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A flatrate is a tariff plan offered by service providers, where the user pays a fixed periodic amount to enjoy unlimited mobile rates. This type of tariff is commonly used in telephony, internet, and television services, allowing users to use the service as much as they want without incurring additional costs. Flatrates are popular because they offer cost predictability and convenience, avoiding bill surprises due to intensive service use.

In everyday life, flatrates are widespread for mobile and internet services. For example, a user can subscribe to a flatrate plan for their smartphone, which includes unlimited calls, SMS, and data for a fixed monthly cost. Similarly, home internet services or data-only subscriptions often offer flatrate plans that allow unlimited browsing without time or data limits. This is particularly advantageous for families who use the internet intensively, ensuring an uninterrupted and limitless usage experience.

In Switzerland, flatrates are widely offered by major telecommunications operators such as Swisscom, Sunrise, and Salt. These operators provide flatrate plans for mobile telephony, home internet, and combined packages that also include television services. The predictability and convenience of flatrates make them a popular choice among Swiss consumers, allowing them to better plan their monthly expenses. This type of tariff is increasingly common, especially among children and teenagers, as youth mobile subscriptions are often unlimited.

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