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A tablet is a portable device with a large touchscreen, designed to be used as an intermediate between a smartphone and a laptop. Tablets run mobile operating systems like iOS, Android, or Windows and support a wide range of applications, offering features ranging from web browsing, email management, video watching, e-book reading, and much more. Tablets are known for their portability, ease of use, and ability to connect to the internet via Wi-Fi or mobile networks.

In everyday life, tablets are used for various activities. For example, a professional might use a tablet to read and respond to emails, participate in video calls, take notes during meetings and presentations, and access company documents and applications. Students can use tablets for studying, online research, reading digital books, and attending online classes. Families often use tablets to access their TV plans through specific apps, play interactive games, or browse photos.

In Switzerland, tablets are widely used both at home and in professional settings. Swiss schools and universities are increasingly integrating tablets into their educational programs, providing students with access to digital resources and interactive learning tools. In the professional sector, many Swiss companies adopt tablets to facilitate mobile work and team collaboration. The market offers mobile data plans specifically designed for tablets, allowing users to stay connected even outside the home or office.

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