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Mobile Subscription

A mobile subscription is a type of contract between a user and a mobile operator where the operator provides a mobile phone plan to the customer, who pays a monthly fee. In Switzerland, this type of agreement, as opposed to prepaid mobile plans, is the most common.

The term mobile subscription is often used colloquially to describe a phone plan that includes minutes, SMS, and internet data, with postpaid billing.

Usually, a mobile subscription involves a fixed monthly fee billed at the end of the month, along with any additional paid services used (such as roaming or extra GB) that were not included in the plan. Therefore, a rapidly growing type of mobile subscription includes mobile plans with bundled roaming or unlimited mobile subscriptions, which provide a fixed monthly bill.

What should you keep in mind when discussing mobile subscriptions in Switzerland? It's crucial to remember that subscriptions include a one-time activation fee and a minimum notice period for termination. If this is not respected, a hefty penalty will be added to the final bill.

To activate a mobile subscription, you can use the dedicated section on Swiss operator websites, rely on an authorized retailer, or visit a physical store and complete the legally required identity verification.

Compare Swiss mobile subscriptions and find the best one for you!

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