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A smartphone is an advanced mobile device that combines the functions of a traditional mobile phone with those of a computer. Smartphones offer a wide range of features, including making and receiving calls, sending text messages, browsing the internet, taking photos and videos, using applications (apps), and much more. Equipped with operating systems such as Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android, smartphones support a wide range of apps that expand their capabilities beyond basic communication, making them versatile tools for daily life.

In everyday life, smartphones are used for a variety of tasks. For example, a user can use their smartphone to check emails, browse social media, shop online, and manage appointments and commitments through calendar apps. Smartphones are also essential tools for photography and video recording thanks to their advanced cameras. Additionally, navigation apps like Google Maps help users find routes and destinations. With internet connectivity, smartphones also enable video calls or VoIP calls for remote work.

In Switzerland, smartphone use is extremely widespread among both young people and adults. Swiss mobile operators offer a wide range of tariff plans that include data, calls, and messages, often with the option to purchase smartphones in installments. Switzerland is also known for its advanced network infrastructure, with extensive coverage of 4G and 5G networks ensuring fast and reliable connections.

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