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Sunrise Up Mobile S

Updated: May 17

Discover the features of the Sunrise Up Mobile S subscription and decide if you want to activate it immediately online by making the request in a few clicks.

If you'd like to compare Sunrise Up Mobile S with other Swiss mobile subscriptions available on the market, you can do so for free by clicking the button below.

Overview Sunrise Up Mobile S

The Sunrise Up Mobile S subscription has the following features:

  • Monthly fee: 29.90 CHF

  • Activation fee: 59.90 CHF (Online 0.00 CHF)

  • Minimum contractual obligation: Absent

  • Mobile network: Sunrise 

  • Internet data: 6 GB (Max speed 100 Mbps)

  • Minutes: unlimited to Sunrise and 3 numbers of your choice to all networks

  • SMS: unlimited

  • Roaming: -

Find out now about the offer reserved for you to activate Sunrise Up Mobile S directly online!

More about Sunrise

If you're looking for more information about Sunrise, you can find it for free on by browsing one of the following useful resources:

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