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Tips and Tricks to Save During Black Friday

consigli black friday

Black Friday is approaching, and you can't wait to go shopping and save with special promotions? Here is a list of the main tips that will help you find the best Black Friday deals in Switzerland.

Reminder: Many Swiss operators offer promotions throughout the year, not just during the Black Friday period in November. To avoid spending more than necessary, it's always good to follow the tips on this page and compare offers with others on the market to ensure the discount is truly advantageous.

1. Plan Ahead

Before the Black Friday period, it's important to clearly identify your shopping goals and actual purchase priorities. Start researching your favorite brands' websites and identify the products or subscriptions you would immediately want if you had an unlimited budget.

2. Set a Budget

Don't spend more than you can afford. This is very important: even though there are steep discounts during Black Friday that can reach up to 80%, you should not go into debt to purchase a new product or service. By combining your budget with your wishlist from the first point, you can make the best purchases without regretting the expenses at the end of the period.

3. Compare Prices

When shopping online, use a comparison tool to compare all the prices and discounts from various brands and sites. This is crucial to quickly identify the best promotions that can save you the most. For example, if you use the mobile subscription comparison tool from, you can verify in two clicks which is the cheapest subscription at the moment.

4. Sign Up for Newsletters

Many e-commerce sites offer exclusive discounts to their newsletter subscribers or to those who sign up and make a first purchase. You can always unsubscribe later to avoid receiving too many promotional emails.

5. Shop Online

Often there are better deals online than in physical stores, as the seller does not have to cover the fixed costs of renting the store and sales support staff. Plus, doing everything online saves you time and stress.

6. Consider the Total Purchase Cost

Particularly for subscriptions, but also for some physical products, it is good to consider all cost components and not just the one-time purchase cost. There can be high recurring costs or costs in case of early termination of the contract.

7. Take Advantage of Try & Buy Periods

Many online merchants allow you to purchase a product for free for a month and then, if satisfied, start paying for the product only from the 31st day or return it without additional costs. Alternatively, check the return conditions applied to purchases made during Black Friday to understand the terms and conditions for getting a possible refund.

8. Monitor Prices Even Before Black Friday

Sometimes some stores use a not-so-correct tactic that involves raising prices a few days before Black Friday only to apparently lower them with bigger discounts. In this case, a price comparison site like can also be very useful to save time.

What to Look for Before Buying a Subscription During Black Friday

During Black Friday, the major mobile operators and internet providers in Switzerland offer discounts on their subscriptions. To correctly choose the best mobile contract or internet subscription, use the following criteria:

  • What does the Black Friday discount include? Some promotions include free activation, others a discount on the monthly price for a certain number of months or forever. Always check the discount conditions before purchasing the subscription.

  • What are the contractual conditions? Contracts can be without a minimum duration or with a contractual obligation of up to 36 months. In some cases, there are termination penalties or hidden activation costs. Always read the terms and conditions, even for the most discounted subscriptions.

  • What services do I really need? Not everyone needs unlimited internet data or roaming services. In other cases, they are essential. Pre-select the services you need before comparing the proposed discounts.

The important thing to keep in mind is that this comparison is easier if you do it with an impartial and comprehensive tool like our comparison tool. Use our comparison sections and start saving:

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