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NATEL is a term used in Switzerland for a mobile or mobile phone. The acronym is derived from the expression 'Nationales Autotelefonnetz', which means 'national network of car telephones'. This term was initially associated with the first mobile phone systems developed by Swisscom, the Swiss national telecommunications operator. Over time, NATEL became a generic term used in Switzerland to refer to any type of mobile phone, regardless of model or operator.

In Switzerland, the term NATEL is deeply embedded in the local telecommunications culture. Swisscom, one of the country's leading mobile phone operators, has helped popularise the term through its marketing campaigns and services since the introduction of mobile telephony in the 1970s. Today, in addition to Swisscom, other operators such as Sunrise and Salt provide mobile telephony services in Switzerland, and all users continue to use the term NATEL to refer to their mobile phones. Switzerland has one of the highest mobile phone penetrations in the world, and NATEL remains a key element of the country's digital identity and connectivity.

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