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Cable TV

Cable TV, or cable television, is a broadcasting service that uses fiber optic or copper cables to deliver television signals directly to subscribers' homes. This service offers a wide range of television channels, including local, national, and international ones, as well as additional services such as video on demand, pay-per-view, and DVR recordings. Cable TV was one of the first forms of television broadcasting to surpass terrestrial and satellite transmissions, providing higher audio and video quality and a greater variety of content.

In everyday life, Cable TV is one of the main sources of entertainment for many families and individuals. Those who subscribe to a TV service can access a wide range of television channels covering various genres, including movies, sports, news, educational programs, and much more. With Cable TV, viewers can watch their favorite programs live, record shows to watch later, and access on-demand content such as movies and TV series. Additionally, Cable TV often offers customized packages and options to meet subscribers' specific needs.

In Switzerland, Cable TV has long been one of the main options for accessing pay television. Leading telecommunications companies such as Swisscom, UPC (now Sunrise UPC), and other local providers offer cable television service packages that include a wide range of national and international channels. With the advancement of digital technologies and the introduction of online streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+, Cable TV has adapted by also offering video on demand services and access to content via apps and digital platforms. However, Cable TV remains a popular choice for those who want a wide variety of television content and a high-quality viewing experience.

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