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The True History of Black Friday and Other Useful Information to Tackle Black Friday

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Every year, at least once, we hear the term Black Friday in advertisements or on the news. Black Friday is probably the most famous shopping day worldwide. Its reach is global, and most online retailers participate in various forms. To make the most of this period, it's important to know its history and some interesting facts. Let's explore the main curiosities in this article.

Why is it Called Black Friday?

The origin of the name Black Friday is still uncertain, as several legends have emerged in popular culture, and there are no definitive historical documents. Some believe the term "Black" comes from merchants recording losses in red and profits in black in their accounting books. From this Friday until the end of the year, they were said to record only profits (Black).

The most widely accepted origin of the term Black Friday is linked to the history of the Philadelphia police in America. According to news reports from the 1950s, the police described the chaos starting on the Friday after Thanksgiving as Black Friday. This chaos was caused by tourists coming to the city to watch the American football game, creating a major headache for law enforcement.

These tourists would then visit the shopping streets, creating long lines outside stores. In 1961, some merchants started calling this day "Big Friday," but the name never became as popular as the more famous "Black Friday." Since 2006, Black Friday discounts have reached Europe thanks to Apple, and by around 2014, this term became widespread worldwide, thanks also to initiatives by other global brands.

What Date is Black Friday This Year?

Black Friday does not have a fixed date like other holidays such as Christmas or Epiphany Day but changes every year. Black Friday is always the fourth Friday of November, the day after American Thanksgiving. Cyber Monday is the following Monday, which can fall in November or December.

In 2024, Black Friday will be on November 29. Cyber Monday 2024 will be on December 2.

How Long Do Black Friday Sales Last?

The original Black Friday lasted only one day, as did its discounts. Recently, many retailers offer discounts on their products that last over a week. The longest promotions can be valid for the entire month of November.

In general, discounts can be available exclusively online or also in physical stores. In some cases, discounts can be 10-20% off the standard price, while in other cases, you can save up to 80% off the purchase value. Therefore, it is always important to find out in advance what you can buy at a promotional price, whether clothes, a mobile plan, or an internet subscription.

Where Can I Find Black Friday Discounts?

Every website usually has a page dedicated to Black Friday discounts if the selected brand participates in the initiative. Alternatively, you can use blogs or forums discussing this topic to know all the valid promotions and identify the one that offers the most savings.

Use to Stay Informed About Black Friday

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