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Plug & Play

Plug & Play (PnP) is a technology that allows a computer system to automatically recognize and configure added hardware devices, such as peripherals and components, without the need to manually install drivers or perform complicated configurations. This capability of automatic detection and configuration significantly simplifies the installation and use of new devices, making the process of upgrading and expanding the system easier and more immediate for users.

In everyday life, Plug & Play is extremely useful when connecting devices like printers, keyboards, mice, cameras, and external storage drives to the computer. For example, when a user connects a new printer to their computer via a USB port, the operating system automatically recognizes the device, installs the necessary drivers, and makes the printer ready for use within minutes, without requiring further technical intervention. This makes the user experience much smoother and less frustrating, especially for those without advanced technical skills.

In Switzerland, Plug & Play technology is widely adopted both in domestic and professional environments. Many products and services in the telecommunications sector allow consumers to speed up the installation process thanks to Plug & Play technology. For example, the best internet routers are installed simply by connecting the two cables (power and connection cables) and are ready for use immediately.

Find your next internet subscription and activate it quickly with Plug & Play.

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