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Access Point

An Access Point (AP) is a hardware device that serves as a gateway to a wireless network. Essentially, it acts as a bridge between wireless devices such as laptops, smartphones, or tablets and the wired network. The AP receives and transmits data between wireless devices and the wired network, enabling users to access the internet or other network resources via a wireless connection. Access Points are commonly used in environments such as offices, schools, cafes, and residences to provide Wi-Fi connectivity.

In everyday life, Access Points are ubiquitous in public and private settings where wireless connections are needed. For example, in an office, an Access Point can be strategically positioned to provide uniform Wi-Fi coverage to all employees, allowing them to access the company network and internet resources without needing to use Ethernet cables. In a home, an Access Point can be used to extend Wi-Fi coverage beyond the main router, ensuring reliable connectivity even in distant areas or the garden.

In Switzerland, Access Points are widely used to provide Wi-Fi connectivity in a variety of environments. Thanks to widespread fiber optic network infrastructure and the growing demand for high-speed wireless connections, Access Points have become an integral part of the country's digital ecosystem. Leading internet providers such as Swisscom, Sunrise, and Salt offer comprehensive wireless network solutions that include the installation and management of Access Points to ensure reliable and fast coverage across Switzerland.

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