. Activation: 19.95 CHF. Included 5G Router. Commitment: 24 months.

  • Digital Republic Flat 300: 48.25 CHF/month. Activation: Free. Predator Router included. No commitment.

  • Salt Home Gigabox: 49.95 CHF/month. Activation: 99.95 CHF. Included Salt Gigabox 5G Router. Commitment: 24 months.

  • yallo Home 4G: 50.00 CHF/month. Activation: 99.00 CHF. Included yallo Home Box Router. Commitment: 1 month.

  • yallo Home 5G: 70.00 CHF/month. Activation: 99.00 CHF. Included yallo Home Box Router. Commitment: 1 month.


In summary, a home internet hotspot in Switzerland costs an average of 29 CHF to 70 CHF per month. The price varies depending on the connection technology, the type of router installed, and the contractual constraints agreed with the internet service provider.

Is a Mobile Hotspot Free?

Yes, the device that connects to a mobile hotspot will not incur any costs. However, the device that provides the mobile network sharing may have a cost. In the case of a dedicated data subscription for the hotspot, you'll need to bear the monthly fee, usually ranging from 10 to 40 CHF. If you want to share the mobile hotspot directly from your phone, check whether your mobile contract includes hotspot usage and under what conditions to avoid incurring penalties applied to the invoice.


Discover the best data subscriptions for using a mobile hotspot!

Activating Tethering on Your Smartphone: Stay Connected Anywhere

In situations where a friend needs to connect to the internet without network coverage from their carrier, activating tethering and sharing your connection is the immediate solution.


If you're wondering how to activate tethering on your smartphone, simply follow the instructions in this guide

How to Activate Tethering on Android:

  1. Go to Settings > Network and Internet > Hotspot and Tethering on your Android device.

  2. Depending on your phone's brand, the names may vary, but the process is the same.

  3. Inside the "Hotspot and Tethering" section, click on "Wi-Fi Hotspot," "USB Tethering," or "Bluetooth Tethering."

  4. The choice depends on the type of connection you want. Typically, Wi-Fi is used. Once activated, you can change the hotspot name, encryption type, and password to share with your friend.


For newer Androids, you'll find a QR Code next to the hotspot name, allowing easy connection via the camera on the other device.

Come attivare il tethering su iOS

  1. On an Apple iPhone, activate tethering through Settings > Cellular > Personal Hotspot.

  2. Inside this section, enable the "Allow Others to Join" toggle.

  3. You can set a password for the mobile hotspot to control access.


For Apple devices within the "Family" group, you can grant access to your Wi-Fi hotspot without requiring a password for the first connection.

Tethering from a Smartphone: What to Watch Out For:

In addition to cost considerations, when activating a personal hotspot, pay attention to two factors:

  • Battery Life Shortening: Activating the hotspot may significantly reduce your smartphone's battery life, as it needs to simultaneously receive and transmit data. This process could also lead to device overheating, shortening its overall lifespan.

  • Hacking Risks: When your smartphone becomes a router with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi tethering, there's a risk of hacking. Malicious entities could intercept the active hotspot, potentially breaching your password and accessing your personal data.


It's advisable to disable the mobile hotspot when the second device no longer requires a connection. This helps protect your privacy and prevents your smartphone from becoming unusable sooner than expected.

Learn and Save on Hotspots with

Now that you've learned about using mobile hotspots, proceed to purchase your new plan by choosing the one that best suits your needs:

If you still have any doubts, utilize the following useful tools to make the best choice:

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Author: Lapo Zarina

First Published: March 2024

Sources: Wikipedia Hotspot Mobile page | WIX Images

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